Nokri - Job Board Native Android App
Nokri - Job Board Native Android App

Nokri - Job Board Native Android App

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  • Uploaded : 21st February 2023
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Overview :

Demo app and Login Account Demo App Link on Play Store: Download Now

Company Demo Account: Email: Password: company123 Candidate Demo Account: Email: Password: candidate123

Nokri – Job Board Native Android App is an advanced job board Android App. It contains all the required features for creating a successful job portal website. Nokri is a complete and easy to use job listings website. Using Nokri Job Board Native Android App you can create a complete & fully Responsive job portal, career platform to run human resource management, recruitment, freelancing, or job posting website. A complete job board App that is loaded with separate panels for employers and candidates. Panels are with convenient search filters both can manage each and everything easily. Job Board Native Android App has both android and IOS applications available. Get apps and take a step ahead from your competitors.

Pages Include: Splash page Sign In/Sign Up (Social Logins as well) Job Post Search Job Details Profile And many more excellent features Features: Push Notifications InApp Purchases, Stripe, PayPal Google Analytics Admobe integrated Multi Currency front end Added New User Registration verification Simple job expiry Google Map Locations Featured Jobs Job Expiry Limits Free and Paid Package Admin control Auto/Manuel Job Approval Google Map Location Related Jobs Job Status Location Based Search Featured Jobs Based Search Title Based Search Side bar Widgets Category Based Search Lang.Translation ready Clean Code Easy to Customize Targeted Ad Spots Jobs, Candidates and Companies Listing Login and Register Models Well Managed Documentation

Here is the live documentation link Live Documentation
Note: This application can only be used with Nokri Job Board WordPress Theme only.

NOTE: Setting up application doesn’t include in product price. You can do setup by yourself or can hire our technical person to do that for you but that will be a paid task.

Note: We are not providing support for any kind of adult website. If you want to buy than you can proceed but do not expect support for illegal or Adult Websites. Thanks.

Update History

Change log / Updates: v 2.2.7 ——December 23rd, 2022 1. Minor fixes and performance improvements Change log / Updates: v 2.2.6 ——August 31st, 2022 1. Compatible with Android 13. 2. Resolve API Key on google play store. 3. Minor fixes and updates. Change log / Updates: v 2.2.5 —— March 3rd, 2022 Fixes: 1) Compatible with Android 12 2) bug fixes, improvement, and flexible Change log / Updates: v 2.2.4 —— April 6th, 2021 Fixes: 1) Minor Issues fixed Change log / Updates: v 2.2.3 —— January 12th, 2021 Added: 1) Candidate schedule hours /or working days. 2) Employer to candidate rating. 3) Nearby jobs on the job detail page with/on-off. 4) Strong password recommendation on registration. 5) Profile option pub/private in theme option while registration. 6) Subscribe to the newsletter while registration on/off in the user setting. 7) Restrict employer and candidate to buy a free package after assign them at the time of registration. 8 ) Hide show company follows button on all employer page. 9) Response/welcome email to candidate when applying for a job.

Change log / Updates: v 2.2.2 —— November 26th, 2020

Added: 1) WPML Compatible 2) Featured option for the employer. 3) Candidate featured profile. 4) Geolocation for the search for jobs. 5) Bump Up jobs. 6) Admin can job expiry date limits while job posting with on/off. 7) Can’t change the title after job post with on/off. 8 ) Upload resume video directly instead of link with on/off. 9) Paid Job email alerts to employees with on/off. 10) Candidate skills as tags with on/off. 11) Create an alert from the dashboard. 12) Order auto-approve theme options with on/off 13) Make resume upload while applying job Required/optional/hide-fields. 14) WhatsApp job apply 15) Candidate can see job applied status.

Change log / Updates: v 2.2.1 —— September 8th, 2020

Added: 1. Apply Linked In Dialog 2. Push Notifications for Job Alerts 3. Linked In Logout Alert Dialog 4. Free package at startup 5. Hide Portfolio if there is no video in the portfolio section. 6. Show hide map functionality from every screen 7. Redirect to sign in while applying for a job without login. 8. Add Salary Option. 9. Job listing new design Issue Resolved: 1. Custom fields issue resolved at update profile 2. Job location bug resolved. 3. Job Post Issue After Job Edit

