Mobile Native Social Timeline Applications - For WoWonder Social PHP Script
Mobile Native Social Timeline Applications - For WoWonder Social PHP Script

Mobile Native Social Timeline Applications - For WoWonder Social PHP Script

by Developer
  • Uploaded : 21st February 2023
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Overview :

WoWonder Timeline is a social timeline application for WoWonder PHP Social Network, with WoWonder Timeline users can Post & Interact with users feeds and like and comment and more , now using the application is easier, and more fun !

WoWonder Timeline is easy, secured, and it will be regularly updated.

What does the item package include? - Main Item: Android Xamarin Native Full Source Code.
- For Free: IOS Swift Full Source Code.
- Doc files for both Android and IOS

Requirements: 1- WoWonder PHP 3.1.1 or higher.
2- VS2019 IDE. For Android & Xcode 13 for IOS

NOTE: If you are charging your users or selling in-app purchases you should obtain the extended license

What does Extended license includs? 1-Extra payment system such as Google in app billing
2-More priority in ticket replies

Application Features Login Pages: Added ability to login normally and via 6 different social communities. Welcome Page : Added ability for users to choose between register and login on welcome page. Register Page: Added ability to register an new account. Forget Page: Added ability for users to recover their account via email address. Registration steps: Added ability for users to upload there Avatars and display recommended users. Walkthrough Pages: Added ability to advertise chat application during Registration steps. Timline Page: Added ability to see all kind of posts Text, Pictures, Videos, Maps, Feelings, and more . Friends & Follow System: Application Supports friends system like Facebook, follow system like twitter. Native Injection:: Added ability for users to see likes and wonders and delete and interact with post nativly. Add Post Page: Added ability for users to add new post as text or image or video or activities and feelings. Post Privacy: Added ability to control post Privacy. Friends Page: Added ability to display all users friends on one page . User Profile Page: Added ability for users to open users profile and timelines and get there information and feeds. Comunity Page: Added ability for users to display liked pages and joined groups on one page . Search Page: Added ability to search for users & pages and groups with ability to add or like or join during the search. Search Filter Page: Added ability to filter search results via Avatar or Status or Gender and more. Profile Picture: Dynamic profile picture for users. My Images Page: Display all posted photos with users comments and likes. Market Place: Added ability for users to get latest products and contact there owners. Add Product Page: Added ability for user to add there own product attached with images & informations and price. #Hashtags: Displays trending and related topics shared by users. @Mentions: Use @username to tag people in a status or messages. Saved Posts: User can save posts to view them later. Delete & Edit Posts: User can delete and edit his own posts. Save Posts: User can save posts to view them later. Liked pages: Added ability for users to like pages and get pages feeds and action buttons . Groups: Added ability for users to join groups and get groups feeds and informations. Messages system: Added ability for users to chat and send messages integrated with the WoWonder Messenger v1.5. Pro members Profiles: Added ability for users to see pro members types on each user Profile. Notifications Page: Added ability to display all notifications with Events such as like , shared, commented, etc. Push Notifications: Added ability for users to get notifications for users activities and more. Friend Requests: Added ability to accept or cancel friend requests. Trending Hashtag: Users can see last trending hashtags on left slider. Premoted Pages: Users can see last promoted pages on left slider. Pro Members: Users can see promoted members on left slider. Pro Upgrade Page: Added ability for user to upgrade his account to pro member. Settings page Added ability for user to control his privacy and settings. Acount Page: Added ability for users to control there account password & username and email. Help Page: added ability for users to see and read some help or about us. Blocked users:: Added ability for users to unblock or block there friends and users profiles. Notification settings: Added ability for users to control notifications (Led color & Sound and Vibrate) . My Profile: Added ability for users to change there avatar & cover & informations and social links. Handling Offline: Added ability to handel offline mode and bad connections. . Cache system 60% of data is cached on mobile device. Handling Image : Added ability to handle image download and cache load for more performance and speed . Material design: Applicatiom responsive 85% in all kind of platforms Mobile, iTab, Tablets and more. Toasts & Alerts: Added ability to display alerts , Toasts , success , errors, loadings , and more. Integration: Added integration with WoWonder Messengers and Desktop Application and Main php script. Empty State pages: Added Empty state pages and offline pages with easy customization. Settings Class: Added abilty to easly install and customize and change application langush Articles Add ability for users to read articles or blogs Animations : add Animations on pages and items Sync Phone contact Added Sync Phone contact list and check for available users phone numbers. Certificate Chains: Added Certificate Chains && Secure Protocols for High secured servers. Events: Added abilty to view and create events from the app. Find Near by: Added abilty find near by friends using GPS. User Status: Added abilty to create and view user status. Pokes: Added abilty to send and recieve pokes from users. Popular Posts: Added abilty to display top posts. Boost Post: Added abilty to boost post for users Jobs: Added abilty for users to create jobs and hire Common things: Added abilty to find users that matches your information Funding: users can create funds, and get paid

