Mingle SAAS - Social Auto Poster & Scheduler PHP Script
Mingle SAAS - Social Auto Poster & Scheduler PHP Script

Mingle SAAS - Social Auto Poster & Scheduler PHP Script

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  • Uploaded : 23rd January 2023
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Overview :

Mingle – Social Auto Poster is a SaaS-based Social Media Auto Poster & Scheduler with payment gateway support and a wise choice to publish your content automatically on well-known social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Google My Business, Reddit, Blogger and Pinterest. Mingle – Social Auto Poster will help you confidently create, manage and track membership subscriptions and sell social media auto poster tools as a service. With the help of this SaaS-based Social Auto Poster, you can reach out to the world with just a click. Therefore the saying that “the world is just one click away” we are the ones making it come true.

This script has a one-of-a-kind feature that allows you to schedule your material to auto-post whenever you choose. The script functions nicely well with personal profiles, corporate sites, groups, etc. If you are on the lookout for starting your own SaaS business; adding a membership system based on different tiers will allow you to immediately begin charging your users for access to your content.

This system was made using the core php framework. Strong security was maintained during the development, and there is no SQL injection, XSS attack, csrf attack possible.

Key Features

SaaS Integrated
Membership Levels
Payment Gateway
Payment Tracking
Upgrades and Renewal with Proration (distribution)
Auto Post New Content
Configure Unlimited no. of Social Media Accounts
Scheduled Posting
Total Control Over Social Media Shares
Logs Statistics / Posting Statistics
Share Your Content More Than Once
Customize Message Format
URL Shortener
Quick Publication View
Manage Membership & Customers
Multilingual Support

Admin Features

Add/Edit Membership levels
Enable social networks access for each membership levels
Pricing and Duration for membership levels
Add/Edit customers
Assign membership to customer
Add/Edit membership
Track/Edit payments
Payment Gateway settings (Manual payments and stripe)
Email templates
Profile information, photo, password change option
Forget and reset password option

Customer Features

Login, forget and reset password option
Change profile information, photo and password
Social network configuration
Quick post
Multi post (Post schedule option)
Social posting logs
Social posting reports
Posting debug logs
Google Analytics campaign tracking
Enable or disable auto posting for specific network
Configure unlimited no. of Social media accounts
Total control over Social media shares
Customize message format
URL shortener
Posting preview

Minimum Requirements

Below the minimum requirements you need to use the Mingle Social Auto Poster – PHP Script are listed.

cURL is required for the script to function properly, and don’t worry at all because most of the hosting provider has already enabled it. However, if it is not enabled the script will show you the notice, so you can ask your host to upgrade your server.
PHP version 5.6.0 or greater
MySQL version 5.0 or greater
The mod_rewrite Apache module (For permalinks)
You should also check PHP minimum requirements.

Know the Benefits of Purchasing the Mingle PHP-Script

Time Saver:- It automatically shares your content to all the famous social media platforms (Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Google My Business, Reddit, Blogger and pinterest)

SEO Friendly:- It improves your website’s SEO by increasing the number of backlinks from social networks, and it’s also the quickest way for your website to attract more traffic.

Cost Effective:- Becomes your social media marketing manager & thus it saves your money.

asily Manageable:- It is the most easy way of managing, scheduling, and sharing your post to all the social media sites you have configured.
Track Post Performance:- Use Google Analytics to monitor and track the post interactions to track progress and to define social media marketing strategies for each of the social networks you have configured.

Best Solution for Marketing:- In the form of PHP script it is the best solution to increase your growth on social media.

Free Lifetimes Updates:- with Mingle Social Auto Poster, you will receive life time free updates even after your support period has expired.

Establish Social Media Presence:- With the help of Social Auto Poster, you can keep your social media content as fresh as new. Consistent online presence because content is automatically posted; consumers discover more of your content on their social media platform. It is a long-term strategy for establishing a strong social media presence.

