Pixer - React Laravel Ecommerce Multivendor Digital  Marketplace
Pixer - React Laravel Ecommerce Multivendor Digital  Marketplace

Pixer - React Laravel Ecommerce Multivendor Digital Marketplace

by Developer
  • Uploaded : 03rd February 2024
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Overview :

Pixer – React Laravel Multivendor is a digital eCommerce Marketplace script implemented based on Laravel, React, Next JS, and Tailwind CSS. It is one of the fastest and most secure digital assets selling E-commerce app. It’s very easy to use, we have used axios and react-query for data fetching. You can set up your API endpoints very easily and your frontend team will love using it. It has REST API support. On the frontend, we have used React, NextJS [ TypeScript ] & Tailwind, and Laravel for the backend. Full source code is available. It’s very easy to install and deploy. It will help you to grow your business fast as it’s a very easy digital e-commerce solution. We have added good documentation, tutorials and we tried to make everything extendable and reusable so you can edit as your own need. It has full admin support too to maintain and manage your order. You will get full source code, Frontend, and Backend. It has Multivendor support. The script has both dark mode and light mode for the shop version that will blow away your user experience.

We do not recommend cPanel. You can purchase any $5 - $10/mo server from amazon lightsail or digitalocean or any ubuntu server.

Check our Shop demos :

email: customer@demo.com
password: demodemo

Check our admin :

email: admin@demo.com
pass: demodemo

email: vendor@demo.com
pass: demodemo

Multiingual Demo :



Tailwind CSS
React Query

Storefront Features:

Complete Authentication
Quick add to cart
Async full text search
Category based item filtering
Omnipay supported [ Stripe ]
User Account settings
My order
React, Next & Tailwind based
Next SEO supported
SEO friendly

Admin Features:

Analytics Dashboard
Manage Product
Manage Category
Manage Product Type
Manage Order
Manage Order Status
Manage Customers
Manage Taxes
Store Settings
Built with React, Next & Tailwind

Our Awesome Products











Change log
v6.4.0 3rd February 2024

-Tool tips for admin area.[New feature]
-New App installation terminal command via Laravel Prompt [New feature]
-Customer review Pop-up feature after successful order.[New feature]
-Settings save confirmation.[New feature]
-Total order amount calculation in analytics dashboard[Bug fix]
-Responsive device sidebar toogle issue.[Bug fix]

v6.3.0 11th January 2024

-Text editor support [New Feature]
-Popup Banner [New Feature]
-Addressed and resolved the Auto Payment gateway selection issue. [Fix]

v6.2.0 19th December 2023

- App maintenance Mode [New Feature]
- Product import/export with Categories, tags relational data [New Feature]
- Composer packages updated [Enhancement]
- User permission issue fixed for super-admin user control area. [Enhancement]
-. Digital file reuploading issue fixed [issue fix]
- Analytics memory leakage issue fixed [issue fix]
- Single Order invoice pdf currency symbol issue fixed [issue fix].
- Orders excel export currency symbol issue fixed [issue fix].

v6.1.0 4th December 2023

-All dependency packages are updated on the shop end.

v6.0.0 25th November 2023

-FAQs builder added [both Super admin & Vendor end]
-Terms and Condition builder added [both Super admin & Vendor end]
-Contact page added for vendor specific.
-Settings area revamped
-Dashboard section facelifted (Super admin, Vendor & Staff)
-Real-time notification added for order
-Route searching
-Product, tag, categories filtering options added
-Sidebar menu & Footer area update
-Product preview system added

v5.5.0 20th September 2023

- Order details page issue fixed in small devices [Issue Fix]
- Sorting and filtering issue fixed [Issue Fix]
- Internal bug fixes for both Shop and Admin [Bug Fix]

v5.4.0 4th September 2023

- Added wallet details to customer profile. [Enhancement]
- Added proper Order Payment summary in the shop. [Enhancement]
- Order Wallet payment issue fixed. [Issue Fix]
- Order Partial Payment (Wallet and Payment Gateway) issue fixed. [Issue Fix]
- Site title and site Subtitle issue fixed [Issue Fix]

v5.3.0 25th August 2023

- Product Review Issue Fixed [Issue Fix]
- Sorting Issue Fixed [Issue Fix]
- Admin Dashboard Order Page fixed in Small Devices [Issue Fix]
- Admin Dashboard Bug Fixed [Bug Fix]

v5.2.0 18h August 2023

- Vendor Gross Sales & Current Balance issue fixed [Issue Fix]
- User Registration Mail confirmation issue fixed [Bug Fix]

v5.1.0 10th August 2023

- External Product Support Added [New Feature]
- Import Export issue fixed [Issue Fix]
- Explore slider bug fixed [Bug Fix]

