WooCommerce All in One Cart and Checkout | Side Cart, Popup Cart and One Click Checkout - Instantio
WooCommerce All in One Cart and Checkout | Side Cart, Popup Cart and One Click Checkout - Instantio

WooCommerce All in One Cart and Checkout | Side Cart, Popup Cart and One Click Checkout - Instantio

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  • Uploaded : 27th August 2023
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Overview :

WooCommerce Same Page Instant Checkout by Instantio | The easiest and fastest WooCommerce Checkout Process

The easiest and fastest WooCommerce Checkout Process by Instantio | Instant Checkout for WooCommerce

Instantio is a plugin designed to reduce your cart abandonment rate by streamlining the WooCommerce checkout process. With Instantio’s floating cart drawer, customers can skip the cart page and proceed directly to the checkout page in an instant. The entire WooCommerce checkout process takes only 15-25 seconds—yes, you read that correctly!

All a customer has to do is add an item to the cart; a cart drawer will then appear with a checkout button. This allows for instant checkout on your WooCommerce-based store, all from a single page. Such a streamlined process encourages customers to complete their purchases and return for more shopping in the future.

Instantio has 8 Different WooCommerce Checkout systems:

Popup Cart Side Cart Floating / Direct Checkout Button Side Checkout – Multi Step (Pro) Side Checkout – Single Step (Pro) Popup Checkout – Multi Step (Pro) Popup Checkout – Single Step (Pro) Right to Left / Arabic Checkout

Each above system comes with 4 Different Mode/Theme:

Lite Mode Dark Mode Glassmorphism Mode Gradient Mode Say Goodbye to Cart Abandonment with Instantio’s Instant Checkout Process

Instantio features an advanced WooCommerce Quick Checkout system that revolutionizes the online shopping experience through its innovative one-page checkout. With Instantio’s streamlined process, customers can complete transactions quickly and easily, thereby reducing cart abandonment and increasing conversions.

Why Choose Instantio Quick & Simplified WooCommerce checkout process Ajax based Side Cart & Popup Cart Ajax Add to Cart feature on every page including single product page Add to cart fly animation (Icons or product featured image) Ajax based auto increment/decrement cart items Ajax based empty cart button Ajax based variable product view & add to cart from any page 8 Different WooCommerce Checkout systems 4 Different Mode/Theme 4 different Progress bar Upsell & Cross Sell feature Quick Setup Guide Optimized Assets Smooth Animation Payment Method Compatibility Good looking Dashboard Easy to use Settings panel Design Panel Icon Library Custom CSS Responsive Layout 15+ Popular theme Compatibility RTL Support

Features of Instantio (Free Version)

Instantio comes up with tons of awesome features:

Preview Styles / Cart Options

Instantio (Free) comes up with 3 different Preview Styles:

Popup Cart: When a customer adds an item to the cart, a popup appears displaying a cart summary, coupon application option, and buttons for the cart and checkout. Each button directs the user to the appropriate cart or checkout page. Side Cart: Upon adding an item to the cart, a side drawer emerges, offering similar features: cart summary, coupon application, and navigation buttons for cart and checkout. Direct Checkout: If a customer selects an item, a direct-to-checkout side button appears. This button leads to the checkout page. WooCommerce Direct Checkout reduces the steps in the default WooCommerce Checkout process. This option helps store owners boost their sales by redirecting customers directly to the Checkout page. On average, the checkout process would take only 15 seconds. Multiple Themes Lite Mode: Choose a pristine white theme that works seamlessly with all the above-mentioned options. Dark Mode: Opt for a sleek dark mode, also compatible with all the settings listed. Glassmorphism Mode: Experience Glassmorphism, a trending design style that we’ve incorporated into the latest version of Instantio. Gradient Mode: Select a vibrant multi-colored gradient theme that integrates well with all existing options. Layout Animation

Instantio has couple of layout animation: 1) Default Animation 2) Fade In Animation

Complete Design Panel

Instantio has all the design options you need:

Change Cart Icon Style Option to upload cart icons or select from existing Icon library Set icon Position (Right Top, Right Middle, Right Bottom, Left Top, Left Middle, Left Bottom) Set Cart Icon & Cart Total Icon Size Color change option for all the items (including Regular and Hover color) Complete Cart Panel Design option Quick View Design option Custom CSS option Ajax Floating Cart on Single Product

With Ajax Add to Cart, customers can add products to the cart without any page reload. They can do this from single-product, variable, grouped, and even virtual product pages.

