Newsfreak - Flutter Mobile App for WordPress
Newsfreak - Flutter Mobile App for WordPress

Newsfreak - Flutter Mobile App for WordPress

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  • Uploaded : 17th August 2023
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Overview :

NewsFreak is a complete mobile app solution for your WordPress website, whether it’s a blog, news, magazine, or any other type of content. You can transform your WordPress site into a native Android & iOS app within a few moments.

- Version: 2.0.3 – See the changelogs at the bottom of this page
- Last update: 26 July 2023
- Files Included: Full Flutter Source Code (iOS, Android)
- Compatible with Flutter latest version 3.10.x
- This is an Exclusive Product Licence from Envato.

Are you looking for an app for your WordPress blog/site or are you looking to build an app & website for your ideas, then NewsFreak is the best option for you. Using our template, you can build a native Android & iOS app for your WordPress site.

We have used Flutter from Google to build this entire application and used lots of animations to make this app user-friendly. It could be able to satisfy users with impressive UI design and smooth performance on both iOS and Android devices. We have also used Firebase Push Notification to send notifications to the user and also used Admob to earn through ads. The app will always be synced with WordPress site data via WP REST API. We have developed a custom wordpress plugin to control and customize the app.

What will you get

Complete source code of the app for both iOS & Android Wordpress website configuration docuemnt Step by step documentation to setup android & iOS Onetime payment & lifetime updates for free. Top 6 Reasons to Buy This App

Pixel perfect & elegant design with lots of animations Run on both iOS & Android devices Single codebase, super fast loading & great performance Rich functionalities & regular updates. Offline Database and image cache to use the app in offline. Clean, Structured & easily readable code and save at least two months of development time. Notable Features

Dark Mode


Android Demo : Google Play Store iOS Demo : App Store(TestFlight) Documentation : Newsfreak Doc Demo wordpress site that used for this app : Features Splash screen Social Logins: Social logins with Google, Facebook & Apple for iOS User Sign In : Register users as Wordpress user. Login & Registration with username/email and password. Guest login – Access the app & contents without login. Loading Animation & Clean UI: Loading animations are available on all screens which gives users a fluent & smooth experience on data loading time. Pagination: Used infinite scrolling which will help to load unlimited data without any problem and reduce database cost. Pull-to-Refresh – Pull-to-refresh feature to refresh the contents anytime the user wants. Adaptive Dark Mode! - Don’t forget to experience the dark mode. This makes the whole app more usable & beautiful. Native Video Support: The app support native wordpress videos with player controller & full screen. Network video, Youtube & Vimeo videos are also supported with native video player. Html Description: Content description supports images, gifs, videos, audios, iframe videos, tables, lists, custom html & css designs, etc. Social Emebeded Posts: Social embeded posts support from twitter, facebook etc Posts Tags and Tag-Based Posts Support Author Based Posts Support Feature Contents: You can set the featured contents directly from your wordpress dashboard. Popular posts: The app will show the most popular posts from your wordpress site. Categories & Sub-Categories: The app supports both categories & sub-categories. You can even add thumbnails to your categories & sub-categories. Custom WebView – Used custom webview to open any link inside the app just like facebook. User Comments : User can make comments and reply on specific comments Search : Used Recent Search feature which will save the recent search(s) of users locally. Interactive Push Notifications: Admin can send push notifications directly from the admin panel to all android & iOS users in just one click. Push notification’s body also supports HTML text. Cached Image & Data : Used cache image service to save online images to a local database for a faster experience. Images & databases can be accessible even in offline. Multi-language Support: You can add your own language to the app in the easiest way. RTL Support: RTL support for rtl type languages like Arabic, Hebrew etc. Bookmark : User also can save their favourite contents. Hero Animation: Used flutter special animation package Hero in all content for a smooth and seamless user experience. Admob Ads: You can apply native admob ads to earn from Google. We have used banner ads & interstitial ads. You can track user clicks on posts and show ads after your preferred periods. Native Ads: Native ads in between news cards. You can set the placements of native ads from the admin dashboard. Custom Ads Support: Custom ads in between news cards. You can set the placements of custom ads from the admin dashboard. Offline Database: Hive. State Management: Provider

What About Admin Panel?

Your WordPress admin dashboard will be the admin of this app. Your WordPress site data will be always synced with the app via WP REST API. With our Custom WordPress plugin, you can customize the control of the app easily from your WordPress admin dashboard.

Control and Customize the app with Newsfreak WordPress Plugin Assign featured & video posts directly from the post details page. Send push notifications on every post create/update directly from the post details page. Create scheduled posts. Push notification is also available for scheduled posts. Control users and their roles Control user comments. approve/disapprove comments Full control & flexibility on post writing Assign user roles easily and much more..

Clean Code

This is a 100% complete app for production use. Just configure your WordPress site, set up the app and it will be yours. That’s it.

