Image sharing & upload portal enable you to upload images and share image and also it allows to short image url to share. This portal also has feature to upload image as public or private which means private images will not be displayed or available public. Admin can login to backend to delete image/images or read contact message or configure website details.

This website code is available for free and download the website code without payment.

Online Demo

Front End:

Back End:

User: adminPass: demo

Front End: 

User can upload image and share image. User will get links to chare or delete the image and also get html code to use on a website or other.

Back End:

Admin can configure website and write about us content.Admin can manage images and delete themAdmin can read message sent from user through contact form.

Installation Instruction:


After download the zip file upload it to web server.


Now create MySql DB Name, DB User, Password and open downloaded folder goto core folder and edit config.php file and put your DB Name, DB User, Password(remove if our details exist) and save it.


Now in the browser visit the and Create admin username, password and site name and got to admin panel and configure the store like title, aboutus, email or other.


Now Browse the directory and you should see your website running. for admin panel visit