emart - Laravel Multi-Vendor eCommerce Advanced CMS
emart - Laravel Multi-Vendor eCommerce Advanced CMS

emart - Laravel Multi-Vendor eCommerce Advanced CMS

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  • Uploaded : 31st March 2023
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Overview :

Hello! Friends

An effective deal begins some time before somebody clicks “purchase.” Create a store as novel as your image and make an uncommon encounter for exploring your items, substance and site.

Let’s allow us to explain our product.

Believe it or not, in present e-commerce for serious entrepreneurs, bursting with features & with latest SEO standards simply didn’t exists at a very affordable price tag.
Our all in one software is sparkling with features, customer-friendly, secure, scalable, reliable, great looking, synchronized, expandable & flexible.

A deal is the goal, and your online store is the place clients can either desert things in the passageways or end on a positive note. With emart, clients can buy your items whenever it might suit them.

Optimize your store to sell more: emart comes with features to help you connect your audience with the right offer. It is the most customizable eCommerce platform for building your online business.

Authorization Admin:

URL:Click Here https://emart.mediacity.co.in/demo/public/admin/login

Username: [email protected]

Password: 12345678

Username: [email protected]

Password: 12345678


URL:Click Here https://emart.mediacity.co.in/demo/public/seller/login

Username: [email protected]

Password: 12345678

Username: [email protected]

Password: 12345678

Username: [email protected]

Password: 12345678


URL:Click Here https://emart.mediacity.co.in/demo/public/login

Username: [email protected]

Password: 12345678

Username: [email protected]

Password: 12345678

Username: [email protected]

Password: 12345678

Available Addons for emart

Key Features Voice Search Bulk upload brands Bulk Update Pincode /Postal/Zip code using CSV. Custom Return reasons. Most searched keyword will show on homepage. Multiple category listing. Dynamic size chart creation. Easily Manage your media using media manager. Bulk upload Three level categories. Inhouse order, quotation system. Inhouse order report system with filter. RTL Invoices. Pre order products. Display Google reviews on Store page. Color System Image option. Device History. Create custom flash deal pages. Price format with decimal or comma – one click globally enable (front end). Taxable Reports Taxable Reports New Shipping system where you can put courier / consignment no. / tracking link / expected delivery date. 360 degree Images Tax invoice design with QR code Flat shipping on whole order option. Simple Product System Trash Bin for Simple and Variant products Digital Product System Syncable Vue Translations External (third party) Product System Easy Translation manager Bulk Import Simple product with images Subscription voucher option for seller subscriptions Exclusive Layouts Seller Subscription System (Extended License required) Roles and Permission SYSTEM (ACL) Affiliate system Exclusive Layouts Exclusive Filter’s Send custom rich push notification via OneSignal Visitor Chart Exclusive Dashboard Progressive Web APP [PWA] v2 MSG91 for Order Management Twillo in SMS Settings for Order Management Ability To Login As User By Admin Google 2-Factor authentication Multi Language 21 Most Popular Language Supported User Dashboard Store page Gift pkg. charges Admin Dashboard User Dashboard, Vendor, Admin Dashboard with Sales chart Monthly sales chart on admin / seller dashboard Monthly payout states for seller dashboard User registration states on admin dashboard Color Theme Options added RTL for Front and Admin SEO Settings Google tag manager Auto SEO for Product Detail page Site Settings One-click XML Sitemap generator Cross Browser Compatible Mobile and Tablet Support Rechargeable Wallet System Blog Management Quick Checkout Auto ISGT, CGST, SGST Calculation for India Specific Payment Gateways – Stripe, PayPal, COD, Bank Manual Payment, Braintree, Paystack, Skrill, Payhere, Omise, Flutter rave, Moli Indian Payment Gateways – Instamojo, PayUmoney, RazorPay, Paytm, Cashfree Payhere (Srilanka Payment gateway) Omise (Thailand & Japan Payments) AAMARPAY, SSLCommerze (Bangladesh) Payment gateway Iyzico (Turkey) Payment gateway Language Translator Order states on order management Multi seller enable/disable on one click Push Notifications & Mail for real time Order Updates User and Seller Terms Settings Feedback System Help Desk & Ticket System Newsletter (Mail Chimp) Wish list Secured Cart System Real Time Currency Conversion Currency by Geo Location Currency filter by per country Dynamic Filters Dynamic menus with tag & multi category selection Open Exchange rate API for flexible currency conversion Sort Three Level Categories with Drag & Drop Feature Featured Categories Three Level Categories FAQ,s Compare of Product Product Image Zoom Testimonial Guest Checkout Facebook Messenger Chat Bubble to Quick interact with your visitors Social Login – Google, Facebook & Gitlab, Amazon, Twitter, Linkedin Order History Social Pages follower count in Dashboard Brand’s, SKU Code Shipping (local pickup, Shipping weight, free shipping, flat rate) Invoice Customization Product Comment System Product Review & rating System Bulk Import Product using CSV, XLX files Coupon management Geo location (add country) On/Off Vendor System on Portal Only login user can see price – on/off Advance Tax Management Unit System Widget Create & Management Vendor Commission Management Refund & Return System Cash On Delivery (COD) System Dynamic Slider Site Settings Right Click, Inspect Element disable Mail setting through Admin API Setting by Admin Dynamic Footer reCaptcha v2 Facebook Pixel Google Analytics Advance Product Search Mega Menu ADS & Promotion Management Product Variation System Various Shipping Methods Multiple Address selection Product Report System Customizable Invoice Setting Track refund at live system Beautiful & Powerful Admin Panel Multiple Locales Multiple Countries Multiple Currencies Low Inventory Alert Estimated Read time in blogs Maintenance Mode Render Blocking Resource for CSS and JS Auto generation Opengraph, Twitter Card, Json LD SEO Tags Easy Installer Bootstrap Framework Based on 1170px grid W3C Valid Markup Smooth Transition Effects Free Icon Fonts Font Awesome Icons Google Fonts Responsive Design Documentation & Video Guide Include Unique and Exclusive Idea Unique and Creative Project Server Requirements for emart You will need to make sure your server meets the following requirements:

PHP = 7.4.15, Apache, MySQL 5.8, PHPMyadmin
if using Maria DB the 10.4

I use Laravel framework version 8.26.1

Update Detail 02/01/2023 ( Version 3.9) - Minor Bug fixed - Rest API Updated 24/11/2022 ( Version 3.8) - Minor Bug fixed - Rest API Updated 01/11/2022 ( Version 3.7) - Minor Bug fixed - Rest API Updated 15/08/2022 ( Version 3.6) - Minor Bug fixed - Rest API Updated - Added list view and grid view in Wishlist. - Checked and updated migration for database all tables. - Updated chat module for user view. - Updated the support changes to the new version. 21/06/2022 ( Version 3.5) - Minor Bug fixed - Admin UI Improved. - Discounted Badges. - Top Bar Advertisements Bar. - Minimum Purchase Amount. - Minimum Seller Withdrawal Amount. - Free Shipping Coupon. - QR Code on order details and Invoice. - Rest API Updated 16/05/2022 ( Version 3.4) - Minor Bug fixed - Stability Improved. - Handling charges for each payment gateway - Rest API Updated - Add Weight to simple products - Gift Option - Shipping charges different for each zone. 23/02/2022 ( Version 3.3 ) - Minor Bug fixed - Stability Improved. - RTL in the editor for Arabic content - UI Improved in admin panel. 17/01/2022 ( Version 3.2 ) - Media manager with limited file type support. - Laravel version updated 8.79 - More REST API added including Simple products support. 29/12/2021 ( Version 3.1 ) - Admin and Seller Board is now fully pre translated with 21 Languages. - Categories Page SEO has been improved with Standard META Tags. - SEO directory - Simple products are now visible on Store page. - Stripe is now available with 3D Secure auth (Indian users can also use stripe with Debit card). - Improved translation - Latest Laravel version 8.77.1 - Bug fixed and stability improved - REST API now compatible with Simple products 23/11/2021 ( Version 3.0 ) - Seller / Admin / Customer real-time chat with typing indicator and sound. - Create custom return reasons. - Bulk update pincode using csv/xlsx. - Most searched keyword showing on homepage. - Variant product detail page url is SEO friendly. - Multiple primary categories listing. - Advance dynamic size chart creation. - Latest Laravel version 8.70. - Bug fixed and Stability improved. 28/10/2021 ( Version 2.9 ) - On variant product now option to show color block or color variant image on front end - Display Google reviews on your store page. - Pre order functionality with selected payment option (For detail info check update guide). - Media Manager - Email notification will be sent if account is logged in from new device. - Authentication logs history to admin (Device History). - Shipping issue fixed. - XAF currency icon added. - Latest Laravel Version 8.67 - Bug fixed and improvement. 06/10/2021 ( Version 2.8 ) - Brand new Admin panel UI with RTL and Mobile responsive. - Inhouse orders, quotation and reports with filter system. - Create Flashdeals, special offers pages. - Invoice design option. - Price comma format option (English and French notation). - Added KSH and Kwanza currency symbol. - Cancel and Return Simple products available. - Simple products can be added in hotdeals and in specialoffers. - Bulk upload Three brands and three level categories. - Invoices are now available in RTL. - Front end RTL responsive and improved RTL behaviour. - Latest Laravel Security Patch #10/2021. - Bugs fixes and improved speed. - Translations updated. - Inbuilt Quick Bug fixer update system. 