Updates Android Stable Version 5.1.4 30 January 2023 Note: This version has fixed most of the reported bugs since October 2022, while focusing on improving app design and updating SDKs to prepare for 2023 – resulting in a whopping 30% performance upgrade for the application and more stable design with a fix of the dark mode themes.

[Migrated] Net7.0 – Android 13 SDK + Build tools 33. [Added] New redesigned theme for 60% of the app. [Added] Background player for voice posts. [Added] New redesigned tabs. [Added] New 7+ Image posts styles. [Added] New Exo player version. [Added] Shimmer load views. [Added] New Report system. [Improved] Memory Usage. [Improved] All Resources not used was removed. [Update] PayPal payment. [Update] Google billing system. [Update] Ads-colony, one signal, razorpay. [Update] Google services. [Fixed] Scroll issue on my profile. [Fixed] Fast Post loading issues. [Fixed] Spalsh screen design on android 12. [Fixed] Google play rejection issue after the new policy. [Fixed] Google play rejection RTC. [Fixed] 25+ Reported bugs. Android Stable Version 5.1.3 16 September 2022 [Migrated] To android 12.1 SDK + build tools 32. [Added] Ability to switch application mode. [Update] Razorpay payment. [Update] Multiple packages. [Update] AdColony, OneSignal packages. [Update] ATO custom profile. [Update] New Cert key is required. [Fixed] 20+ Reported bugs. (Android Stable Version 5.1.2) 16 July 2022 [Added] Ability to switch application mode. [Added] Ability to search by username by adding ”@”. [Update] Razorpay payment. [Update] Redesigned sections with new theme. [Update] Multiple packages. [Update] Font awesome icons. [Update] AdColony, OneSignal packages. [Update] ATO custom profile. [Update] New Cert key is required. [Fixed] Sending Stickers. [Fixed] Story system. [Fixed] Call issues. [Fixed] Create advertise reported bugs. [Fixed] 10+ Reported bugs. ( Android Stable Version 5.1.1 ) 17 May 2022 [Added] QR Code on user profiles. [Added] Live post on news feed. [Added] Advertise system. [Added] Ability for multi-select images. [Update] Dark mode theme code. [Update] 14 UI/UX sections redesigned with new theme. [Update] Multiple packages. [Fixed] Get weather API. [Fixed] Poll answer with media. [Fixed] Open video call issue. [Fixed] Reels system. [Fixed] 20+ Reported bugs. ( Stable Version 5.1 ) 7 May 2022 [Added] QR Code. [Added] Live post & Advertise & go pro. [Added] New system for dark mode. [Added] Dialog Option Avatar in Profile. [Added] Ability to select multi images. [Added] DeepLink new features. [Added] 12 New Elements designs on app. [Improved] Reels video functions. [Fixed] Click on more icon in Offers. [Fixed] Get weather APi. [Fixed] Poll answer with media. [Fixed] 10+ Reported bugs. ( Stable Version 5.0 ) 12 February 2022 [Added] New sticker system. [Update] AOT custom profile. [Update] Google services. [Update] New Cert key. [Update] Multiple packages. [Improved] APK Size using dex compiler dx and d8. [Fixed] Stripe payment gateway issue. [Fixed] The close of reals video issue. [Fixed] Few UI issues and styles. [Fixed] Crash issue on app on android 7. [Fixed] Material Components on Android 12. [Fixed] Ffmpeg with all SDK version and all CPU type. [Fixed] 20+ Reported bugs. ( Stable Version 4.9.2 ) 1 February 2022 [Fixed] Facebook video type issue. [Fixed] Android 7 crash issue. [Fixed] Group and page name not displayed. [Fixed] FFmpeg with all version SDK and all CPU type. [Fixed] 10+ Reported bugs. [Update] Cert key is required. ( Stable Version 4.9 ) 21 November 2021 [Update] For IOS Version [Migrated] To Android 12 SDK + Build tools 31. [Added] Extra types for notification display. [Added] Ability to report live streams. [Added] Google UGC privacy. [Added] Ability to unlike reels videos. [Fixed] 20+ Reported bugs. [Update] Cert key is required. (Android Stable Version 4.8 ) 8 November 