Sabai Discuss -  Q&A forum plugin for WordPress
Sabai Discuss -  Q&A forum plugin for WordPress

Sabai Discuss - Q&A forum plugin for WordPress

by Developer
  • Uploaded : 26th January 2023
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Overview :

What is Sabai Discuss?

Sabai Discuss is a premium questions and answers plugin for WordPress. The plugin features the ability for users to ask and answer questions similar to Stack Overflow or Yahoo Answers.

Sabai Discuss is an ideal tool not only for building a community driven question-and-answer website but also for building a discussion forum, a knowledge base, or even a helpdesk portal for WordPress.

Features Fully responsive and flat design Search questions and answers by keywords and category with user friendly auto-suggestion features Filter questions and answers by custom fields Create search and filter forms with visual form editor Post questions and answers from the frontend Post comments to both questions and answers Post and edit comments inline Tag questions with auto-suggest Hierarchical categories File attachments to questions and answers Vote for questions/answers/comments both up and down Close/reopen questions Featured questions Flagging questions/answers/comments with automatic spam moderation Favorite questions and answers Accept answers User profile pages User reputation system Custom fields with visual form editor (Choice, Date, HTML, Markdown Text, Number, ON/OFF, Paragraph Text, Single Line Text, CAPTCHA, User, Section Break, File Upload, Image Upload, Video, Email, Phone Number and more) Role/Reputation based permission system with over 40 permissions to configure Restrict access to members of selected roles Allow guest users to post questions/answers as well as accepting answers posted to their questions Install multiple instances of SabaiDiscuss (by just copying 1 file and a few clicks!) PHP Markdown editor for posting questions/answers and editing tag descriptions with live preview Filters user HTML using HTMLPurifier for additional security Code syntax highlighting using Google Prettify Search questions and answers CSV Importer/Exporter 5 shortcodes 9 WordPress widgets included Template files your theme can override to customize display 10 email notification templates Works with any theme Appropriate use of Ajax to improve page responsiveness Fully translatable RTL language support Automatic updater (no FTP required to update the plugin) Integration with point system of MyCRED and Cubepoints plugin French (by nexia) translations included Recommendations Top Plugin & Editor’s Choice at Changelog v1.4.14 – 5 Oct 2022 Version update Bug fixed: XSS vulnerability using filter for Number/Range type field on certain occasion Bud fixed: Some PHP fatal/warning errors. Bud fixed: Some compatibility issues with PHP8. v1.4.13 – 5 Aug 2022 Version update Bug fixed: Some issues importing Number and Time type fields. Bud fixed: Some PHP errors. v1.4.12 – 22 Apr 2022 Bug fixed: Some possible warning/fatal PHP errors. Bug fixed: Guest author field not being imported correctly. Bud fixed: Author assigned automatically during import when no author user ID specified. v1.4.11 – 28 Jun, 2021 Bug fixed: Compatibility issues with PHP8. Bug fixed: Some display issues causing JavaScript error. v1.4.10 – 15 Nov 2020 Bug fixed: Some issues displaying content item title in the frontend. v1.4.9 – 25 Jun 2020 Bug fixed: Some display issues when requesting AJAX content. Bug fixed: reCAPTCHA returning error on some severs. Bug fixed: Added some missing language phrases in sabai.pot language file. Bug fixed: Some issues displaying large number of fields in Manage Form section. Bug fixed: Some issues displaying questions and answers on mobile devices. Updated: reCAPTCHA PHP library. v1.4.8 – 27 Nov 2019 Bug fixed: Search results showing duplicate items on certain occasion. Bug fixed: Some issues when restoring trashed posts. v1.4.7 – 23 Apr 2019 Bug fixed: Image not showing correctly when sharing with Facebook. Bug fixed: Some issues with NextGen gallery plugin. Bug fixed: Some CSS issues v1.4.6 – 12 Dec 2018 Bug fixed: Search form auto-suggestion results ignoring “category” shortcode parameter v1.4.5 – 23 Aug 2018 Update package version v1.4.4 – 14 Aug 2018 Bug fixed: Fatal error with MyCRED when upvoting questions/answers. v1.4.3 – 3 Jul 2018 Bug fixed: Empty results when exporting “Resolved Date” and “Closed Date” question fields and “Accepted Date” answer field in custom date format . v1.4.2 – 12 Jun 2018 Bug fixed: Added some missing language phrases v1.4.0/v1.4.1 – 28 May 2018 Added: GDPR: Option