Nerd VPN : Flutter VPN Full Application with IAP, Integrated with Backend and Admin Panel
Nerd VPN : Flutter VPN Full Application with IAP, Integrated with Backend and Admin Panel

Nerd VPN : Flutter VPN Full Application with IAP, Integrated with Backend and Admin Panel

by Developer
  • Uploaded : 24th February 2023
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Overview :

Nerd VPN

Provides VPN services for users with free and premium subscription features without register and login, There is Web admin so you can easily determine which server is targeted to a specific user status.

The application is connected with openvpn configuration, so you can get it from across the internet (I don’t recommend it) or create it with available services .

Support Android & IOS

What you get :

Mobile source code
Web Admin & API (Laravel)

Demo (Updated)
Click here for demo

Features :

Appbundle build supported
In App Purchases (Subscription) without login / register
With admin,
Admob friendly
Firebase Analytics & Crashlytics
Appbundle build supported
Clean codes
Easy to redesign
Using provider’s state management

To upload to Appstore (iOS), you need to enroll Apple Develope as Organization, not Individual, for more information :


Version 5.10 & 6.0.1 [13 Jan 2023]

Flutter 3.x supported
Fix build error


Fix servers didn’t show if servers didn’t contain UDP and TCP
Fix disconnect button didn’t work

Version 5.9 & 6.0 (beta) [16 Dec 2022]

Flutter 3.x supported
Update all dependencies


NerdVPN Rewrite
Play Billing 5, trial supported
Light & Dark Theme mode
New UI and More Feature

Version 5.8 [21 Feb 2022]
Quick fixes to support flutter 2.10.x and upgrade plugins

Flutter 2.10.x Supported
Update all dependencies

Version 5.7 [9 Dec 2021]
There is some problem on IOS while trying to connect with auth vpn, i update FAQ on documentation that explain how to solve it, on this version, you no longer need to add the spesific command.

IOS Fixes
Fix some layout bugs

TV Support will be going to be late during the current layout design that make it too difficult, i’ve plan to make it available on v6 with new code structure that more easy to adept.

Version 5.6 [24 Oct 2021]

Fix wrong protocol on admin panel
Fix loaded protocol in app launch
Fix iOS to connect VPN with Authentication
Fix some small bugs

Version 5.5 [23 Oct 2021]

Fix disconnection bugs
Fix some bugs on ads
Add Facebook ad mediation (Follow steps number 1 & 2 from this link

Version 5.4 [20 Oct 2021]

New instruction link
Fix ad size
Fixing Some bugs

Version 5.3 [17 Oct 2021]

Add AppTracking transparency
Fix subscription file
Ad on disconnect dialog
Fix small bugs

Version 5.2 [13 Oct 2021]

Fix some bugs that make vpn didn’t connect with servers

Version 5.1 [9 Oct 2021]

New flutter update crash some plugins that used on v5.0, now its compatible with latest Flutter (2.5.x), run “flutter pub upgrade” to make sure you use latest plugins

Compatible with Flutter 2.5.x
Fix vpn engine on native
Admob deprecated is fixed
Fix other bugs

Version 5.0 [7 Jul 2021]

Rewrite engine with native function
Fix other bugs

Version 4.0 [27 March 2021]

IOS Support
Migrated to Nullsafety
Fully Rewrite Instruction and add some Details
Increase the UI
Animation here… Animation there
Fix lots of bugs

Version 3.1

Flutter latest version supported
Rewrite Instruction
Fix Bugs

Version 3.0

Admin panel updated (faster to manage)
Mobile Server’s Pagination
Optimize Admin & Mobile

Version 2.2

Whitelist app
Admob Safety (Bypassed IP)
Private guide

Version 2.1 [2 Oct 2020]

Fix random’s api

Version 2.0 [1 Oct 2020]

Make mobile setup super easy
Fix API source code
Provide admin demo

Version 1.2 [30 Sept 2020]

Fix Admin Web BUG
Simple setup’s Video Tutorial (LINK inside instructions.doc)
Remove apks but you still can access it inside Video instruction’s link

Version 1.0 [29 Sept 2020]

First release

Quality checked by MyPortalCode

Free 3 months support

Future update from Developer

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