The Plus - Addon for Elementor Page Builder WordPress Plugin
The Plus - Addon for Elementor Page Builder WordPress Plugin

The Plus - Addon for Elementor Page Builder WordPress Plugin

by Developer
  • Uploaded : 21st May 2023
  • Views : 104
Overview :

Biggest and most Innovative addons for Elementor Page Builder. Awarded as Best Elementor Addons by Industry leaders. Top class 100+ Elementor Widgets, 18+ Elementor Page Demos, and 300+ UI Blocks made in elementor.

ThePlus Addons for Elementor

This addon is made for Elementor, Which have included all best elementor addons which are crafted for innovation and creativity. It has most amazing customization options available which make this addon an ultimate elementor addon. We have created each and every widget with the utmost attention to detail and this is a complete responsive set of elementor addon. It has extended elements some of them are a mailchimp, icon box, Customised Contact form 7 and others. We have tried to make this addon a biggest elementor addon ever in each terms, customization, performance, options and creativity. Please Take a look at below to know more about our biggest elementor addon by posimyththemes team.

List of Main Elements Info Box Buttons Pricing Tables Stylist List Video Countdown Heading Title Advance Text Block Social Icon Gallery Grid Gallery Masonry Gallery Metro Client Carousel Client CSS Filters Client Messy Columns Client Load More Client Pagination Before After Animated Text Smooth Scroll Image Cascading Creative Images FlipBox Dynamic Devices Switcher Accordions Tabs/Tours Row Background Parallax Background Segment Background Canvas Background Gallery Background Client Grid Client Masonry

Blog Design Styles Blog Grid Blog Masonry Blog Metro Blog Carousel Blog Filter Blog Messy Columns Blog Stagger Load Blog Lazy Load Blog Pagination Blog Load More Testimonials Style 1 Testimonials Style 2 Testimonials Style 3 Testimonials Style 4 Testimonials Center Mode Testimonials Messy Columns Client Center Mode Client Lazy Load

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Change Log:

Version 3.3.2 : 22 Apr,2020

UPDATE : Lottiefiles Animations : Updated URL field for Elementor Dynamic UPDATE : Unfold Widget : Relayout for Dynamic Listing UPDATE : Protected Content : Support html in Error Message UPDATE : Navigation Menu : RTL support UPDATE : Circle Menu : Icon style option in Straight layout UPDATE : Unfold Widget : Icon Position Before/After in toggle UPDATE : Unfold Widget : Auto hide toggle if description height small/less. UPDATE : Table Widget : Custom Attributes for button link UPDATE : Button Widget : Custom Attributes for link UPDATE : Advanced Typography : Hover Image Reveal support link FIX : TP Custom Field : Image Link to Custom Field bug fix FIX : Advertisement Banner bug fix FIX : Blog Listing : Empty Exclude category bug fix FIX : Licence Verification Process - Verification Call Improvement

Version 3.3.1 : 11 Apr,2020

UPDATE : Unfold Widget : Dynamic field in Extra Button FIX : Lottiefiles Animations JS + Elementor Popup Conflict bug fix FIX : Lottiefiles On Scroll End Animation JS Fix

Version 3.3.0 : 10 Apr,2020

ADDED : Unfold Widget View Page ADDED : PlusExtras : Equal Height View Page ADDED : PlusExtras : Wrapper link View Page ADDED : Dynamic Category : Column 5 option for desktop UPDATE : Dynamic Listing : Single Page Related Posts bug fix UPDATE : Dynamic Listing : Autohide category/tag from filter based on empty combination UPDATE : Advanced Typography : Continuous Animation Duration Time's Responsive Options UPDATE : Navigation Menu : Sticky menu js update UPDATE : Lottiefiles Animations : Compatibility for Elementor Popup UPDATE : Blog/Post & Dynamic Listing : Post Title Text Limit option UPDATE : TP Custom Field : On Image Click Lightbox option UPDATE : Off Canvas : SVG Color Option & CSS Update for cursor UPDATE : Blog/Post & Dynamic Listing : Date and Author enable/disable option in Display Post Meta UPDATE : Animated Service Boxes : Preload Image option in Hover Section FIX : Login Register : Edit Profile re-login bug fix FIX : Login Register : Spinner css update FIX : Carousel Anything and Infobox slider bug fix FIX : Team Member Listing : Category wise listing bug fix FIX : The Plus Purge CSS bug fix for front end

