WooCommerce Refund And Exchange with RMA - Warranty Management, Refund Policy, Manage User Wallet
WooCommerce Refund And Exchange with RMA - Warranty Management, Refund Policy, Manage User Wallet

WooCommerce Refund And Exchange with RMA - Warranty Management, Refund Policy, Manage User Wallet

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  • Uploaded : 06th February 2023
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Overview :


The WooCommerce Refund and Exchange With RMA Plugin is a complete solution for your Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) policy of your WooCommerce store. It facilitates the merchants with an easy environment to set up and manage return, refund, and exchange and other related issues.

The plugin is highly compatible with the latest WordPress and WooCommerce along with php8+ version.

The Installation process is easy. And, after the activation of the plugin, merchants have full freedom for customization. There are separate menus for refund products, exchange products, cancel orders, wallet setting, text setting, email setting, shipping setting, etc. Thus, the interface of the plugin is organised and easy to grasp and merchants can easily get familiar with the backend environment in a couple of visits.

Under the Refund Setting menu, merchants can allow their customers to request for return and refund on unconvinced products. And other respective settings options are available under this menu.

Similarly, Exchange and Cancel Order Setting menus provide the respective setting option, using which the merchants can allow the buyers to send the exchange and cancel order requests respectively.

Another aspect of the plugin is a wallet. For the users, it creates a cutting-edge wallet. With the Wallet System for WooCommerce plugin, it offers excellent compatibility. Establish a sophisticated user wallet for the customers to utilize as a payment gateway.

The plugin also has a wallet feature. It sets up an advanced wallet for the users.

Further, it facilitates the sellers and the buyers with an extraordinary communication channel through emails, which is hard to find in other relatable WooCommerce RMA plugins.

Apart from these menus, there are other setting menus such as the Text Setting menu, Shipping setting menu, common setting menu, and others. All these setting options make the plugin well customizable for the merchant according to their needs and wishes.

WooCommerce Refund and Exchange Lite

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Features of the WooCommerce Refund and Exchange With RMA Plugin

Let’s check each of the features of the “WooCommerce Refund and Exchange With RMA” plugin in detail.


The merchants can make the settings to allow customers to submit a refund request. Once the refund request is accepted then the merchants can proceed the refund procedure using this plugin. The buyers can send multiple refund requests within the allowed days even if any request is already processed. It means the user can send a refund request for an ordered product multiple times even if any of the previous refund request is processed.


A new order is created for the exchanged product after the consumer submits an exchange request for one or more items. The best part is that you may include attachment functionality in your exchange request. The WooCommerce default payment method is used to pay the additional amount if the exchange amount is more than the new product amount.

The user can send multiple exchange requests up to the available days and if any request is already processed. It means the user can send an exchange request for an ordered product multiple times, even if any of the previous return request is processed.

For refunds, exchanges, and cancellations, you can use the manual way to display the bank details field.

Add Custom Status To Mark Your Progressing Refund and Exchange Process

Refund or exchange is achieved in multiple steps. The WooCommerce refund and exchange plugin allow merchants to set the custom status for each step. Some common status includes — refund-requested, refund-approved, refund-canceled, exchange-requested, exchange-approved, exchange-canceled, etc.

When a buyer requests a refund on a product then order status becomes “Refund Requested”. And, when the refund request is approved then order status changes to “refund approved” or when the refund request is canceled then order status becomes “refund canceled”. Similarly, other status can be set accordingly by the merchants as per their convenience.


Refund and exchange feature is available up to a certain number of days when the order is completed. When the order status is completed then the user is able to send a refund and exchange request. If anyone of the requests is in the process then another request can’t be sent. It means both refund and exchange requests for an order are not placed simultaneously for an order.

Tax Handling

The merchant can include the tax in the refund amount. If the include tax setting is enabled then the user can refund or exchange products with tax included product price. If a merchant disables “include tax” setting then tax price is not calculated in a refund as well as exchange.

