vCity - Online Browser Game Platform
vCity - Online Browser Game Platform

vCity - Online Browser Game Platform

  • Uploaded : 29th March 2023
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vCity - Online Browser Game Platform


vCity is an online browser game platform that is developed with the latest web technologies. vCity is multifunctional game script that will help you to create your own online browser game to your liking, because it has many options and settings by which to modify and create your desired browser game.

It can be easily customized to fit your needs and will help you to create the most respected virtual life game in the world.
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vCity is a fully functional browser based game engine. Its an easy-to-use, feature-packed PHP script with which you can efficiently create your very own gaming website in minutes.

Also one of the important features of vCity is that you can earn real money through the integrated paid services in the game – just invest as purchasing it here and create your own game from which you can make real money.

In the game players receive a free home and character to be able to start their virtual life in the game. Players can buy vehicles, properties, items, homes, garages, hangars, quays, pets and many other things to improve their respect. Players have the opportunity to go to work, school, gym, hospital and other places in the game to earn extra money, gold, experience and other bonuses with which to upgrade their character.

vCity is text-based RPG (MMORPG) online web browser game php script.

Main FeaturesCharactersAfter sign up the player can select a character to start the game with. Every character has specific skills.VehiclesBig variety of Vehicles in different Categories. They can be used in the Street Races.PropertiesPlayers can buy properties and then receive income periodically from them.PetsPets make the home more beautiful and add different skills to the character.ShopPlayers can buy different Items and every item improves the character and helps him in the Fight Arena.WorkPlayers can go to Work and select the preferred Job to earn money from it.GymPlayers can go to Gym and train their character to improve his skills.SchoolPlayers can go to School and improve their character’s intelligence.BankPlayers can protect their money in the local Bank.HospitalWhen player has low health it can go to the Hospital to restore its health.Street RacesPlayers can race against other players to earn additional money, gold and respect.Fight ArenaPlayers can fight against other player to earn addition money, gold and respect.LeaderboardThe ranking of all players in the game.ResourcesPlayers can purchase additional Money, Gold, VIP Status and other bonuses with real money to improve their presence in the game.Home, Garage, Hangar and Quay UpgradesHomes, Garages, Hangars and Quays can be upgraded to fit more pets, vehicles, planes and boats in them.(PM) Message SystemPlayers can send private messages to other player and to communicate via this system.Chat SystemAJAX Live Chat System that can help all players to communicate via it.LevelsPlayers can level up as doing different activities and buying different things.Comments SectionEvery player has comments section that can be used by other player to write on his wall.ThemesThe game can be redesigned in different themes. Many themes are added by default.Ads ModuleAds Module allows you to monetize your game, display advertising to share content and offers to your visitors.PayPal IntegrationThe game is integrated with PayPal, so the game owner can receive real money from the game.AJAX Player StatisticsEach player’s Stats are refreshed in background mode automatically without refresh of the whole page.Facebook LoginThe players can easily register or login via their Facebook profile.Custom PagesThis module gives you the abillity to add Custom Pages by your taste.Powerful Admin PanelThe most modules and settings of the game can be modified from the Admin Panel.Easily Customizable Source CodeThe script is written in PHP Procedural style and everything can be customized in no time.SecureThe script is integrated with special security functions borrowed from Project SECURITY to protect the whole game and its players.Dashboard + Stats SystemOn the Dashboard you can check the Stats of your game.Very OptimizedThe script is very lightweight and the source code & the graphics are very optimized.99% ResponsiveLooks good on almost all devices and screen resolutions.Easy to setupThe script is very easy to install and every step is described in the Documentation.Easy for useThe game is developed to be simple and is very easy to understand & use.and many more…Requirements PHPMySQLiInstallation Instructions Upload the files from the “Source” folder on host via FTPCreate a MySQL database (Your hosting provider can assist)Open and configure the “config.php” file as you fill the empty database variablesImport the database file via PHPMyAdmin into the database (Your hosting provider can assist)Add ReCaptcha v2 keys on the Settings page of the Admin Panel.Changelog

