Billing Book -Advanced POS, Inventory, Accounting, Warehouse, Multi Users, GST Ready
Billing Book -Advanced POS, Inventory, Accounting, Warehouse, Multi Users, GST Ready

Billing Book -Advanced POS, Inventory, Accounting, Warehouse, Multi Users, GST Ready

by Developer
  • Uploaded : 13th May 2023
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Overview :

Current Version v3.0 was released on May 05, 2023

Brief Description

Billing Book is a PHP/jQuery-based web-based application that allows you to manage your invoices, customers, suppliers, and stock. The application has an Easy POS system for a faster billing system. A very responsive web template has been used, the application contains complete source code and is easy to modify it as per your needs. The application can be ready to install on the local computer or on an online server with an easy installation process.

Demo Link:
Username: [email protected]
Password: 123456
Help(Documentation) Link: Support: Email: [email protected]

Quick Installation Guide: First download this script and upload this zip script to your web server. Unzip the script folder in your hosting server. Then set your server PHP version 7.4 only Then set your MySQL version 5.6 or greater Create a database manually using cPanel/phpMyAdmin. After that run the install script path from any web browser ( Then fill up all input fields and continue to install the script. That’s it. Features: Multi Warehouses Multi Users Accounting Quotation Customer Advance Payments Management Sales & Purchase Invoice & Payments Management Sales & Purchase Return Invoice & Payments Management Customers & Suppliers Management & Import [CSV] feature Customers & Suppliers Payments (Bulk Pay/Receive) Management Items & Service Management & Import [CSV] feature Items Brand & Category Master Print Barcode/Labels Stock Adjustment/Entry Stock Transfer between warehouse (in same Store) Expense Management Convert Quotation to Invoice Users & Users Role Management & able to assign warehouse to user Tax & Tax grouping Units Management Item Variant Management Payment Types Master Places Management [Country & State] SMS API : Twilio API, URL/HTTP based SMS API, SMS Templates Currency Master Database Backup facility [Admin] Reports: Sales Tax Report Purchase Tax Report Supplier Items Report Sales Report Sales Return Report Seller Points Report Purchase Report Purchase Return Report Expense Report Profit & Loss Report, Item wise & invoice wise profit Report Stock Report Item Sales Report Purchase Payments Report Sales Payments Report Detailed Documentation Update log: Version: 3.0 1. NEW: Sales invoice - Shows unit name. 2. NEW: Stock Report value based on purchase and sales prices, provided dropdown. 3. NEW: Customer Ajax (Search with mobile, name, and Code). 4. NEW: Supplier Ajax (Search with mobile, name, and Code). 5. NEW: Items Ajax (Search with name and Item Code). 6. NEW: While making Sales/Return Invoice, Payment input box auto-fills. 7. NEW: Stock report, added category-wise filter. 8. NEW: POS, Added search box to search for items (at the right section). 9. NEW: User can log in with a username (Email login already exists). 10. NEW: Product transfer report, added category and brand-wise filters. 11. NEW: Added POS separate permission. 12. NEW: Added Sales summary report. 13. NEW: Added settings to set the default account for sales invoices (including POS). 14. NEW: Added Stock Transfer Report. 15. NEW: Added Advance payments receipt print. 16. NEW: Added Signature upload. 17. NEW: Added Sales Return payments report. 18. NEW: Paid/Unpaid info on the invoice. 19. UPDATED: POS Page - Invoice number issue for concurrent usage of the application. 20. UPDATED: Item Code - Editable. 21. UPDATED: Added SAC to add Services. 22. UPDATED: Import Items and Service - Removed Price After Tax column. 23. UPDATED: Showing customer GST number in PDF invoice. 24. UPDATED: GSTR-1 report - displaying label below the invoice number if it is a return invoice. 25. FIXED: Sales GST report - taxable amount not showing. 26. FIXED: Sales Invoice and POS invoice - Before Tax total showing the wrong amount. 27. FIXED: Sales GST Report - Walk-in customer GST report should appear in CGST and SGST Group. 28. FIXED: Default email method to send OTP. 29. FIXED: Item Master - Profit Margin and Sales Price issue. 30. FIXED: P&L report showing wrong information if a service is created. 31. FIXED: Import Items - improved performance. 32. FIXED: Coupon Code - After applying on the code of other customers, the invoice is still taking the record. 33. FIXED: Quotation - Shipping address. 34. FIXED: Sales List - Showing Overdue days, although it's paid. 35. FIXED: Number to words conversion on the invoice. Version: 2.91 1. FIXED: Warehouse create issue. Version: 2.9 1. FIXED: Database migration issue 2. FIXED: Creating a new warehouse 3. FIXED: Sales list duplicate record view for new user Roles. 4. FIXED: Warehouse print button issue. Version: 2.8 1. NEW: Implement SMTP. 2. NEW: POS - GST invoice format. 3. NEW: POS Payment details - should be controlled by settings. 4. NEW: Number to words, Indian & Default. 5. NEW: Add QR code to invoices(A4). 6. NEW: Dashboard: Add new permission for "Recent Sales invoice list". 7. NEW: Add a QR code to the invoice. 8. NEW: T&C not appearing if we make POS invoices. 9. NEW: Quantity in multi-decimals. 10. NEW: Ability to add units, categories, etc at the add new item panel. 