Travel Agent Websites Maintenance, Content, Branding, and Online Presence.

I need help with maintaining and improving two WordPress websites.

- **Maintenance Tasks:** I'm particularly interested in performance optimization and bug fixes for both sites. This will involve ensuring the websites run smoothly and are free of any errors or issues that could impact user experience.

- **Content Services:** For both websites, I'm also looking for help with content. This will involve:

- Writing and updating content to keep it fresh and engaging.

- Regular blog posts to boost SEO and keep my audience engaged.

- Image optimization to ensure visuals load quickly and look great.

- **Overall Objective:** The goal is to enhance the online presence and branding of my travel and tour business. This means you should be able to understand my business needs and align the websites' performance and content with them.

Ideal skills for this project include:

- Experience with travel industry.

- Strong experience with WordPress.

- Proven track record in performance optimization.

- Expertise in content writing and blogging.

- Familiarity with image optimization.

- Ability to understand and reflect a brand's voice and identity in online content.

- Adherence to SEO best practices.

- Experience with website integrations would be a bonus.

Looking forward to hearing from qualified freelancers!

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