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Modification / Customization(Extra Cost) DepartmentAdditional Modification Paid Service, Request for a quote

We do provide customisation or custom development work, but please provide us detailed information as per bellow 3 points. And we will review with our dev team & provide you with the best quote including affordable cost and delivery timing.

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1) Share your customisation or custom work idea with screenshot reference, so we can be more specific and provide you best affordable customisation charge.
2) Please keep your query/customisation request numbering wise.
3) Share reference links if you have and also login details if your query requires.

Note: If you are unable to upload some special file then please convert the file to zip file then upload the zip file.
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Please note we are handing large number clients within India and outside India. To handle large number of customers we have common terms and conditions to serve better and manage customers/clients well.

Support Terms & Conditions

1) Free Technical Support is provided for 6 months from the delivery date, after expiry you may renew support on renewal page. Technical Support is only for technical related issues like, technical query, error, not found or technical issue. Any basic, normal function/feature not available, that need to be done additionally & customization/additional changes/additional coding work not provided within Technical Support plan, for additional coding work or customization please check point no 6

2) Please know we do not work 24hrs. Our Working Hour 10AM to 7PM IST Monday to Friday only.

3) Please understand we usually do not provide emergency/urgent support as we manage large number of customer query/support.

4) Please know support reply is given within 24/72 hrs or may take extra if testing/checking required by team excluding Saturdays & Sundays.

5) Please know support is not provided if support plan has expired.. As we work with paid developers so we can not provide support for free, but you can renew for additional support within renewal page..

6) If you require customization/additional coding work/management/data entry work then please confirm with dev team by creating a ticket to Modification / Customization department. Because customization/additional work/management/data entry work depending on team/developer availability to work on, extra cost and extra timing.

7) Please know and understand after website expiry if you do not renew within next 10 days, then all website data including email will be automatically deleted by the system as we do not have huge backup to store all huge clients data nor we charge any backup fee to you. So it is your responsibility to download backup to your computer before expiry. (Backup instruction already given in your login details email & also available in the Knowledge Base Article Check Here)

Thank you