Table Reservation, Food Menu & Online Food Ordering for WooCommerce
Table Reservation, Food Menu & Online Food Ordering for WooCommerce

Table Reservation, Food Menu & Online Food Ordering for WooCommerce

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  • Uploaded : 30th April 2023
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Overview :

WPCafe is a flexible and easy to use Food Menu and Restaurant Reservation WordPress plugin. It is a package of solutions to manage Restaurant Reservation, WooCommerce Food Ordering, Restaurant Menu, Online Ordering and more.

Please, check this complete walk-through video from Darrel Wilson, your favorite WordPress tutor. We believe this video can help you in many ways. Specially, you can discover many corner cases and amazing functions that bring more sales.

WPCafe provides flexible options to easily design Food menu, categories, Reservation Form, tags and ingredients. It also included Elementor Builder Widgets and default WordPress shortcodes to support WP Bakery, Divi Builder so that your Food Menu and Reservation form can display any page, post or widgets. 

Video Doc for WP Cafe Pro and Check Roadmaps

CURRENT VERSION 2.2.15 (See Change log at the bottom of this page)


Plugin Features 30+ Food Menu designs WP Bakery and Divi Builder Compatible with WordPress Shortcode Stylist Reservation Forms Multivendor Dokan Compatibility with Food Menu RTL Langauge Support WooCommerce Food Menu & Food ordering Location List Layout Widget Elementor Widgets Support Ajax Mini Cart Option to Design Color on Mini-Cart Day-wise booking restriction based on seat capacity Multistyle Food Menus in a page Elementor Page Builder Widgets WP Shortcode to insert menu into any text area Pickup and delivery options

Food Menu Options:

Food Menu Based on Location Discount on menu items ( Percentage discount , Discount on overall purchase) Live Search Food Menus can be displayed in posts, pages, and widgets Option to create one or two column Food Menus For Hassle free transaction system in Food Menu Ordering WP Cafe integrated with WooCommerce. Category list layout widget Location list layout widget Variation Product Quick View Override WooCommerce Default layout WooCommerce invoice print and PDF download Location selection popup for homepage

Advance Reservation:

