Facebook Marketplace Notification/AlertsBot -- 2

I'm looking for an experienced developer to create a notification bot tailored for Facebook Marketplace.

Key features I am interested in are:

- Real-time notifications

- Keyword filtering

- Price range filtering

- Alerts concerning new listings, price drops, and sold items

We need to be able to run it on our own PC/MAC

Please see explanation: [login to view URL]

Ideally need someone with past experience with marketplace should do this, so if you bid confirm your experience with similar tasks

PHP JavaScript Software Architecture Web Crawling

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Software Architecture
Web Crawling
Key, Features, I, Am, Interested, In, Are, , Realtime, Notifications, Keyword, Filtering, Price, Range, Alerts, Concerning, New, Listings, Drops, And, Sold, Items, We, Need, To, Be, Able, Run, It, On, Our, Own, Pc, Mac, Please, See, Explanation, Login, View, Url, Ideally, Someone, With, Past, Experience, Marketplace, Should, Do, This, So, If, You, Bid, Confirm, Your, Similar, Tasks, Php, Javascript, Software, Architecture, Web, Crawling, Proposals, Remote, Project, Active, Weeks, Ago, Filtering
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