MeetsPro Neowallet, Crypto P2P, MasterCard, PG,Loans, FDs, DPS, Multicurrency
MeetsPro Neowallet, Crypto P2P, MasterCard, PG,Loans, FDs, DPS, Multicurrency

MeetsPro Neowallet, Crypto P2P, MasterCard, PG,Loans, FDs, DPS, Multicurrency

  • Uploaded : 06th February 2023
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MeetsPro Neowallet, Crypto P2P, MasterCard, PG,Loans, FDs, DPS, Multicurrency

MeetsPRO – Global Neowallet Bank & Crypto P2P Exchange, Debit Cards, Payment gatewayAndroid and iOS User App V2.0 is released, if you have bought the app earlier, please email your purchase proof(transaction details) to Those who wish to buy can also email, User App’s cost is $150 and is a separate purchaseA Global Bank – Your own Cards Netowrk, Merchant POS machine / App and Agent POS Machine / App*Does not include app store submission.


You can register here for the API Access:

Note: We have negotiated for our customers with Livitpay and MeetsPro Site owners – Please enter your purchase code in the signup form for Setup Fee credit. The Fee amount will be credited to your account and can be used to issue / load cards
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Anyone sending you a WhatsApp claiming to be from Livitpay, do not share your site information. Livitpay does not need your script admin or will never contact you on whatsapp

If you are from a country where is not supported, please write to for possible alternatives Fiat and Cypto Wallets Issue Your Own Network Cards ( Closed Loop Cards ) FREE Merchant and Agent POS Apps with print receipt option.Woocommerce Plugin You decide your Issuance and network fees Withdrawal options for usersReceive Payment LinkReceive Website ButtonsPoint of Sale Card Acceptance Crypto p2p trading with advertisements Investments with Automated Interest calculations Agent Cash Deposit and Withdrawal 21+ Global Payment Gateways Add Currencies of your choiceLoyalty Points and Referrals LoansFixed DepositsDeposit pension schemesInternal KYC Accounting & Invoicing Verifai powered Merchant/Agent KYC Airtime and Mobile Topups 800+ Prepaid Gift Cards NGN Virtual Bank AccountsReceive Donations Automated Currency Rate Management Postman Merchant API 2FA authentication Email and SMS notifications with template management Theme Based multiple design options Manage Front end content from backend Powerfull Admin Easy Install Installer Clear DocumentationPremium Theme – Separate Purchase $150(Free Installation)

Premium Template Web: Demo Details

New Template Web:

New Template Web Admin:

Old Template Web:

Old Template Web Admin:

User App: User App Download

Login: | Password: Abcd4321@

Merchant App Now Features Visa,Master,Amex Card Processing powered by stripe

Merchant / Agent App: Download

Merchant Login: Password: Abcd4321@ OTP: 123456

Test Card: 4242 4242 4242 4242 CVV: Any 3 digits Exp: Any future date


We can assist with customization work e.g. UI Design changes, Add on API’s, etc. Customization costs applies. Contact for more details.

Use Cases for MeetsPro Global. 1) Neowallet 2) Crypto Wallet and P2P Trading 3) Membership Portal 4) Prepaid Gift Card Portal 5) Airtime / Mobile Top-up 6) Create Your Own Network Cards ( Like Visa / Master ) 7) Sell Prepaid Visa Cards Mall/Chain Stores Membership Cards 9) Close Loop Payment Services 10) User – User Money Transfers. 11) Build your own Cash Agents, Merchants and Micro Bank. 12) Accept Donations.

No refunds will be issued if code is downloaded under any circumstances.