to add privacy policy content checkbox to guest author field Added: GDPR: Mark fields as personal data so that values of the fields can be exported/erased using WordPress personal data export/erase tools. Added: GDPR: Pseudonymize IP address of user votes Added: Some PHP notice/warning level errors v1.3.48 – 27 Mar 2018 Improved: Made files sortable for File type custom fields Improved: Better handling of 404 page not found error v1.3.47 – 1 Feb 2018 Bug fixed: Search form not working properly in 1.3.46 Bug fixed: Slider loading non-existent CSS file when in RTL mode Improved: Moved field labels of some form fields from bottom to top of input fields for usability v1.3.46 – 28 Nov 2017 Improved: Added option to import/export authors by user IDs Improved: Do not load custom CSS file in the backend Bug fixed: Category count not showing correctly on category index page on certain occasions Bug fixed: Warning error when importing in test mode on certain occasions Bug fixed: Default sort setting not working when sort options included “Random” option Bug fixed: Error when flagging content with “Other Reason” option Bug fixed: Permissions not being granted on certain occasions when role names contained upper case characters v1.3.45 – 12 Oct 2017 Bug fixed: Invalid output in RSS feeds Bug fixed: Site-wide sitemap not working in v1.3.44 v1.3.44 – 23 Aug 2017 NEW: Added Italian translations by Il Gran Capo Improved: Added limit and offset options to csv export Bug fixed: Large space between search form and questions when using certain themes Bug fixed: Some issues with responsive tables Bug fixed: Comments not showing after page reload from v1.3.43 v1.3.43 – 2 August 2017 Improved: Refactoring SabaiFramework library files Bug fixed: Some issues with HyperDB Bug fixed: Date picker field unable to delete existing data Bug fixed: Add More field button not working on certain occasions v1.3.42 – 18 July 2017 New: PHP Constant SABAI_WORDPRESS_URL_TRAILING_SLASH to force trailing slash in URLs when set to TRUE Bug fixed: Some issues with language phrases Bug fixed: Maximum stack called JavaScript error on certain occasions Bug fixed: CSV import failing when importing items with existing taxonomy term titles v1.3.41 – 31 May 2017 Bug fixed: Download button not being displayed after CSV export on certain occasions Bug fixed: Updating items by importing CSV not working properly from 1.3.40 v1.3.40 – 18 May 2017 New: CSV exporter (support for all field types, progress indicator, etc.) New: CSV importer (support for all field types, progress indicator, etc.) New: Added feature to regenerate already uploaded images and thumbnails (Settings -> Sabai -> File) Bug fixed: Some CSS related display issues Bug fixed: Category specific fields not being displayed in submission form on certain occasions Improved: Redirection URL after login/register not being passed properly on certain occasions v1.3.39 – 17 Apr 2017 Bug fixed: PHP7.1 compatibility Bug fixed: Missing function parameter fatal error in certain occasion from v1.3.38 Bug fixed: Fixed missing closing HTML tag causing display issues on certain occasion v1.3.38 – 20 Feb 2017 Bug fixed: Phone input masking not working on certain occasions Improved: Phone/Email custom fields now searchable v1.3.37 – 22 Jan 2017 Bug fixed: Invalid Bundle error on certain occasions v1.3.36 – 21 Dec 2016 Improved: Memory usage of taxonomy terms Bug fixed: PHP “Invalid bundle type” warning error on certain occasions v1.3.35 – 9 Nov 2016 Improved: Performance optimization in rendering shortcode content Bug fixed: Taxonomy term (category/tag) content count showing 0 for cloned question sections in v1.3.34 Bug fixed: Some more notice/warning level PHP errors v1.3.34 – 13 Oct 2016 Improved: Some changes in counting taxonomy term posts Bug fixed: Categories not selected on add/edit field configuration form on certain occasions Bug fixed: Error in widgets on certain occasions Bug fixed: Wrong link to answers administration page in notification mail v1.3.33 – 12 Sep 2016 Bug fixed: Fatal error on admin side when user profile with external/invalid URL Bug fixed: Feed item content empty after clearing cache Bug fixed: MyCRED hook not working for posts on certain occasions v1.3.32 – 26 Aug 2016 Bug fixed: Redundant options shown on checkboxes/radio buttons form field for Choice type custom field on certain occasions Bug fixed: Facebook OpenGraph not showing correct images of current content Bug fixed: Some minor javascript errors Bug fixed: PHP notice errors while CSV import Improved: Number type custom field now searchable through keyword search Improved: