QrexOrder - SaaS Restaurants / QR Menu / WhatsApp Online ordering / Reservation system
QrexOrder - SaaS Restaurants / QR Menu / WhatsApp Online ordering / Reservation system

QrexOrder - SaaS Restaurants / QR Menu / WhatsApp Online ordering / Reservation system

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  • Uploaded : 26th January 2023
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Overview :

QRexOrder – SaaS Online ordering / Restaurant management / Reservation system

QRexOrder is a SaaS-based multi-restaurant food ordering & reservation system with payment gateways. It’s very secure, well documented, fast & user-friendly. It is mainly using to make a restaurant website and online food ordering, reservation and delivery system.

It will reduce your pain of receiving order from customer as well as cost & time. Waiting for waiters is painful for customers. By using QRexOrder customer can create order for cash-on-delivery, can booking by checking available days. after finalize order customer can download QR code or can order using WhatsApp. Customer can for track order with Qr code or order id or phone number. and can continue chat over WhatsApp for quick response. There is also a reservation system for different purpose like weeding, birthday party etc.

It has a home landing pages and other essential pages. It will compatible with various payment gateways called PayPal, Stripe, Razor pay. It created with CodeIgniter 3.7 for the backend and Bootstrap for the front end. It has an awesome admin panel and user panel. Without writing any code you can manage it properly from the admin area. The application is fully responsive to all devices.

Customer Panel, Delivery Staff & Order track with Details Available Now

Make a perfect contactless Restaurant in your own Language

Some Unique features PWA For all restaurants (Extended license) OneSignal Web Push Notification for all restaurants (Extended license) Custom Notification (admin to restaurants) (Extended license) Radius based Delivery system 8+ Popular payment gateways (Paypal, Stripe, Razorpay, Stripe FPX, Mercadopago, Paytm, Flutterwave, Paystack, Offline) (Extended license) 3 Unique themes / Layouts Extras / Topping / add-on option for items Multiple sizes for items 6 Order system COD , Dine-in, Booking, Takeaway / Pickup, Pay in cash (online payment with payment gateway ) & Reservation Shipping Charge: Location / Area based Or Fixed shipping charge Dynamic QR code builder with items, logo and text Customer login enable / disable customer rating & feedback with customer Panel Delivery Guy & Staff (Extended license) Print invoice, POS invoice, Export PDF (Extended license), Sales statistics Dynamic Near by shop with items depends on your location Dynamic SEO Fields with google analytics & Facebook pixel Order Tracking Product duplicate / clone Drag and Drop Product sorting Re-order previous order Dynamic WhatsApp message Onsignal web push notification Order Notification with sound & More….

Qpos – POS System Addon Qpos – POS System Addon isn’t an standalone system. This Qpos POS System Addon is available only for QrexOrder – SaaS Restaurants / QR Menu / WhatsApp Online ordering / Reservation system. If you want to Qpos – POS system Addon for Qrexorder yet then click here for purchasing.

Landing page demo Restaurant Demo

Landing page demo Restaurant Demo

Admin access

Username: admin

Password: 1234

Restaurant access

Username: phplime

Password: 1234

Video Documentation : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLP_sYHPe0lYUhjmn-pPvMrpuQXsqIFBNn

Requirements OpenSSL PHP Extension PDO PHP Extension Mbstring PHP Extension Tokenizer PHP Extension XML PHP Extension Ctype PHP Extension JSON PHP Extension ZIP PHP Extension FileInfo PHP Extension BCMath PHP Extension
Technology Codeigniter 3.1.7 PHP >= 5.5+ (and PHP 7) Bootstrap 4 Ajax JQuery FontAwesome 4.7 & 5 Google Fonts
Features Restaurant Landing Food Listing Food Category or Menu Food Ordering Food Delivering Payment Gateways (paypal,stripe,razorpay) Email verification with control SMS Notification while Accept & complete order with control PayPal, Stripe & razorpay payment gateway Dynamically create QR code for your restaurant and order Login and Registration with ajax Authentication Manage Your system with unlimited features, packages & pages Unique Username with ajax checker Google Analytics Unlimited package and pricing Free, Trail with 15days & 1 month, Paid Membership System with unlimited packages Ajax secure Authentication Advanced Settings Options Change Favicon, Site Name, Site Description, etc. from Admin Panel Backup database Detailed Documentation with commented code AdminLTE3 integrated for admin panel Clean, Responsive & Eye catching Design Standard & clean code Fully Responsive Design Easy Integration & Customization Separate Stylesheet All fields have a validation script Uses standard PHP server features Totally Secure System Security:

