Youzify (formerly Youzer) - BuddyPress Community & WordPress User Profile Plugin
Youzify (formerly Youzer) - BuddyPress Community & WordPress User Profile Plugin

Youzify (formerly Youzer) - BuddyPress Community & WordPress User Profile Plugin

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  • Uploaded : 28th May 2023
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Overview :

Youzify – The Best BuddyPress Plugin for Building Online Communities

Welcome to a new era of WordPress communities and user profiles! Youzify is the number one BuddyPress plugin on Envato Market, and thousands of customers agree that it takes your online community to the next level. This advanced and feature-rich plugin has the power to showcase your unique brand experience and immerse your users in a dynamic community of loyal and engaged customers that propels your business forwards. Youzify transforms your website into a robust, effective and compelling social hotspot and unleashes the power of the crowd to drive unprecedented ROI.

With a secure membership system and comprehensive membership features, as well as unlimited profile widgets and a powerful Ajax admin panel that offers over 700 options, Youzify is supremely customizable and incredible value for money. Enjoy richer community engagement, more brand exposure, increased sales and accelerated innovation.

Calling all theme authors! You can bundle Youzify into your theme for just $199. We will be happy to help you with the implementation process, and resolve any potential issues, so that you can get the plugin running in sync with your theme, just the way you want it.

Self-Hosted Communities – The Smart Choice

Facebook groups might seem like an obvious and hassle-free choice for hosting and growing your online community, but the bad news is that you ultimately have to hand over control. You can spend years building up a thriving community, investing in it and nurturing it, only to wake up one day and find that Facebook has removed your group with no warning or explanation, and you’re back to square one. Don’t take the risk! As a self- hosted plugin, Youzify gives you complete control and you can trust that all the energy and hard work you put into your community will pay off.

The Best WordPress Community Plugin Ever – Here’s Why: Outstanding value for money – fully featured and lifetime free updates Fully responsive design and superior code quality Extremely customizable Powerful admin panel – 9 schemes, over 700 options Secure membership system – social login, advanced Captcha, secure password reset, limited login attempts, information privacy… Unlimited features – color schemes, custom profile widgets, tabs and links, profile structures, ads on profiles, social network icons, profile info fields, membership registration fields…. Integrations – MyCRED, bbPress, WooCommerce, Giphy, Mailchimp and Mailster Dedicated support from a trusted Elite Author Thousands of happy customers, with thriving online businesses

Youzify Means Business

Building community is critical to your business success.

Grow Organically, Boost Conversions
Leverage user-generated content to reach more people organically via search engines. The more time users spend on your site, the higher your search ranking.
Engage and Retain Customers
The key to success? Engaging your customers. Turn customers into advocates by making it easy for them to share knowledge, experiences and inspiration, and they will fast become a valuable network.
Build Trust and Loyalty
Investing in a community demonstrates to customers that you are dedicated to solving problems for them. People recognize that effort and reciprocate, creating a virtuous cycle that builds loyalty for every new community member.
Acquire New Customers
Make your business easier to find and instantly offer value to prospective customers by hosting conversations in your community. Add authentic, trusted content to every part of the customer journey.
Build Brand Authority
Establish your brand as a thought leader in your space by being a front-runner that congregates users. No one can deny the fact that communities are the key to brand loyalty, awareness and overall success.
Generate Customer Discovery
Learn more about your customers from the information they share on their profiles, their interests, their posts and comments. All of this will help you connect with potential customers, improve your business content, products and services, and stimulate sustainable growth.
Deliver Outstanding Customer Support
Enable both a brand-to-user and peer-to-peer hub for your customers to share their expertise, learn, and get answers to their most pressing questions.
Unlock Customer Value
Uncover new product ideas from the customers who know and use you the most. Understand their needs, using feedback and insights to improve your products or services, while also driving traffic and conversions.
Make More Money
Show ads, get sponsors, accept donations, or charge a one-time or recurring subscription fee to view the forum, view specific categories, read discussions, or download files… With a thriving online community, there is endless potential for monetizing elements of your platform and seeing immediate returns.