2021 [Fixed] 25+ Reported bugs. [Fixed] Cert key issues on few android versions. (Android Stable Version 4.7 ) 19 October 2021 [Added] Video Editor when adding post or story. [Added] Popup user mention on post description . [Added] New YouTube player design. [Added] Popup user mention on post description . [Added] Video Reels similar to Instagram. [Fixed] Empty line from text comment. [Fixed] Show gift image. [Fixed] 20+ Reported bugs. (Android Stable Version 4.6 ) 5 October 2021 [Added] Og:url in comment section. [Added] Ability to view all profile info. [Fixed] Verification system. [Fixed] Select countries when creating advertise. [Fixed] Message share file and users post. [Fixed] 15+ Reported bugs. (Android Stable Version 4.5 ) 16 September 2021 [Requires] New cert key. [Added] Smart Lock for passwords on app. [Added] Ability to filter news feed posts. [Added] Check status of Pro users If active or no. [Added] Ability to control add post system for only admins. [Added] Ability to filter post. [Added] Ability to show ads system for all users. [Fixed] Show Video Story. [Fixed] Storage issue in Android 11. [Fixed] RTL in notification text . [Fixed] Deep links to App Content. [Fixed] 5+ Critical reported bugs. (Android Stable Version 4.4.1 ) 31 August 2021 [Require] New cert key. [Fixed] 5+ Cretical reported bugs. (Android Stable Version 4.4 ) 22 August 2021 [Added] Support for AdColony ads. [Added] Ability to filter Adult Images. [Added] Ability to display twitter post. [Update] New cert key is required for this version. [Fixed] 5+ reported bugs on DoughouzLight group. (Android Stable Version 4.2.1 ) 19 June 2021 [Fixed] Text size in the add post section. [Fixed] Show boost post if not user pro. [Fixed] Loading image in comment replies. [Fixed] show empty space in group and page profiles. [Fixed] Click event of invite members in groups. [Fixed] Open my product. [Fixed] Movie System. [Fixed] Notification System. [Fixed] Set color on custom toast. [Fixed] 20+ reported bugs on DoughouzLight group. (Android Stable Version 4.2 ) 11 June 2021 [Update] For IOS Version [Added] 90% of app with new Design. [Added] Support for AdColony ads. [Added] Ability to create advertise. [Added] Reaction system to articles comments. [Added] Boosted posts & pages. [Added] Ability to view and add Stickers & Gif Images in comments. [Added] New reaction popup window. [Added] Suggested pages. [Added] Ability for requested group join . [Added] Ability to view all Invited pages. [Added] Ability to report pages and groups. [Added] Ability to reset password from app. [Added] Validation user (activate account) from app. [Added] Birthday in register with option user over 18 years. [Added] Friends birthday announcements. [Added] support to who can create funding (all, verified). [Added] Popular games. [Added] Ability to hide post. [Added] Custom preference settings. [Added] Support for referral system during register. [Added] New blured story system. [Added] Ability to display story seen List. [Added] Ability to reply to stories. [Added] Ability to get pages by categories. [Added] default volume video post. [Added] New onbourding screens. [Added] Ability to check Images by Vision API. [Added] Ability to check Images by Vision API. [Update] New cert key is required for this version. [Update] Improved Apk size and drawable images. [Fixed] 70+ Reported bugs sence march release. (Android Stable Version 4.0 ) 26 March 2021 [Added] 25% of app with new Design. [Added] Support for google play new requirements. [Fixed] saving of live stream. [Update] for multiple packages and framworks. [Fixed] 10+ Reported bugs. (Android Stable Version 3.9 ) 15 January 2021 [Added] Ability to view currency exchange. [Added] Ability to view weather info . [Added] Ability to view “About” a page. [Added] Ability to view covid19 info. [Added] Ability to check location share. [Fixed] Getting