Support or Customisation Request:

For any other customizations not listed above e.g. Andoird App publishing, App customization, etc, prices will be based on the customization required. Write to Change Log v2.9 23-01-20221. App API Updates2. Bug Fixes3. Games ( Finance and Premium Theme only)4. Onramper admin API updateChange Log v2.8a 05-12-20221. App API Updates2. Bug Fixes3. Stripe Merchant Key Update.Change Log v2.8 30-11-20221. Remittances2. New Finance Theme3. Admin Rights4. Add on Admins5. Bug FixesChange Log v2.7a 11-08-20221. Minor Bug FixesChange Log v2.7 31-10-20221. User KYC Admin Managed2. Loans3. Fixed Deposit4. Deposit Pension Schemes5. Admin Dashboard Decluttered6. Separate Design for Mastercard and Closed Loop Card7. Bug Fixes8. Onramper9. Merchant App Stripe Add on10. Loyalty Points and ReferralsChange log - 04-10-2022 1) Bug & Security Fixes2) User App API3) Merchant App now multi-currency ( Merchant can choose local currency )Change log - 19-09-2022 1) Bug Fixes2) Livitpay USD cardsChange log - 24-08-2022 1) Bug Fixes2) Disable option for Verifai KYC for Merchant / AgentChange log - 22-08-2022 1) Bug Fixes2) Database auto update process via admin3) VersioningChange log - 19-08-2022 1) Woocommerce Plugin Added2) Donations addedChange log - 17-08-2022 1) Meetings.2) Payment Button Codes.3) Fx Meta Trader Added.Change log - 16-08-2022 1) This is a major update from Codeigniter to Laravel.2) Own Network Card Issuing.3) Binance style p2p crypto trading.4) 21+ Payment Gateways.5) Withdrawal options.6) Investment options with real time interest calculations and automatic credits.7) Prepaid Gift Cards. A lot more.Change log - 12-05-2022 - US Version Only1) Added Mobile Money Remittance and Transfer2) Admin Block / Unblock Users.3) Admin Debit / Credit Users.Change log - 26-02-2022 - US Version Only1) Moved additional parameters to Admin settings for better whitelabel management, this will be further updated in the next update as well.2) Aptopayments origin verification added.3) SDK update.Change log - 13-02-2022US Region1) Paypal Withdrawal2) Hybrid Android & iOS App.Africa Region1) Paypal Withdrawal2) Gift Voucher / E-voucher3) Agent E-VoucherPremium UK Version - For pricing write to support@xenio.in1) API integration.Change log - 23-01-2022US Region1) Coinbase commerceAll Regions2) Hybridge Android and iOS Apps.Coming Soon on UK API integration.Change log - 06-12-2021Africa Region:1) Crypto Wallet2) P2P Trading Platform3) Improved Dashboard4) API Integration5) Cash Deposit / Withdrawal Agents6) HYIP Investments7) Multi Currency Support ( NGN - USD ) Enable / Disable ServicesUS Region:1) HYIP Investments2) Cash Deposit / Withdrawal Agents

  Change log - 02-11-20211) Release of Africa Region - Flutterwave.2) Create Donations Links & Community page.3) Rest API4) InvestmentsChange log - 02-11-20211) Release of Wallet & Online Banking System2) Airtime and Mobile Money Top up3) Kuda Virtual Bank Accounts4) Accounting and Invoicing5) Receive QR Code payments.

Note: Maintain sufficient funds in your service provider accounts to cover the cost of Airtime recharges, Gift Cards purchases and others, as settlements from wallet top-ups by users may take the timeline of the payment gateway. Do not use nulled code, this is a financial script and security is of utmost importance to users. We may from time to time wipe out codes that do not register purchase codes with our database. Even if you are a buyer and have modified the code to remove the purchase verification, the system may auto wipe the code. No refunds or support will be provided on such codes. You may also forfeit any deposits made on Livitpay if using nulled codes or using one license on multiple domains. All images are copyrighted, not free

Extended License promotional offer is valid for purchases after 25th Sept, 2022

We assume no financial loss or profits from the usage of the product

Ensure you always use the latest updated version

IMPORTANT UPDATE – IGNORE IF NOT UPDATING FROM THE PREVIOUS VERSION This is a major update and if you are migrating from the old version note the following. Africa flutter apps won’t work on this version continue with the old version, when the apps are launched for this version, the same will be provided free of cost to you. Major Update Codeigniter -> Laravel Your old data won’t be migrated If you have not added any customers you can proceed If you do have customers, note down their balances, ask them to create accounts and from admin, you can credit their balances This version is built as Aptopayments for the US started charging fees and Flutterwave stopped issuing cards. If you wish to continue using them do not upgrade We assume no liability if you have not backed up your old data before proceeding with this update or any other loss of data or financial loss.

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