21/08/2021 ( Version 2.7 ) - Voice search integration. - Upload 360 degree Images. - New Shipping system where you can put courier / consignment no. / tracking link / expected delivery date. - Flat shipping on whole order option. - Seller can create simple products now. - Create Cashback for Simple Products and Variant products. - TND currency - Trash Bin for Simple & Variant Products - Edit / Create / Preview your mail templates with built in mail editor - New Tax sales reports added, Stock report for simple products. - HSN/ SAC code will show in Invoice for both Variant and simple products. - New Tax invoice design with QR code. - Product now will be in randomized order for homepage only. - Bug fixed. - Simple products can now be created from sellers too. - Latest Laravel version 8.54.0 and security patch #08/2020 21/07/2021 ( Version 2.6 ) - Easy to use new Translation manager - Syncable Vue Translations - Advance Price Summary for Simple Products. - Removed variant restrictions from front end from everywhere. - Simple product can be searched and filtered now - Bulk Import Simple product with images. - Added Ghana, LAOS, UGX Currency Symbol - Over 200 currencies added in script to simplify multi-currency . - Subscription voucher option for seller subscriptions. - Bugs fixed - RTL responsive issue fixed - Latest Laravel Security patch (#7/2021) 21/06/2021 ( Version 2.5 ) - Simple Product System added. - Digital Product System added. - External product system added. - Bug fixed and Improved performance - Laravel version 8.47. 08/06/2021 ( Version 2.4 ) - Roles and Permission System. - Seller Dashboard is now translatable. - Improved Translation. - Password Rule Object - This rule object allows to easily customize the password complexity requirements. You may also ensure the password has not been compromised in data leaks. - Bug fixed and Improved performance - Latest Laravel security patch (#06/2021). - Preparing for Simple Product System. 17/05/2021 ( Version 2.3 ) - Seller / Vendor Subscription system. - Affiliate System. - Gift Packaging Option. - Google Tag Manager. - Add-on Manager. - Seller to require submit docs when applying for seller a/c. - Toggle sidebar from site settings to make full width homepage. - UI Improvements - Improved Translation. - Bug fixed and Improved performance - Latest Laravel security patch (#05/2021). 16/04/2021 ( Version 2.2 ) - Google 2-Factor authentication. - Added Sales,Stock and Most viewed product reports. - Bugs fixed and improved performance. - Optimized queries and code. - Latest Laravel security patch (#04/2021). - Improved Translations. 22/03/2021 ( Version 2.1 ) - Added AAMARPAY (Bangladesh Payment Gateway) for checkout. - Added quick checkout via sidebar cart. - Updated Laravel version. - Fixed Bugs and missing translations. - Fixed PHP 7.4 computability issues. 17/03/2021 ( Version 2.0 ) - Homepage with vue js. - Optimized code and speed improved - Complied CSS and JS. - Product catalog upload option. - Move currency icons with four positions. - Latest Laravel security patch #3/2021 - Fixed PHP 7.4 compatibly issues. 14/02/2021 ( Version 1.9 ) - PHP 7.4 compatibly and drop support for php 7.2 now minimum php requirement is php 7.3 as php 7.2 is now deprecated. - Laravel 8.26.1 with latest security patch (#02/2021) - Added domain change option when access denied. - Added Twillo in SMS Settings - Updated Facebook Pixel - Brand new order tracking system. - Bug fixed and Improved performance 16/01/2021 ( Version 1.8 ) - OneSignal Integrated for Custom Push notifications (Admin/Marketing Tools/Push Notifications.) - Responsive issue fixed (Revamped navbar and other sections). - More convenient PWA settings. - Added Instagram in social icons. - Latest Laravel security patch (#1/2021). - Bug fixed and Improved performance 23/12/2020 ( Version 1.7 ) - Added Visitor Chart by country in admin. - Added MSG91 (SMS Channel) For Order Management. - Create your own Manual Payment gateway. - Backup your database (With Backup Health