Ridy Flutter - Full Taxi solution
Ridy Flutter - Full Taxi solution

Ridy Flutter - Full Taxi solution

by Developer
  • Uploaded : 07th August 2023
  • Last Update : 03rd November 2023
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Overview :


Introducing Ridy, a top-notch taxi application designed to meet all your business needs. Built on the cutting-edge Flutter framework and backed by a powerful Node.js backend, Ridy is a fully-featured, intuitive, and functional app.

Our app has been carefully crafted to provide a user-friendly experience and advanced functionality, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to take their taxi business to the next level.

Beautiful and intuitive design for choosing the trip destination.
Choose from a range of services available in your region.
Keep track of your driver’s real-time location during the trip and easily contact them via call or in-app chat.
Share your experience by writing a review and rating the trip.
Take advantage of our coupon system to get discounts on service fees.
Access your transaction history to keep track of your credit.
Stay up-to-date with the latest news and updates by checking our announcements section.
Add credit to your in-app wallet with secure online payment gateways.
Conveniently pay for your travel with either online payment or cash.
Easily switch between available and unavailable statuses.
Accept the most suitable request that comes your way.
Our Google API calculates fares based on distance and traffic, ensuring transparency and fairness for both drivers and riders.
Cancel travel before starting if needed.
Stay in touch with the rider via call or in-app chat.
Access your transaction history to keep track of your credit.
announcements section by checking the latest news and updates.
Admin Panel
Get an overview of your service’s current state, including the number of online drivers and relevant statistics.
Manage and view detailed driver/rider activities and records.
View and search through all service requests in one place.

Handle complaints made by drivers or riders during their trips through the app.
Define coupon codes that your users can use to get discounts on services.

Send updates and announcements to your drivers or riders.
Define and set fee calculation parameters for your services.
Define regions where your app will operate.
Create and manage fleets, assigning drivers and setting commission percentages.
Define payment gateways for users to pay for trips and top up their wallets.
Create a database of car models and colors to assign to drivers later.
List all dashboard users with their respective permissions for each section.

Live Demo

Admin Panel
Admin Panel username: admin password: admin
Package Contents

The package you will receive after download consists of the following folders:

documentation: Available to View Online.
driver: Flutter project supporting Android, iOS
rider: Flutter project supporting Android, iOS
server: Source code of backend and Admin Panel.
Video tutorials: You can find video tutorials on how to install the app on the customer panel at https://support.ridy.io

While the server-side source code is included in the package, we recommend using the “Easy” installation method if you don’t plan on customizing the server side. This method is quick and straightforward. However, you can switch to the manual installation mode at any time.

To host the server side, we recommend using a Linux VPS, preferably with Ubuntu 18.04 or 20.04. You can get one for as low as $5/month, and it can handle thousands of users while scaling much easier than shared hosting solutions. For recommendations on providers, please get in touch with us through the customer panel.
A Google Maps account with billing enabled. Google Maps API is used for Distance calculation. All other Maps services are free. This means in most scales, Google’s free plan suffices.
At Ridy, we understand the importance of reliable support, which is why we offer a custom Support panel accessible to all buyers of our items at https://support.ridy.io. Our support services range from free tickets to paid options, such as integrating additional payment gateways.

We recommend checking our demo first if you encounter any issues while using our app. If the issue isn’t present in the demo, it’s likely due to the app’s configuration from the admin panel or an outdated installation. However, if the demo reproduces the issue, please submit an issue report following this link: 

How to contact?

We offer various means of contact to cater to your inquiry:

For general inquiries and support, you can reach us through our support panel at https://support.ridy.io.
For sales-related inquiries, you can send an email to presale@ridy.io
For technical issues or bug reports, you can submit a report through our support panel or directly to our technical team at report@ridy.io

We strive to provide timely and effective support to our clients through these communication channels.

Are you interested in hiring us to develop and manage a taxi application for your business?

Are you planning to start your own taxi business but need the technical expertise to manage it? We have a proposal that may interest you. Our team can handle the technical side of your project so you can focus on running your business. Contact us to receive the proposal document.

What about the native version?

After being maintained for four years, the native version of Ridy has been deprecated in favor of the new Ridy flutter version. This shift enables us to achieve our goals in terms of quality and performance while making it easier for average buyers to work with the source code. Please note that it is not possible to return Ridy native to purchase the flutter version.

Goals of the Flutter version?
The same user interface on all platforms
Less resource-intensive customization work (approximately one-third compared to native apps)
Easier long-term maintenance
Easier-to-understand and customize codebase
Avoidance of incompatibility issues
Supported Payment Gateways

Below is the list of payment gateways that have already been integrated into the solution. Utilizing these gateways is as simple as obtaining your API key from their panel and inputting it into the Admin Panel

Amazon Payment Services
My Fatoorah
Way For Pay

Note that some of these may not be available in certain countries or regions, so it is important to verify their availability before deciding to use them.

