WP Guppy Pro - A live chat plugin for WordPress, WooCommerce and BuddyPress
WP Guppy Pro - A live chat plugin for WordPress, WooCommerce and BuddyPress

WP Guppy Pro - A live chat plugin for WordPress, WooCommerce and BuddyPress

by Developer
  • Uploaded : 25th January 2023
  • Views : 5378
Overview :

WP-Guppy is a well thought and clinically designed and developed WordPress chat plugin which has been engineered to fulfill the market needs. It is loaded with features without compromising on quality.

WP Guppy is not just a simple WordPress chat plugin – it is a comprehensive chat solution entailing features that are hard to find in a single WordPress chat plugin.

It is a comprehensive feature-rich WordPress chat plugin that not only provides numerous practical features for end-users but has been designed and developed keeping in mind the high-quality standards that subsequently provide the much-needed robustness and working performance in such plugins.

This plugin prides itself on using its built-in database which means that it will be integrated within your WordPress site database and you get to keep complete control on how you manage your data etc.

The team behind this plugin consists of experienced and professional software engineers and web designers who back this plugin with excellent customer support.

WP Guppy plugin is compatible with WooCommerce, Dokan multi-vendor store, and all WordPress custom post types. This plugin will work with any themes

WP Guppy also does support BuddyPress and BuddyBoss group chat.

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If you have any issue with the demo preview then you can click this link for the demo https://wp-guppy.com/