Thriving Community = Thriving Business

Youzify is designed with both your users and your business front and center – because when your community thrives, your business reaps the benefits. Unlimited features and customization potential makes it easy for you to create a WordPress community, social network or user profiles that your users will engage with and enjoy being a part of, generating a community that you can proactively develop, grow and leverage for the benefit of your business.

__ Social Features : Likes Follows Share Posts Points Reviews Polls Ratings Badges Notices Hashtags Mentions GIFs Comments Bookmarks Emoticons Posts Mood Tag Friends Social Wall Sticky Posts Notifications Verified Badges Live Url Preview Private Messages Extended Profiles Friend Connections Live Notifications Wall Infinite Scroll Social Login / Registration Media ( Photos, Videos, Audios, Files ) Posts Privacy ( Public, Only Me, Friends, Members ) Groups ( Public Groups / Private Groups / Secret Groups ) Activity & Comments Moderation : Set community forbidden words __ Directories : Members Directory Groups Directory Global News Feed __ Profile Features Unlimited Custom Tabs ( Shortcode / HTML Code ) Unlimited Custom Links ( Internal / External Links ) New Tabs ( Wall, Friends, Groups, Messages, Notifications … ) Private Profiles Front-End Profile Front-End Account Settings 14 Header Styles 23 Profile Widgets Unlimited Color Schemes 16 Ready Color Schemes Unlimited Profile Structures ( Variations ) 06 Advanced Wordpress Author Widgets Extremely Customizable Unlimited Ads Widgets Creative 404 Profile Page Quick Account Settings Menu 2 Widget Border Styles ( Flat / Rounded ) Posts & Comments Real Time Pagination ( No Refresh Required ) Amazing Effects Smooth Scroll Fully Responsive Design Set Default Profile Avatar & Cover Control All Profile Elements Effects Control All Profile Elements Visibility Control Default Profile Tab. Control All Profile Tabs ( Title, Visibility, Order, Icon … ) Control Informations Privacy ( Only me / Everyone / All Memebers / My Friends ) Unlimited Informations Fields Groups Profile Avatar Crop Profile Avatar Wordpress Sync New Buttons ( Notifications, Messages, Friendship Requests ) Unlimited Fields Types: Multi Fields: Checkboxes , Multi Select Box, Radio Buttons, Drop Down Select Box Single Fields: Date Selector, Number, Text Box, Url, Textarea __ Profile / +22 Widgets Friends Groups Instagram About Me Portfolio Slideshow Skills Networks Services Quote Project Video Flickr Reviews Link Media Post User Tags User Balance User Badges Email Box Address Box Website Box Phone Number Box Unlimited Custom Widgets ( Shortcode or HTML Code ) __ Profile / +15 Tabs Overview Wall Info Posts Reviews Media Badges Comments Friends Follows Groups Bookmarks Messages Notifications Points History * Create Unlimited Custom Widgets ( Shortcode / HTML Code ) __ Integrations Woocommerce Integration. BBpress Integration. MyCRED Integration. GamiPress Integration. Giphy Integration. Mailchimp Integration ( Sync. With Registration ). Mailster Newsletter Integration ( Sync. With Registration ). __ Membership / Login Features Social Login ( Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitch ) Ajax Login Login Form Popup ( Ajaxed / Normal Submition ) Limit Login Attempts Front End Login Page Login Form Widget Lost Password Form Widget Create +240 Different Login Form Secure Reset Password System Customize User Notification Emails Controle After Logout Redirection Login Form Shortcode [youzify_login] Controle After Login Redirection ( Users / Admins ) Hide Dashboard & Toolbar For Normal Users Advanced Login Widget __ Membership / Registration Features Manage Signup Requests Unlimited Registration Fields Enable/Disable Registration Registration Role Assignment Advanced Captcha System ( Google Recaptcha ) Advanced Registration Widget HTML User Notification Emails Registration Form Widget Disable The Membership System Option Registration Form Shortcode [youzify_register] __ Membership / Forms Features 12 Input Styles 10 Button Styles Customize Buttons Text Customize Forms Styling Customize Forms Header Text 03 Input Border Styles( Flat, Radius, Rounded ) 03 Buttons Border Styles( Flat, Radius, Rounded ) 02 Input Icons Alignment Options ( Left, Right ) __ Wall / Post Types : Status Quote Slideshow Link Gif Photo/ Photos File Audio Video Blog Post Avatar Cover __ Wall / Embeds ( Works on Posts & Comments ) : YouTube Facebook Instagram Flickr Vine Tumblr Twitter Vimeo Reddit SlideShare SoundCloud Cloudup TED Spotify DailyMotion Kickstarter VideoPress Imgur Photobucket +10 More Types __ Wordpress / Widgets : Smart Author Widget Static Author Widget Post Author Widget Friend Suggestions Group Suggestions User Notification Account Menu Who’s Online Friends Widget Site Members Verified Users Community Media Community Hashtags Cloud Community Hashtags List Site Groups Recently Active Members Sitewide Notices Login Widget Registration Widget Lost Password Widget Group Description Widget Group Moderators Group Administrators Groups RSS Activity RSS User Blance Widget __ Admin Panel Features Over 700 Panel Options 52 Options Tabs 09 Color Schemes Fully Responsive Design Ajaxed Panel ( No Refresh Required ) 04 Settings Page General Settings Widgets Settings Profile Settings Membership Settings 05 Unlimited Builders Unlimited Ads Builder Unlimited Custom Widgets Builder Unlimited Custom Tabs / Links Builder Unlimited Social Networks Builder Unlimited Infos Widgets Fields Builder __ Shortcodes : Activity Stream Shortcode [youzify_activity] Members Directory Shortcode [youzify_members] Groups Directory Shortcode [youzify_groups] Members Reviews Shortcode [youzify_reviews] Verified Members Shortcode [youzify_verified_users] User Profile Fields Shortcode [youzify_xprofile_fields] User Profile Fields By Group Shortcode [youzify_xprofile_group] Community Hashtags Cloud Shortcode [youzify_community_hashtags] Community Media Shortcode [youzify_media] Hashtags List ( Popular, Trending … ) [youzify_hashtags] User Card Shortcode [youzify_author_box] Login Form Shortcode [youzify_login] Registration Form Shortcode [youzify_register] Lost Password Form Shortcode [youzify_lost_password] Click Here For More Details About Shortcodes Options! __ Translations Arabic Translation By alhrms French Translation By Johann Le Niniven Persian Translation By Lily Aman German Translation By Tom Gleitsmann Russian Translation By Aslan Patov Spanish Translation By Alexey – Chinese Translation By June – 微谈NZ & DIng Turkish Translation By Frank jackson