Version 3.2.1 : 5 Mar,2020

ADDED : Plus Listing Options Panel : Post Title option in Clients,Testimonial,Team Member Post UPDATE: Site Logo : Alignment option responsive FIX : Select Box Compatibility after Elementor version 2.9.0

Version 3.2.0 : 4 Mar,2020

ADDED : PlusExtras : Conversion Event Tracker : Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics & Google Tag View Page ADDED : Page Scroll : Footer option in Full Page View Page ADDED : Page Scroll : Footer option in Horizontal Scroll URl URl URl ADDED : Product List out : Category and Product rating Section Added ADDED : Dynamic Smart Showcase : Post Ticker Autoplay option ADDED : Dynamic Catagory : Option to Hide/Unhide Category Description ADDED : Dynamic Catagory : Exclude Sub Categories from Listing Option ADDED : "Load more post" & "Loading" Option to change text in Blog list out, Clients list out, Dynamic Listing, and Product List out Widgets. ADDED : "Add to Cart" Option to change text in Product List out Widget ADDED : Hot Spot : Direct Link Option ADDED : Gravity Form : Compatibility with Download Monitor ADDED : Navigation menu : Mega Menu dropdown Center alignment option ADDED : Animated Service Boxes : Border and shadow option in Article Box Style 1 UPDATE : Style List : Responsive options Improved UPDATE : Product List out : Option to Display Product based on In stock and Out of stock UPDATE : Mailchimp : Special text support in response message UPDATE : Login & Register : Special text support in notification message UPDATE : Login & Register : Default value to be checked, for Mailchimp Subscriber option FIX : Dynamic listing : Lazy load bug fix FIX : Circle menu : Hover click bug fix FIX : Login & Register : Flow improvement by disabling forgot password link when user generating password while signing up. FIX : Login & Register : Conflict with Original WordPress Forgot Password flow FIX : Header Extras : Cart hover color option

Version 3.1.0 : 6 Feb,2020

ADDED : Row Background + Carousel Background Connection for Color & Image Change in Dynamic Listing,Team Member, Infobox, Testimonial,Tabs/Tours,Accordions,Carousel Anything,Gallery Listing,Woo Product Listing, Clients, Flipbox.View Page 1& View Page 2 ADDED : Page Scroll : Horizontal Scroll option : Normal With Fixed Background Image View Page ADDED : Page Scroll : Horizontal Scroll option : On Scroll Color Change View Page ADDED : Page Scroll : Horizontal Scroll option : On Scroll Image Change View Page ADDED : Design Tool widget View Page ADDED : Dynamic Listing : ACF Repeater option View Page ADDED : Dynamic Listing : TP Custom Field Widget for ACF Repeater ADDED : Gallery Listing : ACF Gallery option in Image Gallery Widget View Page ADDED : Gallery Listing : NAVZ Photo Gallery Compatibility to use instead of ACF Gallery Widget View Plugin ADDED : Mailchimp : New Inline Style 3 added View Page ADDED : Mailchimp : First & Last Name, Birth Date & Month, Phone field added in style 3 ADDED : Hotspot : Animation Stagger option ADDED : Advanced Typography : On Hover Image Reveal option ADDED : Login & Register : Google and Facebook direct Login ADDED : Mailchimp : Message Background Color, Loading and Success Background for Response Message ADDED : Lottiefiles Animations : Hover, Click, Hover Column/Section, Mouse In Out Animation, Animation on Scroll Parallax View Page ADDED : Lottiefiles Animations : Animation on Scroll View Page ADDED : Draw Svg : Fill Color Option After Draw Complete UPDATE : Gallery List out widget : Options to Click on whole section UPDATE : Infobox + Anything Carousel Connection UPDATE : Accordion & Tab Tours : Separate URL to each Section UPDATE : All Listings Widgets : Filters Code Improved UPDATE : Slick CSS update for RTL UPDATE : Advanced Separators : Gradient Color Options in Wave Seprator UPDATE : Product Listing : Add to Cart Option Improved UPDATE : Hotspot : Elementor Pro Popup Visibility Issue UPDATE : Dynamic Listing : Audio Player widget support on Load More/Lazy Load UPDATE : Table : Character Support while uploading using CSV Improved UPDATE : Heading Title : Link option in Main Title UPDATE : Navigation Menu : Border Bottom Size in Mobile Menu UPDATE : Advanced Typography : Marquee tag option to choose CSS based transition UPDATE : Advanced Typography : Stroke border responsive option UPDATE : Login & Register : Google Captcha Version 3 While Signup UPDATE : Gravity Form : Form Heading & Normal Heading separate option UPDATE : Gravity Form : Email ,Tel and URL field dynamic options added UPDATE : Tabs & Tour and Dynamic listing : Update CSS for Internet Explorer browser UPDATE : Animated Service Boxes : Text area to Editor field in List content display in Services Element UPDATE : Login & Register : Backend Option to choose Registering User's Role FIX : Login register : Forgot Password Visibility Issue FIX : Row Background : Fallback Image Issue in JS FIX : Progress Bar : Color Change Issue FIX : Circle Menu : Straight Menu JS issue FIX : White Label Bug fix FIX : CSS & JS load issue in is_home() FIX : CMB2 issue of empty filed & Save Function FIX : Accordion : Slick bug fix in Page Template FIX : Dynamic Categories : Bug Fix FIX : Product Listing : Currency Symbol typography FIX : Navigation Menu : Multiple mobile menu in same page bug fix FIX : Tabs & Tour : Inside template Before After widget's Support.

