Super Store Finder for WordPress (Google Maps Store Locator)
Super Store Finder for WordPress (Google Maps Store Locator)

Super Store Finder for WordPress (Google Maps Store Locator)

by Developer
  • Uploaded : 10th September 2023
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Overview :


Super Store Finder for WordPress

Super Store Finder for WordPress is a fully-featured store locator WordPress plugin integrated with the latest Google Maps API that allows customers to locate your stores easily. Tailor-made with intuitive responsive design for smartphones, tablets and touch screen devices. It has powerful administrator that allows you to manage stores, tags/categories and customize styles, colors, labels, notifications, regions and map settings.

Setup is really easy and quick (Refer installation guide documentation here and our world-class support is always reliable and fantastic.

This plugin is compatible with the latest version of Page Builders including WPBakery Page Builder, Elementor, Cornerstone, etc.

Main Features Easy to install and use Store Locator WordPress Plugin Responsive Design and tailor-made for mobile devices Flat theme store locator Multiple store locator layouts to choose from Supports Full Width Google Maps display Supports multi-language (compatible with WPML or translation plugin) Manage unlimited store locations Store Locator Analytics Tracking feature to track your store views, most viewed stores, location searches, telephone and email clicks, as well as generate analytical reports. Full screen Street View feature Extensive Map settings to show all stores, specific location or geo location Well-designed Store Filter with Collapsible Panel Intuitive user-interface and notifications Total stores counter Manage Store Tags and Categories with Filters Customizable Region Filters Customizable Country Filters Customizable styles and colors via administrator Customized labels and text captions Labeled map markers Import/Export address list using CSV file format Upload beautiful images with zoom feature Display embedded video showcase on your store locator Support custom markers Drag and Drop markers or enter latitude or longitude manually during add/edit store Built-in contact form for each store Additional / Custom fields Request add location form GDPR compliant settings Search widget feature Publish / Unpublish stores easily SEO Friendly Store Locator Can be used as Distributor / Dealer Locator Extensible Features by using available add-ons (Learn more about add-ons here) Features Highlight

Fully responsive with Multiple Layouts For Your Store Locator

Super Store Finder for WordPress has intuitive responsive design with the highest aesthetic and is tailor-made for mobile and touch-screen devices. It supports full-width display as well as works wonderfully on mobile devices, tablets and smartphones. Multiple store locator design layouts with fully customizable styling are included in the plugin.

Powerful WordPress Store Locator Admin

Manage your stores, tags, styling, map settings, labels, captions, regions, etc via powerful store locator admin.

Store Locator Analytics Tracking Dashboard

The Store Locator Analytics Tracking Dashboard feature allows you to track your stores activity such as store views, customer searched location, telephone and email clicks. You can generate weekly, monthly and yearly analytics report into Excel and CSV format.

Built-in Exact Geo Location

Super Store Finder is built-in with exact Geo Location which allows your customers to route and get to your store outlets the easiest way.

Extensive Map Settings

Decide to show all stores, specific location or use geo location when customers start browsing your store locator

Google Street View

Enjoy viewing street view in huge scale screen size. Zoom, pan and navigate through the panoramic view of your favorite outlets world-wide

Slick Collapse-able Panel

Slick Collapse-able panel to showcase available categories/tags and available regions which can be fully customized via admin.

Upload Beautiful Images

You can upload beautiful images that will be displayed on your ever engaging store locator.

Showcase a Video on your Store Locator

You can embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo, etc. to your store locator. Get customers to watch what you have to offer or let them watch a sneak peek trailer.

Set Custom Markers

Have your own custom markers? Now you can simply upload custom markers via administrator.

Search stores by Region

You can now search stores by regions world-wide. As an administrator, you can customize point of interest which you can set for your customers to quickly know on your whereabouts.

Search stores by Country

Allow customers to filter your stores based on country. As an administrator, you can enable this setting via admin settings page which allows you to set countries to your stores.

