Staking Elixir Web3 with Referral System - React & Solidity
Staking Elixir Web3 with Referral System - React & Solidity

Staking Elixir Web3 with Referral System - React & Solidity

  • Uploaded : 09th April 2024
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Staking Elixir Web3 with Referral System - React & Solidity

Web3Market Staking Elixir Presentation Codecanyon has ceased its collaboration with me and has stopped publishing my work, citing internal ethics issues apparently(disguised in a generic message “isn’t at the quality standard required”), they have reservations about Web3 and do not fully grasp the backend technology involved. Consequently, I have shifted the majority of my work to Gumroad I encourage you to check out my portfolio there, where the prices are approximately 40% lower. Staking with Referral System

Web3 Staking offers rewards for retaining specific cryptocurrencies. You have the flexibility to utilize your personal ERC20 or BEP20 tokens. Also, the investors will be able to earn extra tokens if they refer new investors.

❗ IMPORTANT NOTE: Javascript/Typescript and basic coding knowledge is required to setup the DAppRequires knowledge on deploying contracts on chains using REMIX. The documentation present within the product zip contains enough information on how to properly manage the deployment and setup of the product !
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Supported Chains:

  • Supports ERC20, BEP20, and EVM Blockchains – POLY/ARB/BASE/AVAX and many more.

Features of Staking DApp & Referral System

  • Staking contract with NO Lock periods
  • Adjustable APY and Taxes on the go
  • Referral system where investors may earn extra tokens by referring new investors into the ecosystem
  • Universally Responsive, Adapts to Every Screen Dimension
  • Optimized for All Major Browsers
  • Pristine, Organized, and Thoroughly Documented Code
  • Modular Code Elements
  • Straightforward Customization
  • Hassle-free Setup
  • Smart Contract Crafted in Solidity
  • Engineered using Solidity, Web3JS, and React
  • Integration with ConnectKit which provides a wide variety of Web3 Wallets

Made With:

  • React
  • TailwindCSS
  • Solidity
  • Web3JS



Requirements (minimum):

  • NodeJS
  • GitHub Account
  • Metamask or any other wallet compatible with Wallet Connect
  • Infura Account
  • Alchemy Account
  • WalletConnect Account
  • Vercel Account
  • Compliant Browser

Requirements (Recommended):

  • FREE or Premium (recommended) Hosting with cPanel Support or Vercel account (the best) for deployments

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    Wednesday 08th May 2024

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