QRexOrder is a secure system. There are various mechanisms to secure application. These mechanisms are:

Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Prevention Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Prevention Avoiding SQL Injection
Icons: Font Awesome Icon Flat icon IcoFonts
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If you have any questions about QRexOrder, please feel free to contact with me via email : phplime.envato@gmail.com

If you need support please send mail with purchase / License code

We will support only an apache server with cPanel.

Thank You!


If you plan to use this product and charge from your end users on the platform (using payment systems) then you must purchase the Extended License, enforced by the Envato license terms. See License Terms

There are some requirements to work on your server. These requirements are: PHP >= 7.2+ cUrl Apache with mod_rewrite Version 3.0 - 21 December 2022 - Show paid status after completed order from POS - Add listed customer information in POS order - Missing Translation. - Fix - Order types & WhatsApp share config for new install - invoice & order details issue - CSS issues Version 2.9 - 28 November 2022 Dashboard CSS issue fixed & POS COD order issue fixed. ======================== Version 2.9 - 24 November 2022 - Email notification for Restaurant owner, Customers & Delivery Staff - Move Layout in layout sections - Enable / Disables scroll top arrow - Pagination Limit for restaurant - Comments in every items when add to cart. - Income statistics & Monthly income section. - Autoload tables and new order in live order - New section for Dine-in order & Call waiter. - Option for addons - POS Addon is available - Fix - CSS issues Version 2.8 - 11 October 2022 Fixed For new installation - get error whatsapp_enable_for ========================= Version 2.8 - 10 October 2022 - Added Mark as Pickup button on order details page - Choose delivery boy by restaurant - Order id and order type in pos print - Disable past time from pickup order. - Payment status in invoice - Modify user registration option - Disabled passed pickup time. - WhatsApp Order for all orders - Set table number when customer scan table Qr code. - Added Table QR with call waiter / table no - 24 Hours shop open option - Fix customer statistics depends on date range version 2.7 - 8 September 2022 - 6 Dynamic fields on package - Demo shop/restaurant in Landing page - Custom Notification from admin to restaurant. - Onesignal web push for restaurant to customer/visitors - SendGrid Mailer - Currency and number format for admin. - Offline payment control with txn field - Package deleted option. - Send payment mail to the user when change package. - Google map redirect in whatsapp - Grid/list view order list Fix - CSS issues - Whatsapp google address redirections - & More version 2.6 - 02 August 2022 - Fix the PayPal payment issues - Security question issues version 2.6 - 28 July 2022 Added - Rudias based delivery - Change field added for COD - Added 6 month for package duration - Security questions for Customer and forget password. - Tax included/excluded - Item tax with included/excluded - Multiple allergens for product - Password For KDS Access - Fix - Disabled table and pin when call waiter comes from qr code - Fix image upload in text editor - Fix allergens issues. version 2.5 - 18 May 22 Added - Paystack Payment gateways - OneSignal Web Push notification - Set nearby radius option - Added library for extras. - Choose Payment required for all orders - Fix - Fixed google map location and redirects - Fix restaurant close time - Fix invoice issues. version 2.4 - 23 March 22 Added - Coupon Discount - reCaptcha for all form submit - Auto detected google location in checkout form - Fix - Fix Edit order option - Fix Re-order system - Fix extras in the POS print. version 2.3 - 16 February 22 fix new installation issues ----------------------------------------- version 2.3 - 14 February 22 Added - Add Payment for all order options - Image for category and category image slider - Export/Import language data for easy translation - Added Image in PWA - Fix - Fix Responsive issues. - Fix some unknow issues version 2.2 - 21 January 22 Fix the responsive and KDS issues. ------------------------------------------------ version 2.2 - 16 January 22 Added - 1 New theme - Table Qrcode builder - Time & date format - custom css field - Enable / disable preloader - Add Order qrcode in invoices - Security pin for track order and call waiter - Customer information in pos invoice - Domain/server change widget - Fix - Package name not showing in KDS - Time slots issues - Fix some