Sales Invoice Templates for PandaDoc

I am in need of a freelancer proficient in creating templates on PandaDoc. Specifically, I'm seeking document templates for sales invoices. Key features in these templates should include:

- Customer Information: Full name, contact details, delivery address, billing address, payment details etc.

- Itemized List of Goods or Services: A breakdown of each product or service provided, including descriptions, quantities, prices, taxes, discounts and total amount.

The ideal freelancer should have:

- Proficient skills in creating templates on PandaDoc.

- A strong understanding and experience in designing professional invoice layouts.

- Detail-oriented and able to input important customer and item information accurately.

- Excellent communication skills for any necessary adjustments and final approval.

Your responsibility will be to ensure that all necessary elements are included in a clean, straightforward and professional manner. A sample or evidence of previous work with PandaDoc or similar tasks will be greatly appreciated.

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