Include tax setting is separate for both refund and exchange process for WooCommerce RMA.

Auto Accept Refund Request

If a merchant wants to auto accept the refund request then can enable it from the setting option in the plugin. With auto accept, when the user requests for any product refund, the request is automatically approved and the merchant gets a notification email regarding that refund request, to proceed the refund payment process.

Refund/Exchange for Guest User

Return and exchange requests can be submitted by both; guests as well as registered users. There is a page created with name Refund/Exchange Request on extension activation, where the guest user enters their order id and email address and proceeds with refund/exchange request.

Handling Fee

The merchant can add handling fees for both refunds as well as exchange request.This fee may be inventory management fee, shipping fee, etc., according to the admin.

Minimum Order Amount

Merchant can set the minimum order amount, as a threshold amount. Any order below this amount cannot request for refund and exchange.

Sales Items

This feature prevents sale Items from the refund and exchange request. If this feature is enabled then the customer can’t send the refund or exchange request for sale items.

Email Notification

The merchant can also customize user notification email from the backend. Notification include:

Refund request sent notification Refund request received notification Refund request approved notification Refund request canceled notification Exchange request sent notification Exchange request received notification Exchange request approved notification Exchange request canceled notification Product Disable

The merchant can disable refund and exchange features on any chosen product. There is an option in the Advanced Setting section on the product edit page to disable refund and exchange for that product.

Category Disable

The merchant can remove the option of refund and exchange request from any specific product category by disabling it in the backend setting.

Multiple Request Handling

The merchant can enable/disable multiple refunds or exchange requests for an order. If a merchant disables Multiple Request handling then either refund or exchange request is processed for an order at a time.

Manage Stock

The merchant can manage the stock of the returned or exchanged product when a request is completed. If the setting is enabled then an exchanged or refunded product is added to product stock

Custom CSS

The merchant can add custom CSS to modify the refund and exchange request form if required.

Customer Wallet

The merchant can enable this feature to send the refund amount into the customer wallet, instead to refund the amount with other gateways.

Wallet Payment

To make payments for any purchases, you can simply add the customer’s wallet as a payment gateway. We’ve also developed an automated solution for this—.

We’re happy to let you know that the WooCommerce Refund And Exchange with RMA plugin and our Wallet System for WooCommerce work together flawlessly i.e they both are fully compatible with each other. As a result, you can give it a try rather than suggesting another wallet system to your store.
Manage Customer Wallet

You can effectively manage your customer’s wallet as well as review their past and current tractions based on it utilizing our plugin’s customer edit page.

Shortcode for Customer Wallet

Adding a shortcode to display the Customer Wallet on any desired page is no more a hurdle in your way. You can also specify a distinct shortcode for your customer wallet and let it be utilized by your customer’s ease

Cancel Order

Merchants can add cancel order features to their WooCommerce store. Using this feature of the plugin, customers can cancel the ordered products which they no longer need.

Catalog Settings

Catalog settings allow merchants to group products based on timely requirements such as during festive days, merchants can set catalog of products for festivals and frame a common refund and exchange based WooCommerce Return policy for that.

Send Return Ship Label

With this setting enabled, merchants can send return ship labels to the customer for return shipping of the product(s). Merchants can also create ship label return/exchange form templates using shortcodes.

Refund Policy

Merchant can enable this feature and set their WooCommerce Return/Refund policy in two way with this WooCommerce RMA Plugin

Price based policy Time based policy
Enable Exchange Request With Same Product or its Variations

Now buyers can exchange their ordered product with the same product and it’s variations.

Custom Email Template for WooCommerce Refund Plugin

Now you can also send a well customized email return/exchange form templates during refund and exchange.

Define Exchange Rules for Exchange Request Form

The admin can effectively define your Exchange rules in the backend of their website. This would help their users understand their exchange rules while initiating their product refunds.