Changelogs: v2.0.3– 17 July 2021 - Fixed social links opening issue v2.0.2– 16 July 2023 - Custom wordpress plugin to control and customize the app - Added Material 3 support - Added social logins (Google, Facebook & Apple) - Added tags support at the bottom of the post details and tag-based posts - Added author-based posts - Added 3 new post details layout and ability to select a specific layout - Added deep links (Open posts inside the app from outside links) - Added Native ads with placement options - Added Custom Ads with placement options - Added the ability to control all types of ads directly from wordpress admin - Added the ability to add category thumbnails from wordpress admin - Added the ability to add Youtube, Vimeo, and Network videos as video posts - Added social embedded posts support in the post details - Added table, SVG images, and audio support in the post details - Added country flags to the languages - Added date translation - Added reading time feature (like medium) in the post details - Added comment reply and ability to reply to specific comments. - Added missing email validation layer on forgot password screen - Added the dark logo for dark mode - Added onboarding screens - Added the ability to select special categories as tabs from the wordpress admin - Added the ability to remove special categories from the Home tab - Added the ability to hide video tab from wordpress admin - Added the ability to assign feature and video posts directly from the wordpress post page - Fixed time-ago conflicts - App UI improvements - Updated with flutter latest version 3.10x v1.8.1(hotfix)– 14 May 2023 - Updated with flutter latest version 3.10.x v1.8.1– 30 April 2023 - Updated with flutter latest version 3.7.x v1.8.0– 06 February 2023 - Updated with flutter latest version 3.7.x - Added reset password feature - Added account delete feature from the app (According to appstore guidelines) - Added notification support for Android 13 - Fixed ios notification permission issue - Fixed timimg issue on custom notifications - Fixed vimeo video issues - New wordpress configurations - New online documentation v1.7.4– 25 December 2022 - Updated with flutter latest version v3.3.10 v1.7.3– 27 September 2022 - Android 13 support - iOS 16 support - Video player improvements - Fix: Snackbar issues - Updated all the packages - Updated with flutter latest version v3.3.x v1.7.2– 17 Aug 2022 - Changed targetSDKversion to 33 (Android 13 support) - Fixed ALL_QUERY_PERMISSION ISSUE - Added an option to the Profile tab for users to request deletion of their account and data via email. (According to apple app store law) - Updated all dependencies.. v1.7.1– 27 May 2022 - Updated with flutter latest stable version 3.x.x v1.7.0– 29 March 2022 (Security Update-2) - No more admin credentials are needed for the app. Added a new method for the Login and Registration. The app is more secure now. - Recommended for everyone to update their app with v1.7.0 - Removed custom tags from the URLs. - Fix: A null error in the profile tab when there is no internet. - Added REST cache service for faster loading performance. - Docs are updated. v1.6.5– 13 March 2022 (Security Update) - Moved Admin Credentials to the backend. From now, You don't have to put your WordPress credentials in the code section. - Recommended for everyone to update with v1.6.5 v1.6.1– 07 March 2022 - Updated with flutter latest version 2.10.x - Updated Comment report feature with email. - Font and style changes in the content description. - Vimeo iframe video support in the content description. - Updated all the dependencies v1.6.0– 06 January 2022 - Updated with flutter latest version 2.8.x - Added support for Android 12 - Added full-width picture & video support in the description. - Added full-width customized youtube video player for iframe videos. - Fonts in the content description are now more readable. - Added a checkbox for accepting terms & conditions before user registration. - Added flag/report feature in the comments. - Fix: Timing conflicts of 6 hours of each content/comment. The issue with the time_ago plugin. - Fix: Only 10 categories were showing - Fix: Only 10 content were showing in the comment and search list - Fix: Title alignment in the details screen - Fix: Banner ads width problem on some devices. Applied small banner instead of full-banner. - Fix: Contact us feature wasn't working on iOS - Updated all the dependencies - Updated docs and more... v1.5.1– 07 December 2021 - Fixed build related issues on Android & iOS - Minor improvements & bug fixes 28 October 2021 - Fix: Only 10 categories were showing. The issue is fixed now. 26 September 2021 - Removed the 'buy now' section from the app. v1.5.0– 15 September 2021 - Added the ability to send push notifications on post create/update directly from the WordPress admin dashboard. - From now, Clicking on any notifications will directly open the post instead of going to the notifications screen. - Added the ability to block a specific/list of categories & their contents. - Fix: Some special characters weren't supported. - Fix: Background notifications data weren't saving in the local database. - Added push notification for scheduled posts. - Twitter URL was missing in the sidebar. - Fix: Profile tab error when there is no internet. - Added firebase analytics. - Improved video & ads performance - Compatible with flutter latest version 2.5.x - Updated docs and much more... v1.0.0– 22 June 2021 - Initial Release

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