Restaurant open and closing scheduling widget Day-wise restaurant opening / closing schedule ( Single-slot / Multi-slot ) Special day booking system Pickup / Delivery schedule management Reservation list on admin dashboard Customizable e-mail notifications can be sent to customers to provide confirmation, or cancellation Reservation can be automatically restricted at specified dates and times Reservation form can be placed in pages, posts, and widgets Reservation details and printing option. Early-booking / Late-booking system Change Log Free 2.2.14 and Pro 2.2.15 ( April 26, 2023 ) Tweak : PHP & JS script optimization Free 2.2.13 and Pro 2.2.14 ( April 02, 2023 ) Fix : Reservation Exception date timezone issue Fix : Elementor widget bug fix Added : Reservation single/multiple slot maximum seat capacity issue Tweak : Visual table reservation booked seat issue Free 2.2.12 and Pro 2.2.13 ( January 02, 2022 ) Tweak : Reservation confirmation email's date format changing Tweak : Reservation email booking date format updated Tweak : Reservation form field translation improvement Fix : Cart icon update from admin Added : Reservation extra field checkbox type Tweak : Reservation form UX updated Free 2.2.11 and Pro 2.2.12 ( December 12, 2022 ) Tweak : UX improvement Tweak : PHP,JS script optimization Added : Food menu search with product, price, categories & deliver type Free 2.2.10 and Pro 2.2.11 ( November 28, 2022 ) Fix : Astra Theme conflict fix Tweak : PHP,JS script optimization Fix : Divi Delivery & Pickup module overlapping Fix : Product Addons compatibility with Astra Theme Fix : Food with reservation form issue Free 2.2.9 and Pro 2.2.10 ( November 14, 2022 ) Fix : Email send issue fixed Tweak : Improve floating point pricing Tweak : Seat capacity functionality improved Fix : Variation popup "Add to Cart" button ajax functionality Fix : Product addon option not showing in single product page Fix : Delivery weekly schedule day select/deselect issue Free 2.2.8 and Pro 2.2.9 ( October 23, 2022 ) Tweak : PHP,JS script Optimization Fix : External product adding to cart Fix : Reservation single & multiple slot seat capacity Fix : Reservation multiple settings markup Fix : Remove pickup/delivery from mini-cart when disable from admin Free 2.2.7 and Pro 2.2.8 ( September 14, 2022 ) Tweak : Reservation form time field UX improve Tweak : PHP script optimization Tweak : CSS code optimization Added : New style added in Reservation Version: 2.2.7 ( August 07, 2022 ) Tweak : Cafe Multi vendor Global product addons Tweak : Food Delivery widget UX updated Version: 2.2.6 ( July 27, 2022 ) Tweak : Product addons admin dashboard UI update Tweak : All tab active issue solved for food tab Tweak : Cart page minimum order notification dynamic currency symbol position Fix : Food location filter searching issue Version: 2.2.5 ( July 19, 2022 ) Fix : Reservation report filter Version: 2.2.4 ( July 08, 2022 ) Added : Fluent CRM integration Tweak : Product addons category select option updated Version: 2.2.3( June 28, 2022 ) Tweak : Food location widget UX update Version: 2.2.2( June 20, 2022 ) Added : Food store location with Google map widget Tweak : Pickup,Delivery schedule update Tweak : Theme compatibility check Tweak : PHP script optimization Tweak : Compatible with WordPress 6.0 Version: 2.2.0( May 22, 2022 ) Added : Food store location in Google map Added : Google autocomplete address in checkout Added : Minimum order amount to place order Tweak : Remove deliver charge for pickup Version: 2.1.4( April 27, 2022 ) Tweak : Admin dashboard UX optimization Version: 2.1.3( April 20, 2022 ) Tweak : Reservation form UX updated Version: 2.1.2( April 12, 2022 ) Fix : Reservation form not working Fix : Time format update in reservation form Version: 2.1.0( April 10, 2022 ) Added : Visual Table Reservation Added : Pickup/ delivery time format updated Added : Cart icon and popup icon fixed in food menu shortcode and widget Version: 2.0.0( April 03, 2022 ) Added : Analytical report for food order and reservation Added : Brand new UX in Admin dashboard Added : UX update in Reservation report Version: 1.6.3( March 20, 2022 ) Added : Brand new Design of Mini cart Added : Brand new UI/UX Added : Order bump option in mini-cart Added : Variation popup gallery image added Added : Coupon form added in mini-cart Tweak : Multiple schedule name is showing in reservation form Tweak : Reservation form date and time format updated Version: 1.6.2( February 23, 2022 ) Added : Food ordering type added in order report table Added : Food Preparing,Delivery time showing in single page Tweak : SEO friendly title in variation popup Fix : New Order sound notification interval playing issue fix Version: 1.6.1( February 15, 2022 ) Tweak : Reservation form UX update Tweak : Order notification feature updated Fix : Pickup/Delivery form UX update Fix : Tax issue solved in mini-cart Version: 1.5.9 ( January 24, 2022 ) Added: Loyalty Program Integration Added: Thermal Printer Integration Added : Text option added in food menu addons Added : Repeat sound notification for missing order Tweak : UX updated for Food ordering Tweak : Settings option Improve Tweak : PHP script optimization Fix : Seat capacity minimum guest fix for food with reservation Fix : Multi-slot everyday schedule start from current time in reservation Fix : Multi-slot exception schedule Version: 1.5.8 ( January 16, 2022 ) Added : Dynamic sound for new order notification Tweak : Order type and schedule added in order details Tweak : Menu of the day UX updated Fix : Menu of the day responsive issue fix Version: 1.5.7 ( January 09, 2022 ) Added : Special menu popup Added : Food menu modal icon change option Tweak : Adding item in cart based on location for filter location shortcode and widget Tweak : Product addons UX updated Tweak : Pickup/Delivery schedule UX updated Tweak : Food with reservation discard option added in cart and checkout page Tweak : PHP script optimization Tweak : Compatible with Wordpress 5.8.3 Fix : Variation product clear button fix Version: 1.5.5 ( December 27, 2021 ) Added : Zapier integration Added : Pabbly Connect integration Tweak : Product addons frontend validation added Fix : Pickup/ delivery holiday schedule for all date format Fix : Reservation holiday schedule for all date format Fix : Product Addons add-to-cart validation fix for required addons Version: 1.5.4 ( December 21, 2021 ) Added : Product addons options for food menu Tweak : Tooltip text escaping added Tweak : CSS update Tweak : Pickup/ delivery schedule start from current time Fix : Decimal formation adjustment to addons price Fix : Translation and escaping issues Fix : Typo issue fix Version: 1.5.3 ( December 19, 2021 ) Added : Global addons support added for Product Addons feature Added : Discount feature support added for Product Addons feature Tweak : Query optimization for speed optimization Fix : Date format issue fix for reservation Version: 1.5.2 ( December 13, 2021 ) Fix : Typography issue fix Fix : Pickup schedule auto translation Fix : Extra Product addons mini-cart subtotal updating Fix : Delivery schedule settings option reset Fix : Mini cart subtotal updated for product addons Version: 1.5.1 ( December 09, 2021 ) Tweak : Admin dashboard design update Fix : Settings selected tab issue fix Version: 1.5.0 ( December 08, 2021 ) Added : Extra product options ( Product addons ) for food menu Added : Branch wise booking notification for reservation Tweak : PHP script optimization Fix : JS fix Version: 1.4.7 ( November 22, 2021 ) Added : Reservation holiday schedule added Tweak : PHP script optimization Fix : Multiple slot reservation schedule guest option Version: 1.4.6 ( November 16, 2021 ) Added : New Order Notification from Admin area Added : Tipping Option for Orders Version: 1.4.5 ( November 09, 2021 ) Tweak : Multi-slot all days / different day schedule validation in admin setting Tweak : Multi-slot schedule UX update in admin settings Version: 1.4.4 ( October 27, 2021 ) Added : Tool tip added in admin settings Tweak : Pickup/Delivery schedule validation update in admin settings Tweak : Clear text exchange to reset icon Tweak : Seat capacity settings update Tweak : Settings label and description update Tweak : Thankyou page pickup and delivery time picker update Tweak : Thankyou page print and download button visibility update Tweak : WooCommerce product single page custom template rendering mechanism update Tweak : Clear button to reset input content Tweak : Delete button to delete repeater block Fix : Multi-slot time picker bug fix Fix : Weekly schedule array offset issue fixed for blank data Fix : WPC Location List Pro widget image hover zoom not working fixed Fix : WPC Category List Pro widget image hover zoom not working fixed Fix : WooCommerce category menu ordering not working issue fixed Fix : Flat discount message not showing on cart and checkout page issue fixed Fix : Food menu tab slider auto-play option Fix : Food location widget variation popup Fix : Load more widget control Fix : Admin settings saving Fix : Typo fix Fix : CSS fix Version: 1.4.3 ( September 27, 2021 ) Fix : License module fix Fix : Empty status check for reservation date Version: 1.4.2 ( August 30, 2021 ) Tweak : Translation updated Tweak : PHP 8 compatible Tweak : WordPress 5.8 compatible Fix : Multi slot reservation schedule Version: 1.4.1 ( August 05, 2021 ) Fix : Multiple slot reservation seat capacity issue Fix : Pickup , Delivery exception time picker admin settings issue Tweak : Translation updated Tweak : Reservation form UX updated Tweak : PHP script optimization Version: 1.4.0 ( July 19, 2021 ) Fix : Multiple slot reservation time format fix Tweak : PHP script optimization Tweak : JS script optimization Version: 1.3.9 ( 5th July, 2021 ) Tweak : PHP script optimization Tweak : JS script optimization Version: 1.3.8 ( 24 June, 2021 ) Added : Multiple slot schedule in different days Added : Reservation placing time added in booking details and export Tweak : Performance optimization Version: 1.3.7 ( 14 June, 2021 ) Added New : Reservation with food order Added : Shortcode builder Fix : Flat discount price updated Tweak : Performance optimization Version: 1.3.6 ( 23 May, 2021 ) Added : Filter reservation report by booking date. Tweak : Update plugin structure Fix : Css fix Version: 1.3.5 ( April 28, 2021 ) Added : Product add to cart success message added. Added : Food preparing and delivery time in email notification Tweak : Update plugin structure from conventional to OOP Fix : Order