Enhance Your Button Designs

You can effectively enhance the look and feel of your alert messages and button designs utilizing the additional CSS code.

Employ Validation on Guest Form Entries

You can easily add validation to your guest form entries and ensure that all users enter factual data when updating their forms.

Benefits of WooCommerce Refund and Exchange With RMA Plugin

A weak refund and exchange process can be a headache for your customers!

This plugin can be an ultimate solution which would make the RMA process of your store smooth and simple, and would eventually retain your customer and avoid churning after the post-purchase.

This plugin is an all in one RMA solution, therefore merchants don’t have to hunt for additional plugins for varieties of different tasks. This plugin automates many processes, which speed up the RMA. Thus, merchants can save a lot of their time to invest in other valuable activities. For example, auto accept feature of the plugin when set can automatically accept the request made by the customer and notify the merchants about it directly in the email inbox. This text setting of the plugin allows merchants to change the text they want to see on the click buttons. Thus, merchants have high freedom of customizations. If merchants don’t want to offer refund and exchange on certain products, they can disable it from that product page. Thus, this plugin gives access to individually manage each and every product. Merchants can write down general refund policy rules and display it directly in the refund form. This gives a quick idea to the customers about the refund guidelines. The wallet feature of the plugin makes it easy for consumers to receive their refunded amount directly in their wallet. Later, they can use it for buying other products. The feature of partial order cancellation, makes it possible for the buyers to cancel selected products from the whole ordered products. This saves the time and efforts of the shoppers. Buyers can write notes, send reasons for the refund or exchange request along with the image attachments. This makes it easy for the buyers to clearly express their point of view, and gives a sense that the merchants are listening to their queries, which build trust and confidence.
WooCommerce RMA Plugin Compatibility

Compatibility With Wallet System For WooCommerce

The WooCommerce Refund and Exchange with RMA plugin is compatible with the Wallet System for WooCommerce, enabling the store manager to simply manage all the wallet features through a single dedicated wallet system. This integration has several advantages, including—

Customers are no longer required to keep a payment method or other medium of exchange on hand in order to pay for refunds and exchanges because they can utilize the amount in their wallets. Customers can track all of their exchanges and refunds in one place, which makes it much easier for them to keep track of their expenditure. Since customer refund and exchange transactions will be processed by the WooCommerce security system, this integration adds an extra degree of security for customers. Refund amount in coupons can also be managed effectively in the wallets and can be utilized for future purchases too. Live Demo

Visit a demo to experience the powerful features of Plugin and explore.

Frontend demo of WooCommerce Return Refund And Exchange: Click here

Backend demo of WooCommerce Return Refund And Exchange: Click here

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to make the “Refund & Exchange” button visible on store pages using this RMA plugin?

A. Admin need to perform two different settings to enable these different refund and exchange buttons.
If you want to see the Refund button then follow these steps. Go to the WooCommerce -> Settings -> RAE Setting -> Refund Products and set the following necessary settings.

Enable refund request, Set the maximum number of days. Select the order status in which the order can be refunded.

If you want to see the Exchange button then follow these steps. Go to the WooCommerce -> Settings -> RAE Setting -> Exchange Products and set the following necessary settings.

Enable exchange request. Set the maximum number of days. Select the order status in which the order can be exchanged.

Q. Can the admin put some customized refund policy according to the site on the refund & exchange form ?

A. Yes, the admin can put a customized WooCommerce Refund Policy by going into WooCommerce -> Settings -> RAE Setting -> Refund Products -> Refund Rule Editor and put the matter in the description box given as the refund rules.

Q. Is there any shortcode for wallet features in the RMA plugin ?

A. Yes, RMA plugin provides a shortcode [ced_rnx_customer_wallet] to give admin an option to use the wallet anywhere on the frontend.

Q. Is there any shortcode for Guest User features in the RMA plugin ?

A.Yes, the admin can use [ced_rnx_refund_ex_form] shortcode to give guest users a feature to request for refund and exchange functionality anytime.