Note: You might find incomplete translations because on each update we add new features so new lines are added too.

__ Extra Features RTL Support WPML Ready Fully Translatable Cross-Browser Compatibility Detailed Documentation Good & Reliable Support Well Commented Code Clean & Well Organized Code Built Using Wordpress Best Practices Built Without Frameworks Lifetime Free Updates __ Compatible Themes Aardvark – Community, Membership, BuddyPress Theme Olympus – Responsive Community & Social Network WordPress Theme OneCommunity – BuddyPress Nouveau Community Theme with Likes and Achievements KLEO – Pro Community Focused, Multi-Purpose BuddyPress Theme __ Extensions ( Not Included In The Main Plugin Files ) Youzify – BuddyPress Membership Restrictions

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on customizations Meet the most complete BuddyPress membership restrictions plugin to restrict BuddyPress community features and content for visitors, members or by user role to take the full control over what your website users get exclusive access to.

You can use our BuddyPress membership restrictions plugin with any paid membership plugin in the market that offers a paid subscription for example and apply the restrictions on each level you want.

Features Set Members, Visitors ( Non Logged In Users ) Or By User Role Restrictions. Set Custom Redirect Page for Visitors, Members or By User Role. Set Youzify Features Restrictions. Set BuddyPress Components Restrictions. Set Wordpress Pages & BuddyPress Pages Restrictions. Set The Maximum Restrictions & Minimum Requirements For Activity Posts & Comments. Set Public, Private, Hidden Groups Restrictions. Set Friendship, Messages, Follows, Reviews Restrictions. Set Profile Tabs & Profile Widgets Restrictions.’, And much much more… View All Features. Youzify – BuddyPress Profile Completeness

Say good bye to the blank profiles, BuddyPress profile completeness is the best way to force or encourage users to complete their profile fields, profile widgets and more. also gives you the ability to apply restrictions on incomplete profiles.