Version 3.0.6 : 19 Nov,2019

ADDED : Blog Listing : Exclude Category & Tag UPDATE : Breadcrumbs Bar : WooCommerce Product Page Bug Fixed UPDATE : Escaped all translatable strings in plugin to improve security while having translators outside

Version 3.0.5 : 15 Nov,2019

ADDED : Advanced Text Block : Description text limit (based on Letters and Words) Option for Dynamic Loop Purpose ADDED : Heading Title : Title & Sub Title text limit (based on Letters and Words) Option for Dynamic Loop Purpose ADDED : Off Canvas : Enable/Disable option for "On Any Link Click Off Canvas Close" ADDED : Infobox : Full box Click ADDED : Infobox : Connection with Carousel Anything widget FIX : Dynamic Categories : Display Product Count issue fix in Style 2

Version 3.0.4 : 12 Nov,2019

ADDED : Animated Service Boxes : 5 Columns option in Desktop UPDATE : LottieFiles/Bodymovin : JS Version Update UPDATE : Dynamic Listing : Astra theme Padding CSS Compatibility FIX : Posts Listing : Lazy Load Animation JS bug fix

Version 3.0.3 : 08 Nov,2019

FIX : Urgent | Flipbox Double condition bug fix FIX : Listing Widget : Issue of Offset values while pagination resolved

Version 3.0.2 : 07 Nov,2019

UPDATE : Process Steps widget : Use p or span tag in description UPDATE : Instagram widget : Dynamic Field value for "Load More" and "Loading text" ADDED : Performance : Support for Image Size(Thumbnail/Full/Medium/and so on) Selection for most of all possible widgets. ADDED : Infobox Widget : Image Width Option ADDED : Dynamic Listing Widget : Category Wise Filter in Custom Skin Style ADDED : Flip Box widget : Image Dynamic option (Width, Border & Shadow) in Carousel Layout FIX : Animated Service Boxes : Transition CSS Bug FIX : Tabs/Tours : Underline CSS Bug FIX : Dynamic Listing : Minor CSS & JS bugs

Version 3.0.1 : 02 Nov,2019

UPDATE : Page Scroll widget - Option to hide hash/id for clean URLs FIX: Custom Loop Skin - Dynamic Listing Widget - Support of ACF number fields by compatibility with Elementor Pro FIX : Navigation Widget - In Mobile Toggle Menu, On click of link, It will close by it's own. - Helpful for one page mobile sites. FIX : Page scroll widget - Overflow Hidden CSS

