66biolinks - Bio Links, URL Shortener, QR Codes & Web Tools (SAAS)
66biolinks - Bio Links, URL Shortener, QR Codes & Web Tools (SAAS)

66biolinks - Bio Links, URL Shortener, QR Codes & Web Tools (SAAS)

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  • Uploaded : 23rd January 2023
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Overview :

66biolinks (former phpBiolinks) is the only social bio link platform you’ll ever need, including a fully-featured URL Shortener, a QR Codes system & a Web Tools system featuring 120 useful tools.

Demo 66biolinks Demo
Username: admin
Password: admin

Plugins are sold separately, they are not included by default.


UNLIMITED BIOLINK PAGES – Users can create multiple Biolink Pages from one single account.

HIGHLY CUSTOMIZABLE BIOLINK PAGES – Just check out the demo and you will see for yourself !

BIOLINK PAGES EMBEDS – Including YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify, Twitch, Vimeo & TikTok ready embeds.

URL SHORTENER READY – Your users can use the product as an URL Shortener as well!




UNLIMITED QR CODES – Users can create, save & update multiple QR codes and manage them as they wish.

HIGHLY CUSTOMIZABLE QR CODES – Colored QR Codes, Gradiented QR Codes, Logo over the QR code and many more.

QR CODES TEMPLATES – Text, URL, Phone calling, Facetime calling, Email, Whatsapp, Crpyto, Location, Wifi, Complex Vcard QR Codes, Paypal payments.

ADVANCED STATISTICS – All links get detailed statistics regarding their visitors which access their pages.

TRACKING PIXEL INTEGRATIONS – Facebook, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora, Pinterest pixel integrations for bio link pages & shortened URLs.

UNLIMITED PROJECTS (CATEGORIES) – The solution to easily categorize your resources.

LOGIN WITH FACEBOOK / GOOGLE / TWITTER / DISCORD – To help users login to your website faster.

TWO FACTOR AUTHENTICATION – To help your users with their account security.



SEO FRIENDLY – Proper URLs, dynamic titles, highly controllable via per language.

SITEMAP – The full sitemap is automatically generated for you and ready to be used.

120+ WEB TOOLS – Helpful dev web tools system included.

DNS Lookup tool IP Lookup tool Reverse IP Lookup tool SSL Lookup tool Whois Lookup tool Ping tool HTTP headers lookup tool Safe URL checker tool Google cache checker tool URL redirect checker tool Password strength checker tool Meta tags checker tool Website hosting checker tool Text separator tool Email extractor tool URL extractor tool Text size calculator tool Duplicate lines remover tool Text to speech tool IDN Punnycode converter tool Case converter tool Character counter tool Base64 encoder tool Base64 decoder tool Base64 to Image tool Image to Base64 tool URL encoder tool URL decoder tool Color converter tool Binary converter tool Hex converter tool Ascii converter tool Decimal converter tool Octal converter tool Morse converter tool PayPal link generator tool Signature generator tool Mailto link generator tool UTM link generator tool WhatsApp link generator tool YouTube Timestamp link generator tool Slug generator tool Lorem Ipsum generator tool Password generator tool UUID v4 generator tool Bcrypt generator tool MD2 generator tool MD4 generator tool MD5 generator tool Whirlpool generator tool SHA-1 generator tool SHA-224 generator tool SHA-256 generator tool SHA-384 generator tool SHA-512 generator tool SHA-512/224 generator tool SHA-512/256 generator tool SHA-3/224 generator tool SHA-3/256 generator tool SHA-3/384 generator tool SHA-3/512 generator tool HTML minifier tool CSS minifier tool JS minifier tool JSON validator & beautifier tool SQL formatter/beautifier tool HTML entity converter tool BBCode to HTML tool Markdown to HTML tool HTML tags remover tool User agent parser tool URL parser tool YouTube thumbnail downloader tool Image optimizer tool QR code reader tool Exif reader tool PNG to JPG tool PNG to WEBP tool PNG to BMP tool PNG to GIF tool PNG to ICO tool JPG to PNG tool JPG to WEBP tool JPG to GIF tool JPG to ICO tool JPG to BMP tool WEBP to JPG tool WEBP to GIF tool WEBP to PNG tool WEBP to BMP tool WEBP to ICO tool BMP to JPG tool BMP to GIF tool BMP to PNG tool BMP to WEBP tool BMP to ICO tool ICO to JPG tool ICO to GIF tool ICO to PNG tool ICO to WEBP tool ICO to BMP tool GIF to JPG tool GIF to ICO tool GIF to PNG tool GIF to WEBP tool GIF to BMP tool Celsius to Fahrenheit tool Fahrenheit to Celsius tool Miles to Kilometers tool Kilometers to Miles tool Mph to Kph tool Kph to Mph tool Kilograms to Pounds tool Pounds to Kilograms tool Number to Roman Numerals tool Roman Numerals to Number tool Liters to Gallons (US) tool Liters to Gallons (Imperial) tool Gallons (US) to Liters tool Gallons (Imperial) to Liters tool