Payment Gateway Integration
This Social Auto Poster PHP Script includes a Stripe payment gateway that can handle both one-time and subscription-renewal payments. Manual payments are another payment option available in the Mingle-PHP Script. Manual Payments enable your customers to pay you instantly by check, cash, or another payment gateway. Customers selecting Manual Payment will be noted as pending during registration and will not be granted access until the administrator allows them.

Please note that Stripe has dropped support for the Stripe India so, it won’t accept the payments in Indian currency.

Customer Email
The essential feature of any membership system is sending notification emails. This social media auto poster tool comes with a variety of email templates that send out emails to customers when their subscriptions are renewed, cancelled, or when their memberships expire.

Managing Customers
The most important part of any SaaS system is adding new customers and managing them, which has been well implemented in Mingle – Social Auto Poster. Customers, emails, role and client status are easily viewed. By clicking on the customer’s page, you will be redirected to the customer details page where you can easily see customer data, membership details and recent customer payments.

In most cases, customers will sign up by entering their own information and making payments. Mingle has the ability to allow the administrator to add new clients from the backend by entering and activating all customers’ details. Remember that if you add customers manually, no membership will be created for them automatically. Admin will have to manually create a membership for them to grant them access to the system or else customers will login to Mingle and purchase a membership by making a payment.

Membership Levels
Your system can have an unlimited number of membership levels via Mingle. Each level created can have its own price, duration, and access to social networks. Social networks in a system can be restricted to specific membership levels, administrators will frequently create multiple membership levels and then use restriction settings to determine what members of each membership level can access. The membership levels are subscription plans and admin can create a multiple number of membership on the system.

Membership Management
On the membership page, you can easily view all memberships with membership levels, assigned customer, payment gateways ID, membership status, recurring status, creation and expiration dates. Any ongoing membership can be modified by the admin.

Upgrading Membership
Customers may require additional items after using the system, they are using auto posting service for two networks, and after seeing the benefits they may require additional items after a few days. Customers can easily upgrade between membership levels in this social auto poster PHP Script at any time by visiting their Subscription page and enabling more networks to use the auto posting service. When upgrading a membership, the customer’s purchase will be prorated based on how much they have already paid and how long their current membership is still active.

Proration Discount
Proration discount is a must-have feature in any membership or subscription-based system in order to build customers’ trust as well charging the customers fairly to avoid Loss of Recurring Revenue and Repute. When a membership is upgraded; the billing of the customer is prorated based on the amount already paid and the time remaining in its existing membership.

For example,

Proration with upgrades

In an instance when subscription is upgraded, Mingle calculates the amount for the remaining period of the new plan.

Current Plan: $100 / month

New plan: $150 / month

Proration logic:

$100 paid at the beginning of the billing cycle.
Assume, changes are made exactly in the middle of the billing cycle.
Prorated “consumed” charge $50.
Prorated credit remaining is $50.
Additional charge on new plan for remaining period: $75
Net additional charges after adjusting credits: $25

Membership Renewal
The SaaS-based PHP Script allows you to set up a subscription-based royalty-earning business. When a customer has an active subscription that will expire on a specific date and if they have chosen the recurring payment option, the membership will be renewed automatically. However, if they did a one-time charge, they will no longer have access to the auto-scheduler after their subscription expires and will only see the renewal membership screen when accessing the system.

Configure Unlimited Accounts
Does this sound good? Yes, Social Auto Poster has a large capacity to handle an unlimited number of accounts for each Social media site. Configure as many as possible. There is no such thing as a limit…!!

Schedule Content
When you have international readers and want to reach out to a specific country’s audience, you must always publish something during their time zone. Google Analytics is also integrated in this automation tool to provide information about their internet presence. During that period you can make a post and publish based on their online presence and get a high engagement and click through rate and this schedule will help to improve your company’s engagement ratio. In this way you will not avoid the peak hours of social media and engage with as many people as possible by using post scheduling. You can choose whether to publish or not to publish the content with the help of Social Auto Poster PHP script. You can also schedule or delay posts and select specific hours and days. You have control over what you publish, and what you don’t publish, and when you publish. Set these options with a few clicks, and Mingle – Social Auto Poster will take care of the rest.