unknow issues - Whatsapp issues in iOS - Changes Some UI / UX - Improve UI / UX version 2.1 - 7 December 21 Added - Added PWA. - Dynamic whatsapp Message - drag and drop sorting in product & categody - Google map key access from admin - twilio Message after order completed and accept with dynamic message - Forget passord for delivery guy and customer - Add sorting by order in products and category - Product clone / duplicate - Re order from track list - Dynamic fonts - Number format - Currency position - 7+ Language added - added language switcher for restaurant - Delivery order loaded dynamically in delivery guy panel - Fix - pickup time in invoice - Hide / show call waiter & review - Changes Some UI / UX - Improve UI / UX version 2.0 - 7 November 21 Added - Added Paytm, Mercadopago, stripe fpx, Flutterwave payment gateway. - Call a waiter option - Area/location based delivery charge - added multiple images in item details - Enable / disable customer login in checkout page - Enable / disable veg type select - Dynamic QR code builder - Dynamic icon / image for restaurant banner - Custom landing page - Google analytics and facebook pixel for both admin and restaurant - Fix - Hide users in footer - Hide home section in home page - Package name not showing in pos invoice - Improve UI / UX version 1.9 - 2 October 21 Added - Added Tax in order for restaurants - Added Discount in order for restaurant - Added Minimum amount for Cash-on-delivery (COD). - Added pickup point time slot. - Added New layout For restaurants with (single checkout page, payment gateway page, order success page & more). - Rating! Customer can rate their order. This rating will show in the restaurant's profile. - Restaurants can create customers and added a customer list for restaurants. - Customers can change information temporarily when orders or can change it for all (account included) - Fix - Double price in whatsapp share - Improve site speed version 1.8 - 07 September 21 Added - Restaurant Close Popup. - Customer Login and registration - Customer Panel with order list and track - Delivery Staff panel with order status - Set default prepared time - Order details for customer & Delivery Staff with Different UI - Order invoice - Pos print, printer print and export pdf - Add all order in kds - Order track with restaurant & delivery status. - Add comments for all orders - Delivery status in restaurant order list - Filter option in all order list with pagination - Sells, Item, Order, Customer Purchased statistics with Filter - Impore theme design. - Fix - Decimal price in item size - Get start in landing page
version 1.7 - 01 August 21 Added - Twilo SMS notification when accept & complete order with control - Phone number, Google Map link, pickup time in whatsapp order - Weekly and 15days in trail package - Razorpay Payment gateway in Pay-in-order - Fix - Multiple item count in cart for all device - Profile link in dashboard - Decimal price in item size - Get start in landing page
version 1.6 - 25 June 21 Added - Staff / restaurant access with permission - Item pagination and search with ajax - Add single category page with search and pagination - Added pagination in users page - Live kitchen status for user's - Fix - Css issues - Time issue in order - Fix blank in reservation approve version 1.5 - 06 June 21 Added - Extras / add-on in the items - QR menu builder - Real time notification - Order Histories - Google map link in the cash-on-delivery - KDS (Kitchen Display system) - Online payment added under package - Fix - Css issues - Responsive issues version 1.4 - 18 May 21 Added - Seo configuration for both site and restaurant - Improve user preferences - Fix - Payment issue in pay in cash method version 1.3 - 14 May 21 Added - Item Stock arability with control - Pickup point with google map location - Dine-in with table area and table allowed person - order prepared time slot with dynamic count timer - Improve admin preferences - Improve user preferences - Improve responsive issue - Fix - Item size for multiple restaurant - Currency issue in order version 1.2 - 20 April 21 Added - Added Multi-language - Added Pay in cash (online payment in order) - Added Multiple currency & dial code - Shipping charge both online payment & cash on delivery - Added controller for WhatsApp, order system, payment system - Added Controller for home page menu & all sections - Improve admin preferences - Improve user preferences - Improve responsive issue version 1.1 - 29 March 21 Added - Google recaptcha - Delivery Charge in cash on delivery - Pickup option version 1.0 - 24 March 21 initial release

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