Contact Form for Individual Store

Each store is built-in with contact form which has multiple settings to send to individual store or admin setting email.

Import with GeoCode / Export Address List

You can import and geocode / export address list from csv file without any hassle via the admin panel.

Search Widgets

Easily create search widgets on your website that will link to your store locator page when a visitor’s enter zip or address.

Drag and Drop Map Markers

For precise latitude and longitude position, you can drag and drop the markers to pin point the most exact location of your stores.

Set your own labels for your store locator

For instance, if you would like to showcase clinics, you can customize the labels and captions to suit your store locator via admin settings.

Customizable Colors and Styles

Customize Colors and Styles for your store locator to suit your company and website branding / corporate branding. You can change the map color, panel colors, text colors and many more from the administrator’s panel.

Custom Map Styling Code

Need a map style that suits your website user interface? You can use custom Google Maps code, or easily get great available style codes from and copy/paste it via admin settings page.

Extended Features with Add-Ons

Extend your WordPress store locator features using available add-ons as below.

Fast and Reliable Support

We provide fast and reliable support to our customers, whether its an inquiry, troubleshooting, customization and special requests. If you need help with installation, just send us a message via our profile page here.

For knowledge base and forums you can visit the following links:

You can visit and also follow us on Envato for new releases and products here

What are buyers saying about Super Store Finder

“First, I would like to say?Great Job! One of the better store locator systems I have come across.”

“I just bought this and started using it on my site within minutes. I am not a programmer and this was still very easy!”

“Just purchased the Super Store Finder and it’s fantastic, exactly what my client needed and just the right level of customisation, so thank you for your efforts! Great value script.”
-Anna Trundle

“Fantastic product & best support. thank you?”

“This is the best store finder script on codecanyon! Keep up with a great job!”

You can find more reviews from real buyers in testimonials page.

Real world usage

More real world examples available here.

Please note that all store finder designs are copyrighted by their authors.

If you wish (or don?t wish) your site to be listed here, please send us a message.

Follow our latest updates and videos on Changelog / Updates

6.9.2 (Last updated: 6 Sep 2023)

Added compatibility with Blocks Theme

6.9.1 (Last updated: 28 Jun 2023)

Hide Google API key

6.9 (Last updated: 10 Jan 2023)

Added Additional / Custom Fields (More Info) Added Store Locator Thumbnail Option (More Info)

6.8 (Last updated: 27 Nov 2022)

Added recaptcha option for store’s contact form (More Info) Added lat and lng url parameter to be passed to store locator map Added location url parameter to be passed to store locator map

6.7 (Last updated: 29 Apr 2022)

Updated existing GDPR setting with cookies to access Google Maps (Patch Details) Fixed compatibility with Elementor Optimized DOM Output Active experimental setting.

6.6 (Last updated: 6 Jan 2022)

Added .po language file in language folder Updated source code including “use strict” in JS files, use .on() for all JS functions, etc Updated all libraries to the latest version Added scroll to top background and font color settings Fixed color palette not floating at admin settings page

6.5 (Last updated: 19 Jun 2021)

Fixed minor CSS issue related to mobile Filter

6.4 (Last updated: 9 Mar 2021)

Fixed SQL Injection related to minor search query

6.3 (Last updated: 16 Feb 2021)

Fixed result list not showing correct distance matrix if radius filter is disabled Fixed jQuery code update that causing issue when deleting images Added the ability to add autocomplete to search widget (Patch Details)

6.2 (Last updated: 22 Oct 2020) – Patch Details

Fixed plugin Vulnerability post Penetration Test

6.1 (Last updated: 13 Oct 2020) – Patch Details

Added icons option to be shown in info window Added Load Plugin Asset option at admin settings page Added email notification whenever a store received a new review/rating Added WPML Translation for External URL Update compatibility with WPBakery Page Builder

