Modern Icon-Text Logo Rebranding

I'm in search of a creative and skilled graphic designer to help me revamp my existing logo for my photography, clothing brand, promotional materials and social media platforms.

Key Requirements:

* Create a design that combines text and icon in a modern and minimalist style.

* The final logo needs to be suitable for embroidery, with all the necessary file formats provided, including a DST file.

* Open to color suggestions, so feel free to get creative and propose some ideas.

Ideal Skills and Experience:

* Experience in logo design and branding.

* Ability to create designs that can be easily embroidered.

* Familiarity with modern, minimalist aesthetic.

* Proficiency in file format conversion, particularly in creating DST files.

I'm looking forward to collaborating and developing a unique brand image that aligns with my brand ethos.

Please see attached old logo. Please have a look at this prior.

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