Matrimony App | Match Maker | Life Partner - Full Project (Mobile App, Admin Panel, API, Database)
Matrimony App | Match Maker | Life Partner - Full Project (Mobile App, Admin Panel, API, Database)

Matrimony App | Match Maker | Life Partner - Full Project (Mobile App, Admin Panel, API, Database)

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  • Uploaded : 17th March 2024
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Overview :
Matrimony – Full Project | Match Maker | Life Partner | Mobile App | Admin Panel | API + Database
Experience the future of matrimony business with our Matrimony App – where finding the perfect match is
made simple, efficient, and tailored to your preferences.

Introducing Matrimony, the leading Software as a Service (SaaS) solution reshaping how individuals discover their
life partners. With Matrimony, finding the ideal match becomes straightforward, efficient, and personalized to every
user’s preferences.

The platform offers an extensive database of eligible singles from various backgrounds, cultures, and communities.
Whether seeking a partner with shared interests, profession, or specific criteria, Matrimony equips users with the
tools to forge meaningful connections effortlessly.

Powered by advanced search filters, Matrimony enables users to fine-tune their search based on vital criteria like
age, location, education, and more. This simplifies the matchmaking process, allowing users to focus on individuals
who resonate with their preferences and values.

Understanding that the journey to finding a life partner is deeply personal, Matrimony empowers users to take
control of their matrimony experience. From initiating conversations to exchanging messages, users can engage with
potential matches at their own pace, fostering genuine connections and meaningful relationships.


Admin Panel/Backend



Password: demo1234

Mobile App



Password: demo1234



ROADMAP (Exciting New Features Ahead!)

Version 1.4 (Mid-February 2024)

Custom Fields Enhancement: Introducing custom fields like Nadi and Gotra with convenient
filter options for enhanced matchmaking.
Streamlined Payments: Seamlessly integrate Paytm, Instamojo, PayAid, and for
more flexible payment choices.
Engaging Content Hub (Blog Feature): Introduce a dynamic blog feature to share valuable
content, updates, and insights with our community.

Version 1.5 (End of February 2024)

Web Presence and Optimization: Develop and optimize the website for improved visibility and
accessibility, alongside effective SEO strategies.

Version 1.6 (End of March 2024)

Personalized Partner Preferences: Enable users to set partner selection preferences directly
on their profiles.
Advanced Matching Algorithms: Implement profile matching based on user preferences, with
tracking and recording
of user activities such as clicks, views, and searches.
Efficient Data Management: Introduce database backup options (DB file, CSV) and page-wise
backup, along with
bulk actions (Add/Edit/Delete) across all admin panel pages for streamlined data management.

Version 1.7 (Mid-April 2024)

Multilingual Support:Expand language support with right-to-left (RTL) compatibility for a more
inclusive user experience.
Improved Membership Plans: Enhance matrimonial premium packages to better suit user needs and

Version 1.8 (End of April 2024)

Integrated Events Module: Integrate an Events module into the platform for users to plan and
manage special events directly within their profiles.
Collaboration with Wedding Planners: Partner with wedding planners to offer specialized event
management services tailored to user profiles.

Version 1.9 (End of May 2024)

Franchise Module: Integrate a franchise module, allowing entrepreneurs to start their own
matrimonial business within the platform.
Enhanced Communication Features: Introduce a custom SMS gateway for seamless messaging, along
with auto notifications on to keep users informed about profile status, login activity, and other
relevant criteria.


1. Sleek & Easy-to-Use Design

The matrimony app boasts a stylish, modern design that’s user-friendly, offering a straightforward experience
for easy interaction.

2. Secure Sign-Up and Login

Registration is secured through a document verification process.
Users can log in using their email, phone number, or with their Facebook or Google account.

3. Personalized Profile Management

Users can create and customize their profiles effortlessly.
They can update their personal information and preferences with ease.

4. Effortless Partner Discovery

Users can express interest in others by favoriting them or sending proposals.
Viewing and sharing profiles of potential matches is simple.

5. Seamless Communication Tools (Video/Audio Call, Chat)

Users stay connected with real-time messaging.
They receive notifications about new messages, matches, and updates.
Video and audio calls provide a more immersive experience.

6. Efficient Admin Support

The admin panel makes managing user accounts straightforward.
Activity monitoring, content management, and user support are all easily handled.
Custom notifications can be sent to users for a personalized experience.

7. Hassle-Free Payments

Users unlock premium features with secure payment options.
Various payment gateways like Razorpay, Stripe, Phonepe, Flutterwave, Paypal,
Paystack are available.
Manual Payment option is also available.
Apple In-App Purchase and Google In-App Purchase are available.

8. Valuable Feedback Loop

Users can share their experiences and provide feedback.
They can rate and review user profiles to enhance the overall experience.

9. Universal Compatibility

The app works seamlessly on both iOS and Android devices, ensuring a consistent experience for all users.

What will you get in the package?