Version 3.0.0 : 01 Nov,2019

SPECIAL : Version 3.0 landing Page ADDED : Advanced Buttons widget View Demo ADDED : White Label branding View Demo ADDED : Process Steps widget View Demo ADDED : Audio player widget View Demo ADDED Page Scroll widget View Demo ADDED : Page Scroll widget : Full Page View Demo ADDED : Page Scroll widget : Page Pilling View Demo ADDED : Page Scroll widget : Multi Scroll View Demo 1 & View Demo 2 ADDED : Dynamic Smart Showcase widget : Magazine Slider View Demo ADDED : Dynamic Smart Showcase widget : Magazine Filter View Demo ADDED : Dynamic Smart Showcase widget : Post Ticker View Demo ADDED : Breadcrumb Bar widget View Demo ADDED : Login Register widget View Demo ADDED : Header Extras widget View Demo ADDED : Site Logo widget View Demo ADDED : Dynamic Categories widget View Demo ADDED : The Plus Performance option to purge cache added in admin Bar : For Easy Access ADDED : Display Rules View Demo ADDED : Mobile Menu widget View Demo ADDED : WPML Support ADDED : Column Cursor Pointer Option View Demo ADDED : Mega Menu Option in Navigation Menu View Demo ADDED : Horizontal Menu Option in Navigation Menu View Demo ADDED : Vertical Menu Option in Navigation Menu View Demo ADDED : Vertical Toggle Menu Option in Navigation Menu View Demo ADDED : Dynamic Listing Widget View Demo ADDED : Dynamic Listing Widget : Select multiple styles to mix your loops upto 5 unique loops. View Demo ADDED : Navigation Menu : Swiper Menu in mobile option Added UPDATE : Navigation Menu : Sticky Menu Option UPDATE : All Static Icon values of The Plus Addons updated to Font Awesome 5 (You must need to use latest elementor version and change your options to use font awesome.) UPDATE : Header Extras: New styles for Search Bar : 2 Styles UPDATE : Header Extras: New styles for Woo Cart : 2 Styles UPDATE : Header Extras: Extra Toggle Bar Icon Options and Custom Upload Option UPDATE : Animated Service Box : Style name “Fancy Box” Overlay color option added UPDATE : Buttons : Special Interval shake animation for attention grabbing buttons. UPDATE : Blog Listing widget : Break option for Title UPDATE : Product Listing Widget : Variable Product Price Range Option Added UPDATE : Product Listing Widget : On Hover Image Change Enable/Disable option. UPDATE : Video Widget : Border options Added UPDATE : Carousel Animation with two options Continuous & With Hold in the center while autoplay option added in Blog Listing, Dynamic Listing and Carousel Anything widgets. UPDATE : Circle menu on click background overlay color. UPDATE : Whole Infobox link option added UPDATE : OffCanvas : On Click on link, Offcanvas auto close JS update. For One Page sites and mobile menu usage. FIX : Counter widget : Text auto update JS bug fix FIX : Heading title widget : Dashing Dots style alignment CSS FIX : Row background : Full screen video issue Resolved FIX : Before after JS bug fix (Compatibility with elementor popup) FIX : Extra widget load in general panel without name bug FIX : Dynamic Device widget : iPhone White (320px x 594px) CSS bug fix FIX : InfoBox Widget : Title link issue in Carousel Layout FIX : Navigation Menu widget : On Hover title tag bug fix FIX : Blog Listing Widget JS bug fix (Conflict with Motion Effects of Elementor Pro)

Version 2.0.8 : 17 Aug,2019

UPDATE : Sale & Out of Stock Badge style option in Product Listing Widget With Enable/Disable Option UPDATE : Background options for SVG in Infobox Widget UPDATE : plus-backend-editor bug fix Iframe conflict in Video widget (Alex) FIX : Popup image and Filter counting bug fix in Gallery Listing (Matt) UPDATE : Link Tag Issue resolved in Stylish List widget UPDATE : Image Full Width in Responsive Options for Before After Widget FIX : Category Wise Query issue resolved in Testimonial Widget FIX : Row Background -> Canvas Effects -> Custom Style Issue Resolved FIX : Dynamic listing widget Compatibility with Custom Skin UPDATE : Offcanvas Widget Image/SVG in icon options in both state Open & Close UPDATE : Z-index option in Row Background -> Canvas Style -> Custom Upload