Quick view on variable product with Ajax Add to Cart

This feature allows customers to choose variations of variable products directly from the Shop page and then add the product to the cart instantly.

Option & Style Panel

Instantio has a built-in, easy-to-use options panel. You can add or remove any options from this panel. It also has a built-in color-style panel. The colors and icons’ background can be easily edited from this panel.

Popular Page Builder Support

Instantio is fully compatible with popular page builders like Elementor and can also be used with WP Bakery, DIVI, Beaver, etc.

Other Features: Auto Open Toggle Panel Hide Toggle when No Cart Item Cart Fly Animation Editing Cart Button Text and URL Editing Checkout Button Text and URL Instantio is RTL compatible. Compatible with All Modern Browsers Fully Responsive

Pro Features

There is also a Pro Version of this plugin. You will get more features and advantages with the Pro Version. Here are the features of the Pro Version:

All Free Features Preview / Checkout Styles

Instantio Pro offers four additional preview styles:

Side Checkout – Multi Step: When a customer adds an item to the cart, a side drawer appears, displaying a cart summary, coupon application option, and a proceed-to-checkout button. Clicking this button directs you to the checkout options within the same drawer. No page reload is necessary, allowing the customer to complete checkout within 10-15 seconds! Side Checkout – Single Step: This process is similar to the one above, but features a single-step checkout, combining both cart and checkout in the same window. Popup Checkout – Multi Step: When a customer adds an item to the cart, a popup appears that also displays a cart summary, coupon application option, and a proceed-to-checkout button. Clicking this button directs you to the checkout options within the same popup. Again, no page reload is necessary, allowing the customer to complete checkout within 10-15 seconds! Popup Checkout – Single Step : This process is similar to the above one but also features a single-step checkout, combining both cart and checkout in the same window. Same Page Instant Checkout

As described in the options above, Instantio Pro offers a unique Same Page Checkout process that allows customers to checkout and order products instantly from the same page. With this plugin, the entire WooCommerce checkout process can be reduced to just 10-15 seconds.

No Page Reload

There will be no page reload! A cart drawer will appear on the same page, allowing customers to enjoy a hassle-free, instant, one-page checkout process.

Progress Bar

The Pro Version comes with four different progress bars to choose from.

Disable Instantio Icon

You can disable the Instantio icon on particular pages.

Ajax Side Cart

Instantio Pro offers a side cart that allows users to access cart items from anywhere on your site. When a visitor adds a product to the cart, Instantio’s off-canvas cart page slides in to provide a one-click & express checkout system for WooCommerce. Visitors can easily add or remove product quantities in the side cart.

Disable Quick View & Ajax Add to Cart

You can disable the Quick View option and the Ajax Add to Cart option.


Instantio offers a powerful Upsell feature that allows you to increase your sales and revenue by offering additional products during the checkout process. See it in action in this Preview Demo.

Cross Sell

Instantio offers a powerful Cross-Sell feature that allows you to increase your sales and revenue by offering additional products during the checkout process. See it in action in this Preview Demo.

Dedicated Mobile Version

Although Instantio is fully responsive by default, Instantio Pro offers a dedicated mobile version for mobile users.


You have the option to enable or disable JS minification for Instantio.

Premium Support

You canpost questions or bug reports in our Facebook group or on our client portal. However, please note that for support or replies related to the free version, there may be delays of up to 24-48 hours. If you need urgent support, we recommend purchasing the Pro Version.

Privacy Policy:

Instantio uses the Appsero SDK to collect some telemetry data upon user confirmation. This helps us troubleshoot problems more quickly and make product improvements.

The Appsero SDK does not collect any data by default. The SDK only starts gathering basic telemetry data when a user permits it via an admin notice. We collect this data to ensure a great user experience for all our users.

Integrating Appsero SDK DOES NOT IMMEDIATELY start gathering data, without confirmation from users in any case.

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The icon and banner used on this plugin are taken from Iconfinder and Freepik.

Want to use Instantio on your WordPress Theme?