v5.0.0 26th July 2023

- Multiple payment gateway management [new feature]
- Product publish management control [new feature]
- OpenAI integration added[New Feature]
- Added Setting Seeder [New Feature]
- New Console Command marvel:settings_seed [New Feature]
- Added Settings Dummy data seeder command [New Feature]
- Added Country wise currency formation support [New Feature]
- Admin File validation [Issue Fix]
- product out-of-stock quantity [issue fix]
- Fixed Settings issue [Issue Fix].
- product sale price [issue fix]
- multi-language auto-translation [issue fix]

v4.4.0 2nd June 2023

-Added Coinbase (Cryptocurrency) Payment gateway
-Documentation Updated
- minor bug fix

v4.3.0 26th May 2023

-BitPay (Cryptocurrency) Payment Gateway 
-Documentation Updated

v4.2.1 12 May 2023

 Fixed  Import Export issue

v4.2.0 18 April 2023

- Deployment script updated.

v4.1.0 22 March 2023

- Added Paystack Payment Gateway

v4.0.0 15 March 2023

- Upgraded API to Laravel 10 & updated all other packages
- Upgraded Shop to Next JS 13 & updated all other packages
- Removed Paystack Payment Gateway due to laravel 10 depandency

v3.2.1 28 February 2023

- Deployment package issue fix

v3.2.0 17 February 2023

- Added PayStack Payment Gateway
- Added Pixer Documentation on API Welcome page
- Fixed image & thumbnail display issues
- Fixed dark mode  Payment Gateway Logo issue
- Fixed wishlist Responsive UI issue 
- Remove unused code from API Welcome Page

v3.1.2 [6 February 2023]

- Fixed auto deployment script issue

v3.1.1 [1 February 2023]

- Fixed auto deployment script missing issue

v3.1.0 [17 January 2023]

- Added RazorPay Payment Gateway & Mollie Payment Gateway
- Fixed top author not found Issue
- Fixed dark mode progress status text color issue
- Fixed Explore page free items sorting issue
- RazorPay & Mollie Payment Gateway documentation

v3.0.0 [05 January 2023]

Caution! Breaking Changes!

- Upgrade API to laravel 9
- Restructure the entire payment gateway system
- Added Stripe (Intent Based) and PayPal payment gateway
- Added card management feature
- Removed omnipay packages
- Added support for status-based inventory management option
- Added balance dispatch option based on status
- Fixed docker zip extension issue
- Fixed excel package cache issue
- Fixed user block and vendor inactive issue
- Fixed blank order created issue
- Fixed single-order issue
- Fixed maximum question limit issue

v2.3.0 [22 November 2022]

- Added automated script for deployment
- Documentation updated

v2.2.0 [27 October 2022]

- Added product slug edit feature
- Fixed profile update issue
- Fixed wallet points order issue
- Fixed order fail issue
- Fixed user block and vendor inactive issue
- Fixed blank order created issue
- Fixed repeated new user wallet add issue for OTP login
- Fixed negative subtotal for coupon

v2.1.0 [27 September 2022]

- Added language-based carting
- Fixed composer v2 package installation issue
- Fixed the latest docker Invalid template issue
- Fixed vendor shop page URL issue
- Fixed product status overlapping issue
- Fixed product export button URL issue
- Fixed contact us responsive issue
- Fixed privacy and help menu issue
- Fixed RTL global search position issue
- Fixed RTL question search issue
- Fixed wishlist issue
- Fixed dashboard recent withdrawal issue
- Fixed admin profile image update issue

v2.0.0 [14 August 2022]

Caution! Breaking Changes!

- Introduced Multilingual feature
- Added RTL design
- Added logo upload option
- Added promotional slider image upload option
- Fixed dashboard recent withdrawal issue
- Fixed vendor item edit path issue
- Fixed translation text issue
- Fixed add new address issue at backend booking
- Fixed invoice issue for Unicode language
- Fixed Unicode product slug issue
- Fixed file upload security issue
- Fixed backend order address responsive issue
- Fixed few minor bugs

v1.1.1 [24 May 2022]

- Fixed product popup responsive issues.

v1.1.0 [23 May 2022]

- Introduced Review support for products
- Introduced Question and Answer support for products
- Introduced Report abusive review
- Introduced Review Feedback
- Introduced Q&A Feedback
- Introduced Wishlist support
- Introduced follow-following for authors
- Introduced order export support
- Introduced my question page
- Introduced my report page
- Introduced my wishlist page
- Introduced feed page
- Introduced followed authors page
- Fixed withdraw form balance issue
- Fixed category create issue
- Fixed export-import issue
- Fixed zip upload placeholder issue
- Fixed single product image issue
- Fixed free item query issue
- Fixed file download link issue

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