Version 2.0.7 : 27 July,2019

ADDED : Responsive Video Background Options | Improved Responsive GIF Background in Video Background Option. UPDATE : SVG Icon styles options updated in Info Box Widget (Draw SVG Disable, Fill Color FIX : SVG icon bug fix in Infobox, Flipbox, Pricing Table, Number Counter. Compatibility with Elementor 2.6.x FIX : Elementor popup conflict JS & CSS bug fix @Peter Vojtko FIX : Post listing Variable Issue in JS @Jan-Hinrich Fehlis FIX : Switcher,Tabs/Tours & Accordion Isotope JS option of Auto Re-Layout FIX : Animated Service Box Widget's Image Accordion Style, First and Last Box Padding issue resolved. @Jenny Katz UPDATE : Blog Listing Widget Excerpt Field Typography, Listing Style-4 background Overlay color bug fixed. @Jan-Hinrich Fehlis UPDATE : Google map address field updated from text field to editor field for charset compatibility. @Thorsten Sebode UPDATE : Acceptance checkbox options added in Contact form 7 Widget. @Diogenes Mata UPDATE : "Sale" badge CSS in Product Listing Widget. @Azar FIX : Scroll Reveal Image Js improved in Creative Image Widget @Dwayne FIX : On Scroll Background Image Change Feature Improved for Responsive Devices @Veslemøy Holt

Version 2.0.6 : 19 July,2019

UPDATE : Improved Caching File Name Format in Performance System.

Version 2.0.5 : 18 July,2019

UPDATE : Responsive Alignment Option for Row Column Content in Table Widget UPDATE : Border and Shadow Options in Table Widget UPDATE : Responsive Alignment Options in Social Icon Widget FIX : 404 Page CSS/JS Load issue after performance improvements UPDATE : Responsive Alignment Options in Creative Image Widget UPDATE : Alignment options for Content Description of Pricing Table Widget FIX : Shadow Issue of Pricing Table Widget FIX : IconMinds Icon Preview Issue with Font Awesome 5 in Elementor version 2.6 UPDATE : Extra Outer Icon in Tabs Tours Widget FIX : Animated Service Box - "Portfolio Style" Responsive Bug Fix. ADDED : Enable/Disable IconsMind Font on whole site or Load only in Few Pages/Posts : Check this in The Plus Settings -> Extras in the backend.

Version 2.0.4 : 10 July,2019

ADDED : Dynamic Listing Widget FIX : Advanced Typography Repeater in new line issue FIX : Accordion icon issue on open close FIX : listing.min.js Code Update for tippy.js undefined Issue especially in firefox users UPDATE : Infobox & Flipbox description P tag issue resolved UPDATE : Version 2.6 Testing ADDED : Functionality Of "Ele Custom Skin" Plugin in Dynamic Listing Widget

Version 2.0.3 : 27 Jun,2019

FIX : In Tabs/Tours Video Background is working now. FIX : In Tabs/Tours Video Background is working now. FIX : All carousels in RTL Improved for Vertical & Horizontal FIX : The Plus Settings General tab moved to at the end as a verification tab. FIX : Dynamic Options in Video Player Widget FIX : Metro Layout in Archive Page JS Issue Resolved FIX : OffCanvas JS Update FIX : Verification files update to support latest version FIX : The Plus Settings, New Button of Remove cache in Plus Widgets Section.

Version 2.0.2 : 22 Jun,2019

FIX : Global Widget Support Included for Elementor Pro UPDATE : All Listing Widgets (Blog, Image Gallery, Dynamic Devices, Team member, Product, and Client) Improved for Performance UPDATE : The Plus Settings, Added button for Remove cache after saving widgets. (You need to remove cache after your enable/disable any widget from the plus plugin settings.) UPDATE : Off Canvas Close button Fix Options. FIX : Some bug fixes as per the feedback from users.

Version 2.0.1 : 20 Jun,2019

FIX : Quick Fix : Edit with elementor not working for global widget(Elementor Pro) users.