monitor). - Upgraded to Laravel 7.30.0 with Latest Security Patch (#12/2020). - Fixed various bugs and improved responsive view. - SEO Bugs Fixed. - Enable/Disable COD, Bank Transfer and preloader. - Fixed Blank screen issue when saving settings or mail settings. - Seller will notified via email once store created. - Upgraded PWA v2 and revamped PWA Settings. - Added Offer popup and Offer popup customize settings in Admin -> Marketing Tools - Bug fixed and Improved performance 01/12/2020 ( Version 1.6 ) - Ads now not blocked by adblocker. - Redesigned order thank you page. - One click demo import and one click demo reset. - Visual UI Changes in admin panel for some sections. - SSLCommerze (Bangladesh) Payment gateway added. - Iyzico (Turkey) Payment gateway added. - Latest Security Patch (#11/2020). - Video Preview Option added in product detail page. - Responsive issues fixed. - Improved Missing Translations. - Speed Improved. - Minor Bugs Fixed & Performance improved. 20/10/2020 ( Version 1.5 ) - RTL for Front and Admin - Latest Laravel Security (#10/2020). - Improved Translation. - Improved Speed In Product Listing at Admin. - Contact us page added - Lazy Load Implemented. - Cache headers implemented for better page speed. - Bug Fixed & Performance Improved. 03/10/2020 ( Version 1.4 ) - Payhere Srilankan Payment Gateway added - Omise Thailand & Japan Payment Gateway added - Cashfree Indian Payment Gateway added - Skrill, Flutter rave, Moli Payments Gateway added - One-click XML Sitemap Generator added - User and Seller Terms Settings - Revamped Seller Apply form - Render Blocking Resource for CSS and JS - Pattern & Color choose Options - Added Auto generation Opengraph, Twitter Card, Json LD SEO Tags - Added Auto SEO for Product Detail page - Latest Laravel Security patch (#09/2020) - New Social Login Added : Amazon, Twitter, Linkedin - Added Whatsapp Chat Floating button - Currency conversion v2 - Improved Routes speed - Improved Maintenance Mode - Minor Bugs Fixed 18/08/2020 ( Version 1.3 ) - Added User filter on admin - Added Rechargeable Wallet System - Open Exchange rate API for flexible currency conversion - Image Optimization added - Mail Template Changed - Updated Latest Laravel Security Patch (#08/2020) - Added Auto ISGT,CGST,SGST Calculation for India Specific - Added reCaptcha v2 - Estimated Read time in blogs - Added Maintenance Mode - More Currency Icons added - Added Facebook Messenger Chat Bubble to Quick interact with your visitors - Revamped Payment Gateway Settings - Added Braintree and Paystack Payments - Revamped and more simple widget Settings - More Clean & detailed Store request page in admin - Added option to add VAT NO/GSTIN NO for store owners - Optimized Code and Queries - Optimized Loading and UI Fixes - Minified CSS and JavaScript - Fixed Invoice printing layout fixed - Fixed Security issues - Fixed Bulk product import issue - Fixed Variant Deletion issue - Fixed Checkout page calculation issues - Fixed Responsive issues - Fixed JSON UNQUOTES issues - Minor Bugs Fixed 16/07/2020 ( Version 1.2 ) - Fixed Filter White screen issue - Fixed Blank screen issue during installation - Minor Bugs Fixed 10/07/2020 ( Version 1.1 ) - Payout chart now in seller main dashboard. - Shipping information in seller portal. - Three Level Categories display in seller portal. - Updated to Latest Laravel 7.19.0 - Minor Bugs Fixed

Note: Any media – Images, icons or logos used in previews are not included in this item and you need to contact authors to get permission in case you want to use them in your commercial or non-commercial projects. Read help file for more details after you purchase the template. Follow Us

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