Noo Timetable - Responsive Calendar & Auto Sync WordPress Plugin
Noo Timetable - Responsive Calendar & Auto Sync WordPress Plugin

Noo Timetable - Responsive Calendar & Auto Sync WordPress Plugin

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  • Uploaded : 24th July 2023
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Overview :

Latest Version 2.2.0 Jul 15,2023 view changelog
WordPress 6.x Ready

NOO Timetable is a super flexible schedule plugin for WordPress, with fully responsive interface and fascinating UI. It is absolutely suitable for fitness, yoga, dance classes, medical departments, any kind of event calendars and so on.

NOO Timetable helps you easily create a timetable with custom data just in a few minutes. All classes/events will be shown visually in both weekly and monthly timetable and filtered by category as well. NOO Timetable is packed with tons of marvelous features which make it the ideal choice for your class/event schedule. Up-to-date Flat Styling, Fully Responsive, Super Flexible, Multiple View Options, Event Filters, Event Navigation, iCal file Exporting, Event Pop-ups, 2 Preset post types: Class & Event and many more are included in this plugin.

It has a clean and elegant layout that could be simply customized. It is also a totally versatile plugin, that can be used by lots of different businesses. Scroll down for more feature details!

NOO Timetable – Full Features List Fully responsive and mobile friendly

NOO Timetable is fully responsive and mobile friendly. It will be displayed perfectly on any mobile device.

Up-to-date Flat Styling

This plugin has modern and flat interface. All colors can manually be customized, both calendar and item?s color.

Super Flexible

Especially, classes/events will be displayed in a very flexible way: classes/events with the same date and time will still be shown beautifully on the schedule.

Auto Sync from public resources

Noo Timetable can be auto synced from several public sources, such as Google Calendar and Apple Calendar. Moreover, on the Import Type section, it has Save Recurrence option which has synchronized function. When you create classes/events on Apple Calendar, after a certain period of time, it will be automatically updated on the website’s schedule based on the inputted link.

Classes Manual Settings

This feature helps you create classes based on specific days. When you check this box, you will no longer be able to use Advanced Schedule (Advanced Schedule will automatically create classes based on the number of weeks and weekdays).

Event Recurrence

Noo Timetable allows you to set the class/event to be repeated weekly, monthly or annual on the schedule based on detailed and specific options like the last Tuesday of the Month, etc.

Additional Shortcode: Upcoming Event

It helps you display upcoming events on the schedule. The upcoming events are arranged by actual time.

Multiple View Options

All classes/events will be shown visually in both daily, weekly and monthly timetable and filtered by category as well

Event Filters

Our plugin is ready for schedules with a lot of classes, hence powerful filters are essential. You can allow various filters, like Category, Instructor, Location, Day or Time of the Day.

Event Navigation

With event navigation feature, NOO Timetable makes it more easily to navigate to the next of previous week on the schedule.

iCal file Exporting & Importing

NOO Timetable plugin allows user to export schedule to iCalendar file and import classes and events from Apple Calendar conveniently with no effort.

Event Pop-ups

A schedule should display only the important info, but you might have a lot of other useful details for your visitors. Therefore, each class accepts individual text and images, that can be displayed in a pop-up window. Moreover, we include in this plugin 16 pop-up styles for your own use.

Multi-schedule on page

It allows multiple schedules on each page. Build your class or event schedules in minutes.

2 Preset post types: Classes and Events

Classes and Events are 2 preset post types of NOO Timetable. Create classes and events within seconds.

WPBakery Page Builder compatible

Our plugin is compatible with WPBakery Page Builder. In case you already installed WPBakery Page Builder, it still supports shortcode creating.

Default Shortcode Supported

The plugin also supports default shortcode. However, it would still supports shortcode normally if users installed WPBakery Page Builder.

Unlimited Colors

You can choose from multiple colors to customize schedule’s color (calendar, time slots, etc)

RLT Supported

Noo Timetable supports right to left languages and repositions elements when necessary.

One Click Demo

Importing demo data has never been easier. With just one click, demo data will be imported.

Automatic Update

No more wasting your time updating theme and plugins manually. The plugin can be easily updated automatically with just one click.

Comprehensive Document

We included in plugin package dedicated document file to guide you step by step installing and customizing the plugin. You also can find the detailed online guide on our support center here.

Regular Update

We keep updating the plugin regularly with more addon features and minor bug fixed. Just one time payment, you will get the update lifetime for free.

Free premium support

In addition to dedicated documentation, the senior developers of the plugin will support you. We are happy to support you to build your amazing website.


All support is handled in our Support Center. We encourage you to post all your questions concerning our template there as your questions may have already been answered or may be of help to other people that have also purchased the template.