Terms & Conditions of purchase
Documentation should give enough information to install the item. We encourage buyers to read it thoroughly.
If the buyer needs help on a certain issue or question during item installation, the purchase includes three months of support (10 tickets maximum) granted and available at the customer panel.
Support of the item includes helping with the installation as is on the demo.
Item support doesn’t covers inquiries about item customization
Reporting issues are welcome for all users, including those with expired support or non-buyers. Users can report them following https://flutter-docs.taxi.ridy.io/support/issue for developer review and fix in upcoming releases.
If a buyer of the item reports a malfunction and the fix is not provided within 15 days since the report, the purchase would be applicable for a full refund.
The solution’s installation method is easy for most average developers; however, customization of the item (requiring compilation of the server side) and serving the rider’s web app requires certain, more advanced, prior skills on the buyer’s side. Guidance over these tasks is not offered under item support.
Releasing to public and monetization of the item requires Extended License. The regular license is useful for the pre-production stages.
it’s important to note that this source code is intended for developers. A background in the relevant technology stack would help you use this item effectively, especially if you intend to customize the item. In particular, prior knowledge of Flutter and Linux servers would be beneficial.
Fleet add-on

By partnering with Fleet, a taxi company subsidiary with its own fleet and service area for ride requests, your app can offer its taxis to your users and establish a shared revenue model for completed trips. Integrating this add-on could also accelerate the growth of your driver base by extending your application’s services to other taxi companies in your region.

Live demo: Live Demo

Username: admin

Password: admin
Release Notes
v2.5.6 (August 6th, 2023)
- feature: Added car capacity on the ride preview screen
- chore: Migrated many major parts of server-side to newer versions
- fix: Fixed 3rd party app navigation issue

v2.5.4 (July 17th, 2023)

- some fixes and improvements

v2.5.1 (July 8th, 2023)

- Flutter 3.10.x support
- New and Enhanced registration experience for new riders
- Animated Mapbox and OpenStreetMap integration
- Improved integration with Google Maps
- Upgraded GraphQL integration to a cleaner and more concise solution
- Enhanced multi-stop functionality for drivers
- Added ability to switch between different maps within the app for demonstration purposes
- Introduced a new settings menu for language selection

v2.4.3 (March 18, 2023)

- The admin panel now includes new registration charts to provide additional insight into user registration activity.
- Apps have been updated with a new banner message design to improve user experience.
- Real-time notifications have been added back to the admin panel for SOS signals and complaints.
- The admin panel has introduced a real-time notification center to inform users of important updates.
- Stripe gateway implementation now supports saving payment methods, and an optional pre-authentication possibility exists.
- The Admin Panel and mobile apps have undergone UI changes to improve accessibility.
- The driver's app foreground experience has been enhanced by introducing new sound clues

v2.3.6 (February 20, 2023)

- Updated to flutter 3.7.0
- Added Swedish language
- Improved online payment flow

v2.3.5 (January 21, 2023)

- bug fixes and small improvements

v2.3.3 (December 11, 2022)

- bug fixes and small improvements

v2.3.1 (November 14, 2022)

- feature: new pin input for login
- fix: driver & rider's login auto fill

v2.3.0 (November 2, 2022)

- feature: Driver profile & statistics added
- feature: Driver app registration redesigned
- feature: Service option menu fully integrated
- feature: Rider onboarding experience added
- feature: Rider language selection added
- improved: Full mobile app translations to 16 languages, more to come.

v2.2.0 (July 29, 2022)

- feature: in-app account delete feature (As required by App Store)
- feature: Share the trip's information from the app to your contacts as a safety measurement
- feature: Splash screen
- improvement: More detailed invoice
- improvement: Reduced the GraphQL schema by %20 in size

v2.1.4 (July 19, 2022)

- feature: Google Places API optional switch (default one a free option)
- Various fixes and improvements

v2.1.1 (June 29, 2022)

- Dependencies updated
- Bug fix

v2.1.0 (June 21, 2022)

- feature: in-app complaint submission form
- feature: Google Maps integrated as optional with an easy switch
- Fixes and improvements

v2.0.1 (June 15, 2022)

-fix: Location retrieval works better now
-Various small improvements and fixes

v2.0.0 (May 4, 2022)

-Important: The app is now fully redesigned
- feature: New & improved search first order flow
- feature: User review parameters added
- feature: Ride preferences added (Paid and free)
- feature: Gift cards
- feature: Paid wait time during the order
- feature: new menu for reserved rides
- feature: Tip driver
- feature: Driver can filter distance of orders
- feature: New address types

v1.3.1 (March 23, 2022)

-Price rounding factor
-New easy customization options
-Book later date picker added
-Various important fixes through apps

v1.3.0 (March 6, 2022)

-Booking flow redesigned
-Two-way trip feature
-Manual booking assignment from Admin Panel
-Admin Panel overview improved
-Some new easy customization options added
-Terms and conditions agreement on login (Optional)

v1.2.0 (January 1, 2022)

- Google Places API integrated (optional)
- Driver income indicator
- Driver income charts
- Service activity page on Admin panel

v1.1.0 (December 14, 2021)

-2 New Map Providers added (Mapbox)
-In-app chat feature added
-Book later feature added
-Export to CSV feature added
-Various UI improvements
-Bug fixes

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