Change log / Updates: v 2.2.0 —— July 2nd, 2020

Fixed: 1) Category-based job post template 2) Four-level custom location in the employer profile 3) Employer search by location 4) Employer search by specialization 5) Candidate video resume option 6) Apply on the job without login with enable/disable 07) Email job to anyone with enable/disable 08) The employer can save resumes 09) Date validations 10) Save job button added on the detail page 11) Job Alerts 12) Auto candidate suggestions 13) Candidate packages to apply 14) Candidate featured profile package base 15) Candidate packages 16) Featured candidates 17) Employer Portfolio 18) Employer Video option 20) Custom fields for registration form 21) Custom fields for the Candidate profile 22) Custom fields for employer profile 23) Job alert option for followed companies and all companies 24) Upload resume from all resumes tab 25) CV scoring 26) Custom labels and placeholders for candidates profile 27) Custom labels and placeholders for employers profile 28) Questionnaire added on job post with enable disable the option 29) Default button option while registration 30) Upload resume on apply time 31) Resume download option with a package base in matched resume 32) Resume download option enable/disable on candidate public profile 33) Candidate qualification option 34) Filter candidates by salary range 35) Filter candidates by salary type 36) Filter candidates by salary currency 37) Filter candidates by gender 38) Filter candidates by headline 39) Filter candidates by qualification 40) Hide/show map in candidate/employer profiles 41) Style Fixes

Change log / Updates: v 2.1.0 —— January 8th, 2020

Fixed: 1) Job detail issues. 2) LinkedIn login and apply job fixed. 3) Advanced search and candidate search issues fixed. 4) Images issues resolved. 5) Edit post job issue resolved. 6) Post Job issue fixed. 7) The packages issue fixed.

Change log / Updates: v 2.0 —— May 15th, 2019

1) Added search job feature using radius. 2) Home 1 design changed. 3) Blog show/hide feature added. 4) New Home 2 added. 5) Blog design changed. 6) Sign up & Sign in Screen design changed. 7) Forget Password screen layout changed. Advanced search design changed. 9) Search filters added. 10) Resume uploading and downloading fixed. 11) Minor bugs fixed.
Change log / Updates: v 1.1.7 —— February 28th, 2019 1) Added Jobs For You In Candidate 2) Added Contact Us In Candidate and Company Public Profiles 3) Added Package Validity Text In Package Details 4) Added New Google Places Api Implementation Because Previous SDK is now deprecated.
Change log / Updates: v 1.1.6 —— February 1st, 2019 1) Moved reset password and delete the icon from the dashboard to edit personal info for both candidate and employer. 2) Added remaining candidate search in buy package screen 3) Corrected spelling mistakes. 4) Added placeholder in toolbar edit text 5) Linkedin mobile SDK is now deprecated. Implemented a workaround. You will need to provide two additional values in (LINKEDIN_CLIENT_ID,LINKEDIN_CLIENT_SECRET)

Change log / Updates: v 1.1.4 ——January 29th, 2019

1) The candidate edit profile title changed. 2) Apply button/LinkedIn apply to save job button visible only to candidates 3) Follow us button hidden for a company when visiting the company profile 4) Fixed translation issues.

Change log / Updates: v 1.1.3 ——January 11th, 2019

1) Removed candidate search from guest login. 2) Cover letter options are added to the resume received on the job details page. 3) take action added status 4) Added free package option. 5) Changed the date format in the company established. 6) Changed text option for the country city-state. 7) Candidate searches can now be set to pay. 8 ) Added terms and conditions link on app sign up. 9) Changed date format for birthday on personal info update in the client 10) Corrected text of pop up when deleting job on saved jobs screen. 11) Fixed pushed notification design issue. 12) Added option to pinpoint the current location in google map. 13) On the home screen toolbar text is changed from home to app name. 14) Jobs now show job expiration date instead of job posted date. 15) Swapped places for privacy policy with terms and conditions section.

Change log / Updates: v 1.1.0 ——December 13th, 2018

1 )Added video portfolio option through youtube API. 2) Added option to make the account private for both candidate and employer. 3) Added skill with percentage option for a candidate with a progress bar. 4) Removed search candidate option from a candidate. 5) Added option to share the job on social media. 6) Added job search by country option in the explores tab. 1). Made text of jobs slider on home screen auto resizable to accommodate the limited space. 2). Changed blog design on the home screen. 3). Fixed tabs in buy package and job details screen. 4). Improved design of rich editor in company edit profile. 5). Changing app color now changes the color of almost 90% of the app.

Change log / Updates: v 1.0.8 ——November 13th, 2018

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