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Upload your product/content on MyPortalCode and earn good revenue as we focus on to get more sales. We have all latest management features inbuild in the seller dashboard which helps to manage products, manage orders, customer support system, product reviews management, question management, reports & more.

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Why Sell on MyPortalCode?

As we are different in market offering ready service/product to buyer from seller. We are more specific towards buyer get best product and seller will have high profit by selling high priced product/service.

So we ask seller to be confident on his service or product and be more detailed about the service or product.

We focus on your sale | Represent your product or service infront of many buyers in different ways and marketing


We have several features as benefits for sellers in Myportalcode Seller Panel. Seller Panel has inbult support message system to provide support to your customers within the same seller panel. Seller panel has supercool features for sellers as bellow;

Products Management | Orders Management | Transaction | Invoice | Profile | Reviews Management | Question Management | Notification System | Vacation Mode

We are bringing more features to seller panel such as add-on service package listing for add-on services, analytics and marketing tools including email marketing & sms marketing and more others.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long it takes for seller account approval ?

Seller account is almost activated immediately, you can see "Your seller account status is: Active" message in profile page if your account is approved.

How long it takes for product approval ?

Every product listed by seller is reviewed manually so make sure you provide active/running demo so it does not get disapproved. If it is disapproved you can re-submit after making appropriate changes suggested by Myportalcode Team

When i receive my first payout ?

First payout is always after 14 days hold then your payout will be regular after 7 days.

How do i receive my payout ?

Payout is transferred to your bank account directly if you are Indian seller or if you are outside Indian then bank account and paypal options are available.

Features & Pricing

We have two plans per sale or monthly


Our Fee: 20% Per Sale


Our Fee: 20% Per Sale + Per Listing Fee 14USD/Rs. 1,000/-

Unlimited Product Listing

Unlimited Images Per Listing

Unlimited File Upload

Sell Anywhere Not Allowed(only on Myportalcode)

Fixed Charge on Every Sale

Unlimited Product Listing

Unlimited Images Per Listing

Unlimited File Upload

Sell Anywhere Allowed

Fixed Charge on Every Sale

Per Listing Fee 14USD/Rs.1,000/-

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