Scraper - Automatic Content Crawler Plugin for WordPress
Scraper - Automatic Content Crawler Plugin for WordPress

Scraper - Automatic Content Crawler Plugin for WordPress

by Developer
  • Uploaded : 09th April 2023
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Overview :

Scraper is an automatic plugin that copies content and posts automatically from any web site. With tons of useful and unique features, Scraper WordPress plugin takes content creating process to another level.

Design your own scraping method with visual editor, Scraper will automatically fetch and post 7/24 for you with its built-in scheduler.


We are creating step by step tutorials for plugin. Please let us know if you have any questions, we’ll be adding all details on tutorials.

Product [+] Creating Products [+] Special Conditions for Products Troubleshoot [+] Troubleshoot : Memory issues on Scraper [+] Troubleshoot : Start task doesn’t work [+] Troubleshoot : It clears HTML content after scraping [+] Troubleshoot : It clears HTML content after scraping [+] Checking connectivity to source website Settings [+] Plugin Settings [+] Project Settings : Track Changes [+] How to setup proxy for scraping process? [+] Using Cookies Other [+] How to create dynamic WordPress shortcode? NEW! [+] How to hide elements on visual editor? [+] How to embed any iframe video? [+] Downloading PDF attachment [+] Useful Regex Expressions [+] Uniqueness check or prevent duplicates Structures [+] Custom Fields [+] Custom Taxonomies
Features Scrape Any Website With Xpath and regex methods, it’s possible to scrape any website!      Get Attributes Scraper can parse element’s attributes, that means you could get links, image sources, video sources.   Set Feature Image The plugin can extract any image to set as a featured image.      Duplicate Title Skip Scraper verifies that there is no previous post with the same title.   Fix Encoding The plugin automatically fix encoding errors and post it after fixing it.      Language Translation Scraper automatically detects content and translate it to any language.             Support Categories You could post your new content to any category that you’ve created.   Regex (JSON) Parser You could parse an information that contains JSON objects.      Gallery Images Scraper can parse any image sequence and create gallery with that.   Search & Replace You could transform your content with search & replace feature.      Content Template with Variables You could generate your unique content template with transform feature.   WooCommerce Products Creating woocommerce products with Scraper is really easy. Scraper supports all tags of woocommerce.      Math Functions You could sum, subtract or divide any number with math functions. It can be useful on price calculations.   Embed Any Post Extract Youtube, Instagram or Vimeo ID from website and use it with embed transform.      Schedule Tasks With different intervals you could schedule your tasks.   Post Update You could select a post to update with scraping.      Link Strip You could strip links from original post content.   Proxy Support You could use proxies on scraping.      Cookie Support Scraper supports cookie, you could define cookie for any task.   Post Status You could set your post status to draft or publish.      Community Templates There are many templates on Scraper’s library. You could enable any of them easily.
F.A.Q. + Is there any feature to translate content?

Yes, it translates any content with Google Translate API. It supports all languages that supported by Google.

+ Is it possible to set featured image?

Yes, it’s possible. You could set any image element as a featured image.

+ Is it possible to create image galleries?

Yes, it’s possible. Scraper can detect image sequences and define them as gallery. It can also downloads image to your server.

+ Is it possible to create WooCommerce product?

Yes, we support all WooCommerce product custom fields and post types.

+ Is it possible to update prices on product?

Yes, with transform function, you could apply some regex expressions or mathematical functions for numbers. With this way, you could update numbers with yours or change the values with math functions.

+ Is it possible to scrape meta tags?

Yes, that’s possible. You could scrape HTML tags, meta tags, attributes or even JSON parts of page with visual editor.

+ Is it possible to JSON values on page?

Yes, that’s possible. You could write your own regex expression to extract data from JSON content.

+ Can i update test my task model before i create it?

Yes, in preview results section, you could test your model before you purchase or use plugin. It provides same results with Wordpress plugin.

+ Can i use proxy for my content?

Yes, you could set proxy IP and port on settings button which is located beside fetch button.

+ Can i scrape all category with next page?

Yes, setting next page element is enough. It will automatically scrape all products or post items in a category page.

+ Can i get support for my task?

Yes, our support team will be asisting on your task or any issue that you experience on plugin.

+ Can i get refund?

Yes, if the plugin is not working as expected. Please reachout to use via before raising any refund request.

