TotalPoll Pro - Responsive WordPress Poll Plugin
TotalPoll Pro - Responsive WordPress Poll Plugin

TotalPoll Pro - Responsive WordPress Poll Plugin

by Developer
  • Uploaded : 05th February 2023
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Overview :

TotalPoll WordPress Poll Plugin

TotalPoll is a powerful WordPress poll plugin that lets you create and integrate polls easily. It provides several options and features to enable you have full control over the polls, and has been made very easier for you to use.

Running a contest?


User Friendly

With TotalPoll, you can now create polls within 60 seconds! Its user friendly interface was expertly designed to make poll creation hassle-free.


With Totalpoll, you gain more engagement with an optimal viewing experience for your visitors. And your polls will always look amazing whether in a laptop, tablet or a smartphone.


SEO Friendly

Search Engine Optimization is a very key factor for every website. Thus, TotalPoll makes polls more search-engine friendly in order to get more search traffic.


Do you need “Welcome message” or “Thank you message”? We have got your back! With over 5 customization settings, you definitely have the total control.


Custom Fields

Collecting additional information from voters has never been that easy. With our unique 5 different field types, you can absolutely collect everything.


Regular vote tracking has been made easy. You can now track votes daily, weekly and monthly. Even, you can track custom field values with votes.



TotalPoll was developed with performance in mind! It functions without a glitch with WordPress.


Give your polls more attraction with Text, image, video, audio, shortcode or even HTML.



Totalpoll integrates your polls everywhere like with a shortcode, widget or even a direct link.


Trace back every vote, with an informative log (status, IP, browser and time) to identify any cheating attempts.


Voting Limitations

The ability of Totalpoll to reduce votes and results makes it easy for you to specify conditions under which visitors can vote in a poll or see its results.


The extensibility of TotalPoll makes such extensions and templates possible. Developers can certainly make TotalPoll a step further to suit your needs.




Are you planning to switch? You can migrate from WP-Polls and YOP poll easily (and many more plugins are coming).


TotalPoll is compatible with other plugins and technologies like WPML, Polylang, ACF, WP SUPER CACHE, Varnish, HHVM, W3 Total Cache and others.


Help us translate TotalPoll to your language.


Enrich your polls with premium templates and extensions from the creators of TotalPoll.


Make your polls look compelling with customized templates.


Take TotalPoll’s functionality a step further with powerful extensions.

Demonstrations         Regular poll

A regular poll with text choices. The very basic variation of polls.

         Debate / Opinion poll

Another variation of polls that focus on two choices only.


Dilemma poll

Dilemma is a poll of of two unfavorable choices or alternatives.

         Photo contest

A contest poll based on photo or images choices.


Video contest

A contest poll based on videos (YouTube, Vimeo and self-hosted) choices.

         Audio contest

A contest poll based on audio tracks choices.


Twitter-like poll

Similar to Twitter polls fancy design.

         Facebook-like poll

Similar to Facebook polls fancy design.


Knowledge Base

The knowledge base cover every aspect of TotalPoll functionality and provide a step-by-step tutorials ang guides to get started with TotalPoll in almost no time.

Customer Support

Customer support is our most important priority that’s why ~70% of reviews are about support quality. We take this responsibility very seriously.


Don’t take our word for it. Hear what our 2,300+ customer say.


5 stars

         Great app, does everything I need. Quality customer support very very fast and very professional!



5 stars

         This is a great plugin with loads of features and very clean code. The response to a support request came so quickly that I thought it was an automated message, It wasn’t.



5 stars

         Very happy with this plugin and the author’s quick support! Bought the extras pack to get additional features too!



5 stars

         TotalPoll Pro has everything to make polls engaging and attractive. The best thing about the plugin is, it allows me to insert links in the poll answers. I’ve increased my affiliate sales by adding affiliate links in poll answers. Thanks for making this amazing plugin. Loved it.



5 stars

         This really is a great plugin, and support was so fast and precise when I needed some help. I can truly recommend this plugin to everyone who needs a good customizable poll on the website!


