The City - Place App with Backend 7.3
The City - Place App with Backend 7.3

The City - Place App with Backend 7.3

by Developer
  • Uploaded : 16th May 2023
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Overview :

Description The City is android app template show interesting place from a city with description and some attribute. This app is suitable tourists or city guide. The City template is best choice to improve tourism and promote you best place at your city.

Develop with native language makes app run smooth and fast. All data stored in local SQLite database so app works in offline mode. Follow the latest design Google Material Design and beautiful animations effect.

Admin side is integrated to manage place data, you can edit and update the data anywhere and anytime. GCM notification feature allow admin to send notifications to many users when there change with the data. Admin side also follow the latest design Google Material Design and beautiful animations effect, make this is prefect template for you.

Feature #ANDROID : Implement Material Design for Android Cached Image Offline Mode Support Hide on scroll actionbar Material Drawer With Category Menu Favorite Place Easy color customize Animated Floating action button Animation transition effect MapView show place location Map Activity With Categorize Places Featured Category For Recomended Places Navigate to the place location Filter search place History recent search Share Place Beauty Splash Screen Light Server Request Beauty Card View Support multiple Image for single place Webview for Description Place Sort by Nearby when GPS active Animate Fab when scrolling Slider gallery display image Clear local image cache Android Parallax Scrollbar Support Multiple Screen Dial Phone of place Notifications Sound Setting Image Push Notification Feature News Info News Info Details Notification Vibration Setting SQLite database for store offline data Ripple Effect Open Website of place Integrated with FCM push notification Integrate with Google Analytics Ads Banner & Interstitial Integrated Using Android Studio & Build Gradle Support 4 Ad network : admob, fan, unity, applovin Clean & Neat Code (relative) Support Multiple Screen #WEB ADMIN : Implement Material Design Web Admin Material Form Material dialog view Support Multi User Horizontal loading Responsive Web Admin Responsive Drawer Menu Categories Display place Responsive Table Web Admin Using Angular Material Easy Customize color All in one file API Support multiple Image Upload Support multiple Category for one Place Integrated with FCM push notification Implement pagination for Place and Gcm list Unlimited FCM notifications Ripple Effect Material Drawer Beauty Cardview Search Place Field Rich Text Editor Light and Clean Code (relative)


Full Android Source Code Full Admin Panel Source Code Android Project Documentation Admin Panel Documentation

CHANGE LOG : # UPDATE 7.3 - ( 10 May 2023 ) - Android Studio Flaminggo - Android Gradle Plugin (AGP) - Update dependencies - Update Android Studio project with new structure - Add notification permission request - Single file configuration android - Add card slider on maps - Add 4 ad networks Admob, Fan, Unity, Ironsource, Applovin # UPDATE 7.2 - ( 19 Mar 2022 ) - Update latest gradle, library tools, - Update target SDK to 31 - Implement remote config for ad network - Implement 4 Ad network : admob, fan, unity, applovin # UPDATE V 7.1 - ( 2 Dec 2020 ) - Fix crash on click notification - Improve grid place ratio - Improve header news info ratio - Improve header place details ratio - Update gradle, build tools, and library version # UPDATE V 7.0 - ( 6 Apr 2020 ) - Migrate to AndroidX, - Update latest gradle, library tools, - Improve admob placement, - Improve notification with image, - Improve getter location, - Fix bug on lazy load # UPDATE V 6.6 - ( 16 Oct 2019 ) - Update to SDK 28, - Change image loader to Glide, - Change Google analytics to Firebase analytics, - Update latest gradle tools, - Update deprecated fcm notif url # UPDATE V 6.5 - ( 29 April 2019 ) - Update admob SDK to latest version, - Improve loading speed for large data, - Improve Fullscreen image view, - Add banner for main page, - Update latest gradle tools, - Add menu More Apps, - Reduce duplicate request when load page admin panel # UPDATE V 6.4 - ( 22 Jul 2018 ) - Migrate to FCM - Add ads inside News Info - Fix Notification for Oreo - Update latest gradle tools - Add GDPR admob # UPDATE V 6.3 - ( 26 Jan 2018 ) - Add feature News Info - Image on push notification - Improve distance place sorting - Update to latest gradle tools and library # UPDATE V 6.2 - ( 08 Sept 2017 ) - Remove permission.GET_ACCOUNTS for policy violation - Improve admin panel save image # UPDATE V 6.1 - ( 30 Apr 2017 ) - Fix draining battery when use GPS - Integrate with Web Version : # UPDATE V 6.0 - ( 16 Mar 2017 ) - Improvement UI layout android - Add recent history search android - Bug fix for GPS location update - Add search feature admin panel - Add rich text editor admin panel # UPDATE V 5.0 - ( 13 Nov 2016 ) - Multiple Notification - Improve Form edit/add place - Add scurity manipulate data on server - Fix not accurate lat lng location - Migrate to retrofit for REST Endpoint - Improve permission request - Add pagination when load large data - Notification direct to place details - Refactor all string into strings.xml - Add advance search on Android # UPDATE V 4.1.1 - ( 22 Aug 2016 ) - bug fix pagination place.js and gcm.js # UPDATE V 4.1 - ( 17 Aug 2016 ) - Add new feature sort by Nearby in Android - Animate floating action button on scroll - Improve get current location at ActvityMaps - Implement pagination at Admin Panel - Support more than 1000 GCM notifications # UPDATE V 4.0 - ( 13 Jul 2016 ) - Bug fix theme color overlap Activity - Improvement GCM device registration - Integrate with Google Analytics - Update to latest support library - Support large text for push notification - Trigger refresh when send notification # UPDATE V 3.2 - ( 8 Jun 2016 ) - Bug Fix Custom Marker Android 4.0 # UPDATE V 3.0 - ( 31 May 2016 ) - Custom Marker Icon on Maps - Theme Chooser ( 15 Color Variant ) - Use Lazy API request Place details ( for Large data ) - Add Flag ( enable/disable ) lazy request at AppConfig - Fix Double Activity Place Details # UPDATE V 2.2 - ( 15 May 2016 ) - Add AppConfig : easy way to enable/disable ads - Fix Crash and Some Bugs - Clean Some Code - Fix Error when Build project # UPDATE V 2.1 - ( 4 May 2016 ) - Add dialog request permission for android M # UPDATE V 2.0 - ( 1 May 2016 ) -Add New Category 'Featured Places' -Add Maps with Categorized Places -Add Maps For Single Place -Update GCM registration -Add Documatation Step to Add New Category



username : user_place
password : user

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Material Ripple : Image Loader : Rest API :

For buyers who may be confused between “The City – Place App with Backend” with “City Guide – Map App for Android” is a different item. as well Dreamspace with Robotemplates is different author.

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