See Plugin’s Documentation

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Next Release Changelog 04/5/2023 (v2.0.5) - Bug: Fixed compatibility issue with WordPress 6.2 - Bug: Fixed API issue with WordPress 6.2

04/30/2021 (v2.0.4)

- Bug: Fixed issue while adding more than 26 fields. - Bug: Fixed Scheduled tasks get stuck in queue - Bug: Fixed key name for new data field - Added Cron URLs that can be run directly via server's Cron Job

12/16/2020 (v2.0.3)

- Bug: Fixed Duplicate Image download - Bug: Fixed Scheduled tasks get stuck in queue - Bug: Fixed XML/RSS feed scrapping - Feature: Added Task URLs that can be run directly via server's Cron Job - Feature: Added option to export output to excel directly without posting it to WP - Added: Ready to use templates - Removed Unnecessary Files & Folders

05/19/2020 (v2.0.2)

- Bug: Author not set when posts imported via scheduled tasks

05/14/2020 (v2.0.1)

- Bug: Fixed Scheduled tasks get stuck in queue

04/27/2020 (v2.0.0)

- Introducing Scraper Pro (for ajax scraping) - Updated Documentation link - Feature: Added support for `Alt` & `Title` for featured image - Feature: Green Highlighter for Feed link selector - Bug: Fixed warning issues - Bug: Fixed Incorrect XML / RSS parsing message - Bug: Fixed HTML Source scrapping issue

10/21/2019 (v1.1.3)

+ Bug Fixes

07/06/2019 (v1.1.1)

+ UI Changes + Fixed: Scheduled Posts + Added: Ajax data parsing + Fixed: Parsing XML Feeds + Added: Non-english language support + Fixed: Local timezone capability

03/20/2019 (v1.1)

+ UI revamped, many changes across the plugin and visual editor + Introducing Simplified view in "Scheduled Tasks" tab + Clone task feature introduced.

02/10/2019 (v1.0.42)

+ ignore_params database issue has been fixed.

02/07/2019 (v1.0.41)

+ product attributes issue has been fixed. + Split delimiter bug fixed for gallery images.

01/12/2019 (v1.0.40)

+ DeepL Translation integration. + Disable URL parameters for URL uniqueness option. + Set featured image with post parent ID. + Total run limit functionality has been added. + Set author option has been added. + Set post slug option has been added.

12/06/2018 (v1.0.39)

+ Multiple p element issue has been fixed for post_content. + Page increase stuck issues has been fixed.

11/27/2018 (v1.0.38)

+ (Bugfix) Used images won't be downloaded again. + Next page jump and auto-reset functions has been improved. + cURL gzip enabled. + WooCommerce product_cat and product_tag issues has been fixed.

11/13/2018 (v1.0.37)

+ Bulk list URL problems has been fixed. + URL path issues has been fixed. + Next page trigger functions has been updated. + Gallery selection issues has been fixed. + Visual selector has been improved. + Default value for product attributes has been updated. + Next page selector has been improved. + Article content selector has been improved. + cURL feature has been added. + Proxy issues has been fixed. + Visual editor zoom issue has been fixed for low resolutions. + product_tag creation issue has been fixed. + Same variable name issue has been fixed for visual editor.

11/02/2018 (v1.0.36)

+ URL Path issues has been fixed. + Bulk URL list option added. + Yandex Translation API has been added. + tbody issue has been fixed for Chrome. + Post formats has been added on project settings. + Ajax request error has been updated. + Index selection issue has been fixed for complex tables. + New track option added : no change on post status. + Notices removed from settings area.

10/22/2018 (v1.0.35)

+ Pagination issues has been fixed. + Image download and is required issues has been fixed.

10/19/2018 (v1.0.34)

+ Memory issue has been fixed.

10/19/2018 (v1.0.33)

+ Aliexpress image issue has been fixed. + Error display added for timeout and memory issues. + Remove element for removing popups, preloaders. + "Required" field added. It pass if field is empty. + Special Conditions section added. + Task limit issue has been fixed.

10/16/2018 (v1.0.32)

+ Next page function on preview results. + Auto-detection for scraping feature has been added. + Using variables as shortcodes on Wordpress is possible now! + Visual editor Scraping base URL problem fixed. + Pause task issue has been fixed. (test edilecek) + Proxy URL issue on Visual tool, fixed. + Excluding posts by attributes is possible now. + Detailed logs for issues, problems. + Connection test functionality added. + Extract ID, HTML or URL from image attachment. + Limit task trigger function. + Next page URL issues has been fixed for location redirections.

10/12/2018 (v1.0.31)

+ For is multiple field, JSON database format added. + Split content by words option added. + File download as attachment added. (pdf) + SKU Uniqueness method added. + _stock, _manage_stock, _backorders attributes has added. + Track changes function has been updated with uniquness method. + Post title can be used on filenames.