file path from another app when sharing. [Fixed] live stream issues. [Fixed] login after logout. [Fixed] settings privacy. [Fixed] show image in a nearby business. [Fixed] show data upgrade go pro from site. [Fixed] update data page. [Fixed] 10+ Reported bugs. (Android Stable Version 3.8 ) 11 December 2020 [Added] in-app settings enable video compress. [Added] view count user story. [Fixed] Open browser. [Fixed] live stream issues. [Fixed] currency when add or edit product. [Fixed] 10+ Reported bugs. (Android Stable Version 3.7 ) 25 November 2020 [Added] New style for trending section. [Added] Shortcuts page and group. [Added] Ability to view Weather from the app. [Added] Ability to view last blogs in trending. [Added] New style for dialog announcement with sound effect. [Fixed] Comment system in Articles and Movies. [Fixed] Height embeded video in a Facebook post. [Fixed] App crash when adding a new post. [Fixed] 7+ Reported bugs. (Android + IOS Stable Version 3.6 ) 10 November 2020 [IOS Update Log] [Update] Migrated to AndroidX. [Update] Migrated to SDK 29. [Improved] Splash screen loading time by 60% faster. [Added] Video Compressing when adding post or story. [Added] Live system using [Added] New cache system for post. [Update] for multiple packages and framworks. [Fixed] 20+ Reported bugs. (Android Stable Version 3.5 ) 26 September 2020 [Added] Recent Donation in Funding. [Added] Thumbnail Video when creating Story. [Added] Ability Create Blog. [Added] Bank Transfer to Funding. [Added] Ability to show Images in Products. [Added] Post type TikTok. [Added] Post type on Clicking OneSignal Notification. [Added] Support for the App updated by google play. [Added] Deep Links to App Content. [Added] Click on the post user name. [Fixed] Add New Post in a user profile. [Fixed] Show replies Count in comment. [Fixed] Crash issue on friend request. [Fixed] Show Jobs issue. [Fixed] Stories Progress View. [Fixed] 20+ Reported bugs. (Android Stable Version 3.4 ) 2 September 2020 [Added] AOT custom profile. [Fixed] 10+ Reported bugs (Android Stable Version 3.3 ) 29 August 2020 [Added] 23 New APIs in the project. [Added] RazorPay , PayStack , CashFree Payments. [Added] User Reactions on comments. [Added] Ability to view my funding. [Added] Ability to open cover and avatar image. [Added] To switch playtube and vimo from embed player to links. [Added] Swipe Refresh in profile , pages , groups. [Improved] Spalsh screen loading time. [Update] for multiple packages and framworks. [Fixed] 20+ Reported bugs ( Stable Version 3.2 ) 14 August 2020 [Added] IOS New Update View Log [Added] Powerfull cach system for news feed. [Added] Extra user info in user profile page. [Added] Ability to view story count number. [Added] Ability to check Membership system after creating a new account. [Added] Donate code in Funding page. [Added] Gif animinated Reaction icons. [Added] Filter Section on news feed. [Added] Ability to Review the App in Google play. [Improved] Upgrade C# to 8.0. [Improved] Spalsh screen loading time. [Fixed] 35+ Reported bugs ( Stable Version 3.1.3 ) 4 July 2020 [Added] Voice Recorder on add post. [Added] Reaction system on Comment, reply. [Fixed] 6+ Reported bugs ( Stable Version 3.1.1 ) 27 June 2020 [Fixed] 20+ Reported bugs on DoughouzLight Forum ( Stable Version 3.1 ) 18 June 2020 [Added] Ability to view comments on news feed. [Fixed] 30+ Reported bugs ( Stable Version 3.0 ) 21 May 2020 [Added] Ability for funding to (edit ,delete ,copy , share). [Added] Ability to view count of shared post. [Added] Ability to play recorded voice on news feed. [Added] Ability to retry Api HTTP exception using Polly. [Added] Infinity endless scrolling. [Added] Sub categories. [Added] Support for custom fields. [Improved] News feed post rendering. [Improved] Memory allocation for images and objects. [Improved] Application battery