16 November 2022 – Version 2.6 Added Daily Bonus featureAdded new configurable valuesImproved UI (User Interface)Improved mobile responsivenessImproved and optimized source codeFixed bugs

22 April 2022 – Version 2.5 Added new player role ‘Banned’Added new configurable valuesImproved compatibility with PHP 8.1Improved source code

5 December 2021 – Version 2.4 Improved UI (User Interface)Improved imagesImproved source code

3 August 2021 – Version 2.3 Added Money & Gold player donations via the Resources pageImproved Home and Index pagesImproved UI (User Interface)Improved Game SettingsImproved Game PagesImproved ThemesImproved Database Tables structureFixed BugsOptimized source code (Performance Improvements)

13 March 2021 – Version 2.2.1

Fixed Bugs

7 February 2021 – Version 2.2

Added Speedup with Gold option for Gym, School, Hospital and JobsAdded PHP 8 supportEnergy refill tasks are automatedRemoved CRON dependanciesImproved Shop page Item sortingsPlayer tasks binded to Type and IDImproved Admin PanelImproved UI (User Interface)Improved Database Tables structureImproved DocumentationFixed BugsOptimized source code (Performance Improvements)

25 July 2020 – Version 2.1

Improved UI (User Interface)Improved Vehicle CategoriesFixed BugsOptimized source code (Performance Improvements)

5 May 2020 – Version 2.0

Database table collations changed to utf8mb4Fixed BugsOptimized source code (Performance Improvements)

11 April 2020 – Version 1.9

Redesigned Index pageAdded login captchaAdded Facebook LoginAdded Custom Pages moduleAdded Reset Password optionImproved PayPal IPN moduleImproved Themes moduleImproved Ads moduleImproved UI (User Interface)Improved DocumentationUpdated JS & CSS pluginsFixed BugsOptimized source code (Performance Improvements)

17 February 2020 – Version 1.8

Updated JS & CSS pluginsFixed BugsOptimized source code (Performance Improvements)

12 July 2019 – Version 1.7

Fixed BugsOptimized source code (Performance Improvements)

26 April 2019 – Version 1.6

Updated JS & CSS pluginsFixed BugsOptimized source code (Performance Improvements)

22 December 2018 – Version 1.5

Updated JS & CSS pluginsFixed Bugs

5 October 2018 – Version 1.4

New: Removable chat messagesAdded Ads ModuleImproved UI (User Interface)Improved Admin PanelImproved CoreUpdated JS & CSS pluginsFixed BugsOptimized source code (Performance Improvements)

14 June 2018 – Version 1.3

Improved UI (User Interface)Improved Admin PanelImproved Street RacesImproved Fight ArenaImproved Vehicle ShopImproved Home & Player pagesImproved CoreImproved Properties pageImproved Pets pageImproved Home, Garage, Hangar and Quay pagesAdded City MapAdded AnimationsAdded Tip EffectsAdded Player descriptionsAdded Character descriptionsAdded Level descriptionsUpdated JS & CSS pluginsFixed BugsOptimized source code (Performance Improvements)

4 March 2018 – Version 1.2

Improved UI (User Interface)Bootstrap 3 to Bootstrap 4 MigrationAdded new themesImproved Admin PanelImproved ResponsivenessImproved Vehicle ShopImproved Home & Player pagesImproved CoreImproved DocumentationUpdated JS & CSS pluginsFixed BugsOptimized source code (Performance Improvements)

24 February 2018 – Version 1.1

Improved Vehicle ShopImproved Item ShopImproved Home & Player pagesImproved Pet ShopImproved LeaderboardImproved CoreImproved UI (User Interface)Fixed BugsOptimized source code (Performance Improvements)

Note: SMTP is not supported by the script.

Please check before purchase: Terms and Conditions

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