Version 2.0.0 : 20 Jun,2019

Note : Due to performance update, All Existing users might have cache issue when you load your page for the first time. Solution 1 : Refresh page so our performance algorithm will generate cached files again. Solution 2 : if you are using any caching plugin, Purge all caches once. Special: Version 2.0 Landing Page Visit Now ADDED : Advanced Typography Widget View Demo ADDED : Morphing Sections Widget View Demo ADDED : Advanced Separators Widget View Demo ADDED : Bodymovin Animations Widget View Demo ADDED : Protected Content Widget View Demo ADDED : Instagram Feed Widget View Demo ADDED : WP Forms Widget View Demo ADDED : Everest Forms Widget View Demo ADDED : Caldera Forms Widget View Demo ADDED : Ninja Forms Widget View Demo ADDED : Gravity Forms Widget View Demo ADDED : Animated Service Boxes Widget View Demo ADDED : On Scroll Morphing Shape Row Background View Demo ADDED : On Scroll Background Color Change View Demo ADDED : On Scroll Background Color Change With Gradient View Demo ADDED : Animated Gradient Background View Demo ADDED : Background Fixed Svg Morphing View Demo UPDATE : Row background video background View Demo UPDATE : Row background special background View Demo ADDED : On Scroll Background Image Change View Demo ADDED : Navigation Menu Widget View Demo ADDED : Dynamic options in each fields : Needs Elementor Pro to use this functionality. UPDATE : Button new style 23 View Demo UPDATE : Info box Style 1-2-3 Icon Overlay View Demo UPDATE : Tabs tours New style border View Demo UPDATE : Switcher Style 3 & 4 View Demo UPDATE : Count Down Inline Date Counting + margin Option View Demo UPDATE : Blog Style 1,3 and 4 in Metro layout Link of featured image full column View Demo UPDATE : Table Widget Added Csv Option by Table generate View Demo UPDATE : Blogs Listing Archive Page / Single Page Related Posts UPDATE : Product Listing Archive Page / Single Page Related Posts and Product by Id Include/Exclude UPDATE : Circle Menu Link, Telephone , E-mail and No Link Options. UPDATE : Accordion text Multi line left margin issue resolved UPDATE : The Plus Settings New UI/UX FIX : OceanWP Theme Support by solving Listing JS conflict FIX : Anything Carousel + Accordion(all hide) bug fix FIX :Last but not the least, Performance improvement to 200% with unity technique of CSS and JS. Read More about that on our News Page.

Version 1.4.3 : 10 Apr,2019

UPDATE : Smooth Scroll Widget JS Update with 4 new options + Compatibility with WordPress 5.1.1 & Elementor 2.5.12 UPDATE : Infobox Image Box Shadow Issue Resolved FIX : Tabs Tours Widget : Bug Fix for Undefined Variable

Version 1.4.2 : 29 Mar,2019

ADDED : One Page Scroll Navigation Widget ADDED : Timeline Button Option With Customization Options and More options to create better designs UPDATE : Use Gif and Scroll Image in Dynamic Devices UPDATE : Use Scroll Image in Creative Image Widget UPDATE : Some Bugs Resolved for Mask Image in Creative Image Widget UPDATE : Tabs/Tours/Accordion Backend load of section Optional for Performance issue in backend. UPDATE : OffCanvas Button improvement : Full Width : Icon/Text Alignment Options UPDATE : Section | Row Scroll animation : Mobile Improvement + Option to On/Off animation in Mobile UPDATE : alt tag in all widget for SEO purpose UPDATE : W3C validation and Improvements as per coding convection FIX : .map file undefined in MAC OS Safari Browser : Compatibility with Elementor version 2.5.10 FIX : Video Widget Overflow hidden issue for Title on hover FIX : SVG Animation in Flipbox | Infobox Carousel

Version 1.4.1 : 20 Mar, 2019

FIX : Elementor's New Version Compatibility UPDATE : Table : New Responsive Layout Option | Button Responsive Options | New Responsive Options UPDATE : Advertisement Banner : Box Shadow Issue Resolved | Radius Option | Button Link on Title UPDATE : Time Line : Single Side Layout Option | Responsive Options Updated UPDATE : Plus Extras : On Scroll Animations : JS Update for Performance UPDATE : Plus Extras : Row Scroll Animations : JS Bug Fix FIX : Few Minor Bugs

Version 1.4.0 : 11 Mar 2019

FIX : Elementor's New Version Compatibility UPDATE : The Plus Setting improvement by adding On/Off Options for Plus Extras ADDED : New Widget : Timeline ADDED : New Widget : Draw SVG ADDED : New Widget : Food menu/ Pricing List ADDED : New Widget : Table ADDED : Plus Extras : New Options : Row/Section Scroll Animation Effect ADDED : New Widget : Advertisement Banner FIXES : Few Minor Bugs NOTE : New Update have some upgrades which might effect your Row Background Plugin's Magic Scroll Values in Repeater. Use this video to solve it :