Enabled fullscreen option for YouTube videos rendered with Video type custom field Improved: Shortcodes in Body field and Paragraph Type custom field can contain {entity_id} and {entity_user_id} placeholders replaced with listing ID and author/owner ID at runtime v1.3.31 – 3 July 2016 Bug fixed: Fixed issue with default values in text input and textarea fields Bug fixed: Fixed sub category item count in filter form always showing 0 v1.3.30 – 7 May 2016 Bug fixed: Bad method call error in backend while updating on certain occasions Bug fixed: Incorrect page/menu titles on single listing pages on certain occasions Bug fixed: Ajax loading indicator image not going away after loading more comments New: French translation (by nexia) included Improved: Random sorting to display results in same order for 1 hour Improved: More hooks added to MyCRED integration v1.3.29 – 22 Apr 2016 Bug fixed: Some issues with category selection when configuring fields Bug fixed: Field values not being filtered by entity type causing issues on certain occasions Bug fixed: Some issues with the Really Simple Captcha plugin Bug fixed: User popup infobox not working when certain characters were in the username Bug fixed: Some issues with langauge phrases Bug fixed: Some more minor bug fixes v1.3.28 – 17 Nov 2015 Added: Option to restrict custom fields by categories Improved: Play nicely with nginx servers Improved: Added rel=nofollow to vote/bookmark links Updated: Font Awesome icon font library to 4.4.0 v1.3.27 – 3 Nov 2015 Bug fixed: Some javascript errors in search box html on certain languages Bug fixed: Some redirection issues when adding listings when not logged in Bug fixed: Buddypress profile tab labels not being translated Bug fixed: Some notice level PHP errors Bug fixed: Some URL type fields not validating values correctly Bug fixed: Some email settings not being saved correctly Bug fixed: Taxonomy autosuggestion invoked by taxonomy titles instead of taxonomy names Bug fixed: [embed] shortcode not working in Paragraph Text type fields Bug fixed: Some issues with SSL Added: Option to Guest Author field for setting custom header message Improved: No more need of using return=1 in shortcodes v1.3.26 – 16 Sep 2015 Bug fixed: Canonical URL not showing correctly on some pages Bug fixed: Field renderer settings still being overwritten on certain occasions Bug fixed: Image field renderer not displaying images in specified size Bug fixed: Filters in shortcodes not working correctly on certain occasions Improved: Datepicker internationalized Improved: Add trailing slash to URLs v1.3.24/v1.3.25 – 2 Sep 2015 Added: More system information parameters to System Information page for easier debugging Added: New constant SABAI_WORDPRESS_DISABLE_REMOVE_FILTERS to disable removing of the_content filters Bug fixed: Category parameter not working for [sabai-discuss] and [sabai-discuss-questions] shortcodes Bug fixed: Cosmetic issues with RTL Bug fixed: PHP notice level and HTML markup errors Bug fixed: Field renderer settings being reset on add-on updates Bug fixed: Filters for Time type custom fields not working correctly on certain occasion Bug fixed: Cron action being invoked more than twice a day Bug fixed: Shortcode tags displayed directly when Paragraph Text type field is trimmed Improved: Disable comments in BuddyPress activity for Sabai Discuss activities Improved: Stop rendering empty sitemap files v1.3.23 – 16 June 2015 Bug fixed: Filters not working in 1.3.22 v1.3.22 – 15 June 2015 Added: Option to specify slider step for “Range” and “Number (with slider input)” type custom fields and “Range” filter Bug fixed: Answer accepted/unaccepted filter not working in the backend Bug fixed: On/Off type custom fields not displaying correctly in RTL Bug fixed: Incorrect image file specified for twitter:image:src meta tag Improved: Fixed some minor CSS styling issues Improved: Carousel field to redraw slider when viewport modified Improved: Numerous code improvements and refactoring Updated: Some 3rd party js/php library files v1.3.21 – 21 May 2015 Bug fixed: Some issues with utf8mb4 mysql database encoding v1.3.20 – 17 May 2015 Removed: Unused 3rd party library files v1.3.19 – 11 May 2015 Bug fixed: Fixed issue with reCAPTCHA issue on older PHP versions Bud fixed: Fixed several Warning level PHP errors found in version 1.3.18 Improved: Include Choice type custom field in keyword search v1.3.18 – 5 May 2015 Bug fixed: Auto submission of filter form not working on certain occasions Bug fixed: Leaderboard widget not sorting users by reputation correctly Improved: Render user profile popup to fit