11. IMPROVED: Dashboard Bar chart. 12. IMPROVED: POS Invoice - show payment types 13. IMPROVED: Dashboard - Stock report - Export buttons not working. 14. IMPROVED: Report - Sales Items Report - Improved - Added Items & Services Filter. 15. IMPROVED: P&L report date-wise. 16. IMPROVED: POS Invoice - Barcode not printing well, not supports slash(/) - Added QR code. 17. IMPROVED: Datatable shows the records count.-[10, 50, 100, 500, 1000, "All"] 18. IMPROVED: Sales Report- added user filter. 19. IMPROVED: POS Invoice - Show Discounted amount at last, before refund(change). 20. IMPROVED: Item Delete: Delete even if the stock adjustment has the records. 21. FIXED: Users Warehouse shows an issue. 22. FIXED: Dashboard data -> show based on created_by user. 23. FIXED: Sales-> Add New Item Pop up-> Sales price is not taking decimal point. 24. FIXED: Email validation in js. 25. FIXED: POS page - Hold item count issue, 1. Hold item 2. Edit, after editing stock extra, added. 26. FIXED: Issue in downloading CSV files in some of the hosting sites (Used Curl). 28. FIXED: Profit & loss report has been updated(POS model issue not saved purchase price). 29. FIXED: POS page - Service stock issue fixed. 30. FIXED: Customer - even if the credit limit is 0 then, still the credit sales invoice is saved. 31. FIXED: a pos screen that displays advance payment available, but after a sale is finished, it is not automatically updating. 32. FIXED: Unit Price is not Correct When I apply Inc Tax., Unit Price is the Price, of a Unit Before Tax. If I apply Exc Tax the price is correct (Unit Price - Tax Price of a Unit). 32. FIXED: Print invoice in RTL version. 33. FIXED: Sales Return -> Invoice print issue if service item. 34. FIXED: Issue in report, sales items report. 35. FIXED: Sales payments report, need a users filter. 36. FIXED: Sales Items Report - Add category filter. 37. FIXED: State not deleting, verify it. 38. FIXED: PDF not supporting other languages, also add QR Code. 39. REMOVED: The delivery sheet & Load Sheet Report has been removed. Version: 2.7 1. FIXED: Discount issue: on multiple items. 2. FIXED: Variant & Service image upload issue. 3. FIXED: POS Page - issues to load warehouse-wise items. 4. FIXED: Dashboard Statistics Version: 2.6 1. NEW: Added T&C in invoice format. 2.NEW: Short Dashboard values(K,M,B). 3. NEW: Added Customer search filter in the Sales list. 4. NEW: Sales & Payments Report. 5. NEW: Created a new Role for Help Document, show or hide. 6.UPDATED: Luminas Barcode Library. 7.UPDATED: All Report export option. 8.UPDATED: Today's Sales & Return Reports Item-wise. 9.UPDATED: Customer adding fixed(POPUP). 10.IMPROVED: The item Search Bar improved 11.IMPROVED: POS Items list trigger. 12.IMPROVED: Customer Bulk payment. 13.IMPROVED: Showing Customer due on POS page. 14.IMPROVED: Updated number to words functionality. 15.IMPROVED: Added branch filter in Item Wise Stock Report. 16.IMPROVED: Added Note in Quotation invoice. 17.IMPROVED: Added MRP to variant items. 18.IMPROVED: Showing Variant stock in Items List. 19.IMPROVED: Profit & Loss report. 20.IMPROVED: Added MRP & Fixed Profit column in Import Items. 21.IMPROVED: Show the previous customer balance in the Sales invoice. 22.FIXED: Invoice number increment issue. 23.FIXED: Delivery sheet & Load Sheet report. 24.FIXED: Arabic Language File. 25.FIXED: Permission issue Customers Advance List 26.FIXED: POS Invoice code issue. 27.FIXED: Expense Category List search issue. 28.FIXED: Autoload issue from Twilio SMS. 29.FIXED: Customer Sales Return Due to update issue. 31.FIXED: User Account, password change. 31.FIXED: Customers Orders Report. 32.FIXED: Total Sales value. 33.FIXED: Country name & State name issue in the Purchase invoice. 34.FIXED: Profit Margin issue from Items Import. 35.FIXED: The invoice should not take more than the invoice amount. 36.REMOVED: Item wise & Invoice wise profit & loss report has been removed, because of confusion about the profit loss. Varsion: 2.5 1. NEW: POS barcode search box fixed 2. NEW : MRP Column added in item master as well in POS invoice format, for that you need to enable MRP. Sidebar->Settings->Store->Sales Tab -> Enable MRP column by check. 3. NEW: Customer Order/Sales count report added. 4. NEW: Delivery & Load sheet report. 5. UPDATE: Added Advance payment adjustment on the POS page. 6. NEW: Added Discount Type & Discount in the Item master. Version: 2.4 1. NEW: Added HSN in Service Form - DONE 2. UPDATED: Editable Sales invoice number 3. UPDATED: Showing Invoice note in print 4. UPDATED: Improved Items loading performance in POS 5. FIXED: POS invoice Customer Due issue -DONE 6. FIXED: Customer address details fixed in the sales invoice Version: 2.3 1. NEW: Credit Limit, Credit Limit days, Cheque Timing alert, Notified in Sales Payment.(Sales->Sales Payments) 2. NEW: Show stock alert on the dashboard 3. UPDATED: POS Invoice number format, added comma. 4. UPDATED: Store -> Sales ->Paid & refund amount not working/Enable or disable 5. UPDATED: Sale Invoice fixed. 6. UPDATED: Should accept less than 1 qty (Ex: 0.50) in the sales invoice. 7. UPDATED: Item import bug solved. 8. NEW: Customer Shipping address in customer master. Version: 2.2 1. UPDATED: Changes made in template color 2. UPDATED: Fixed minor bugs Version: 2.1 1. NEW: Added 0 decimal system 2. NEW: GST Invoice Format 3. NEW: GSTR-1 & GSTR-2 Report

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