Projectify | Project Addon for Elementor Page Builder
Projectify | Project Addon for Elementor Page Builder

Projectify | Project Addon for Elementor Page Builder

  • Uploaded : 04th June 2023
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Projectify | Project Addon for Elementor Page Builder

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Just visit our offical website to get free PSD files and WordPress themes: What’s the difference with Modulify?With Projectify you can display all blog posts, portfolio posts, gallery posts, pages or any other (any custom) posts which is in your theme with our creative layouts, you can include posts’ categories, sort posts by ID, Author, Title, Name, Random, Number of Comments, Page Order and etc.

With Modulify you can add custom items with our creative layouts. With this plugin you can change each item’s Image, Title, Subtitle, Link URL. Projectify – Project Addon for Elementor Page Builder by Frenify

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Projectify is the perfect and stylish addon for Elementor Page Builder to present your ideas online. With wide range of project layouts, from full-screen to iconic grid, you can easily create project blocks to your needs, that will engaging visitors and potential clients. This addon makes your website’s design more interesting for your visitors. It helps you to easily manage your website content simply drag and drop, seriously no programming knowledge required.

Premium Elementor Page Builder Addon How to update the pluginDownload the latest files from your downloads page at: Unzip this file and find fileInstall this file into your plugins (in dashboard -> plugins)Replace with your current versionReadyChangelog

Version 3.0 – June 01, 2023 1. Fixed: category issue for more than one word categories (Masonry Layout)2. Added: a feature to change "All" text (Masonry Layout)

Version 2.9 – February 11, 2023 1. Fixed title hover color for list masonry layout

Version 2.8 – February 05, 2023 1. Fixed arrow issue2. Fixed next and previous slide issue3. Fixed translation issue4. Fixed small issues5. Compatibilty with last version of the Elementor Page Builder

Version 2.7 – July 28, 2022 1. Added translation (now you can change translatable words in widget options)2. Fixed icon issue (right and left arrow issues)

Version 2.6 – April 17, 2022 1. Fixed some issues

Version 2.5 – October 29, 2021 1. Improved UX (added link to images also)2. Fixed issue with project and category links when lightbox is enabled3. Fixed some issues4. Added plugin information page in dashboard

Version 2.4 – August 09, 2021 1. Fixed WooCommerce product category issue on front-end

Version 2.3 – August 09, 2021 1. BIG CHANGES: Include Categories was removed and added Taxonomies for all post types, also was added quick search by post taxonomy. See below screenshot

Version 2.2 – July 16, 2021 1. Compatibility with latest version of Elementor

Version 2.1 – May 19, 2021 1. Added include categories functionality to all Projectify widgets

Version 2.0 – December 04, 2018 1. Big changes: Fixed lightbox controller issue

Version 1.9 – August 04, 2018 1. Fixed: Page Category issue2. Added: Option for All pages for include them as Featured Page

Version 1.8 – June 05, 2018 1. Added: Lightbox Funtionality in some layouts

Version 1.7 – May 17, 2018 1. Fixed: Post offset issue

Version 1.6 – May 14, 2018 1. Fixed: Category issue in new version of elementor plugin.

Version 1.5 – May 09, 2018 1. Fixed: Conflict between the plugin and elementor

Version 1.4 – April 27, 2018 1. Changed: All widgets are gathered to one widget.

Version 1.3 – April 14, 2018 1. Added: autoplay option to Slider Alpha, Slider Beta, Slider Delta, Slider Epsilon, Slider Gamma, Slider Zeta, Carousel Full Alpha, Carousel Full Beta

Version 1.2 – April 09, 2018 1. Fixed: Translate issues.

Version 1.1 – March 20, 2018 1. Fixed: Small bugs.

Version 1.0 – March 14, 2018 1. INITIAL RELEASEMeet our new HTML template

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