usage. [Improved] News feed scroll faster 40%. [Improved] Image cach system . [Improved] Apk size and drawable images. [Fixed] 20+ Reported bugs Android ( Stable Version 2.9 ) 30 April 2020 Works with WoWonder PHP v3.1 and up [Released] IOS Timeline Native. [Added] Full Offer system. [Added] Ability to view Live video posts. [Added] New Empty state animations. [Added] Invitation links . [Added] Ability to download my information . [Added] Event going and interested section . [Added] Past Event and invited events section . [Added] Skrill Payment system . [Added] Ability for Voice Comment . [Added] Ability To Search For Posts . [Added] Nearby Business . [Added] Nearby Shops. [Added] Ability For Balance Withdrawals. [Added] Facebook ads monetization. [Added] Ability to view anonymous posts. [Added] Facebook audience network ads. [Added] Ability to view suggested users. [Added] Ability to add VAT ads on videos. [Added] Memories Section. [Added] Ability to view Comments Status (Disable ,Enable ) . [Added] Ability to set admin on pages and groups . [Added] Ability for users to post on pages. [Added] New Bottom Navigation Bar Design [Fixed] 20+ Reported bugs Android ( Stable Version 2.7.3 ) 10 March 2020 [Added] progress uplaod on story page. [Added] ability to show rewarded ads videos. [Added] ability to swipe photos view in “My Images”. [Added] Wake lock when watching videos. [Added] progress bar during multimedia uploading files. [Added] like and comment options for products. [Added] ability to create album from the add Post page. [Added] ability to view all types of pols in news feed. [Fixed] add post system reported bugs [Fixed] 10+ Reported bugs between last version and now. Android ( Stable Version 2.7.2 ) 12 Feb 2020 [Added] on post news feed Privacy Icon. [Added] ability to load faster stories. [Added] open directly movies post. [Fixed] 8+ Reported bugs between last version and now. Android ( Alfa Version 2.7 ) 1 Feb 2020 [Added] support for android version 10. [Added] full wallet system . [Added] ability to view my points. [Added] adult +18 blur image system. [Added] ability to invite friends. [Added] ability to check allowed file sharing. [Added] badge count on message section. [Update] from package to .Net reference system. [Update] for multiple packages and framworks. [Update] for new google sdk 29 requirements. [Fixed] 20+ Reported bugs between last version and now. Android ( Stable Version 2.6.8 ) 24 Jan 2020 [Added] sound effect when posting a post . [Update] for multiple packages and framworks. [Fixed] 13+ Reported bugs between last version and now. Android ( Alfa Version 2.6.5 ) 12 Jan 2020 [Added] New UI design for Jobs and Funing and more tab. [Added] Cross App Authentication. [Added] dark mode on android sdk 10. [Fixed] Login via Google using last API released. [Fixed] 13+ reported bugs between last version and now. Android ( Stable Version 2.6.3 ) 18 December 2019 Works with WoWonder PHP v2.5.1. [Fixed] 7+ reported bugs between last version and now. Android ( Version 2.6.2 ) 10 December 2019 [Fixed] 5+ reported bugs. [Fixed] bugs in API. Android ( Version 2.6.1 ) 3 December 2019 [Added] Dark Theme UI. [Added] video fast preload system during scroll. [Added] ability to pay using paypal and skrill. [Added] ability to view Game section. [Added] ability to view comments on products. [Added] ability to pay using In app billing for [EXTENDED] license. [Added] the ability to send messages to pages. [Added] the ability to rate pages. [Added] the ability to add social links on pages. [Added] the ability to offer jobs in pages.. [Added] the ability to display action buttons in pages. [Added] the ability invite user to pages and groups. [Added] ability to control privacy of groups and pages. [Added] the ability to accept or decline a group chat invitation. [Added] job system, users can now create jobs and