type in mini cart markup update Fix : Css fix Version: 1.3.4 ( April 19, 2021 ) Tweak : Performance optimization Fix : Css fix Fix : Food price with tax Fix : Location text bug fix Fix : Food discount markup update Fix : Multi-site license issue fix Fix : Translation issue fix New : Multivendor compatibility update Version: 1.3.3 ( April 04, 2021 ) Fix : Css fix Fix : Reservation form bug fix Fix : Food menu tab widget product price fix Fix : Food delivery time bug fix Fix : License module bug fix Version: 1.3.2 ( March 23, 2021 ) Added : Order preparing days for delivery Added : Food location added in Food order email Added : Divi Builder Compatibility Tweak : Performance optimization Fix : Reservation time schedule in email notification updated Fix : Css fixes Version: 1.3.1 ( March 09, 2021 ) Added : Ajax Quantity picker added in mini-cart Tweak : Performance optimization Fix : Css fixes Version: 1.3.0 ( February 25, 2021 ) Added : Reservation form style added Added : Order type delivery and pickup date and time format Fix : Css fixes Fix : General bug fix Version: 1.2.9 ( February 2, 2021 ) Added : Food branch added in reservation form Tweak : Order type closing option added Tweak : Performance optimization Fix : Css fixes Fix : General bug fix Version: 1.2.8 ( January 19, 2021 ) Added : Reservation form style added Tweak : Inout validations updated Tweak : Reservation form UX updated Tweak : Order type form validation updated Tweak : Performance update Fix : Css fixes Version: 1.2.3 ( January 12, 2021 ) Fix : Css fixes Fix : General bug fixes Fix : Variable product pop-up issue fixes Version: 1.2.2 ( January 11, 2021 ) Added : Pickup and delivery time validation Fix : Css fixes Fix : General bug fixes Tweak : Code optimization and performance update Version: 1.2.1 ( January 05, 2021 ) Added : Order type and schedule in food order notification Fix : Css fixes Fix : General bug fixes Tweak : Update order type feature in minicart Tweak : Discount price added into shortcode and widgets Tweak : Capacity over message updated Tweak : Code optimization and performance update Version: 1.2.0 ( December 29, 2020 ) Fix : Css fixes Tweak : Discount price updated Tweak : UX update in shortcode and widget Version: 1.1.9 ( December 15, 2020 ) New : Add new food menu slider classic widget New : Add new options "nav position" in food menu tab widget Fix : Css fixes Fix : Update escaping and translation New : Added Licensing Option Tweak : Folder structure updated Tweak : JS script optimization Tweak : Performance update Tweak : Guest size settings validation update Version: 1.1.8 ( November 30, 2020 ) New : Dynamic Delivery and pickup time interval in checkout Fix : Solve theme conflict with OceanWP theme Fix : LoadMore widget and shortcode variation popup content Fix : Reservation report bulk action working Tweak : Performance update Version: 1.1.7 ( November 17, 2020 ) Added : Dynamic Reservation button text. Added : Multi slot reservation schedule. Added : Multi slot reservation seat capacity. Fix : Solve theme conflict with Astra theme Fix : Reservation pro widget display image Version: 1.1.6 Added : Dynamic 'from' and 'to' field on reservation ( Show/Hide, Required/Optional, Label text change option ) Added : Add extra field in reservation form dynamically Tweak : Admin and user notifications are allowed by default Fix : Time clear button bug Version: 1.1.5 Fix : Update Settings options validation Tweak : .Pot file updated Version: 1.1.4 Fix : Update escaping and translation Tweak : JS script optimization Version: 1.1.3 Fix : Update escaping and translation Fix : Variation popup issues fix in live search product Fix : Css fixes Tweak : Image control in food location taxonomy Tweak : Performance update New : Live search on category and title in free widget New : Download and print invoice New : Export reservation report New : Added new WordPress shortcodes with 20+ new styles New : Override woo-commerce default layout styles and templates Version: 1.1.2 Fix : Design issue fixes Tweak : Elementor widget code optimization New : Live search on category and title in Shortcode - List pro, Tab pro New : Live search on category and title in Elementor widgets - List widget , Tab widget New : Daywise booking restriction based on seat capacity New : Category list layout widget New : Location list layout widget New : RTL Language Support Tweak : Preset color update Version: 1.1.1 Fix : Design issues fixes Fix : Discount calculation bug fixes Tweak : Update price for Multivariant products on quick-view Tweak : Quick-view markup rendering issue fixes for both Elementor widgets and shortcode Tweak : Elementor widgets optimization and performance update Tweak : JS script optimization Version: 1.1.0 Fix : Settings bug fixes Fix : Time compare settings related issue fixes Fix : Delivery and Pickup feature time related issue fixes Fix : Guest size saving related issue fixes Added : Added support for variation product in shortcode Added : Added support for variation product in Elementor widgets Added : Added pickup / delivery option in minicart Tweak : Optimization and performance update for Elementor widgets Tweak : Optimization and performance update for shortcode

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