10/10/2018 (v1.0.30)

+ Post excerpt field added, it's also short product description. + Post delete issues has been fixed. + Post status change functionality added.

10/09/2018 (v1.0.29)

+ Proxy issues has been fixed on visual editor + Visual editor's local copy is on plugin with latest version. + Long URL issues has been fixed. + Post uniqueness issue has been fixed for post updates. + Delete post with source URL changes feature added. + Task process delay added. + Stop task feature replaced with pause task. It continues from last index. + decode feature added. + Multiple custom field feature added. + Media library attachment problem fixed for image objects. + Some UI problems has been fixed.

09/28/2018 (v1.0.28)

+ Filename template feature added for all images + Strip and download images option added for content images

09/28/2018 (v1.0.27)

+ Database migration issue has been fixed

09/28/2018 (v1.0.26)

+ Gallery shortcode options added + Post URL and title uniqueness mechanism rewritten + Category creation issues has been fixed + Each post URL shortcode added

09/26/2018 (v1.0.25)

+ Base URL issues for some web sites has been fixed (Aliexpress) + Clean Advertising codes improved

09/25/2018 (v1.0.24)

+ Custom field issues has been fixed. + Documentation updated + Gallery images and featured images shouldn't be duplicated

09/24/2018 (v1.0.23)

+ Multiple category selection feature added + Filename transform section enabled + Base URL issues has been fixed for proxy + Custom taxonomy featured added + Gallery has been fixed for woocommerce products + Split function added for tags (With delimiter) + Google Translate API errors display + Serial selector for category, tags and images + Variable renderer minor fixes + Create new category with data field + Visual Editor improvements, UI bugs has been fixed

09/20/2018 (v1.0.22)

+ Strip only some tags (for advertising codes) + Attributes UX fix + Base URL issues has been fixed + Post dates added for custom field

09/20/2018 (v1.0.21)

+ Multiple attributes for Woocommerce products + UTF8 problems fixed for Non-English languages

09/19/2018 (v1.0.20)

+ Preg match issues fixed + Xpath selector improvements + Auto detection feature for serial links

09/17/2018 (v1.0.19)

+ Next page selection + Design issues and improvements + Result preview + Performance updates + Custom field issue fixed + Numeric functions problem fixed

09/15/2018 (v1.0.18)

+ 0 byte image issue fixed + Image gallery issues fixed + Xpath selector fixed and improved + Regex parser method changed with /g flag + Find and replace method improved, it supports multiple find&replace + Excluding URLs is possible with this version + {{source_url}} option added + PHP errors fixed + 0 byte image issue fixed

09/07/2018 (v1.0.16)

+ RSS feed or XML parsing method added. + Woocommerce product category issue fixed.

09/05/2018 (v1.0.13)

+ Image Gallery Parse + UX Issue : single post checkbox lock + Strip only tags + A.I. Spinner Integration Error + Style Parser

09/05/2018 (v1.0.12)

+ Trigger Issues Fixed + More Templates Added + Featured Image issues fixed + Cross-origin issues fixed + Xpath selector improved

08/17/2018 (v1.0.0)

+ Cron issues fixed + Image download feature added + JSON Parsing Method Added + A.I. Spinner Service Enabled + Translation Service Enabled + First Release Notes

On this section, we’ll be helping you about your concerns before you purchase.

Your hosting or server should allow incoming and outgoing network transfers for scraping. Our support team can reach task’s content from service logs if you provide us any. This method makes easier support process and with this way our support team assist you quickly on any case. We’ll be updating plugin for any bug or features that requested by users. Every update has been tested by our support team and softwares. Plugin is licensed per domain. You should buy licence for each domain. You could move your licence to another domain. Scraper doesn’t support ajax websites because of technical limitations. Our plugin uses Google Translate official API unlike other plugins. So please make sure you have API key on that service before you purchase for translation services. Please also note that Google Translate’s Official API is a paid service. Scraper’s plugin has functions that scrapes elements from given URLs. Our visual editor is a cloud based editor that hosted by us on our web service. Plugin doesn’t contains visual editor’s files in it. It only gets JSON data that built on visual editor. Since Amazon blocked our servers, the plugin is unable to scrape any product from Amazon. That might be same for AliExpress and other big websites in future. Please make sure that plugin works properly before purchase. You could simply contact with our support team or comment and ask about support status. We’ll gladly test and inform you about changes. You could request refund on any case that you are not satisfied on plugin.

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