within small screen size devices Improved: Enable WordPress media manager in frontend if the user has permission to upload files Improved: Create database tables in utf8mb4 character encoding if enabled in WordPress Improved: Better handling of field data rendered via javascript on Ajax page load Improved: Filters for category specific fields are now displayed only on associated category pages or when associated categories are selected in search form Added: New reCAPTCHA form element for CAPTCHA custom field type Added: Added back option to enable/disable loading of jQuery UI CSS in frontend Added: [sabai-discuss], [sabai-discuss-questions], [sabai-discuss-answers], [sabai-discuss-favorites], [sabai-discuss-search-form] shortcodes Lots of minor bug fixes and code refactoring v1.3.17 – 14 April 2015 Bug fixed: User profile popup not working on mobile devices Bug fixed: Removed HTML entities from notification mails Bug fixed: Some auto-update issues with WordPress multisite Bug fixed: 404 error when clicking answer count links on questions index page Bug fixed: Sabai Discuss content not displayed on BuddyPress profile pages in some themes Improved: Auto-clear content count cache of taxonomy terms Added: New QuestionsMyCRED add-on which integrates Sabai Discuss with MyCRED point system Lots of minor bug fixes and code refactoring v1.3.16 – 20 March 2015 Bug fixed: Incorrect post count in category field filter Bug fixed: Default value setting of category selection field being ignored on certain occasion v1.3.15 – 16 March 2015 Bug fixed: Fixed incorrect page title on user post pages Bug fixed: Could not remove categories assigned to fields Bug fixed: Removed invalid HTML in meta description Bug fixed: Some CSS issues Bug fixed: Some E_STRICT level PHP errors Added: New sorting options for questions and answers, also allows sorting by custom fields Added: New Carousel field renderer for Image type custom fields Improved: Added support for WordPress oEmbed in question and answer Body fields Improved: Added support for WordPress oEmbed in Paragraph Text custom fields, replaces iframe options v1.3.14 – 23 February 2015 Bug fixed: Invalid token when submitting answers in 1.3.12/1.3.13 Bug fixed: Comments not working properly in 1.3.12/1.3.13 Bug fixed: Markdown field editor preview not working properly in 1.3.12/1.3.13 Bug fixed: Custom field form element selection not working properly in 1.3.12/1.3.13 v1.3.13 – 20 February 2015 Bug fixed: Cloned add-on not using its own settings, instead using settings of the default add-on in 1.3.12 Improved: Delete scheduled cron on plugin uninstall Added: Option to hide category count in search form v1.3.12 – 19 February 2015 Bug fixed: Issues with multiple shortcodes on a single page Bug fixed: Markdown field editor preview not working in 1.3.11 Bug fixed: Some E_STRICT level PHP errors Bug fixed: Time custom field not being able to select 0:00 Added: Email and Phone Number custom field types Added: Input mask option for Single Line Text and Phone Number custom field types Added: Old database schema files that prevented proper upgrade from 1.2.x Improved: Return 404 error upon access to non existene URLs for SEO, instead of displaying parent page Improved: Lots of code optimization and refactoring Improved: Do not autoload old version add-ons to prevent unexpected errors v1.3.11 – 18 January 2015 Bug fixed: Failed uploading files in 1.3.10 on certain occasions Bug fixed: Javascript error when using Markdown editor for Body field v1.3.10 – 16 January 2015 Bug fixed: Some notice level php errors Bug fixed: Filter form always shown in 1 column, ignoring settings Bug fixed: Page not found error when questions page set as front page Bug fixed: Display issues with RTL Bug fixed: Meta description showing only string Array on certain occasions Added: Min/max length restriction option to post title Added: Option to check MX record of guest e-mail address Added: Filter hook for rendered field content Added: New video type custom field Improved: Reduced number of javascript loaded per request for better performance Improved: Enable setting user roles allowed to edit default fields v1.3.9 – 26 November 2014 Bug fixed: Conflict with another scrollTo javascript library Bug fixed: Default field form labels not being updated on add-on update Bug fixed: Some notice and warning level PHP errors Bug fixed: CSS conflicts with some themes Added: More tag classes Added: Language file missing in 1.3.8 Improved: Apply antispambot function to e-mail values submitted with custom Single Line Text fields Added: Option to bulk load Choice field type