Material - White Label WordPress Admin Theme
Material - White Label WordPress Admin Theme

Material - White Label WordPress Admin Theme

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  • Uploaded : 17th September 2023
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Overview :

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Material Admin is most advanced and elegant White Label WordPress Admin Theme in marketplace.

Along with White Label Branding features, It comes with 100 Elegant themes and gives you an option to Create your own custom theme. You can also control full appearance of Admin Menu, Top Bar, Buttons, Content Boxes, Typography, Forms, Text and background colors, logo and so on…
Material Admin has integrated 20+ Custom Dashboard Widgets for Site and Visitor Statistics.

Material Admin is compatible with both LTR and RTL modes so can be used for any language. Material admin is also Multisite compatible.

Admin Menu Management Addon is again outstanding feature to use. You can easily Rename,Rearrange menu and submenu items, Change menu icons, Enable/Disable Menu and submenu items.

Material admin comes with Fully customizable Beautiful Login Screen theme. Also Control Top bar links, Customize Footer, Plugin access permissions, Login page customizing options etc. features help you to design web project (in WordPress) for your clients with your own company branding.

Plugin Features: White Label Branding Customize Admin Top Bar (All links and CSS Styles) Customize Footer Customize Login Section completly. Inbuilt theme, also create your own. Customize Look and Feel to your Branding needs. Fully customizable Admin Menu. Custom Logo and Favicon for your Own Branding in Admin Panel. Graphical Dashboard Widgets 20+ dashboard widgets for your site statistics and analysis Control the widgets to show/hide Control Default Dashboad Widgets also. Menu Management Rename Menu and Sub Menu items. Rearrange/ Reorder Menu and Submenu with Drag and drop interface Custom Menu Icons Enable / Disable Menu and SubMenu Items Multisite Compatible Ready to use on a multisite network. Easily install on the multisite network. Customize for Network Activate mode or Individual Sites on network. Colors, Themes and Style 100 Awesome Inbuilt Themes Multi color, Dark colored, Light Colored Themes Create your own custom theme Ability to edit elegant themes (using import themes file option) Fully customize look and feel of Admin Panel using vast variety of available options. See Screenshots for all available options. Login Screen Beautiful Login Screen Theme integrated. Custom Logo for Login Page Fully customize look and feel with vast range of integrated styling options Show / Hide URL links like “Back to Site” and “Forgot Password” Control colors, opacity, background, fonts etc. of any element on login page. Menu Styles There are two menu styles along with styling options. Floating Menu Links Shortcut Floating Menu on all the dashboard pages. Can be positioned in 4 different locations on a page. Add your own links and as many as number of links. Styling Options Pick a inbuilt theme or create your own. Form customizing CSS options panel Buttons customizing options (Primary and Secondary button options. Control Hover colors also.) Logo and Favicon options Update images from external URL. To control images on all your client websites from one place only. Enable / Disabled Page Loader Fully Customizing CSS of Main Admin Menu Control Admin Top bar styling Content Box Styling Options Primary Color of theme option General Layouts CSS customizations and much much more… Admin Top Bar Control All Admin Top bar links. Customize CSS options as per need. Available in 2 different styles (Fullwidth and Partial Width) Remove unwanted links using node IDs Show Logout link in top bar Enable / Disable Top bar (both on front and back ends) Change User Greeting (Howdy) to desired text. Typography 650+ Google Fonts integrated Multi Fonts support. Eg: Different font for heading, menu, body text. Use default computer fonts as back Up fonts for Google Fonts. Advanced Typography options to control font-size, line height, font weight, font subset etc. Admin Footer Custom Text in Footer. Show / Hide WordPress version info from footer Import / Export Easy import and export settings panel Transfer settings to any other site also Ability to edit inbuilt themes by importing settings. Other Features Smooth Scrolling integrated Page Loader integration Black Box Coding Standards Detailed Documentation Admin Menu Editor Pro plugin compatibility added. Cross Browser compatible Fast and Dedicated Support More themes will be added regularly Compatible with almost all of the wordpress Plugins & Themes. Ability to add your custom CSS code too Edit Footer text Redux Framework This plugin uses the famous Redux Framework for Options panel This redux vendor support plugin is also included in the downloaded package. Redux uses external scripts in the options panel fields. Please install Redux Vendor Support plugin with this plugin. You can download Redux Vendor Support Plugin for its github page. Please do rate the plugin as 5 stars, if you like using it.

