FlutterFlow and Firebase E-commerce App

Need a general e-commerce mobile application built using FlutterFlow and Firebase. Here's a breakdown of its functionalities:

Target Users:

* Customers

App Features:

* Product Browsing: Browse through a wide range of products with clear categories, filters, and search functionalities.

* Detailed Product Pages: View detailed product information, including descriptions, images, specifications, and reviews.

* Shopping Cart Management: Add, remove, or update items in the shopping cart.

* Wishlist Feature: Wishlist products for future purchases.

* Secure Checkout: Securely process payments using a payment gateway integration.

* User Accounts: Create accounts for personalized experiences, managing addresses, order history, and wishlists.

* Order Tracking: Track the status of placed orders with real-time updates.

* Push Notifications: Receive notifications about promotions, order updates, or new products (optional).

Tech Stack:

* Frontend: FlutterFlow (for rapid development and UI design)

* Backend: Firebase (for user authentication, database storage - products, users, orders, etc., cloud functions for processing transactions).

* Payments: Integration with a payment gateway like Stripe or PayPal.

* Analytics: Integration with Firebase Analytics to track user behavior and app performance.


* Product Sales: The primary revenue model is through the sale of products within the app.

Additional Considerations:

* Inventory Management: Integrate a system to manage product stock levels and prevent out-of-stock situations.

* Backend admin section to add part numbers, images, product descriptions, pricing etc…

* Shipping and Delivery: Offer different shipping options and integrate with delivery services (optional).

* Marketing Tools: Implement in-app promotions, loyalty programs, and referral programs (optional).

Once complete would simply be shared with me in FlutterFlow so I can test. Once completed I would take over ownership.

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