As you already understood, this WooCommerce express checkout plugin can be pretty handy for your eCommerce-focused themes. It can easily convert your boring checkout process into WooCommerce Simple checkout process. So, If you want to use Instantio on your WordPress Theme and sell it on the marketplace, please buy an Extended License. You can use one extended license for One Theme only!


June 20 2023 to 24 August 2023 – Version 3.0.0 to 3.1.2

– Fully New Version – Animation Features added – New Cart and Checkout Layout – New Mode Features added – New option panel added – New Payment system added – Custom Icon option added – Multistep checkout process added – Compatibility check with WooCommerce 8.0.2 – Compatibility check with WordPress 6.3 – Added: Single-Step Checkout ( Pro ) – Fixed: Form label issues – Improved: Error handling – Improved: Cart responsive Issue – Improved: Label/Descriptions in the Settings panel ( Pro ) – Fixed: Customer login collapse issues (Pro) – Fixed: Cart shipping price updates in real-time – Improved: Cart functionality improve – Added: New Payment Added (WooCommerce Square) – Fixed: Undefined issue – Fixed: Card issues – Fixed: Card items title issues – Fixed: Guest checkout issues fixed( Pro ) – Fixed: Allow user to log-in during checkout( Pro ) – Improved: Mobile Card items title – Updated: lang file Updated – Fixed: Undefined issue – Fixed: Upsell & Cross Sell issue ( Pro ) – Fixed: Variation product issue in Cartfly – Fixed: Column break Issue fixed( Pro )

31 May 2022 – Version 2.5.2

– Updated: Compatibility check with WooCommerce 6.5.1 – Changed: Clicking on “Continue shopping” will close the sidebar/popup – Fixed: WooCommerce not object error on layouts 2, 3 – Fixed: Auto sidebar opens when item added to cart – Updated: Compatibility check with WordPress 6.0

08 March 2022 – Version 2.5.0

– Added: In the mobile version hide the mobile bar if no items are in the cart (Pro) – Added: Translation files: Arabic, Bengali, Deutsch, Espa�ol, Fran�ais, Hindi, Italiano, Dutch, Russian, Chinese – Added: Some new WP filters – Fixed: Scroll freezes after empty cart items. – Fixed: “Thank you” page loads in the iframe layout (Pro) – Fixed: Option for layout width (Pro) – Improved: Backend option panel – Improved: Conditional check, error check

17 January 2022 – Version 2.4.5

– Added: Auto Open Popup when an item is added to the cart – Fixed: (PHP) In smartphone toggler doesn’t show up – Fixed: (CSS) Opening/closing causes the fixed element to jump – Fixed: Some JavaScript bugs – Improved: JavaScript codes – Updated: WooCommerce 6.1.0 Compatibility Check

02 December 2021 – Version 2.4.1

– Fixed: CSS bugs

01 December 2021 – Version 2.4.0

– Added: Ajax based auto increment/decrement cart items – Added: Ajax based empty cart button – Added: Custom ajax loader – Added: Option: Enable/disable Auto Open Toggle Panel – Fixed: Hide Toggler when No Cart Item CSS issue – Fixed: Some CSS bugs – Fixed: Some JS bugs – Improved: Translations code – Updated: Compatibility with the pro version – Updated: WooCommerce 5.9 Compatiblity Check

24 November 2021 – Version 2.3.3

– Fixed: Some bugs – Removed Instant Review Notice

24 October 2021 – Version 2.3.2

– Fixed: Some Bug Issues

28 September 2021 – Version 2.3.1

– Fixed: CSS Issues

27 September 2021 – Version 2.3.0

– Introduced: Brand new options panel. Lightweight & faster! – Added: Cart fly animation enable/disable option – Fixed: Some bugs – Improved: Checkout System, Faster and less loading time (Pro)