and many many more..

Administrative Features

STRIPE PAYMENTS – Earn money by charging One time, Recurring or Lifetime payments from your users for custom plans via Stripe.

PAYPAL PAYMENTS – Earn money by charging One time, Recurring or Lifetime payments from your users for custom plans via Paypal.

OFFLINE PAYMENTS – Earn money by charging offline payments (ex: via bank transfers or other methods). The best way to get paid by your users if you do not use Paypal or Stripe.

COINBASE CRYPTO PAYMENTS – Earn money by charging One time or Lifetime payments from your users for custom plans via Coinbase.

CRYPTO.com CRYPTO PAYMENTS – Earn money by charging One time or Lifetime payments from your users for custom plans via Crypto.com.

RAZORPAY PAYMENTS – Earn money by charging One time, Recurring or Lifetime payments from your users for custom plans via Razorpay.

PAYU PAYMENTS – Earn money by charging One time payments from your users for custom plans via PAYU.

PAYSTACK PAYMENTS – Earn money by charging One time, Recurring or Lifetime payments from your users for custom plans via Paystack.

MOLLIE PAYMENTS – Earn money by charging One time, Recurring or Lifetime payments from your users for custom plans via Mollie.

YOOKASSA PAYMENTS – Earn money by charging One time or Lifetime payments from your users for custom plans via yookassa.com.

PADDLE PAYMENTS – Earn money by charging One time or Lifetime payments from your users for custom plans via Paddle.com.

DISCOUNT AND REDEEMABLE CODES – Create unlimited discount or redeemable codes from the admin panel for your users.

TAXES – Easily create, configure taxes and attach them to paid plans.

INVOICING – Configure and generate proper invoices, displaying potential discount codes and applied taxes for your users.

FREE, TRIAL PLAN CUSTOMIZATION – Configure exactly what each defined plan can or can not do or disable them completely.

UNLIMITED CUSTOM PLANS – Create custom made plans for your users.

PAYMENTS – Both you (as the admin) and your users will have access to their payments made on the platform.

MULTILINGUAL READY – Easily translate via the admin panel and run multiple languages for your website. (Note: User generated content is not translatable.)

STATISTICS – Get to know what happens on your website by checking out the statistics page.

USERS – Create, view, edit, ban or delete any user on the platform via the admin panel.

MULTILINGUAL PAGES – Create, view, edit or delete any custom page on the platform via the admin panel.

MULTILINGUAL BLOG – Create, view, edit or delete any blog page or category on the platform via the admin panel.

LINKS – View or delete any biolink or shortened link that have been created by your users.

PROJECTS, QR CODES, PIXELS – Manage all the resources created by your users.

CUSTOM DOMAINS – Allow your users to use multiple domains that you give them access to for Biolink pages or URL Shorteners.

GOOGLE SAFE BROWSWING – Is implemented to help you fight phishing, malware or any threats from sites that spammers will try and link to.

