News - Flutter News App for Android & iOS with Admin Panel
News - Flutter News App for Android & iOS with Admin Panel

News - Flutter News App for Android & iOS with Admin Panel

by Developer
  • Uploaded : 03rd April 2023
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Overview :

Attractive and Modern UI

We are proud to present our new look, featuring a fresh & clean look with great visuals and fast-loading content.

Light & Dark theme

Our Light and Dark Themes are perfect for bringing your app to the next level.

Multi-Language and RTL Support

Supports multiple languages and RTL, so you can read articles in the language of your choice.

Video News

The News application supports different types of videos, such as YouTube, external links, and server video links.

External Link
Server Video Support

Comment Section

The commenting feature in the news app allows users to share reviews, likes, and dislikes about the articles they’ve read. This feature is a great way for users to interact with each other and give their opinions on the news.

Live weather forecast

The news application comes with a live weather forecast feature.

Available additional Features

Animated Splash Screen
Login Signup
Google Ads
Facebook Ads
Unity Ads
Share News
Like News
Comments on News

Report News Comment
Text to Speech
Text Size Manage Preferences
About Us
Terms & Conditions
Privacy Policy
Delete Account
Reply to Comments
Like, Dislike comments

Auto News Deletion

Added an Expiry Date for News entries. Once expired, they’ll no longer be accessible in the app. To further declutter, enable Auto News Deletion in the System Configurations to automatically delete expired news entries from the database.

Clone News

Admins can now easily clone any existing news and make necessary changes. This feature simplifies the process of creating similar news entries, allowing for more efficient and streamlined workflow.

Dynamic Pages

Now Admin can be able to define Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions,About Us,etc pages dynamically according to Language, with Option to enable / disable Terms & Policy and Privacy Policy kind of pages.
NOTE: Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions pages are mandatory. as these pages linked to Login screen of App.

Featured Sections

To make News visible @Home screen, Admin should have to add Featured Sections for Home Screen of App according to respected Languages & can reOrder Sections just by Drag & Drop Sections from Table below.


The Dashboard is your go-to spot for an overview of all the current statistics for your News App. With easy navigation, you can quickly perform any needed actions as an admin.

Create and Manage News

This platform makes it easy for the admin to manage all operations with features such as adding, updating, or deleting news articles, managing notifications, ads, user settings, and more.

Version 3.0.5

( updated on 20-Mar-2023 )

+ [Added] Featured sections in Home Screen
+ [updated] Code Compatible with Latest Flutter Version - 3.7.7
+ [updated] Bloc Cubit State Management
+ [updated] Now user can Manage News language wise
+ [Added] Auto deletion of expired News from System Configuration @Admin Panel
+ [Added] Clone News @Admin Panel

Version 3.0.4

( updated on 29-Dec-2022 )

+ Added – Dynamic Multi-Language Support
+ Added – Dynamic Pages
+ Added – Download Database Backup in One Click
+ Added - Image Sharing along with Text

Version 3.0.3

( updated on 21-Nov-2022 )

+ Compatible with PHP v8.0.x

Version 3.0.2

( updated on 11-Nov-2022 )

+ Admin can now assign roles to user as editors, News Reporter etc..
+ Users with given roles can be able to add, edit and delete news from app
- (Note: Test credentials for role testing)
- Mobile : +91 9876543210
- OTP :123456

Version 3.0.1

( updated on 21-Sep-2022 )

+ Added Unity ads
+ Added Multiple live streaming options

Version 3.0.0

( updated on 9-Aug-2022 )

+ Replaced with complete new UI
+ Added User can delete their account from Settings
+ Added separate tabs for Categories & Video News
+ HTML content can be added in News Details like Video Link & Webpages, etc.
+ Added swipe to delete personal notifications.

Version 2.0.3

( updated on 18-June-2022 )

+ Upgraded to Flutter 3.0

Version 2.0.2

( updated on 8-Feb-2022 )

+ Support Flutter 2.10
+ Added more ads frequency
+ Enable and disable Ads from Admin Panel

Version 2.0.1

( updated on 1-Nov-2021 )

+ Added Facebook ads (Facebook audience network)
+ Added clickable events on display tag
+ Added auto similar news stories
+ Added survey modules
+ Personal notification...if a user comments on another user's comments and user can delete their personal notification from the personal notification list
+ Advanced search (recent search)
+ Notification enable and disable

Version 2.0.0

( updated on 1-Oct-2021 )

+ New 2.0.0 professional UI
+ Added sub category with optional*
+ Added # tag captions for news
+ Added new live weather update option
+ Offline sync improvements + more speed up now
+ Improvements with comment section + professional and one page bottom navigation now

Version 1.1.2

( updated on 5-Aug-2021 )

+Added offline sync content for faster performances
+Added app-level multi-language
+Added Live news video streaming
+Theme system default, dark, light
+Voice reading issue resoled
+Live font size change on text size options

Version 1.1.1

( updated on 20-june-2021 )

+Added Light / Dark mode for better eyesight & battery life
+Added preference news for ease of access
+Added multiple images/gallery for news
+Added font size for ease of reading
+Added Like button
+Added Report/Flag user comments
+Added option to delete own comments
+Added text-to-speech feature to read text aloud

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