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Version 8.3 – 29th Mar 2022

UPDATE: Removed unused code UPDATE: WordPress 5.9.x compatible UPDATE: Improved CSS for various elements ADDED: Moved redux vendor support plugin inside the plugin. No need to install it externally. UPDATE: Improved Welcome Panel CSS UPDATE: Removed version info from plugin settings panel. UPDATE: Improved dynamic CSS generation. UPDATE: Improved Admin Left Menu CSS. UPDATE: Updated Documentation

Version 8.2 – 16th Aug 2021

UPDATE: Removed unused code UPDATE: Menu settings page strings escaped for translation UPDATE: Plugin settings page strings escaped for translation UPDATE: Replaced .click(), .bind() etc. events with .on() events UPDATE: Escaped all dynamic data UPDATE: WordPress 5.8.x compatible

Version 8.1 – 6th March 2021

UPDATE: Dashboard Widgets can be enabled/disabled from plugin options panel UPDATE: Fixed Content Box Styling UPDATE: WordPress 5.6.x compatible UPDATE: Fixed 3d shadow styling option under extra settings UPDATE: Fixed count number styling in admin menu UPDATE: Option to manage Floating Menu Links fixed in plugin options panel UPDATE: Dashboard widgets color palette options fixed in plugin options panel. UPDATE: Dashboard widgets user tracking options fixed in plugin options panel. UPDATE: Fixed Menu management rename option. UPDATE: Fixed Greet User text for Left Menu User info. UPDATE: Improved CSS for various elements ADDED : New branding option added as Email Settings tab. Can update From Email Address and From Name for outgoing email notifications.

Version 7.1 – 26 July 2020

UPDATE: PHP 7.4 version compatibility UPDATE: Fixed Left bar navigation inner menu page height issue. Inner menu is set to floating now. UPDATE: Fixed graphical dashboard widgets undefined notice UPDATE: Fixed creating-default-object-from-empty-value-in-php in class.reduk_filesystem.php UPDATE: Updated smooth scroll plugin to latest version UPDATE: Fixed login_headertitle deprecated warning on login page. UPDATE: Fixed implode() warning in plugin fonts library ADDED: Add CSS variables info in plugin options panel for dynamic and better custom css codes. UPDATE: Improved CSS UPDATE: Fixed wordpress add new plugin page layouts UPDATE: Regenarated and Minified CSS files

Version 6.2 – 04th May 2020

ADDED: CSS variables implemented in styles. Now css variables can be implemented in custom css option panel. UPDATE: menu management string tags from names FIXED: menu managemnet – showing counts for plugins, comments, and updates UPDATE: elementor compatibility UPDATE: gutenberg compatibilty UPDATE: Improved css UPDATE: Wordpress 5.4.x compatiblility FIXED: continue 2 php warning for php 7.3.x versions. UPDATE: Regenerated external plugin css UPDATE: Improved Login page css UPDATE: Regenerated login page minified css

Version 6.1 – 28th Sept 2019

Update: Improved Login Page style Added: New Custom CSS option for Login Page Fixed: Login page error messages/text overlaping issue Update: Minified Login page new css Update: Responsive Login Page CSS improvements

Version 5.2 – 09th June 2019

Update: Improved Login Page style Update: Improved Gutenberg style settings Fixed: Gutenberg editor page header overlap issue Update: Wordpress 5.2.x compatible Update: Improved Documentation Update: Improved overall style Update: Regenerate all inbuilt CSS files Update: Regenerate Minified CSS files Update: Improved Collapse button style