SETTINGS – This is the control page where you update your website and create it exactly as you wish by editing important details enabling or disabling certain features such as.

Disable the default landing page and redirect to your custom one SMTP configuration Enable or disable the Registration system Enable or disable email confirmation for new users Upload your own logo, favicon or opengraph image Configure your business and payment settings Set up your Social media links Add your custom CSS or JavaScript code Configure your ad codes to display ads to your users Display announcements to your users with ease Configure & choose your Captcha (Google, hCaptcha or a simple default one) Configure email notifications for admins for certain events Fully configurable cookie consent manager & implementation Requirements Please read the whole documentation along with the readme at 66biolinks Documentation.

Important: If you plan to use the product for business purposes and get paid by your users that you bring on the platform, in any way (directly via the already existing payment methods or outside of the already existing ones), you must use the extended license.

Hosting & domains

These are my personal recommendations based on years of using them for my own projects, including based on opinions from my clients and their own usage.

Shared Web Hosting (beginner): Namecheap VPS Hosting (Intermediate, advanced): Vultr Managed VPS Hosting: Cloudways Domain names: Namecheap Tools external APIs This is a list of tools that use an external API to properly work. Consider the fact that these tools are dependant on the External API to work, so if something happens to those APIs, the tool will stop working. Image optimizer – Free – resmush.it API Text to speech – Free – Google API Website hosting checker – Free – ip-api.com API Safe URL checker – Free – Google Safe Browsing API Additional terms & privacy policy

These are the extra terms & privacy policy of the item, in addition to the already enforced terms & privacy policy by the Envato Market. By purchasing, downloading, and using this product, you agree to those extra terms & privacy policy

When visiting the demo of the product, your processed data will be kept for around 30 days (more or less) and then it will be completely erased, including data that you submitted yourself when testing the product. The demo of the product is for demonstration purposes, you will get everything that you see in the demo, excluding the demo bar, data that is stored solely on the demo (users, links..etc), and other potential custom related data that is only there for demonstration purposes. When installing the product, you will be asked for your license key along with the actual installation process to confirm your license validity. Besides this, we will store the license key, website URL, and server IP in our private server. This is done so that we can identify legal & active product installations and provide proper support. Failing to request support from the proper channels mentioned in the Support tab, or not providing proof of purchase when asking for support will lead to your support request being discarded. We do collect access logs & track the visits to our demo for security & statistics purposes, including the use of required cookies. All this data is automatically being deleted once every 30 days (give or take). By accessing our demo, you comply with these terms. Updates

All the updates can be viewed here: 66biolinks Changelog

FAQs :

To ensure the quality and safety of the item, you should thoroughly check overview description, demo, comments and read reviews from previous buyers if available. Initial support is available with each item & 15 days refund policy is available when your purchased item does not work.

The process for getting support is easy after buying item you can directly get support from developer through ticketing system, support ticket is replied by the developer & reply time will vary depending on the developer. Typically, you can contact the customer support through a support ticket system. Developer should be able to help you with any technical issues or questions you have about the item.

If you are not satisfied with the code you purchased, you should first try contacting the developer to see if they can provide assistance or a resolution. If you are still not satisfied, you may be able to request a refund. Be sure to request refund within 15 days of purchase as per refund policy and guidelines.

A refund request may be denied if the code has already been used or modified, or if it has been longer than the platform's refund period (15 days). Additionally, refunds may be denied if the issue with the code is due to user error or if the code has been intentionally modified or altered by the user.

Payment options when buying item will be typically, payment options can include credit/debit cards, PayPal, Razorpay, and other payment gateways.

Customisation is additional and subject to developer time availablity. So please ask the developer & confirm before making any purchase. Click on Request Customisation button below Buy Now Button or below Request Quote button.

We provide support to each clients by ticketing system with 100% guarantee reply, only for the period as per support plan terms. Support reply is one after one basis it means you may receive reply in 5minutes or it may take 24-48 hrs, its totally depending upon work load and support queue. And if your query requires testing/checking then it may take additional time.
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