StreamBox - IPTV Player (Android Mobile, Tablets, TV, BOX, Chrome Book)
StreamBox - IPTV Player (Android Mobile, Tablets, TV, BOX, Chrome Book)

StreamBox - IPTV Player (Android Mobile, Tablets, TV, BOX, Chrome Book)

  • Uploaded : 03rd October 2023
  • Views : 420

StreamBox - IPTV Player (Android Mobile, Tablets, TV, BOX, Chrome Book)

StreamBox – is an IPIV Player can use for any hls links with m3u8, ts. Support xtream codes with all versions, Xui one 1.5.5 & 1.5.12. It have amazing featured video player inbuild for live tv and Vod.Using this application you can save your money and time in creating application for your own iptv mobile, tablets, android tv, android box.The application is specially optimized to be extremely easy to configure and detailed documentation is provided.More Details

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Demo Xui Linehttps://s2e.funUsername : adminPassword : admin

Setup xtream code panel & Xui one Latest panel,A to Z IPTV Setup With WHMCS automation Contact Support.FeaturesSupport Devices (Android – Mobile, Tablets, TV, BOX, Chrome Book) App Themes (OneUI, Glossy, Black Panther)Clear cache option to clear cacheSupport Live Tv , Movies , Series, Episodes, Radio, Epg …..Fast xui api loading technology AddedSupport Xui.One 1.5.5 & 1.5.12Support Xtream Codes All versions ( R22F, Teko, Ck41 to 45)Multiple DNS ON / OFF (Unlimited Server url)Custom Ads ( Interstitial & Popup)Support Latest android version 13, Build in api level 33Scroll To Load More(Live Tv , Movies , Series)Multiple Screen Player (Live Tv)Check Network AvailabilitySupport TvRemote features in Android – Tv, BoxFormates supported by Video Player (YouTube, HLS, M3U8, TS, HTTP, MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV)Download Manager (Movies) Encryption to download videoAdults content Supports RTLOneSignal Push NotificationFirebase ( Analytics & in app messaging)Latest UI With Material Designlatest Android Studio CodeMore Details

5 October 2023 ( Version 2.4 ) - Download Manager (Movies) Encryption to download video- Next Play Episode Button- Autoplay Next Episode ON/OFF- Set Recently added Limit (Movie, Series, Live TV)- Set Playlist Agent- Multi-Screen Popup ON/OFF- Download Videos ON/OFF You can control app in admin panel- Adults Count Password Lock- Delete Dialog- Feedback - End-to-End Encrypted Data Security- Document Updated

22 September 2023 ( Version 2.3 ) - Supports RTL- App Themes (OneUI, Glossy, Black Panther) You can control themes in admin panel- UI Update- Document Updated

16 September 2023 ( Version 2.2 ) - Scroll To Load More(Live Tv , Movies , Series)- Multiple Screen Player (Live Tv)- Time Format Bug Fix- Double Time Open Activity Bug Fix- UI Update- Document Updated

10 September 2023 ( Version 2.1 ) - Favourite (Live Tv , Movies , Series)- Video Player (Brightness & Volume Control)- UI Update- Document Updated

30 August 2023 ( Version 2 ) - You can control app in admin panel- Support Xtream Codes All versions ( R22F, Teko, Ck41 to 45)- Support Xui.One 1.5.5 & 1.5.12- Multiple DNS ON / OFF (Unlimited Server url)- Custom Ads ( Interstitial & Popup)- Radio Page- Terms & Conditions Page- App Maintenance Dialog- Screenshot block- OneSignal Push Notification- Firebase ( Analytics & in app messaging)- Library Update- Document Updated

25 August 2023 ( Version 1.0 ) Release

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