Websolink How Multi City Works

Multi City is a feature where products will show on city based, You can create single/multiple city from admin panel and assign product to single/multiple city.

Add City: You can add single/multiple cities from admin panel goto MultiCity => Major Cities.

Add Location & Postcode: You can add single/multiple minor cities & postcode from Admin Panel goto MultiCity => Minor Cities.. Also check how to add bulk minor cities or post code here: https://myportalcode.com/account/knowledge_article/?ticketknowledge_section_id=2&ticketknowledge_article_id=10

Assign Product: You can assign product to single/multiple cities from admin panel goto Catalog => Products =. Edit the product you want to set delivery city =>Click on Links Tab and find here 'Enter Delivery Cities:' => Now you can check single/multiple cities.

Note: To show different price for each city you have to create multiple products with same name and pricing and assign them to respective city in Links tab in the product edit page.

You can simply copy/duplicate the product and enable it from Data Tab & Assign City from Links Tab.

Remember to enable status and assign city from Data Tab

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