6.0 (Last updated: 3 Mar 2020) – Patch Details

Added Store Analytics Tracking Feature Added Show All link option in mobile

5.8 (Last updated: 4 Feb 2020)

Updated Google Fonts List

5.7 (Last updated: 24 Oct 2019)

Added GDPR Compliant settings (Patch Details) Added JSON data source option (Patch Details) Hotfixed CSS compatibility with some WP themes Added WooCommerce User Roles Fixed minor issue with JS info window title Hotfixed WPML translation for tags on info window

5.6 (Last updated: 30 Jul 2019)

Enhanced Request Add Store Form Fixed Mobile Gesture Settings (Latest Google Map Updates)

5.5 (Last updated: 18 Jul 2019)

Added Google Geocoding key field (for import) at admin settings page

5.4 (Last updated: 29 Jun 2019)

Added country grouping filter option at admin settings page (Patch Details)

5.3 (Last updated: 19 Jun 2019)

Added settings to show/hide tags in info window and result list (Patch Details)

5.2 (Last updated: 1 Apr 2019)

Added Google autocomplete at address field in request add store page Added notification link color setting at admin settings page

5.1 (Last updated: 24 Mar 2019)

Added category parameter in the url (Patch Details)

5.0 (Last updated: 25 Jan 2019) – Patch Details

Added request add location form at frontend Added Publish / Unpublish feature at admin store listing (Ensure to Deactivate and Reactivate Plugin after patching files or refer to the upgrade instructions in order to avoid stores from not publishing) Added collapsible sections at admin settings page

4.5 (Last updated: 20 Dec 2018)

Fixed Misc CSS compatibility Added hide email in info window setting

4.4 (Last updated: 10 Oct 2018)

Updated infobox.packed.js Google Maps Utility Library to fix marker zoom / centralize issue due to Google Maps API updates. (Patch Details)

4.3 (Last updated: 16 Jul 2018)

Added location attribute to shortcode (Patch Details) Fixed compatibility with WooCommerce 3.33

4.2 (Last updated: 8 Oct 2017)

Added font selector at admin settings page

4.2.1 (Last updated: 30 Dec 2017) – Patch Details

Added auto to scrolling options at admin when clicking on results or markers Added setting to hide radius filter at admin settings page

4.1 (Last updated: 1 Sep 2017) – Patch Details

Fixed compatibility issue with the latest version of WPML (3.7/3.8)

4.0 (Last updated: 30 Aug 2017) – Patch Details

Added new layouts for Super Store Finder Added mobile gesture setting Added compatibility with custom category marker add-on Added option to show / hide geo locator icon

3.6 (Last updated: 26 Aug 2016)

Added multiple roles settings at admin Added Google Region settings at admin Added Google Language settings at admin Added scroll enable/disable feature settings at admin Added State and Zip Label settings at admin Added Tel/Fax link settings at admin

3.6.1 (Last updated: 28 Oct 2016)

Centralized the alignment of pop up image Added advanced zoom settings at admin Added restore default settings button at admin settings page

3.6.2 (Last updated: 11 Dec 2016)

Added setting option at admin to move the search bar above the Map (More Info) Fixed minor CSS compatibility issue

3.6.3 (Last updated: 9 Mar 2017)

Added setting for marker letter color Fixed Notification bar hide/show settings

3.6.4 (Last updated: 1 May 2017)

Added more settings font/background colors for store locator content Fixed category select button consistency with search button

3.5 (Last updated: 22 June 2016)

Added Compatibility with WPML Added Google API key field at settings page Added Scroll To at settings page Fixed show all link if zoom settings is not auto

3.5.1 (Last updated: 16 Aug 2016)

Minor CSS fix and added compatibility to some WP Themes and Plugins

3.4 (Last updated: 17 June 2016)

Added compatibility with Reviews & Ratings Add-on You can now add categories beginning with numbers

3.3 (Last updated: 30 May 2016)

Added compatibility with Distance Radius Add-on Added compatibility of Opening Hours collapsible icon with minor WP themes.

