Zigaform - PHP Form Builder - Contact & Survey
Zigaform - PHP Form Builder - Contact & Survey

Zigaform - PHP Form Builder - Contact & Survey

by Developer
  • Uploaded : 22nd August 2023
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Overview :


The Ultimate PHP form builder

Zigaform – PHP form builder is a flexible and Ultimate PHP Form Builder Software which allows you to build responsive forms on few minutes using a simple yet powerful drag-and-drop form creator. Also it provides amazing form elements and skin live customizer that makes you to build professional forms. Also it provides an administration section where site admins manage tons of form options. It’s really easy to customize and you don’t need programming skills.

it can be embedded into any website platforms


This standalone version works with any PHP website. It contains an independent backend to manage forms.

If you use Wordpress, you can find the WP version of this plugin here .

Try Live Form Demo:

Live demo examples

Admin demo (Sandbox site)

Demo examples:

Contact us
Survey questionnaire
Online event registration
Reservation Request
Purchase Order
Website Design Request
Job Application
CV Submission
Order form
Wizard form
All fields
Conditional Logic
Custom skin

Main Features

Drag and drop or click to add fields to form
it integrates/embed with all popular website platforms (wordpress, joomla, drupal and etc) and any site.
Advanced grid system for building forms
Smart conditional logic
Drag-and-drop reordering
Skin customizer with live previewSimple, yet effective, logic-based anti-SPAM system
Multi-Page forms (Wizard form)
42+ advanced fields
Dynamic validation for your form (email, letter, numbers and so on)
Over 650 custom fonts
Over 769 icons to use on your form elements
Graphic chart entry report by form
Advanced search for entries
Import and export your custom forms
Option to duplicate forms and fields
Detailed entries report by form
Export form entries to pdf and csv
Form detailed entries report
Upload fields
Toured guide option
Detailed HTML documentation
Multi Language support (Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, German, Portuguese, Chinese)
Fully responsive design
Cross Browser : ie8, ie9, ie10, chrome, firefox, safari, opera
Powerful plugin
Free support and upgrades.
Email Notifications
Easily add/delete/edit/manage forms, fields, entries and tons of features
Language Switcher


php 5.6 or higher versions
MySQL 5.x


WebHook & Zapier Add-On: You can use the WebHooks Add-On to send data from your forms to any custom page or script you like. Also you can connect with Webhook of Zapier. [Read More]

Animation Add-On: You can animate your fields adding many animation effects. Also you can set up the delay and other options. [Read More]

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if you like the script and I’ll keep rolling new updates and cool features.

Overall features
Drag and Drop Form Builder

Zigaform comes with a drag and drop builder that allows you to easily build forms in minutes, not hours. You can easily add and remove form fields with just one simple click. You can easily re-arrange them as needed with drag & drop. All forms created with zigaform are 100% responsive and mobile-friendly. You have the ability to create multi-page forms, add file-upload, create smart conditional logic, and so much more.

With the simple and intuitive drag and drop form builder, you don’t need any coding experience. Just arrange form elements and customize the settings and you are good to go. Change themes or designs with just clicks of a few buttons.

Smart Conditional Logic

Zigaform provides a visual editor for conditional logic. It allows you to create smart dynamic forms that help you collect the most relevant information. With conditional logic, your forms will dynamically change based on the selections the user makes while filling out your forms. You can choose to show or hide fields based on a selected item. The goal of our conditional logic is to allow you to create smart powerful and useful forms that give you the best results.

Cost Estimation & Payment / Math logic

If you want to create easily beautiful and powerful cost estimation and payment forms on your website. Check my other item: Zigaform Estimation

Automated Notification E-mails

Zigaform allows you to create custom email notifications to get notified when new entries are submitted. Personalize these emails by editing the subject, writing the message, and including options like entry details, carbon copy and tons of options.

Advanced grid system

Zigaform offers an advanced grid system to allows you to create unique form layouts in a fully customizable and responsive grid system. It supports unlimited grid nesting.

Multi-Page forms (Wizard form)

The page break field allows you to break up your form into multiple pages and let’s your user know where they are in the process.

42+ advanced fields

Zigaform has tons of field types to make a great form that will help your website succeed for you.

Text input (single line)
Textarea (multiple lines)
Radio (multiple choice)
Select dropdown
File Upload
File Upload
Image Upload
hidden field
star rating
color picker
date picker
Time picker
Date and Time
Prepended, Appended textbox
Wizard buttons
Dinamic Checkboxes
Dinamic Radiobutton

CAPTCHA spam protection

Zigaform offers support for Google reCaptcha to prevent spammers and spambots. Spam prevention is one of the first steps in form security. If spambots are able to break through your security efforts, they can alter the content of your site, inject malicious code, or even remove your ability to log in.

To protect your site, you want to make it as easy as you can for your visitors to fill in your contact form, while making it as hard as possible for spambots to get through your security.

Detailed submitted entries

This software allows you to view submitted entries within the admin area, and send submitted form data via email. Other options include a custom autoreply and filters to strip unwanted data. Zigaform also enables you to use built-in or custom validators to force specific data from the user.

Some key features:

Bulk Export to CSV
Bulk Delete
Advanced Filtering
Search across all entries
Collect submitted data as well as date submitted and IP Address

Fully responsive design

Zigaform designs are carefully crafted to fit all your devices. Be it mobile, iPad or a PC, it makes sure that your forms are readable and interactive to get maximum conversion rate.