Q. Is there any feature which allows both customer and admin to communicate with each other while processing a refund or exchange?

A. Yes, the admin can communicate with customers in an order through the order messages functionalities which can be enabled through WooCommerce -> Settings -> RAE Setting -> Common setting -> enable order messages and admin can enable the email for the same.

Q. Is there any email functionality provided by the plugin for refund, exchange, cancellation?

A. Yes, RMA plugin provides an automated streamlined Email functionality for refund, exchange, cancellation request and process, admin can enable those emails from the WooCommerce -> Settings -> RAE Setting -> Mail Configuration setting.

This plugin is not subjected to GDPR compliant as it does not store any sensitive data of a user. It only holds information related to software which is run by WordPress & WooCommerce of the holder.

Thank-you for your interest in WooCommerce Refund and Exchange, WP Swings.

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Changelog 01-02-2023 - Ver 3.1.7 Fix: File attachments for order message functionality Fix: Compatibility with latest WP and WC along with php8+ version. 07-10-2022 - Ver 3.1.6 New: Showing Bank Details field on the manual method. New: Adding exchange attachment field. New: Wallet System for WooCommerce plugin compatibility. Fix: Compatibility with latest WP and WC along with php8+ version. 17-06-2022 - Ver 3.1.5 Fix: Compatible with latest WP and WC 15-02-2022 - Ver 3.1.4 New: Change author from MakeWebBetter to WP Swings New: Notice display of current version for WP Swings New: Minor Bug fixes New: Compatible with latest WP and WC 25.11.2021 - Ver 3.1.3 New: Add the order id shortcode for rma order message New: Add exchange rule for the exchange request form Fix: Add the validation for Guest Form When using the shortcode Fix: Compatible with Latest WP and WC Fix: Add the CSS to enhance the button and alert messages. 27.08.2021 - Ver 3.1.2 New: Add refund rule editor for refund form. New: Compatibility with Latest WP(5.8) and WC(5.6.0) Fix: Fixed the bugs and issues 05.03.2021 - Ver 3.1.1 New: Attachment limit setting on Refund Form New: Compatibility with Latest WP and WC Fix: Made some changes to settings description text. Fix: Cancel Product button issue for guest user. Fix: Refund Policy Empty field saved issue. 04.10.2019 - Ver 3.1.0 New: Deduct WC-Coupon amount from Refund/Exchange Amount New: Hide the Refund/Exchange button from the front-end New: Disable Refund/Exchange mails to customer New: Hide Wallet on front-end when wallet is not enable Fix: HTML tags removing from text editor (from custom template). Fix: Saving image in email header and footer section. Fix: Adding double quantity product on order cancel. Fix: Refund Amount added to wallet for the first time. Fix: Refund/Exchange Guest form session. Fix: Cancel Product Form cancel whole order. 04.10.2019 - Ver 3.0.0 New: Short-code for Guest user Refund/Exchange form. New: Pay button link in Exchange approved mail for Extra Exchange Amount. New: Compatibility with latest WP (5.2.3) and WC (3.7.0) 24.04.2019 - Ver 2.1.5 New: Added remove button for refund and exchange reasons. Fix: Blank field validation For pre-defined refund and Exchange reasons. 01.06.2018 - Ver 2.1.4 Fix: RAE Configuration WordPress url tweek 23.05.2018 - Ver 2.1.3 New: Order/ Order's Product Cancel Mail For Admin New: Confirmation From Customer Before Order/Order's Product Cancelation New: Wallet Settings Tab Creation in RAE Settings Fix: Shipping Fee Calculation Issue for Refund Approved Mail 26.03.2018 - Ver 2.1.2 New: Auto update extention from dashboard functionality added. New: Purchase code varification added to use extention. 16.03.2018 - Ver 2.1.1 New: Formatted Billing Formatted Shipping Address Shortcode Added for RAE Mail Configuration. New: WooCommerce Refund And Exchange WC-Vendor Addon Compatibility. 