Ultimate News App (Video,Youtube,Weather,Survey)
Ultimate News App (Video,Youtube,Weather,Survey)

Ultimate News App (Video,Youtube,Weather,Survey)

by Developer
  • Uploaded : 07th February 2023
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Overview :

Ultimate News App is a mobile system which run under Android platform that used for your own Guide application. With powerful features and beautiful design and Responsive Admin Panel can manage Guides,categories, users,notifications,lanuages and others. This application created by Android studio for client side and then Php/MySQL for Admin side. Run under Android platform which is the most popular operating system in the world. By using this application you can save your money and time in creating application for your own Guide application.

Features : Splash Screen Intro Pages Permissios Widget Weather Survey Questionnaire System with multi and single choices Latest Articles Popular Articles Categories Articles Follwing Articles Favorites Articless Articles with Images Articles with Youtube Videos Articles with Local Videos Multi Dynamic Languages Search by using categories,title,keywords Articles Rating Articles Comments Share Articles(Whatsapp,Facebook,Instagram…) Sign-in/Sign-up with Google Sign-in/Sign-up With Facebook Users Profile Following system User Can Add Own Article User Can Edit Own Article User Can Delete Own Article Load more on scroll Notification by using firebase privacy policy,Contact us pages Settings (Notification , Cache …) AdMob Ads : native ads , banner ads and interstitial ads Facebook Network Audiance : Native ads , Native banner ads Subscription to delete Ads (extended license) Share System with links Smart rating systame Ask Update when new update available And Many other features Admin Panel : Manage Articles (Videos,Youtube,Posts) Manage Categories Manage Questions Manage Notifications Manage Versions Manage Languages Manage Comments Manage Support messages Manage Users Requirements : PHP Vertsion 5.6/5.8/7.0/7.2 Apache server MySQL Database Hosting with cpanel/WHM recommended Update 2.0 (Posted 6 Sept 2020 ) * Migrate to AndroidX * Support SDK 29 * Support Android 10 * Control Admob / Facebook Ads from admin panel * Facebook Interstitila ads added * Facebook Banner ads added * Phone Login added * Accept privacy policy before sign in * Support signle language * Other Bugs fixed Update 2.1 (Posted 6 Sept 2020 ) * Bugs fixed Update 2.2 (Posted 26 Sept 2020 ) * Notification issue has been fixed * Interstitial issue has been fixed * Install counter has been fixed * Language Issue has been fixed Update 2.3 (Posted 29 Mai 2021 ) * bugs fixed Update 2.4 (Posted 4 Sept 2021 ) * Admob Mediation * Facebook bdding supported * Applovin Ads company added * update all libraries to last version * google billing in app purchase 3.0.3 added * Report comment added * PHP 7.2 supported Update 2.5 (Posted 11 Sept 2021 ) * bugs fixed Update 3.0 (Posted 21 Nov 2022 ) * Report post/video/youtube aticles * Report User in article detail page * Block User in article detail page * Report posts * Normal AppLovin Banner / Interstitial / Rewarded video ads Added * ironSource Banner / Interstitial / Rewarded video ads Added * AdColony / Applovin / Google AdMob / Unity Ads / Facebook / inMobi added with ironSource Mediation * All libraries updated to last version * Google Play Billing Library updated to last stable version 5.0.1 * Support last Android studio version * UGC policy issue fixed * Android 12 full supported * SDK updated to 33 * Ads issue fixed * Notification issue fixed * Other bugs fixed

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