Features 3 Fields Status ( Forced, Required, Optional ). Forced : Users will keep being redirected to the forced fields until they complete them then they will be able to access your other site pages. Required : Users can use your website but their will be a widget that display their incomplete required fields and you can apply many restrictions on them. Optional : Users will be free to fill them whenever they wants. Apply Profile Completeness System For Specific Roles. Enable / Disable Hiding Incomplete Profiles from Members Directory. Enable / Disable Marking Complete Profiles as Verified. Enable / Disable The following Actions For Incomplete Profiles : Posts, Comments, Replies, Likes, Friends, Groups, Follows, Reviews, Bookmarks, Messages. Supported Fields : All BuddyPress xprofile fields, Profile Avatar & Cover Images, All Youzify Widgets. Profile Completeness Shortcode : [youzify_profile_completeness] Ajaxed Profile Completeness Widget. Youzify – BuddyPress Moderation

Moderating your online community is not an option — it’s a must. Meet the most complete BuddyPress moderation solution with an advanced features to take the full control over your community and keep it safe with automatic moderation features and restrictions and more …

Features Moderation Components : Members, Activities, Comments, Messages, Groups. Set What Roles Can Reports Items & Moderator Roles. Automatic Moderation After an item reach a certain numner of reports. Apply Temporary or Official Restrictions for Specific Periods. ( Disable posts, comments, messages, friends, follows … ) Allow Visitors to Report Items & Add Unlimited Reports Subjects. Customizable Notification Emails when a New Reports is Added, Restored, Deleted, Hidden & More … Advanced Moderation Table With Bulk and Single Actions : View, Close, Restore, Delete, Delete & Punish, Mark as Spammer & More … And Many Many Other Features You Can Check Them On The Extension Page. Youzify – BuddyPress Edit Activity

Allow members to edit their activity posts, comment and replies from the front-end with real time modifications. Set users that can edit their own activities and moderators by role and control editable activities by post type and set a timeout for how long they should remain editable.

Features Set Members That Can Edit Their Own Activities and Comments by Role. Set Editable Activities By Post Type. Set Moderators That Can Edit All The Site Activities by Role. Set Edit Button Timeout ( How long activities should remain editable ). Enable / Disable Attachments Edition. Enable / Disable Comments & Replies Edition. Real Time Modifications. No Refresh Page Required ! Youzify – BuddyPress Activity Reactions

Increase audience engagement by allowing users to express many more feelings quickly and easily on each wall post. it will help the content creators to know how others feel about their content so they can improve it.

Features +12 Ready Emojis : Like, Love, Wow, Shy, Sad, Funny, Wink, Angry, Dead, Sleepy, Cute, Bored, Shock. Add Unlimited Custom Emojis. Track User Reactions One Each Post. Enable/Disable Posts Reactions. Enable/Disable Comments Reactions. Change Emojis Order – Title – Image. Fully Ajaxed. Multisite Support. Youzify – BuddyPress Social Share

Allow users and visitors to share activities, profiles and groups with over 25 social networks and allow your content to reach a wider audience and gain more exposure for your brand.

Features Fully Ajaxed. +25 Social Network. Open Graph Support to All Activities, Profiles, Groups. Set Posts, Profile, Group Default Open Graph Thumbnails. Enable/Disable Posts Social Share By Posts Type. Enable/Disable Social Networks. Enable/Disable Posts Social Share Buttons. Enable/Disable Profiles Social  Share Buttons. Enable/Disable Groups Social Share Buttons. Enable/Disable Members Directory Cards Social Share Buttons. Enable/Disable Groups Directory Cards  Share Buttons. Allow Visitors ( Non Logged In Users ) To Share Activities, Profiles, Groups. 3 Buttons Borders  Styles ( Radius, Circle, Flat ). 4 Buttons Type ( Colorful, Gray, Silver, White ). Supported Networks : Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Linked-In, Whatsapp, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, Telegram, Get Pocket, Blogger, Skype, Delicious, Stumbleupon, Evernote, Odnoklassniki, Flattr, Xing, Renren, Buffer, Gmail, VK, Weibo, Yahoo, Line, Live Journal, Flipboard Youzify – Mycred Integration

