Nearby Stores Android - Offers & Coupons, Events, Restaurant, Services & Booking 3.0
Nearby Stores Android - Offers & Coupons, Events, Restaurant, Services & Booking 3.0

Nearby Stores Android - Offers & Coupons, Events, Restaurant, Services & Booking 3.0

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  • Uploaded : 07th March 2023
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Overview :

– Version: 3.0.3 – Youtube Channel – Support Ticket Plateform
– Last update: 09/02/2023
– Files Included: Full Android Source Code, Full PHP script for dashboard, Project Documentation ( installation & configuration guide )
– Setup & installation guide : Link.
– This is Exclusive Product Licence from Envato.

NearbyStores is an application that helps you discover local businesses and get deals. With our simple yet powerful tools, you can quickly find stores, restaurants, and other businesses near you. You also have access to coupons, offers, events, services & booking, and many more…

Benefits of NearbyStores for Business Owners:

Reach Your Target Audience with Advanced Campaign Management and Push Notifications Attract More Customers with Increased Visibility on the App Boost Profits with a 24/7 Online Presence and the Ability to Offer Coupons Connect with Customers in Real-Time with In-App Chat Streamline Bookings and Payments with the Integrated Management System Verify and Manage Coupons with Ease Increase Revenue and Boost Your Bottom Line.

Advantages of Using NearbyStores for Customers:

Stay Informed about Local Stores and Businesses Access to Exclusive Offers, Promotions, Deals & Coupons Stay Up-to-Date on Your Favorite Stores with Personalized News and Notifications Attend Exciting Events Organized by Your Favorite Stores Read Reviews and Leave Your Own Feedback before Visiting a Store Enjoy the Convenience of In-App Coupons and Discounts Make reservations and pay online using secured payment gateway (no storage of cards) What’s more? You can personalize your store to any style you want The user interface is excellent from every standpoint Navigation is smooth on the app A powerful architecture that has been improved these 5 years of releasing The app comes with a responsive design that can suit almost anyone’s taste A new booking system has been integrated to the app , so vendors can list their services and charge their customers to book their services Support many payment gateway Paypal , stripe , Flutterwave , Razorpay, Mercado pago, Paystack and many more … Customers can make safety payment by Bank Transfer

App Features Support RTL Languages Support Multi Languages Opening time feature Secured payment 100% (no storage of cards) Booking services Business Manager in the mobile Manage booking using QR scanner Manage coupons using QR scanner Advertising banners (Mobile slider) Translate all words from the single page on your dashboard Support latest version of Android Studio & Gradle Top quality, clean code created by experienced senior Android Localization Ready! Google Analytics Google Places Chat Realtime Admob Push notification – firebase cloud messaging Cronjob Email, Facebook & Google login User Reviews Participate to the event Cool Mobile UI Interaction Share to social medias Call feature Wishlist Search & Filter Well documented Web Admin Features Modular PHP dashboard developed with CI3 HMVC Compatible with NearbyStores Web Simple and Attractive Admin Panel. Manage stores & services Manage offers & coupons Manage events Manage categories Manage checkout fields Membership plans , and payout management Digital Wallet Send/Receive money Currency management Update “About Us” and social media Permanent data storage (chat messages, stores and event informations) on a MYSQL database Display total stores events and customers created in your app Booking management Manage customers and their permission Secure all communications between the Web admin and app with a token Easily integrate new languages to your app Manage all the content created by your customers, edit the number of stores , offers, compagin … created by each one so quickly Use your phone where you are to manage your application and stay tuned to all your customer’s thanks to the responsive dashboard Stay tuned to your customers by answering their messages directly from dashboard

What you get Full Android Source Code Full PHP source code for the backend Project Documentation ( installation & configuration guide ) Demo APK:
Demo Admin :

Admin URL:
Username: admin
Password: 123456

Username: owner
Password: 123456

Note: This account gives you only limited access to see the dashboard with the features that have, you will not be allowed to change any information through the demo version.
To get more accessibility please create a customer account to be able to create and edit the content in the dashboard