Features list General Made for WordPress using WordPress APIs. Easy installation. Easy poll creation process. One-click updates. User friendly interface with mobile-first approach. SEO ready polls enriched with structured data. Unlimited polls, choices, designs, colors, layouts, fonts with customization settings. Custom fields: text, text area, checkbox, drop down selection menu with custom CSS classes and validations (email, required etc…). Portable polls. Export, import any poll with WordPress built-in tool. Detailed statistics and results. Logs with detailed information (time, IP, browser etc…). Support for WordPress 3.8+. Support third-party plugins and technologies: WPML, Polylang, ACF, WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache, Varnish, HHVM and Nginx. Support migration from WP-Polls and YOP poll WordPress polls plugins. Different limitations: Cookies, IP, user role, date and time, quota and others. Easy integration with WordPress: Widget, shortcode or direct link. RTL support. Polls archive. Cache compatibility (W3 Total Cache, Super Cache, Quick Cache, Fastest Cache, WP Rocket, WPEngine, ZenCache, HyperCache, Varnish). AJAX powered polls with fallback. Translatable. Support and knowledge base directly from your WordPress dashboard.. Poll Create, edit, trash and delete polls. Edit poll title, question. List polls with shortcodes and total votes. Choices Add choices. Text Image Video Audio HTML Order choices. Change choice visibility. Bulk insertion of choices. Edit and reset poll choices votes. Limitations settings Block re-votes by cookies with possibility of setting a custom timeout. Block re-votes by IP with possibility of setting a custom timeout and white-listing and black-listing. Set membership exclusivity (only selected user roles can vote). Enable captcha (powered by reCaptcha). Set a quota. Set a start or end date or both. Regenerating poll’s unique ID to reset voters. Results settings Require voting before seeing the results (blind poll). Set order criteria and direction (votes, alphabetically, ascendant, descendant etc…). Hide results until reaching some criteria and replace it by custom content. Customize results fragments (votes, percentage). Choices settings Set the number of minimum selected choices to vote. Set the number of maximum selected choices to vote. Enable pagination. Set order criteria and direction (votes, alphabetically, ascendant, descendant etc…). Allow user submissions (other field). Custom fields Mange custom fields. Set default value. Enable validations. Filled (required). Email Unique. Allowed or forbidden words. Regular expressions (regex). Set custom CSS classes for field input and label. Customize field template. Include in statistics. Design settings Change poll’s template. Set default values. Reset to default values. Customize typography settings (font family, line-height, size). Customize template’s settings (colors, layouts, choices per row etc…). Screens settings Set welcome message (before voting). Set thank you message (after voting). Logs settings Enable logs. Browser View statistics. Choices votes. Votes over the last 30 days of activity. Votes over months. Votes over years. Browsers. Platforms (Operating systems). Custom fields. Print and download results. View logs. Status. Time. IP. Browser. Choices. Other details. Download logs as CSV or HTML. Reset logs. View submissions. Download submissions as CSV or HTML. Reset submissions. Extensions manager Install extension. Uninstall extension. Activate extension. Edit extension. Templates manager Install template. Uninstall template. Activate template. Edit template. Store View extensions and templates. Install or update extensions and templates directly from the store. Tools Migrate from WP-Polls. Migrate from YOP Poll. Migrate from TotalPoll 2.x. Purge cache (Templates cached CSS). Import polls. Export polls. Update Activate TotalPoll with Envato license key to receive updates directly on WordPress dashboard. Support / Help Search the knowledge base. Open a support ticket. Download debug and system information. Change log 4.8.6 Change Log 4.8.0 Change Log 4.7.0 Change Log 4.6.0 Change Log 4.5.0 Change Log 4.4.0 Change Log 4.3.0 Change Log 4.2.0 Change Log 4.1.9 Change Log 4.1.8 Change Log 4.1.7 Change Log 4.1.6 Change Log 4.1.5 Change Log 4.1.4 Change Log 4.1.3 Change Log 4.1.2 Change Log 4.1.1 Change Log 4.1.0 Change Log 4.0.9 Change Log 4.0.8 Change Log 4.0.7 Change Log 4.0.6 Change Log 4.0.5 Change Log 4.0.4 Change Log 4.0.3 Change Log 4.0.2 Change Log 4.0.1 Change Log The all new TotalPoll 4 Release announcement. Change Log Version 3.3.2 Bug fix: Choice visibility is now honored when used with “Other” field. Improvement: Default template responsiveness. Version 3.3.1 Bug fix: IP timeout not applied correctly Version 3.3.0 Bug fix: When exporting logs / submissions, sometimes the date column is ignored. Bug fix: Filter validation list is always empty. Bug fix: Sometimes regex validation fails. Bug fix: Username in logs is empty. Improvement: Improved compatibility with ACF. Improvement: Purge cache now purge global cache for better results. New: Advanced options to control TotalPoll behavior. Language: Update Deutsch language. Language: Polish language (Thank you Pavel!). Template: Adding shortcode support for default template. Template: Improved Rainbow template. Version 3.2.42 Fix: Error when downloading custom fields submissions. New: Filters (hooks) for dashboard. Version 3.2.41 REST API: Bug fix Version 3.2.4 Improve overall performance New: Vietnamese language New: Norwegian language New: filters (hooks) for limitations New: filters (hooks) for fields Minor bug fixes and some sanity checks Version 3.2.3 Bug fix: Editor blank templates/extensions upload page. Version 3.2.2 Bug fix: Editor issue when removing old choices. Bug fix: Results fragments aren’t honored in poll settings. Update to default template behavior when displaying videos. Bug fix: Asynchronous JS load issue fixed. Version 3.2.1 Improve hooks (actions and filters). Fix a bug when re-ordering HTML fields. Add minified version of share-buttons.js file. Version 3.2.0 Introduce options page (reCaptcha, Asynchronous loading and others Fix reported bugs Sharing feature as plugin Implement image lightbox in default template One click vote Customize above and bellow poll content for each step. Interface for changing expressions. Enable/disable voting with direct link. Button to copy direct link for every choice. Add how many visitor can vote from a single IP address Notifications via Email Extract youtube thumbnail automatically from the URL Customize regex validation error message wpautop and do_shortcode for before and after screens Reset analytics Google Analytics integration Transition controller (none, fade, slide) Bug fix: HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR sometimes return multiple IPs Bug fix: unique validation failure Bug fix: Spaces are removed from user submission field Set div to label in default template Reset submissions now remove unique fields values from database Fix order by votes bug when rendering default template Reset “unique validated” submissions. Merge duplicated user submissions automatically First implementation of REST API Fix a bug in custom field validations Version 3.1.1 New hook (action): “totalpoll/actions/poll/vote” can be used for tracking successful vote requests. Fix cookie timeout bug. Improve available sizes dropdown. Fix small issue with media contest template. Fix versus template bugs. Update Chinese language file. Version 3.1.0 Chinese and Swedish languages. Allow only one vote per member (user). Version 3.0.2 Improve ACF compatibility. Fix update notification bug. Version 3.0.1 Fix a bug in print & download results page. Update languages. Version 3.0