Reward users and give them points for their actions on Youzify features, and set custom points for adding content and custom points for removing content of each wall post type, profile widget field, account verification, social networks and more …

Features Set Custom Points for Adding/Removing Wall Status, Photo, Slideshow, Quote, Link, Video, Audio Posts. Set Custom Points for the profile widgets : About Me, Portfolio, Slideshow, Services, Skills, Quote, Link, Video, Post, Project, Flickr, Instagram. Set Custom Points For each filled Social Network ( Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, ... ). Set Custom Points For Posts Reactions. Set Custom Points For Posts Bookmarking. Set Custom Points For Reviews. Set Custom Points For Follows. Set Custom Points For Account Verification. Note : More hooks will be added whenever we added new features ! Youzify – BuddyPress Member Types

BuddyPress Member Types plugin is the best way to create and manage unlimited member types easily. If your members can be categorized into more than one Member Type, and you need a separate directory for each type then BuddyPress Member Types is the best solution for you !

Features Create, Edit & Delete member types. Activate & Deactivate member types. Assign WordPress roles to member types Enable & Disable member type directory. Customize member type directory slug. Set a default member type on registration. Allow users to select a member type while registration. Add profile fields based on member types. Allow / Restrict users from changing their member type after registration. Control which fields are visible to users belonging to a given member type. Separate tab for each member type in the members directory. Bulk assign member type to users from the users list screen. Allow Users to have Multiple Member Types Allow users with no type. __ Compatible With : BuddyPress Followers Features: Following / Followers tabs to user profile pages Follow / Unfollow buttons on user profile pages and in the members directory A new “Following” activity directory tab An “Activity > Following” subnav tab to a user’s profile page Menu items to the WP Toolbar __ Support : Support Forum Advanced Useful Articles Basic Online Documentation __ Requirements : BuddyPress Installed & Active PHP 7.2, CURL Enabled. __ Sources & Credits Autosize Nice Select LightBox Animate Unsplash Owl Carousel Font Awesome EmojiOneArea Viewport Checker Demo Badges : Pixelbuddha, Just UI, Creative Corp BuddyPress Activity Autoloader Twemoji __ Important Notices!!

01. Support is not provided in the comments section, please consider using our support forum

02. If you found Youzify inside any theme, please note that support and updates are not provided by us till you purchase a direct license from us.