Quick/ Single Post
Quick share is a feature that allows you to post and schedule images, links, and messages without having to create a WordPress post. This will allow you to make announcements or do other things that require you to reach a large number of people but do not require you to create a blog in WordPress. In this case, the Social Auto Poster – Quick Share feature can be used. Simply put, it is the most effective strategy for increasing your website’s social media presence.

Multipost has a similar feature set to Quick Share, with the exception that you will be able to customise content and images for each social media network, as well as set different posting times for each. The multi-post option is mostly used as a scheduler.

URL Shortener
URL shorteners are well-known. The post URLs will always be long and distracting, which we always try to shorten, as the URL you publish on social networks should be pleasant or you may startle your followers. The social auto poster supports TinyURL, Bitly URL, and ShorteSt URL, as well as the option to post the Perfect plain URL.

Twitter only allows 280 characters, so if your URL is too long, it will be counted in those characters and you will be unable to describe your message. Using a URL shortener, you can shorten the length of your URL and convey your message without difficulty.

Google Analytics
We’ve all heard about Google Analytics, right? Because the Social Auto Poster PHP Script is integrated with Google Analytics, you can simply add your analytics tag to the PHP Script and start tracking immediately. The tracking of each social network helps you monitor and identify the best possible time for enhanced interaction, engagement and clicks.

Posting Logs
Each success and failure must be documented in a log. The Social Auto Poster PHP Script displays all of your posting logs on a single page, complete with post title and link, posting execution time, and post preview with social network post link, allowing you to simply check the published post from the logs. In addition, depending on the social networks selected, posting reports generates a pie chart that can be adjusted by year, month, and days, as well as a custom period.

Debug Log
Debug Log helps you to find the cause of post failure. The Social Auto Poster Debug Logs are quite easy to understand. For instance, if your post is not being published on any social network, you can easily navigate to the debug logs and find a very detailed log for each post, complete with post ID and social network posting account. If it fails, you will always find a reason for the failure of your publication, and then you can set it up and post it again.

Custom Message
Sometimes you don’t want to publish the complete piece but only the punch line, title, or some of the material. The Mingle – Social Auto Poster includes a function that lets you add a custom message to each post. This option is also available in the multi post settings and applies to all posts.

Only White Label Posting
The primary goal of this PHP Script is to allow you to solely promote yourself. The PHP Script publishes to your configured social media accounts. There are no messages such as “Posted by Mingle – Social Auto Poster PHP Script” or “Shared by Mingle – Social Auto Poster.”

Multilingual Support
Both the front and back ends of Social Auto Poster PHP Script are fully translatable. Because you are all well aware that every PHP Script available on the market has an English interface. And not all countries speak English, they must first translate a script into their native language. But don’t worry, because Social Auto Poster ensures that it can be translated into any language.

Supported Social Media Networks

Facebook (pages, groups)
Twitter (accounts)
Linkedin (accounts, companies)
Pinterest (account boards)
Tumblr (accounts)
Google My business (locations, grouped locations)

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Change Log:

= version 4.3.0 (2023-01-04) =

* [+] Added a feature to set proxy for Pinterest and facebook.
* [*] Fixed retrieve all facebook pages if there are more than 25 pages available.

= version 4.2.2 (2022-12-26) =

* [+] Added upgraded bit.ly library.

= version 4.2.1 (2022-11-30) =

* [*] Fixed an issue of debug log not adding for schedule posting.
* [*] Fixed an issue of deleting of post and quick post images on post or quick post deletion.

= version 4.2.0 (2022-11-28) =

* [*] Fixed an issue of report not working.
* [*] Fixed an issue of schedule posting not working.
* [*] Fixed an issue of forgot password not working.
* [+] Added support of posting special characters.
* [+] Optimised the script code for better performance.

= version 4.1.0 (2022-11-09) =

* [+] Added Pinterest APP method to auto post on Pinterest.
* [*] Fixed an issue of reports not generating for social network auto posting.

See full change log here

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