06 September 2021 – Version 2.2.0

– WooCommerce 5.6.0 Compatiblity Check – Two Toggler Design. Selectable from option panel. – Cart Fly Animation uses default icon or product thumbnail (Option to choose). – Cart & Checkout button can be shown/hiden, change text, change url from option panel. – Show/Hide Toggler when cart item is 0. – Change Toggler Position (6 positions) – Complete css customization of Toggler in option panel – Change Toggle Panel position (2 positions) – Fixed Side cart alignment issue – 5 layouts (Direct, Side Cart, Popup Cart, Side Cart + Checkout, Popup Cart + Checkout) (Pro) – New Side Cart + Checkout design (Pro) – Full Toggle Panel Design in the option panel (Pro) – Speed Optimization feature (Pro) – Lite features (Pro) – Fixed WooCommerce style sheet for non-supported WooCommerce theme (Pro)

25 July 2021 – Version 2.1.2

– WordPress 5.8 Compatibility Check – WooCommerce 5.5.1 Compatibility Check

19 July 2021 – Version 2.1.1

– Added Side Cart – Added Popup Cart – Added 5+ Cart Icons to choose from

5 July 2021 – Version 2.1.0

- WooCommerce tested up to 5.4.1 - Cart Toggler Border Colors can be changed from option panel - Can be switched between lite or pro version - Fix: Cart icon color change.

8 June 2021 – Version 2.0.30

- WooCommerce tested up to 5.3.0 - WordPress tested up to 5.7.2

11 May 2021 – Version 2.0.27

- WooCommerce tested up to 5.2.2 - WordPress tested up to 5.7.1

2 March 2021 – Version 2.0.26

- WooCommerce tested up to 5.0.0 - WordPress tested up to 5.6.2

17 January 2021 – Version 2.0.23

- WooCommerce tested up to 4.8.0 - WordPress tested up to 5.6 - Fix: sliding window - Fix: Scrolling issue - Fix: Code reduced

16 November 2020 – Version 2.0.20

- WooCommerce tested up to 4.7.0 - WordPress tested up to 5.5.x

18 September 2020 – Version 2.0.19

- Fixed: Update checkout on quantity update on single step - Ajax improvement - WooCommerce tested up to 4.5.2

6 August 2020 – Version 2.0.18

- Ajax loader icon fix - Left/Right cart panel Improvement - Added Arabic support - Added Dutch support - Added French (France) support - Added German support - Added Italian support - Added Russian support - Added Spanish (Spain) support

July 2020 – Version 2.0.15

- WooCommerce tested up to: 4.2.2 - WordPress support 5.4.2

11 April 2020 – Version 2.0.14

- Added: Multi Step & Single Step Checkout Process - Added: SVG Cart Icon - Added: Close Button - Fixed: Restrict frontend update check - Fixed: Console Errors - WooCommerce checkout.js - Fontawesome removed ( saved 1MB+ ) - Improved: Ajax loading

7 April 2020 – Version 2.0.12

- WooCommerce tested up to: 4.0.1 - WordPress support 5.4

03 Dec 19 – Version 2.0.10

- WooCommerce tested up to: 3.8.1 - WordPress tested up to: 5.3

20 Aug 19 – Version 2.0.07

- WooCommerce tested up to: 3.7.0 - Custom trigger can be found wi-ajax-script.js Line:52 - Option to disable Single Product Ajax cart - Tweak JS/Ajax - Added Plugin Update Notice on Plugins page

9 May 19 – Version 2.0.03

- Big Ajax improvement - Checkout page improvement - wc-ajax=update_order_review conflict fixed - Ajax Checkout processing - Fixed minor issue on Checkout - Fixed checkout loading issue

24 April 19 – Version 2.0.01

- Huge Ajax improvement - Checkout page improvement - wc-ajax=update_order_review conflict fixed - Ajax Checkout processing

13 March 19 – Version 1.1.50

- Added action hook "before_cart_inner" - Added action hook "after_cart_inner" - Added action hook "before_checkout_inner" - Added action hook "after_checkout_inner" - Removed White Spaces

February 25th, 2019 – Version 1.1.30

- added: Customizable cart icon - added: Cart drawer left to right direction - added: cart drawer right to left direction - added: RTL support - added: Active window option (Car/Checkout) - checked: Wordpress 5.1 Compatibility - checked: WooCommerce 3.5.5 Compatibility

December 17th, 2018 – Version 1.1.10

- Major WordPress 5.0 Compatibility Release - added: WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg/Block editor compatibility - added: Custom z-index option - fixed: Performance improvement - fixed: Select field issue

December 3, 2018 – Version 1.0.0

- Initial release of plugin.

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