Changelog ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version v3.0.3 24/02/2023 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bug fixed: - Profile Qr code keep loading - Taxe disappear - Create order error in php 8.0 - Can't chat from dashboard - Create store error in php 8 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version v3.0.2 09/02/2023 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Improvements: - Update admob labrary Bug fixed: - Social login crash - Dark mode issues - Update installed on top of previous app, crash - Get coupon button - Share button redirects to google maps ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version v3.0.1 01/02/2023 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New Features : - Integrate Coupons - Integrate Login with facebook & google - Integrate QR Code scanner in the business manager - Integrate payment gateway (Paystack, Mercado pago, Bank transfer) - Integrate Email service provider (SendGrid, MailJet) Improvements: - Update home to the new design - Enhance listing stores, offers & events - Improve security - Improve email - Optimize Web dashboard source code - Update codeigniter 3 to latest version ( - Optimize android project source code - Update project libraries - Remove unacessary ressources Bug fixed: - Support latest android 13 - Support latest android studio Dolphin - Gradle issues with the latest version of Android Studio - Categories disappear - Display only single photo in offer - Booking issues - Notification issues - Chat issues ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version v2.8.2 4/08/2022 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Improvements: - Payment improvement - Translation improvement - Install improvement - Update improvement - Store and services improvement - API improvement and compaatibilty with upcoming WEB version Bug fixed: - Dashboard: Booking wrong business name - Dashboard; Booking all reservation permission - Category Length Limitation issue - Error php edit profile - "Field 'updated_at' doesn't have a default value" - Create new account with deleted account - Services selector calculation issue Version v2.8.1 25/04/2022 Bug fixed: - Business Manager URL issue "An Error Was Encountered The URI you submitted has disallowed characters" Version v2.8.0 14/04/2022 New Features : - Added: Booking notifications - Web Improvements: - Optimized: Project source code - Support Android 12 - Campaign & Notifications - Improvement on Apple Pay Bug fixed: - Fixed: Service Selector issue - Fixed: Service price calculation issue - Fixed: Notifications can't receive on Android 12 v2.7.0 28/12/2021 New Features : - Integrate report issue on Stores , Event , Offers - Integrate Apple pay for IOS device Improvements: - Enhance the home loading shimmer - Upgrade all API to the latest version support now Android 30 and higher - Optimize project source code - Remove unnecessary resources Bug fixed: - Fix payment issue ( token not found) - Gradle issues with the latest version of Android Studio V2.6.3 28/07/2021 Improvements: - Add new payment gateway (Flutterwave) - Payment improvements - Booking improvements - Reservations improvements - Add payout module for booking - Increase image loading speed - Update API , replace deprecated apis Bug fixed: - Business manager & Booking issues fixed - Time zone & Opening time issues - Custom fields issues - Offer date issues - Event date issues - User profile image not showing - Open inbox issues - Booking checkout issues - Technical issues reported by crashlytics V2.6 30/05/2021 Improvements: - Booking system with payment option - Dark mode adjustment - Payment improvement - Reservations improvements - Integrate booking module in the business manager - Add missed field on business manager Bug fixed: - Timezone & Opening time issues - Custom fields issues - Offer issues - Technical issues reported by crashlytics V2.5 05/05/2021 New Features: - Integrate booking system - Push notification when reservation status is updated - Promotional video on the store detail - Integrate razor pay - Switch distance Unit from Km to mile or vice versa Improvements: - Improving app performance and loading speed - Adjust UI sizes on home page - Add new section called Top rated shops - Search & filter layout improvements - Opening time accept 24h format - Dark mode adjustment - Bottom navigation adjustment Bug fixed: - Timezone & Opening time issues - Store card click redirection - Notifications issues - Filter layout - Navigation items click - Chat issues - Technical issues reported by crashlytics V2.1 ( patch to fix bugs) 01/01/2021 Bugs Fixed: - Accept or decline button in store listing ( dashboard ) - Issues related to permission check on the event ( dashboard ) - Confirmation popup on the event and offer delete ( dashboard ) - Payment issues ( dashboard ) - Delete category issue ( dashboard ) - Upload image on the signup page - Store item click redirection in the offer detail - Bookmark doesn't load correctly the stores and events - Review isn't displayed after a new creation - Bookmark list not refreshed - Some graphical issue related to the dark mode - Store doesn't show the website - Display people around me on the home page - Remove closed tag when store owner hasn't mentioned the opening time - Upgrade third party API - Resolving technical issues reported on Crashlytics V2.1 29/09/2020 Bugs Fixed: - Dashboard install and update - Fixing maps, phone buttons in store detail - Enable or disable the chat button in each store - Issues related to business manager - Fixing bug with offers tags in-store listing - Fixing technical issue reported from Crashlytics - Fixing Notification issues - Order issues in stores list - Upload image in signup and edit profile V2.0.0 12/09/2020 New Features: - Dark mode integrated (automatically detected when the device is switched to dark mode) - Add open and close tag in each store - Business Manager For mobile devices - Subscription Module with payment gateway for business owners - New Sliders with external redirection - Switch to another city or location Improvement: - Better user experience with UI Improvement - Receive Notification from favorite stores and events only. - Enhance Search filter - Offline mode is improved - Offers listing in geo maps, including a custom filter in maps - Improve Cache in Search Filter Bugs Fixed: - Fixing bug with offers tags in-store listing - Fixing technical issue reported from Crashlytics - Fixing Notification issues

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