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Outstanding features BudyPress & BudyBoss Integration Whatsapp chat Post base chat Customer support chat for admin Guest user chat WooCommerce shop page compatibility SMS and email notification for unread messages(Paid extension) Recent online users listing on top Admin access on all the chats from back-end Powerful one to one user base chat Send friend request to start chat Block user within the chat or upon sent friend request Emoji sharing Voice note Real-time chat with node.js and socket.io Group chat with the friends Create group Delete group Upload group avatar Leave group Share video files Share documents Share gallery or single images Send audio files Hot: Send current location with open street maps Hot: Reply to a message Delete a message from a chat Download attachments Online offline users status Real-time chat with pusher.com Channel API, Vue.js, and Vuex Real-time chat with node.js and socket.io. Your server should support node.js for this to activate the real-time experience Important Note: This plugin is developed using Vue.js and WordPress REST API and is only available in the compiled form (source code is not included in this price). Blocked users listing All WordPress users listed by roles Blocked or friends users listing Media and attachment listing in the chat sidebar User profile management Built-in secured database, no need for the third party to engage with WP Guppy Reset database with a single click from the back-end Elementor shortcode to create a messenger page WPBakery page builder shortcode to create a messenger page WordPress shortcode to print on any page Settings for the default tab to activate Enable/disable tabs for the user, chats, friends, blocked Dynamic color schemes Media extensions to upload settings Clickable links in the chat Compatible with Workreap and Doctreat WordPress themes Search in conversation Mute bell sound for notifications Report user via email All media attachment download from a conversation Clear conversation RTL support Mobile APPS for chat messenger(Paid mobile apps)
Please note: If you are using pusher channel API for the real-time experience(messages without page refresh) then you must subscribe to their plans What are upcoming features Chatbot Save attachments on Amazon s3 bucket(Paid extension) Google Maps compatibility Release 4.1 – 14 January 2023 -- Elementor plugin compatibility issue has been fixed -- Assets optimization Release 4.0 – 10 December 2022 -- Hide guest chat from the floating window setting has been added Release 3.9 – 29 November 2022 1- Styling issues have been fixed. 2- Mobile device start chat button issue has been fixed. 3- Remove the primary key from a guest database table. 4- Remove admin default chat from new users. 5- Max buffer size issue in socket.io has been fixed Release 3.7 – 24 August 2022 -- Buddypress issue has been fixed -- Styling issues have been fixed -- Add the "Terms and Conditions Agreement" setting for the mobile app Release 3.6 – 04 August 2022 -- Remove phone number and email validations from profile information. -- Resolve the default open messenger chat issue. -- Font family changes. -- Issue fixing. Release 3.5 – 24 May 2022 -- Admin chat history issue fixed Release 3.4 – 21 May 2022 -- Added sortable chat tabs -- Added option to hide and show widget chat Icon on specific pages -- Style added in chat tab setting on the admin side. -- Added settings to display user names in different formats -- Added option to adjust the position of widget icon. -- Voice message updated -- Some bug fixes and improvements Release 3.3 – 11 May 2022 -- RTL issue has been fixed -- Online users setting added in the admin side -- Notification count issue has been fixed Release 3.2 – 29 April 2022 -- Customer support chat for guest user -- Customer support chat for registered user -- Whatsapp chat for visitors updated -- Login functionality updated -- RTL issue fixed -- Some bug fixes and improvements Release 3.1 – 22 April 2022 -- Added Time format setting from backend -- Added download zip name -- Scroll issued fixed on widget chat -- Added sidebar tabs icon text description -- RTL added to Roles management in the backend Release 3.0 – 20 April 2022 Please try to donwload updated version from codecanyon if you see the old version -- Translation for weekday, months added -- Filters added to set custom post title and post image -- RTL issue fixed -- Some bug fixes and improvements Release 2.9 – 19 April 2022 This is major release with UI and Functionality changes, please backup your database and files before upgrade -- Admin access to view all conversations from back-end -- Admin access to delete the complete conversation from back-end -- Admin access to delete conversation messages -- Floating widget UI updated -- Whatsapp support chat UI updated -- Messenger chat sidebar UI updated -- User listing in contact tab updated -- Added profanity words filter while sending a message -- Filter to start post base chat on any page -- Post chat window on product detail page auto close -- Some bug fixes and improvements -- Guppy Noty saving issue has been fixed Release 2.8 – 30 March 2022 -- Added SMS/Email Notification Extension Compatibility -- Some improvements & bug fixes -- Workreap compatibility for sending offer have been added Release 2.7 – 10 March 2022 -- Whatsapp agent base chat -- Real-time online presence indicator with socket & pusher -- Some fixes and improvements Note please read the documentation if you want to use online presence with pusher Release 2.6 – 24 February 2022 -- Pusher channel authorization issue has been fixed -- Type indicator issue has been fixed -- BuddyPress group chat issue has been fixed Release 2.5 – 22 February 2022 Please note we strongly recommend taking a complete backup of files and database before updating to the new version. Also please try to deactivate the plugin and then activate to sync the database changes -- All BuddyPress groups synchronization in WP Guppy from the admin side setting has been added -- On BuddyPress group creation, the group created in WP Guppy -- On BuddyPress group changes, the group updated in WP Guppy -- On BuddyPress group avatar changes, group avatar updated in WP Guppy -- On BuddyPress group joined by member, member joined in WP Guppy -- On BuddyPress group invite accepted by the member, the member added in WP Guppy -- On BuddyPress group membership accepted, the member added in WP Guppy -- On BuddyPress group member remove/ban, member remove from WP Guppy -- On BuddyPress group member urban, member, unban from WP Guppy -- On BuddyPress group deleted, group deleted in WP Guppy -- All BuddyPress actions are real-time in WP Guppy through Pusher API -- Group description options in WP Guppy groups have been added -- Some fixes and improvements -- Themes compatibility update -- Arabic and Latin characters issue has been fixed Release 2.4 – 19 February 2022 -- Images and video gallery preview has been added -- Role access on direct chat access issue has been fixed -- Offline status added for all the tabs -- Real-time gallery update in chat sidebar has been added -- Floating chat window improvement for mobile devices -- Workreap and doctreat compatibility issues has been fixed -- Bugs fixes and improvements Release 2.3 – 16 February 2022 Please note we strongly recommend taking a complete backup of files and database before updating to the new version. -- Floating widget improvements for mobile devices -- Notification messages counter for the floating widget -- Online status of users for post base chat -- Message text area design improvement -- Send Invite in the floating widget -- Tooltip for the tabs icons have been added -- Some bug fixing Release 2.2 – 12 February 2022 Please note that this is a major update release with many code changes, so we strongly recommend taking a complete backup of files and database before updating to the new version. -- Dokan plugin compatibility has been added -- WooCommerce shop and product detail page chat compatibility have been added -- Block admin from the chat has been removed -- Custom post base chat features have been added -- Private & Group conversations in separate tabs have been added -- Contact & friend request tabs in the contact list have been added -- Contact list filter by online users first -- Enable/disable group settings from the admin side has been added -- Create group permission by user role from the admin side has been added -- Enable/disable the clear chat option from the admin side has been added -- Enable/disable the user settings option from the admin side has been added -- Enable/disable the delete message option from the admin side has been added -- Enable/disable the report user option from the admin side has been added -- Add messenger page setting from the admin side has been added -- Floating widget image setting from the admin side has been added -- Allow post type chat by users roles settings have been added -- Change UI of role management on the admin side has been updated -- Chat widgets all over the site have been added -- Crop image functionality in profile image and group creation has been added -- Update Search feature in chat(Private, Group, Post) -- Chat Textarea field improved -- Login page within floating window has been added -- To remove update user settings, options have been added -- Some bug fixes Release 2.1 – 04 February 2022 -- Persian language character issue has been fixed -- Pusher channel API issue has been fixed Release 2.0 – 25 January 2022 -- Donwload all media files from a chat issue has been fixed -- Some data saving in translations issue has been fixed Release 1.9 – 21 January 2022 -- Translations issue fixed -- JWT authorization on some servers issues has been resolved -- Workreap theme compatibility issues have been resolved Release 1.8 – 06 January 2022 In this release, we have added purchase code verification on the back-end, WP Guppy settings will not show until you will activate your license. Where Is My Purchase Code?
Please backup your files and database before updating the plugin -- Purchase code verification have been added, please add your purcahse code to activate license -- Email notification on each message compatibilty with workreap theme have been added -- Translation issue issue with comma issue has been fixed Release 1.7 – 28 December 2021 -- Auto Invite issue has been fixed. -- Group image update issue has been fixed. -- Typing Indicator issue has been fixed. Release 1.6 – 24 December 2021 Please note, this major release and we added group chat with many features. Please backup your database before the upgrade -- Add/Update group -- Add/remove group members -- Group has 3 roles -- Group owner (group creator) -- Group admin -- Group member(normal members) -- Disable group members' replies. -- Leave a group -- Chat with invite button or start chat button settings have been added -- JSON web tokens for REST API have been added -- Socket.io and node.js, now you can use real-time experience without pusher API -- Guppy admin column has been added in WordPress users listing. This will allow administrators to add users as admin. Any user who will register on the site will be able to see those profiles in their friend list -- Typing indicator with pusher or node feature has been added Release 1.5 – 02 December 2021 -- Mobile layout issue has been fixed Release 1.4 – 26 November 2021 -- Accordions issue with the themes has been fixed Release 1.3 – 24 November 2021 -- Minor CSS tweaks -- Removed code related to future development/integration. Release 1.2 – 23 November 2021 -- Guppy RTL load issue has been fixed Release 1.1 – 17 November 2021 1. Report a user by email settings have been added 2. Email templates settings for reporting a user has been added 3. Recommended: Save attachments into custom WordPress folders settings have been added 4. RTL ready design 5. Clear conversation feature has been added 6. Mute bell sound for global notifications settings have been added 7. Mute conservation bell sound settings have been added 8. Download all attachments from conversation settings that have been added 9. Attachments showing on right panel improvements 10. Back-end options improvements

For any WordPress theme(Jobs listings, car dealership, directory listing, classified, real estate, medical, multi-vendor marketplace) complete compatibility please contact us through our profile page

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