03. All images are only for demo purpose and are not included in the main file.

04. Youzify is not compatible with BuddyBoss Products.

__ Change Log!! # Version 3.3.3 November 22, 2022 Fix - Fixed Comments Count Fix - Fixed Comments Tab Fix - GamiPress badges list is not fully shown # Version 3.3.2 July 20, 2022 Fix - Fixed Bugs # Version 3.3.1 July 19, 2022 Improvement - Security Improvements Fix - Fixed Bugs # Version 3.3.0 January 05, 2022 Fix - Media Widget # Version 3.2.9 December 31, 2021 Fix - Share button not working if groups disabled. # Version 3.2.8 December 31, 2021 Fix - Show more content button on comments shows duplicated attachments # Version 3.2.7 November 29, 2021 Fix - Membership shortcodes for not logged-in users. Fix - Profile groups missing styling. Fix - Share in some groups not working. # Version 3.2.6 October 23, 2021 Fix - Registration Shortcode. Fix - GamiPress Balance Total. Fix - Members Directory Meta Styling. # Version 3.2.5 October 05, 2021 Fix - GamiPress & MyCred Conflict. # Version 3.2.4 October 04, 2021 New - GamiPress Integration. New - GamiPress User Badges Widgets. New - GamiPress User Balance Widget. New - GamiPress User Badges Tabs. Fix - Live Notifications. # Version 3.2.3 September 21, 2021 Fix - Profile Quote Widget Breaks. Fix - Profile Media Tabs Slugs. Fix - Hide Duplicated BBpress Activity Filters. # Version 3.2.2 September 18, 2021 Fix - Registration by invitation when registration is disabled. # Version 3.2.1 September 13, 2021 Fix - Show Polls Resuts for non logged-in Users Fix - Hide Vote Button for non logged-in users # Version 3.2.0 September 10, 2021 New - Advanced Polls System. New - Activity Poll Post Type New - Activity Poll Post Type. New - Allow users to select multiple vote options. New - Enbale / Disable Polls Images. New - Force Polls Images Upload. New - Limit Poll Options. New - Set Default Poll Options Mode ( Single / Multiple ). New - Enable / Disable Voting Results Visibility. New - Enable / Disable Poll Voters. New - Enbale / Disable Polls Revoting. New - Set Maximum Voters Number to Show', New - Set Default PolL Post View ( Form or Results )', New - Activity Stream 3 Columns Layout. New - Poll Form Settings - Poll Options from Youzify Panel > General Settings > Wall Setting > Polls Form Settings. New - Poll Post Settings - Poll Options from Youzify Panel > General Settings > Wall Setting > Polls Post Settings. Fix - Pinned Posts Shows up for all users. Fix - Account Settings Bug. # Version 3.1.9 August 06, 2021 Fix - Hide Youzify Media Category from Categories List. # Version 3.1.8 August 05, 2021 Fix - Members & Groups Directory Search Fix. # Version 3.1.7 August 05, 2021 New - Addon: BuddyPress Advanced Members Search ( Link: ) New - Members Directory Design. New - Groups Directory Design. New - Activity Stream 3 Columns Layout. New - Activity with Left Sidebar Layout New Option - Change Activity Layout from Youzify Panel > General Settings > Wall Settings. New Option - Set Members Direcoty Header Options from Youzify Panel > General Settings > Members Directory Settings. New Option - Set Groups Direcoty Header Options from Youzify Panel > General Settings > Members Directory Settings. Fix - Live Notification Notice. Fix - Instagram Widget Videos. Fix - Media Lightbox. # Version 3.1.6 June 24, 2021 Fix - PHP Bugs # Version 3.1.5 June 21, 2021 Fix - Activity Load More. # Version 3.1.4 June 19, 2021 Added – BuddyPress 8.0 Compatibility. Added – Invitations Support. Added – New Youzify Hooks. Improved – Inputs Security. Fix - Compose New Message Attachments. Fix – Registration Visibility Field. # Version 3.1.3 May18, 2021 Fix - Activity Hashtags. # Version 3.1.2 May 05, 2021 Fix - Messages CSS # Version 3.1.1 May 02, 2021 Improved - Social Login System. Improved - Activity Upload System. Added - TikTok Social Media Icon. Fix - Pinned Posts. Fix - WooCommerce Select Box Conflict. # Version 3.1.0 April 05, 2021 Improved - Registration Shortcode. Fix - Registration Widget. Fix - Tagging Friends Notification Count. # Version 3.0.9 March 23, 2021 Fix - Some shortcodes not working properly. Fix - Groups Templates. Fix - Upgrade Patch. Fix - Profile Activity Filter. # Version 3.0.8 March 10, 2021 Fix - CSS fixes for activity stream. Fix - Registration template error if membership system is disabled. # Version 3.0.7 March 03, 2021 Fix: Activity Lightbox not working on the first click. Fix: Patch does not work if the membership system is disabled. # Version 3.0.6 March 01, 2021 Fix Activity Form Emoji Button. # Version 3.0.5 February 28, 2021 Fix: Activity comment styling messed up after clicking the emoji icon. # Version 3.0.4 February 27, 2021 New: Added new hooks before and after Youzify init. Fix: We added lost password hook second parameter. # Version 3.0.3 February 26, 2021 Fix: Emoji Button Not working on the first click. Fix: Custom tabs {username} tag