Change log 2.2.0 |Jul 15,2023| - [Fix] PHP 8 issues. - [Fix] Wordpress 6.x Editor save shortcode config. - [Fix] Cross Site Request Forgery issue. |May 5,2020| - [Fix] The class is not displayed by category when clicking next and prev on Mobile. |April 8,2020| - [Add] Show/hide Class meta option. - [Fix] Class Holiday. - [Fix] PHP 7.4. |Jun 11,2019| - [Fix] Slider layout for Noo Class, Not Upcoming class, Noo Event, Not Upcoming Event shortcode. - [Fix] Widget class/event slider issue. - [Fix] The holiday description display in the schedule issue. - [Fix] Hide past event doesn't work. - [Fix] HTML content and Shortcode for Event popup in the schedule. - [Fix] Category color can't update when changing color. |Mar 23,2019| - [Fix] jQuery error.$ is not function issue. - [Fix] missing date time when importing the class. - [Add] date picker for Croatian language. - [Fix] Event config - order by issue. - [Fix] Schedule setting when showing the weekend. - [Fix] Show category on the mobile. |Feb 21,2019| - [Fix] Classes subcategory color issue. - [Fix] Translate some keyword. - [Fix] Event schedule color issue. |Feb 1,2019| - [Fix] Mobile schedule display issue. - [Fix] Popup thumbnail image display issue. |Jan 25,2019| - [Fix] Event repeat issue. - [Fix] Timetable class background color style issue. |Jan 12, 2019| - [Fix] Escape title issue in the schedule. - [Fix] Sync & import delete issue. - [Fix] Class holiday display issue. - [Fix] Repeat events, classes issue in the schedule. |Dec 10,2018| - [Fix] The issue with WP 5.0 and Gutenberg. |Dec 06,2018| - [Fix] Hide time range issue. |Nov 17,2018| - [Improve] Add more organizer for single event. - [Add] Dropdown select for categories filter on the mobile and desktop. - [Improve] Open Time, close Time manual input for the class details. - [Improve] Loading time for schedule timetable. - [Add] Filter level for the class schedule. - [Set] The first loading category for the schedule. - [Add] The config to show all items for the monthly schedule layout. - [Add] List layout for the schedule. - [Bug] Sync & Import category saving issue. |Aug 15,2018| - [Fix] Noo Event shortcode slider layout issue. - [Fix] Class page meta on the single class issue. - [Fix] Number week display 1 in the single class page issue. - [Add] Holiday color option for the schedule. - [Add] Level info to single class, class listing and class schedule. |Mar 27,2018| - [Fix] Schedule event on the mobile device. |Mar 23,2018| - [Fix] Next/Prev date time issue on the mobile device of the Schedule. |Mar 07,2018| - [FIX] Register modal popup on the Schedule. - [FIX] Duplicate day of the week on the mobile device of the Schedule. - [FIX] Auto update issue. |21th Dec 2017| - [FIX] Repeat Event display on the Schedule. - [FIX] Hover class/ event info on the Schedule. |11th Dec 2017| - [FIX] Display Event on the Schedule with custom date time. 2.0.4 |8th, Dec 2017| - [FIX] Display Class/ Event info for the Schedule on the mobile. - [FIX] Style issue. 2.0.3 |21th Nov 2017| - [ADD] Filter for Classes Archived and Events Archived page. - [ADD] Show/hide option for All tab filter on the schedule. - [ADD] Options to show/hide popup info. - [FIX] Display Class/ Event info for the Schedule on the mobile. - [FIX] Style issue. 2.0.2 |13th Sep 2017| - [FIX] Broken layout in theme. - [ADD] Register Link on the Class Popup - [FIX] Improve CSS style. 2.0.1 | 26th April 2017| - [UPDATE] Shortcode builder. - [FIX] Schedule on the mobile screen. - [FIX] Fix bug query for past events. - [FIX] Improve CSS & JS files. - [FIX] Various minor bugs fixed. 2.0.0 | 28th December 2016 | - [ADD] Add function for Auto Sync from public resources such as Google Calendar or Apple Calendar. - [ADD] Add function to import from iCal files. - [ADD] Add recurring function for Event. - [ADD] Add option to manually adding date for Class. - [ADD] Add option to order by Start Date or Current Date ( the current date of Recurring event ) for Events. - [ADD] Add new shortcode Upcoming Events. - [UPDATE] Support WordPress 4.7. - [UPDATE] Update some style on mobile - [FIX] Fix bug of slow admin page on sites with the Yoast SEO plugin. - [FIX] Fix bug not showing End time on the monthly schedule. - [FIX] Fix some issue when using the datetimepicker in some languages. - [FIX] Various minor bugs fixed. 1.2.0 | 7th November 2016 | - [ADD] Add support for multiple trainers on a time slot. - [ADD] Add option to show/hide Class's time, trainer or address. - [ADD] Add the new widget Upcoming class slider - [ADD] Add the new shortcode, Upcoming Class - [ADD] Add a new option to custom the link of the schedule's items. You can use an External Registration link or just disable all the URL. - [ADD] Add description text to display on the Holiday days. - [UPDATE] Add new option for showing Class/Event's excerpt on the schedule. - [UPDATE] Show the next date on the class detail page. - [UPDATE] Add Pagination to the Class or Event shortcode. - [UPDATE] Add Lithuanian schedule language. - [FIX] Fix an issue with some special date format. - [FIX] Fix an issue with showing date time on the mobile. - [FIX] Improve some style of Schedule. 1.1.1 | 1st October 2016 | - [FIX] Fix format date for schedule heading. - [FIX] Fix bug can't clear selected value of Multiple select fields on the meta-box. - [FIX] Fix bug can't change holidays settings. - [FIX] Fix error of duplicating Sunday and Trainer on the class page. - [FIX] Other minor bug fixed. 1.1.0 | 7th September 2016 | - [ADD] Add Google Map settings for the event ( default Latitude, Longitude, and Zoom level ). - [UPDATE] Support changing language on the Schedule. - [UPDATE] Update some Russia text for the Schedule. - [FIX] Fix error of showing wrong Event date when not input. - [FIX] Fix an error of displaying Schedule on the mobile device. - [FIX] Fix some styling issues. - [FIX] Other minor bug fixed. 1.0.1 | 24th August 2016 | - [FIX] Fix some small bugs 1.0.0 | 17th August 2016 | - First stable release Keep In Touch With Us

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