NOTICE: TotalPoll 2.x users must upgrade the existing polls to the new version.

Introducing the all new TotalPoll 3.0. Intuitive interface. Statistics. Migration from other poll WordPress plugin. Custom fields. Boosted performance. And much more. Read the product description. Version 2.8 Fixed: some bugs. Fixed: performance issues. Version 2.7 New: Latest poll widget. New: Random poll widget. New: Italian language. (Thank you Marco Rossi Paccani). New: Spanish language (Span and Peru). (Thank you PixelStudio Peru and Eduard Coromina). New: Portuguese language. (Thank you Hugo Corenzan). New: Romanian language. (Thank you Ron DuPoits). Improved: Choices saved across pagination. Fixed: extra check for add_query_arg security vulnerability. Fixed: some bugs in default template. Fixed: Logs download (Date and encoding). Version 2.6 Fixed: upload button not working correctly. New: TotalPoll requires WordPress 3.5 or newer. Version 2.5

NOTICE: This release contains some breaking changes, if you have a custom addon, please contact us before updating to 2.5.

fixed: Performance issues fixed: Logs save. fixed: Widget registration. fixed: Addons language files. fixed: Design customizer – array to string conversion bug. new: WYSIWYG for HTML choices. new: Poll shortcode in polls listing. new: Brand new “cache compatibility” addon. new: Brand new “recaptcha” addon. new: IP timeout accept “0” value (for a permanent lock). Version 2.4 fixed: upload button fixed: pagination button fixed: download logs bad headers fixed: logs first line bug fixed: addon installation bug new: update choice addon ( give users the ability to change their answers – Thank you Joe.P – ) new: archive shortcode addon ( display polls archive where you want by using [tp-archive] shortcode! ) new: export results addon ( export results of all polls ). Version 2.3 fixed: image uploading bug. fixed: save as draft and auto save bug. deprecated: logs ( txt format ). new: logs ( csv export ). new: latest poll widget. new: image with the question. new: fixes common conflicts with themes. new: print results. Version 2.2 Some bugs has been fixed. New language supported (Finnish). Version 2.1 fixed: User was able to see results even if “User must vote to see results” enabled. new: Plaintext template. new: Results chart (meta box). Version 2.0 Introducing the all new TotalPoll 2.0 improved: template system. improved: integration. new: addons system. new: anti-cheating and limitations layers. new: customizer , presets and preview. new: pagination. new: order by votes. new: compatibility with cache plugins. Version 1.0 TotalPoll has been released.

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