hire. [Added] ability to delete owned groups and pages. [Added] ability to make admins in pages and groups. [Added] the ability to view reviews on pages. [Added] ability to view my videos. [Added] ability to manage login sessions. [Added] two-factor authentication system using email or phone. [Added] ability to boost pages. [Added] suggested group section in news feed. [Added] common things page, now you can find users that matches your information. [Added] funding system, users can create funds, and get paid. [Added] the ability to manage pro packages name, icon, features, prices. [Added] ability to make admins in pages and groups. [Added] 12+ More extra features. [Fixed] 20+ reported bugs. [Fixed] bugs in API. [Improved] speed. Android ( Stable Version 2.5.8 ) 27 August 2019 [Added] Native ADMOB Ads between news feed posts [Improved] Startup Tracing Faster lunch for the app by 40% [Improved] Decreased Apk size to 50%. [Added] ability play video full screen [Added] ability to see video views [Added] ability to drag and play the sound post from drag position [Fixed] magor design issues and toolbars [Fixed] 16+ Reported bugs during 9 august to 23 august. Android ( Stable Version 2.5.6 ) 10 August 2019 [Added] ability to view ADS on news feed [Added] Deslike and Wonder system on post [Added] ability to post 3 and more images [Added] ability to swipe left and right on albums [Added] ability to click on mention links [Added] ability to edit post [Fixed] profile layout broken when disabling a points feature [Fixed] 22+ Reported bugs during 18 july to august 9. Android ( Stable Version 2.5.3 ) 27 July 2019 Fixed 26+ Reported bugs. Android ( Stable Version 2.5.3 ) 16 July 2019 For Main PHP scipt version 2.3.3 and up. Fixed empty session. [Added] 2 factor authentication system Full post news feed native system. [Added] Pokes system. [Added] ability to send Gifs . [Added] ability to display user points. [Added] ability to display good after noon messages. [Added] ability to display announcements. [Added] Poly framework try and retry function for api. [Added] Color box post type [Added] ability to display popular posts [Added] ability to filter search of products by nearby [Added] ability to filter search of nearby users [Added] ability to see a green online button on profile [Added] ability to display market item list of images [Added] ability to zoom on images [Added] ability to display all kind of notifcations [Added] ability to display group Join requests [Added] native youtube player [Added] native and auto play for Expo player [Added] ability to comment natively [Added] ability to add users to family [Added] ability to read more / read less [Added] ability to Reply on comments natively [Added] reaction system on like button [Added] native share to buttom sheet [Added] ability to boost post [Added] ability to fetch new posts every few minuts [Improved] Image cach loading [Improved] sql connections [Improved] Api requests speed [Improved] Recyclerview loading prefetch Fixed Reported 20+ bugs. [Added] 19 + features . Android ( Stable Version 2.4.1 ) 14 March 2019 New Configration for OneSignal. Compaitble with new Wowonder PHP Version 2.2. Fixed Reported 3+ bugs. Android ( Stable Version 2.3.1 ) 8 November 2018 Fast scroll improvment on market. Fixed login exeption type c. Fixed Reported 3+ bugs. Android ( Stable Version 2.3 ) 29 October 2018 For Main PHP scipt version 2.3 and up. Fixed Story bugs. Fixed Scroll on product page. Added ability to post Polls . increasement on Performance . Fixed duplicated post . Fixed Reported 10+ bugs. Android ( Stable Version 2.2 ) 16 October 2018 For Main PHP scipt version 2.2 and up. Fixed Story bugs. Added full strings tranclate . Added auto restart on crash. Fixed profile image not loading. Fixed onesignal issues. Fixed Reported 10+ bugs. Android ( Stable Version 2.1 ) 6 October 2018 For Main PHP