All of the elements are designed using either CSS or font icons. Meaning, your forms will look simply stunning on retina and high resolution devices. Say goodbye to pixelations and glitches and enjoy an interface that scales.

Control Every Element

An abundance of settings so you can fine tune every part of your form: from general settings down to individual fields, submit actions and emails.

Effortless PHP Integration

Add a Zigaform Form to your site easily through the widget code provided by the software, or append it automatically to any content you choose.

Translation Ready – Multi Language support

Translation-ready, for easy conversion to any language. it supports Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, German, Portuguese, and Chinese

Heavy on security

Zigaform has built-in security for strictly fighting spams and bots. Built on top of transparent nonce security. it is almost impossible to pass an automated submission.

Still not satisfied? Go ahead and optionally use Google reCaptcha or simple Captcha on your form.

Fast & scalable

Minified resources are loaded only when needed and are “enqueued” on the footer to keep your website as fast as it was, leaving a minimum footprint.

Our system can easily handle many form elements with conditional logic.

Zigaform is quickly becoming a popular choice among users and developers. It allows you to quickly create beautiful contact forms and comes with all the goodies you would need from a premium form builder.

Free support and upgrades.

Their support is immaculate and the zigaform is one of the best you’ll find for WordPress. Highly recommended for users of all backgrounds & experience levels.

What makes Zigaform great?

The unlimited number of forms, fields, emails, actions, or submissions.
A bulk of settings so that you can fine-tune every part of your form: from general settings to individual fields, submit actions and emails.
Really easy to use and can be easily used by beginners.
Comes with a drag-and-drop builder that allows you to build contact forms, donation forms, subscription forms, and surveys within minutes.
Offers tons of customization options including the ability to use custom CSS and HTML code.
More than just a contact form plugin. Helps improve website speed and security.
Allows you to create multi-page forms that can be used to divide long forms which improve user experience and usability.
Unlimited the amount of submissions/entries allowed for each form.
Allows you to customize everything you want including field labels, CSS, and the HTML code.
Offers support for Google reCaptcha to prevent spammers and spambots.
Allows you to create complex forms with conditional logic.
Over 42 field types to choose from.
Ajax-powered form submission allows your users to submit the form without a refresh or redirection.
Offers dozens of customization features.
No restrictions on the number of forms or submissions or fields.
Support for Google reCaptcha to prevent spam.
It is translation ready and can be easily translated to any language.
Comes with a JavaScript Datepicker input field.
Send a confirmation receipt email to the user.
Fully customize the forms by editing the CSS yourself.
Easily export entries and submissions to a CSV file.
Allows you to set up data validation for the forms.
Send a copy of the submitted message to the user.
Allow users to attach files to their messages.
Customize the “Reply-To” email address.
Add additional data about the sender like IP address and Date/Time to the message.
Zigaform gives you an effortless PHP integration. You can add a zigaform Forms to your site easily with widget code, or append it automatically to any content you choose.
It is translation-ready, for easy conversion to any language.
Style customizations: Its visual styler lets you change the look and feel of your form. You can change field colors and sizes, add backgrounds and borders, and more.
Enhanced features: Zigaform is constantly being improved with more advanced features. With Zigaform, the possibilities for creating a powerful form are endless.
Developer friendly: If you’re a developer who needs to customize your form to any extent for clients, Zigaform might be the right solution.
100% responsive forms: Your forms will always look great on any size device.
Optimized for speed: it is highly optimized for web and server performance. It doesn’t negatively impact the page speed of your site.
Ease of use: it comes with a drag and drop form builder that lets you create 100% mobile responsive forms without having you to touch a single line of code. It’s the easiest and most intuitive form builder
Enhanced functionalities: The software is continuously improved with enhanced functionalities. The team at Zigaform takes security very seriously.
Documentation is available: Best of all, you can find an extensive documentation on the zigaform website, which comes in handy if you need any assistance on using the form or troubleshooting the commonly found errors.
Zigaform lets you create unlimited forms with essential field types including single line text, email, URL, paragraph text, radio, checkbox, dropdown, and reCaptcha.
It saves your time and increases form completions by preloading data in your forms.
Build complex forms with conditional logic. You can automatically hide or show fields or entire pages in your form based on selections your users make.


Feel free to ask any questions at info@softdiscover.com

Update feb 2023. (v5.6.1)

* [new] - webhook addon
* [fixed] - minor changes

Update may 2019. (v3.9.8)

* [fixed] - minor changes

Update dec 2018. (v3.9)

* [new] - added search filder to forms list
* [fixed] - minor changes

Update feb 2018. (v3.7)

* [new] - animated effects
* [fixed] - minor changes

Update sept 2017. (v3.4)
* [fixed] - minor issues
* [new] - new skin for admin panel
* [new] - new system grid
* [new] - rollback changes
* [new] - padding and margin customization for all fields

Update sept 2016. (v2.7)

* [fixed] - minor bugs
* [new] - added dialog confirmation before deleting records
* [fixed] - modal not working on iframe mode
* [update] - security fixes
* [update] - added font options to pdf document

Update 6 jun 2016. (v1.4)

* [new] - option to email to customer
* [new] - options to configure the mail notification for customers
* [new] - dyn checkbox and radio button added to conditional logic
* [new] - form variables in order to customize message of mail notification
* [update] - added decimals to spinner
* [update] - system check page
* [new] - customize height and width of thumbnails of dynamic checkbox & Radio Button

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