09.03.2018 - Ver 2.1.0 New: Manual Refund or Exchange feature. New: Show Sidebar in Refund or Exchange Request Form Setting added. New: Add to cart button display setting on time of exchange. New: Some hooks added in refund and exchange request form. New: Partial order(order's products cancel feature. New: Design Renovation. New: Help Section Added. Fix: Bug fixes. 11.12.2017 - Ver 2.0.0 New: Return Shipping Label Feature. New: Price based Refund Policy Listing in Product Page(Product warranty Feature). New: Full admin Control in Stock Management. New: Full admin control in Refund Money. New: Refund Exchange form Template Overridden through Theme. Fix: Tax Calculation Issue. Fix: Currency separator issue. Fix: Bug Fixes. 25.10.2017 - Ver 1.1.2 Fixed: Compatible with WooCommerce 3.2.x Fixed: Bug Fixed. 26.08.2017 - Ver 1.1.1 New: Email Template Modification. New: Order short codes for Email. New: Exchange With same product or its variation. 06.07.2017 - Ver 1.1.0 New: Compatible with woocommerce 3.1.0. New: Customer can also exchange order in less old order amount and left amount refunded to customer. New: Quantity will be updated on time of cancel order. New: Admin can also refund amount later in case of wallet disable. New: Customer can select refund method on time of product refund like wallet refund and manual refund. Fix: Quantity update issue fixed on time of exchange and refund. Fix: Exchange button only visible on in stock simple product in shop page. 30.05.2017 - Ver 1.0.10 Fix: Issue Fixed. 20.04.2017 - Ver 1.0.9 New: Compatible with Woocommerce v3.0.x. New: Add Product Catalog Feature for the different refund and exchange days per catalog. New: Add Refund Policy Settings according to Time and Price Based. Fix: Hide Add to Cart Button On Exchange. Fix: Product Refund and Exchanged quantity accepts maximum bought product quantity. 21.02.2017 - Ver 1.0.8 New: Add Cancel Order Feature for the customerstt New: Add Setting Page for changing texts on Frontend 03.02.2017 - Ver 1.0.7 New: Add Setting to provide and change Customer Wallet Amount New: Add Shortcode to display the customer wallet on any page New: Add Coupon Regenerator for changing wallet coupon of the customer Fix: Wallet Deduction for Pending Payment Orders 28.01.2017 - Ver 1.0.6 Fix: Wallet Deduction while Payment Fix: Use of Wallet Coupon on Cart Page Fix: Exchange button visibility on shop page 03.01.2017 - Ver 1.0.5 New: Add New Payment Gateway for using wallet amount New: Add Setting for Cancel order amount in user wallet New: Add setting to enable Request for selected order status New: Add setting of Custom CSS for refund and exchange request form if required New: Add setting of Wallet. Registered User refund amount is added to wallet New: Add setting to resolve theme compatibility issue New: Add custom CSS setting for refund and exchange form 05.12.2016 - Ver 1.0.4 New: Manage Stock of exchanged and refunded products New: Add Header Footer to email Content. Update: Make Mail Notification Design more attractive 08.11.2016 - Ver 1.0.3 New: Add minimum number of days for auto accept refund request. New: Multiple request handling feature Update: Make refund and exchange request form more user friendly Update: Make user interface clear 27.09.2016 - Ver 1.0.2 New: Add exchange feature for all product type New: Automatically accept refund request New: Refund product including Tax New: Refund and Exchange for guest User. Update: Update Language file Update: Make Mail Notification Design more attractive Fixed: Exchange Variable product listing 17.09.2016 - Ver 1.0.1 New: Create a setting to show/hide Reason Description for refund and exchange request form Update: Make Refund and exchange form compatible with all themes. Update: Make notification more clear and user friendly 14.09.2016 - Ver 1.0.0 Initial Release

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