StackFood - React User Website
StackFood - React User Website

StackFood - React User Website

  • Uploaded : 19th April 2024
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StackFood - React User Website

Introducing the React User Website for StackFood Multi Restaurant – Food Delivery solution. A fast, powerful and responsive web platform for customers. Now you must be thinking, why do you need this when you already get a Fluter-based customer website while purchasing StackFood?

Well, first of all, StackFood React User Website is built with all the latest technologies, such as React js and Next.js. This website is SEO-friendly and super easy to use at the same time. Then, Your customers will experience a lightning-fast and lag-free response from the time of signing in through browsing food to checkout. 

Moreover, the website is super organized with proper planning and architecture. Anyone who uses this React website must fall in love with it. 
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However, you can’t simply use it as an independent website. This is an add-on for StackFood – Multi-restaurant Food Deliery solution . Read the following section to know more.

Check the StackFood React User Website demo here .

NB: Experience this demo website properly by logging in to it. Remember that as this is a demo website, your credentials and demo data will be automatically reset after 1 hour, and you need to log in again.


Amazing Features of StackFood React User Website

Responsive Design

One design for every device that’s the beauty of responsiveness. The StackFood React User website is super responsive and perfectly fits all screen types and sizes.

Fast Experience

People want everything works faster. With all the latest technologies and proper architecture, customers will have the fastest experience while using the React website.

Multiple Banners

This website supports multiple banners, which means the admin can add several banners for promotions. This creates great engagement among the customers.


People love discounts. Keeping that in mind, customers of the StackFood React User website can enjoy various discounts whenever the admin or restaurant offers coupons.

LTR & RTL supported

This website supports multiple languages, including the RTL (Right-to-Left) languages, for native user experience.

Categorized Food

StackFood React User website offers all foods in a properly categorized manner so that customers can find similar foods in one place.

Feature-rich Header

Customers can set a location, jump to the home page and see categories, cuisines & restaurants from the header section of the website.

Live Search

The Live Search feature of StackFood React User Website helps customers quickly find the food. It shows the relevant search results as customers type in the search bar and enhances the user experience.

Dark Mode

Dark mode has become the gold standard for everything. Likewise, StackFood React website comes with the dark mode feature to provide customers with an extra layer of personalization and visual comfort.


This React website has a cuisines section if the admin wishes to add multi-national foods to his business, such as Italian, French, Chinese, and many more.

Location selection

Using the location selection feature, customers can set their location and find the nearest restaurants and get precise home delivery.

Advanced Food Search

This website offers a smart search bar and filtration system to provide customers with the exact food they are looking for. They can even choose between Veg and Non-Veg while searching for food.

Popular Restaurants Nearby

Using the Location feature, customers can find which restaurants are currently trending with their popular foods and buy them easily.

Wishlist Button

Customers can save their favorite foods for future purchases using the wishlist feature. They can buy those foods anytime from the wishlist section.

Social Share

Using the social share feature, customers can easily share foods on social media platforms. This feature brings more sales as it attracts more customers.

Location-based Restaurants

Customers can find all the restaurants in their locations thanks to the location selection feature on the StackFood React User website.

Join as a Restaurant or Deliveryman

If anyone is interested in joining the StackFood system, he can join as a restaurant owner or deliveryman from the website.

Live Chat

Using the “Live Chat” feature, customers can communicate with the admin and restaurant owners anytime for any queries.

User Satisfaction Brings Business Success

Business is all about making customers happy. When Customers are happy, revenues get increased. Using the StackFood React User website, customers will be very satisfied as it will give them a fast & pleasant user experience, security and useful features. Now your turn.

Change Log- Version 2.5 07 March 2024- Improved overall design for the whole website- Changed design for some pages- All Map section UI updated- Nearby restaurant section UI and flow updated- Fixed some issuesVersion 2.4.1 – 14 February 2024- Fixed subscription order-related issues - Changed date picker and fixed all date picker related issuesVersion 2.4 – 05 January 2024- Redesigned some important pages- Fixed some issues- Optimised some APIs and improved performanceVersion 2.3 – 22 November 2023- Made it compatible with main system version 7.2- Manual/ Offline payment option managed- Managed free delivery setup option for first given distance(km) - Managed online cart- Guest checkout: Customer can book a service without login/ registration- Redesigned some important pages to make it more user friendly- Fixed some issuesVersion 2.2 – 15 September 2023- Made it compatible with main system version 7.1- Add fund to customer wallet using payment gateways with bonus for add fund to wallet- Partial payment by wallet balance- Maximum quantity check for an item when add to cart- Service charge/ Packaging charge/ Platform fee adding option with dynamic texts and amount- Direct restaurant link share option and managed required data for direct link share- Fixed some issues- Performance improvedVersion 2.1 – 24 June 2023- Made it compatible with main system version 7.0- Dynamic landing page content. - Improved some design added some new features based on main system version 7.0- Fixed some small issuesVersion 2.0 – 19 May 2023- New design with a better experience- Performace improved- Fixed some issuesVersion 1.2.0 – 23 March 2023- Reorder from the order history and managed item and restaurant availability when reordering- Based on recently viewed or recently ordered restaurants show your restaurant section in the app. - Subscription order from customer web and app, Customers can place orders subscription-based for example daily, weekly, monthly, custom date range, and slot.- Delivery fee Increase option for dynamic reasons like rainy weather- Admin panel and store panel multi-language supported and translation option from admin panel- Apple login for iOS user app- Fixed some issues- Make it compatible with the main system version 6.2Version 1.1.0 – 09 February 2023- Compatible with main version 6.1.0- Added cuisines feature with filter where necessary- Maximum delivery fee and maximum order amount for COD orders.- Vehicles-wise delivery charge added- Reasons for order cancellation added- Search suggestions shimmer issue fixed- Slider issue fixed.- Search page reloading issue fixed.- Include and exclude vat/tax managed.- Recommended product section added on the restaurant details page.- Centralize the file for all static credentials.- Route change progress bar.Version 1.0.0 – 09 February 2023- Initial Release.

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