not working. Fix: Groups sidebar duplicated. # Version 3.0.2 February 25, 2021 Fix: Activity Form Emoji Dropdown # Version 3.0.1 February 24, 2021 Fix: About Me upload not working. Fix: WooCommerce error on activation. Fix: Shortcodes brackets removed after saving settings. # Version 3.0.0 February 23, 2021 Notice 1: We changed the name of Youzer to Youzify. Notice 2: We added a new settings tab called Move Youzer to Youzify on General Settings that will help you move all Youzer data to Youzify), to upgrade safely please follow the steps on this topic: Notice 3: 90% of our addons do not require Youzify(formerly Youzer) anymore and they are compatible with BuddyPress Legacy & Nouveau Theme, BuddyBoss Theme & Plugin. New: Added BuddyPress Member Types Support. New: Display BuddyPress Member Types on Members Directory. New: Overriding Templates Supports Now BBpress Templates. New: Improved Structure with Improved Performance. Fix: Fixed PHP/CSS/JS Bugs # Version 2.6.2 October 10, 2020 Fix: PHP Bugs # Version 2.6.1 October 08, 2020 Notice 1: - We released 2 new patches to move profile, activity, and messages media from Youzer Media System to WML. You can find the patches on Youzer Panel > General Settings > Patches Settings. Notice 2: If you are using "Youzer - Edit Activity Extension", "Youzer - BuddyPress Moderation", Youzer - Social Share", "Youzer - Activity Reactions" make sure to update to the new versions that are compatible with this new update. New: Youzer now is using WordPress Media Library. New: New Youzer cropping sizes for all Youzer placements to offer a huge speed optimization. New: Better upload folder organization by Members, Groups, User ID, Group ID, Years, and Months. New: New improved activity attachments structure that is much faster than the old method. New: Save the uploaded files into a temporary folder and don't upload them to WordPress Media Library till the user submits the forms. New: Disabling WordPress default cropping sizes for Youzer media to save space. New Option: Enable / Disable compressing new uploaded images from Youzer Panel > General Settings Page > General Settings Tab > Optimization Settings Section. New Option: Set Compression Quality Percentage from Youzer Panel > General Settings Page > General Settings Tab > Optimization Settings Section. New: Compressed transparent images are not now showing a black background anymore. Notice: We hide the Youzer media from WML for both views ( List + Grid ), but we will offer a custom page soon where you can see all the uploaded media on your site and each media with its location on the site and many other details that will help you keep everything under control! Improvement: PHP and JS and CSS. Fix: PHP bugs. # Version 2.6.0 Septembre 05, 2020 Fix: Upload Avatar and Cover pages not working. # Version 2.5.9 Septembre 04, 2020 New: Lazy Loading on all Youzer Images in Profile, Groups, Activity, MyCred Badges..., this feature will load images only when they appear in the browser viewport for a faster page load time. Improvement: We removed KaineLabs copyright notice from the account settings pages. New: Added new setting option "Lazy Load" in Youzer Panel > General Settings to turn on/off this feature. New: Compatible with WordPress 5.5.1. Fix: Hidden Widgets Still Appearing on the widgets settings page. Fix: Reviews Pop-up overlay stay appearing after adding review. Fix: Activity form upload video pop-up shows only images files. Fix Tablet and Mobile views CSS for the new profile layout. Fix : CSS & JS Bugs. # Version 2.5.8 August 27, 2020 Improvement: Better Modals Popup UX. Improvement: Forcing HTTPS for Live Preview Image URL. Notice: if you are using "Youzer - Edit Activity Extension" or "Youzer - BuddyPress Moderation" make sure to update to the new version that will support the new model popup structure. # Version 2.5.7 August 25, 2020 New: New Profile Layout : Content + Left Sidebar New: New Profile Layout : Content + Right Sidebar New: 3 Columns ( Content + 2 Sidebars ) Improvement: Better profile structure page UI and UX to make the drag and drop easier. Improvement: Once you click these following posts types ( Photo, Video, File, Slideshow) the upload button will be clicked automatically. # Version 2.5.6 August 16, 2020 New : Compatible with Wordpress 5.5 Fix : JS Erros # Version 2.5.5 August 15, 2020 Fix: Js Erros # Version 2.5.4 August 12, 2020 New Feature: Comments GIFs. Re-design: New Activity GIF form Design. New Translation: New French translation provided by Virginie( Thank you so much Virginie ) New : Comment Form Icons tool-tips. # Version 2.5.3 August 02, 2020 New Feature: Live Notifications # Version 2.5.2 July 27, 2020 Check this topic for a detailed changelog: New Feature: "Share Posts" Feature. New: New activity statistics layout. Fix : Social Login. View full changelog

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