scipt version 2.1 and up. Added Social Logins. Added Reaction system. Added 10+ New Features. Fixed Reported 20+ bugs. New Doc Update. Android ( Prelease Version 2.0 ) Pre-Release version Code Rebuild from scratch. Android SDK Upgrade to 8.1. Secured the app for illegal uses. Added New UI Design . Ability to distribute app with 64-bit support. Added Translucent view for user profiles. Added ability to post files. Added ability to post Music. Added ability to post Giffy images. Added ability to post Location. Added ability to display cached news feed . Added ability for offset mode. Added Interstitial ADS. Added GDPR & Data Privacy . Added Story/Status and view. Added Contact us and invite users page. Redesign of Login and register pages. Added settings preferences screens. Added Animation on the tabbed pages. Added Animation for buttons/images. Added Oreo 8 notification channels. Added auto link text for Emails , Mention,Hashtags Added Image cropper and rotate system. Added Ability to add video background. Added Ability to delete account. Added Ability To Report posts. Added Interstitial \ Admob Banners. Added Google Ad Sense Network system. Added Google VAST-compliant ad server. Added Google DFP and AdSense for Games (AFG). Added Custom Video Player with controls. Added Ability to watch movies offline. Added Ability for movie Full-screen view. Added Ability to view Badge Notifications. Added Ability to view Last activity Added Google Maps support Added Native like and comment Added post reaction system Added new Walkthrough pages. Added new User profile page. Added Ability to control app fonts Added Interstitial \ ADMOB Banners. Added ability to change language from settings. Added ability to delete stories Added ADMOB Rewarded Video ADS Added Garbage Collection system. New News feed design High Improvement on performance of the app. Supports now all kind of Host TLS2/TLS3. Cached Images system load and view. Recycle views with high performance . SQLITE Upgrade to last version. RTL System with layout support. Request App Permissions system. Update Android compact to last version 7.2.1. New Documentation 2.0. Android + IOS ( Stabel Version 1.8 ) 12 April 2018 Upgrade IOS compatiblity to version 8 Upgrade To last version of xamarin Upgrade SQLITE database version IOS 1.8 release with all bug fixes Fixed social login disable all problem Fixed Privacy page bug Fixed Page/Group breaking style Fixed notification count badge problem Android + IOS ( Stabel Version 1.7 ) 3 March 2018 Compatible with the upcomming update of WoWonder Version 1.5.5. Compatible with the 3 new themes of WoWonder upcomming new update. New design of the application view and style. Added ability to login via social logins. Added Movies page. Added Trending page. Added ads >> AdInterstitial. Added ability to edit social pages. Added ability to edit group information Added ability to delete your own story [requested] Added ability to edit user profile information Added ability to view stories of type video Display in the user’s profile photos & friends & groups and pages. Display friends requests notification on the notification tab Settings page moved to the item list page Ability to see notification count as badge on the buttom navigation bar Fix “Mentions” to a friend in the Post. Fix photo display in the Photo Gallery Fix the display in events page. Fix of 10+ reported bugs. Android + IOS ( Stabel Version 1.6.0 ) 25/12/2017 1-Added Native video player for the IOS new version 2-Fixed Navigation bars for both android and IOS 3-Added Ads preview between the post of timeline 4-Changed Tab control to Bottom Navigation bar on Android with animinations 5-Add story section as New full page on the bottom bar 6-Added abilty to view ads on the Video player 7-Auto play for videos during the Scroll down 8-Added to all pages empty state pages 9-Removed social