Version 1.3.2 : 21 Feb 2019

UPDATE : Add to cart Button On/Off Option in Product List Widget FIX : Video Player Widget CSS Responsive Conflict Update

Version 1.3.1 : 19 Feb 2019

UPDATE : Circle Menu Responsive options for radius and spacing. UPDATE : Offcanvas Fixed options + Offset value for Scroll visibility UPDATE : Team Member widget : Option to enable/disable link UPDATE : Team Member : Custom Link option + Link area setup on Team member Image UPDATE : Infobox Image Option : Border Options + Box Shadow Options Added UPDATE : Column -> Plus Extras : Added Column Margin & Column Padding options in Custom Breakpoints Tab ADDED : Plugin Autoupdate from dashboard Option Added.

Version 1.3.0 : 15 Feb 2019

UPDATE : Info Box Widget : Style-3 - Pin Option Added with New Design Options UPDATE : Video Background Fixed Option : You can make your youtube/Vimeo/Self-hosted videos Fixed in all devices. UPDATE : Resolved : Parallax Background working in all devices(especially in mobile devices). UPDATE : When you hide any Column-Section, It will show content with opacity. It will make it easy to identify your hidden content as per device. UPDATE : Column Width Option (With Responsive Values). Use Value in Pixels, % or Calc(value). ADDED : Column Hide Option (With Responsive Values) ADDED : Column Order Option (With Responsive Value) ADDED : Column Responsive Breakpoints (You can setup multiple break points and setup Width/Visibility/Order of Column Accordingly) ADDED : Custom CSS option in Column and Section's Advanced Options. ADDED : New Widget : Circle Menu ADDED : New Widget : Off Canvas ADDED : Responsive Fallback Image/GIF for Video Backgrounds : We have added fallback Image/Gif Options with all positions settings for all devices. ADDED : Widget : "Row Background" -> Middle Layer -> "Multi layer Parallax" Option Added for Scroll magic Based Parallax Designs. Fire Watch Demo Created Using that Options ADDED : Plus Design : 25+ Hero Section Blocks ADDED : Plus Design : 23+ Main Content Blocks ADDED : Plus Design : 10+ Creative Content Blocks ADDED : Plus Design : 10+ Features Blocks ADDED : Plus Design : 3+ Steps Blocks Few Minor Bug Fixes

Version 1.2.0 : 28 Dec 2018

ADDED : New Widget : "WooCommerce Product Listing" with all Listing and Carousel Options ADDED : New Widget : "Carousel Anything" ADDED : New Widget : "Hotspot/Pinpoint" ADDED : New Widget : "Carousel Remote" ADDED : New Widget : "Number Counter" ADDED : New Widget : "Posts Search Bar" ADDED : 10+ Plus Templates ADDED : PlusDesigns Section in Plugin Settings for Design Import Export ADDED : Verification System with Envato licence key ADDED : "Tabs/Tours + Accordions" can be connected to "Carousel Anything" Widget for Creative Layouts UPDATE : Tag option in Blog Post for Query generation UPDATE : Updated "View Scroll Animation"' with new JS Version as well as Added Out Animation options for Reverse Scroll Animation. UPDATE : "On Scroll View Animation" Offset Option Added in to "The Plus Settings" UPDATE : Ken burn effect in deep layer of row background. UPDATE : Social Icons "Custom" style option added UPDATE : Carousel icon Style 1 Update UPDATE : Option of outer display for arrows added in carousel options. UPDATE : Overflow:Hidden Options added for Image Cascading UPDATE : New options added of Ribbon and Previous Price in "Pricing Table" UPDATE : Special Style 4 added in Image Galley - Just for Carousel Options UPDATE : On Scroll Animation jQuery loading page issue. FIX : Segmentation Background Improved by Making it active by default instead on hover. FIX : Stylish List Responsive Issues Resolved for PIN HINT FIX : Font Awesome Font Load Issue Resolved. FIX : Other Bug Fixes REQUEST : Please Rate us ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ If you like what we do.

Version 1.1.0 : 19 Nov 2018

Added : Custom Post type "Team Member" Added : New Widget "Google Maps" Added : Demo Pages Json File Import Export Functionality in The Plus Settings.

Version 1.0.0 : 16 Nov 2018

Initial Release

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