Mobile App Source Code (Flutter): Unlock the power of Flutter for a
sleek and responsive mobile experience.

Admin Panel (ReactJS – TypeScript Language): Take control with ReactJS
and TypeScript, managing your platform effortlessly.

API (NodeJS – TypeScript Language): Fuel your backend with NodeJS and
TypeScript for lightning-fast performance.

Complete Documentation: Navigate with ease through every step of setup
and customization.

Database SQL File: Get started instantly with Versioned Changes and
Preloaded Master Data, facilitating instant setup and saving you time and hassle.


Flutter (Dart Language) – v3.16.5

An open-source framework by Google for developing mobile applications for both Android and iOS devices.

ReactJS (TypeScript Language) – v17.0.2

A front-end JavaScript library that combines the declarative power of React with TypeScript’s static typing
advantages for robust and maintainable user interfaces.

NodeJS (TypeScript Language) – v18.10.0

A server-side runtime environment for building scalable and efficient APIs using JavaScript, enhanced with the
static typing benefits of TypeScript.


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capabilities of your chosen platform. Contact us today!

For further assistance, you can always reach us via email at

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Version 1.3 Update-1 (14 FEB 2024)

Technology: --------------------------------------
- Flutter v3.16.5
- ReactJS (with TypeScript) v17.0.2
- NodeJS (with TypeScript) v18.10.0

Bug Fixes: -------------------------------------
- Address Selection modifications
- Disabled Paypal Payment Gateway for this Version1.3
- Updated Setting options
- Resolved the issue for the Register page show loader while Click on the Register button
- Resolved country code selection with number format issue in contact no field

Version 1.3 (05 FEB 2024)

Technology: --------------------------------------
- Flutter v3.16.5
- ReactJS (with TypeScript) v17.0.2
- NodeJS (with TypeScript) v18.10.0

New Features: -------------------------------------
- Admin can now generate unique coupon codes for specific premium packages.
- Currency setup option is now available.
- Country codes are implemented for enhanced user identification.
- Added Flutterwave, Paypal, and Paystack payment gateway integration.
- Business Users feature introduced with roles and Page Access Management.
- Users can now permanently delete their profiles.
- Wallet feature added for seamless transactions.
- Introducing Refer & Earn program for user engagement.
- Registration Process enhanced with multi-step profile setup.
- "Block" feature renamed to "Report User" for clarity.
- Stripe Integration updated for improved payment processing.
- Additional fields like "profilefor" and "weight" included in user registration.
- Prompt for completing KYC if not done already.
- UI modifications made to Sign-in Page.
- Compatibility adjustments made for IOS devices.
- Required fields now displayed to streamline user input.

Bug Fixes: -------------------------------------
- Minor issues with data filtering resolved.
- Login skipping functionality fixed.
- Navigation issues within the app addressed.
- Minor fixes implemented to improve user registration and login processes.
- Code optimization and performance improvements made for smoother operation.

Version 1.2 (06 JAN 2024)

New Features: -------------------------------------
- User profile KYC (Document Verification) for enhanced security.
- Public features accessible without login for improved user experience.
- Expanded filters on the search page with layout enhancements.
- Integration of Firebase phone authentication for seamless login.
- User profile photo now includes watermark and full-screen view option.
- Addition of a filter by City for refined search results.
- Admin panel now allows sending custom notifications to app users.
- Email and notification sending feature added for admin.
- Admin can now change email, password, and set 2FA after First Login or from setting page.
- Option for admin to enable flag for User Profile Compulsory during user registration.
- Display of Nearby and Most Viewed profiles on the Home Page.
- Renamed "Upgrade Account" to "Subscribe Account" in the App.
- Handled status code for changing email and phone while getting a response in the app.
- Profile view count displayed in Profile detail for user reference.
- Integration of New Payment Gateways - Phone Pay and Manual Payment.
- Multiple Payment Options available for subscription recharge.
- Manual payment method subscription approval process introduced for admin review.
- Implemented a weighting system for subscription packages to align with user preferences seamlessly.
- Dedicated region page created for streamlined data management with CSV upload and download functionalities.

Bug Fixes: -------------------------------------
- Issue resolved when a user adds a profile to favorites.
- Dynamic interrelation established among religion, community, and subcommunity for user selection.
- Minor bug fixes implemented during address addition/editing.
- Layout issues like privacy policy, terms & conditions, and contact us loader resolved.
- Code optimization for improved performance.

Version 1.1 (08 SEP 2023)

New Features: -------------------------------------
- Implemented Flutter Null Safety for enhanced stability and performance.
- Updated all packages to the latest versions available at the time of this release to ensure compatibility and take advantage of new features and improvements.

Version 1.0 (18 JUL 2023)

Technology: --------------------------------------
- Flutter v3.10.6
- ReactJS (with TypeScript) v17.0.2
- NodeJS (with TypeScript) v18.10.0


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Marriage Solutions.

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