logins from the application 10-Changed the style of the market place and added curency control 11-Fixed create new password from the application 12-Fixed creating new Groups/Pages from the application 13-Added the abilty to handlle TLS 1.2 and 2.0 14-Fixed creating new Groups/Pages from the application 15-Fixed all reported bugs for both of Android/IOS Android + IOS ( Beta Version 1.5.0 ) 24/10/2017 1-Release of IOS Timeline application 2-Fixed 4 Reported Bugs 3-Fixed crash problems 4-Ability to handel session Timeout problems 5-Full documention expalined 6-Handel Native Error 503 and 504 errors 7-Ability to control App settings more Android ( Alfa Version 1.4.0 ) 17/10/2017 1-Fixed 13 Reported Bugs 2-New design similar to facebook timeline using tabs and custom bars 3-improving the loading of posts speed to 50% faster 4-Added Profile and pages Header animations similar to facebook 5-Animated Story view for Users status 6-Added Ability to post on groups and pages 7-Added Ability to Create new groups and new pages from the mobile app 8-Added publisher box on top of timeline app 9-Added Ability to add AdMob banners 10-Added Ability to view ads from the main website advertisement system 11-Added share button on every post 12- Added Full push notification system 13-Added ability to view all Users stories on the main timeline 14-Added ability to view multiple Stories for each user 15-Added ability to create Stories from the mobile application 16-Refresh the timeline by pull button 17-Added ability to view all events on the social website 18-Added ability to view my own events 19-Added ability to create events from the application 20-Added ability to join events and decline from the application 21-Added New costum navigation bars 22-Added new walkthrough pages after login 23-Added ability for GPS Locater signal IOS Version 1.2.0( Still Under Development ) Android ( Stabel Version 1.2.0 ) 18/1/2017 Add multilingual system with auto detect android languish Add Empty state Pages Add Full Documentation install and errors solving . Add ability to Handle Errors 404 and 505 and 402 To the hybrid post viewer. Add ability to handle bad connection and slow connection on post viewer. Increased speed of loading post on the main timeline to 50% . Add Native Try Again on post viewer . Add RegisterCallback Control-Click on JavaScript bridge on Post viewer. Solved all login and logout bugs . Fixed 9 reported bugs on pages and crashes. Downgrade the android version to 4.4 to work on old devices.

FAQs :

To ensure the quality and safety of the item, you should thoroughly check overview description, demo, comments and read reviews from previous buyers if available. Initial support is available with each item & 15 days refund policy is available when your purchased item does not work.

The process for getting support is easy after buying item you can directly get support from developer through ticketing system, support ticket is replied by the developer & reply time will vary depending on the developer. Typically, you can contact the customer support through a support ticket system. Developer should be able to help you with any technical issues or questions you have about the item.

If you are not satisfied with the code you purchased, you should first try contacting the developer to see if they can provide assistance or a resolution. If you are still not satisfied, you may be able to request a refund. Be sure to request refund within 15 days of purchase as per refund policy and guidelines.

A refund request may be denied if the code has already been used or modified, or if it has been longer than the platform's refund period (15 days). Additionally, refunds may be denied if the issue with the code is due to user error or if the code has been intentionally modified or altered by the user.

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