options from CSV data v1.3.8 – 13 November 2014 Bug fixed: Issues with category/tag cache not being updated Bug fixed: Issues with cloned add-ons in WordPress Multisite Bug fixed: Meta title tag issue with Genesis theme Added: Option to specify number of months to be displayed in data picker for the Date type field Improved: Removed redundant language phrases v1.3.7 – 6 November 2014 Bug fixed: Fixed some display issues in user profile popup Bug fixed: Compatibility issues with some themes and plugins Bug fixed: Some notice level PHP errors Added: New [sabai-discuss], [sabai-discuss-questions], and [sabai-discuss-answers] shortcodes Added: Option for hiding categories without posts from category select list in search form Added: BuddyPress user profile integration (questions and answers with filter capability, and favorites) Added: BuddyPress user activity integration (questions, answers, and comments) Added: Option for hiding editor buttons from wordpress editor (HTML Text field type) Added: Option for disabling Visual mode in wordpress editor (HTML Text field type) Added: New Time field type Improved: Removed unused session calls v1.3.6 – 25 October 2014 Bug fixed: Sort by selection not working in v1.3.5 v1.3.5 – 23 October 2014 Bug fixed: Number type custom fields (with slider input) not saving its values Bug fixed: Output correct OG:url meta tag Bug fixed: Modal window not showing properly in RTL Bug fixed: Some styling issues with themes Bug fixed: Some notice level PHP errors Added: Option to set category depth for category selection field in the search form Improved: Date, Range, and Number (with slider input) type custom fields are now repeatable Improved: Select list and radio buttons form element types now available for filters applied to Choice type custom fields Improved: Match any or Match all option for filters applied to Choice type custom fields v1.3.4 – 18 October 2014 Bug fixed: Filter form labels not being editable Bug fixed: Filter form loading indefinitely when “Auto submit filter form when value(s) changed” option is set to “No” Directory -> Settings -> Search Added: Button to clear all filters v1.3.3 – 12 October 2014 Bug fixed: Inconsistent cookie paths Bug fixed: Page not found 400 error on certain occasions Added: Option to always show filter form v1.3.1 – 10 October 2014 Bug fixed: Issues with custom plugin directories Bug fixed: Text “header” showing in shortcode output Added: RTL language support v1.3.0 – 5 October 2014 NEW: Fully responsive and flat design NEW: Filter listings and reviews by custom fields with interactive filter form NEW: Create filter form with visual form editor NEW: Sort listings by custom fields NEW: Auto-suggest questions and categories in search form NEW: Share questions to social networks NEW: Category specific fields NEW: Configure which and how fields are displayed in summary, detailed, map, and custom tab views Bug Fixed: Numerous bug fixes and performance optimizations v1.2.0 – 11 Apr 2013 Improved: Add-ons can be cloned from within the admin dashboard Improved: Cleanup of Sabai Settings page Improved: Flagging administrator comments is now disabled by default Improved: Added file extension to URL of files uploaded via custom upload field Improved: Cache CSS files as static files for better performance Improved: Search by category, question status, and tags Improved: Lots of internal code changes for better performance and stability Bug Fixed: Plugin activation issues with MySQL strict SQL mode Bug Fixed: Custom fields not being displayed in form on certain occasions Bug Fixed: Issues with cloned add-ons Bug Fixed: Question Answered notification email being sent to answerers instead of question authors Added: Options to allow iframe tags and whitelist URL of iframe content Added: Auto generate sitemap and sitemap index files Added: User profile popover box when clicking username links Added: Options to display category/tag index pages as tabs on front page Removed: Prettify JS and CSS (Please use other plugins to include them) Removed: Temporarily dropped support for BuddyPress profile pages (will be enabled again soon) v1.1.0 – 11 Jan 2013 Added: Custom fields with visual form editor (8 field types: Choice, Date, HTML, Markdown Text, Number, ON/OFF, Paragraph Text, Single Line Text, and more to come) Added: Guest posting (both questions and answers) Added: Categories Added: Custom slugs (no more question ID in URL) Added: Fully templetized (19 template files which your theme can override) Numerous bugs fixed v1.0.0 – 21 Nov 2012 initial release

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