3.2 (Last updated: 4 Dec 2015)

Notice: All add-ons files are required to be updated

Added result header settings at admin (More info available here)

3.2.1 (Last updated: 7 Feb 2016)

Added pagination feature that can be enabled via admin (more info)

3.2.2 (Last updated: 31 Mar 2016)

Fixed minor compatibility issue with the latest version of WPBakery Page Builder

3.2.3 (Last updated: 18 Apr 2016)

Fixed sort with alphabetical order for show all link Fixed pop up compatibility issue with Avada Theme Fixed default location loading if visitor does not allow location access

3.2.4 (Last updated: 1 May 2016)

Fixed filter box CSS conflict with minor WordPress themes

3.2.5 (Last updated: 9 May 2016)

Fixed images link if server is using HTTPS (SSL)

3.1 (Last updated: 4 Dec 2015)

Notice: All add-ons files are required to be updated

Added zoom level settings Added mouse scroll on map settings 3.0 * MAJOR UPDATE *(Last Update 21 Nov 2015)

Notice: Upgrade instructions available here. Added store locator page loader Added contact form for each store Added labels for contact form at settings page Added manage region page at admin Added Filter panel show/hide options Added collapsible icon for Opening Hours Added HTML editor for Opening Hours Added HTML editor for Description Moved Add Store link within Stores page Moved Add Region link within Regions page Added shortcode options to show default category upon load

2.6 (Last updated: 31 Oct 2015)

Added Add-on page at admin to allow extensibility of Super Store Finder features (Learn more about add-ons here)

2.6.1 (Last updated: 2 Nov 2015)

Distance radius can now be configured in settings page Added settings to show or hide result list

2.5 (Last updated: 25 Oct 2015)

Fixed search button icon and customizable View More button at settings page

2.4 (Last updated: 17 Oct 2015)

Cleaned-up WordPress admin codes and misc debug error codes

2.3 (Last updated: 22 Aug 2015)

Cleaned up General and Misc CSS

2.2 (Last updated: 8 Aug 2015)

Added the search widget feature (Refer Quickstart page)

2.2.1 (Last updated: 11 Aug 2015)

Fixed inverted latitude/longitude after address field blur action Fixed table prefix at import/export page

2.1 (Last updated: 31 July 2015)

Removed misc CSS codes that may affect major WordPress Themes

2.1.1 (Last updated: 4 Aug 2015)

Fixed geo ip function for drag and drop add / edit store at admin for certain servers Fixed header output errors on certain servers

2.0 (Last updated: 30 July 2015)

Fixed bulk importing issue in patch 1.9 Added drag and drop marker that will auto detect latitude and longitude in add/edit store.

1.9 (Last updated: 23 July 2015) – Please follow upgrade instructions here

Added external url field Added custom markers functionality for each store Fixed opening hours field not showing at frontend

1.8 (Last updated: 4 July 2015)

Added the functionality to add space and capital letters for tags/categories

1.7 (Last updated: 22 June 2015)

You can now embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo, etc to your store locator (upgrade instructions here)

1.7.1 (Last updated: 25 June 2015)

Updated Pretty Photo libraries to 3.1.6 due to security vulnerabilities

1.6 (Last updated: 16 June 2015)

You can now paste custom google maps style code (i.e via admin settings page

1.5 (Last updated: 10 June 2015)

Added show/hide region in settings page

1.4 (Last updated: 2 June 2015)

Fixed tagging issue at frontend not reflecting admin Fixed website link issue with http 1.3 (Last updated: 27 May 2015) You can now set custom markers at admin settings page You’re able to upload images and display it at your store locator with zoom feature You can show/hide labelled markers (A, B, C, etc)

1.2 (Last updated: 21 May 2015)

Fixed timeout issue during import Fixed website link issue with http

1.1 (Last updated: 20 May 2015)

Added import/export feature using CSV file format

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