Version 5.1 – 08th Jan 2019

Update: Improved CSS throughout plugin Update: WordPress 5.x compatible Update: Improved my sites page for multisite network Update: Page header add new button overlapping issue fixed Update: New Gutenberg editor compatible Update: Options panel compatibility with wordpress 5.x Update: Improved admin top bar dropdown menu Update: Regenerate inbuilt theme CSS files Update: Regenrate minimized css plugin file Update: Improved Admin Main menu collapse button Update: Plugin options panel menu improvements

Version 4.3 – 18th Sept 2018

UPDATE: Plugin Redux framework compatibility fixed with other plugins and themes using redux framework as well.

Version 4.2 – 14th Sept 2018

UPDATE: Visitors statistics by country widget for multisite network sites fixed. UPDATE: Improved Front site visitor script.

Version 4.1 – 02nd June 2018

ADDED: Feature to disable admin theme in admin panel and use menu management independently. UPDATE: Menu management module separate stylesheet added ADDED: Enable feature to edit login page settings for prebuilt/inbuilt themes UPDATE: Improved widgets styling UPDATE: imroved themes styling UPDATE: improved dashboard widgets styling UPDATE: improved add new plugin listing page styling UPDATE: WordPress 4.9.x and later compatible UPDATE: improved collapse menu button styling UPDATE: Regenarated minified plugin css for faster site loading UPDATE: Minified all the css files for faster loading ADDED: Minified admin menu editor pro compatibility css file ADDED: Minified wordfence plugin css file ADDED: Minified login page plugin css file ADDED: Minified menu management module css file ADDED: Minified page loader css file

Version 3.4 – 05th November 2017

UPDATE: Sorted Illegal string offset warning messages in PHP 7.1 UPDATE: Removed chinese characters from Dashboard Widgets UPDATE: Removed Deprecated function in brower.php file and replaced for classname __constructor

Version 3.3 – 06th September 2017

UPDATE: Removed option to disable login screen styling from options panel. This option is now controlled from plugin permissions page. UPDATE: wordpress 4.8.1 compatible

Version 3.2 – 16th May 2017

FIXED: Footer text z-index issue fixed. FIXED: Screen meta links z-index issue fixed. FIXED: Page top bar buttons z-index fixed. ADDED: Enable/Disable 3d effect on mouse hover options. UPDATE: WordPress 4.7.4 compatibility FIXED: Multisite network Sites Table Column width fixed. FIXED: Multisite network Users Table column width fixed UPDATE: Regenarated main admin Minified CSS UPDATE: Regenarated Inbuilt theme files UPDATE: Menu management issue for drag and drop fixed. UPDATE: On Ajax login, cookies issue fixed. UPDATE: On Login and logout, headers already sent issue fixed.

Version 3.1 – 9th February 2017

FIXED: All in one event calender plugin compatibility FIXED: z-index overlapping of admin top bar reduced. Fixing overlapping issues in 3rd party plugins. FIXED: http mixed content replaced http with https FIXED: Table columns display/hide issue fixed. Example Post, Pages, Plugins list tables etc. FIXED: dashboard widgets display/hide issue fixed. FIXED: Table List Row elevated on hover effect reduced for better user experience. Example Post, Pages, Plugins list tables etc. FIXED: YOAST SEO plugin compatible FIXED: woocommerce settings tab showing now working FIXED: Removed top heading bar in case of no page title UPDATE: Wordpress 4.7.2 compatibility UPDATE: Inbuilt theme import files, image path fixed

Version 2.2 – 16th November 2016

FIXED: Checkbox and Radio button compatibility issue fixed UPDATE: HTTPS:// support added for user tracking service to avoid any mixed content.

Version 2.1 – 09th November 2016

UPDATE: service integrated for user location tracking in dashboard widgets UPDATE: Geoplugin class removed and replaced with an alternative online service UPDATE: Added a abiliy to track city, country, region and ip of user FIXED: Dashboard Widget of User Country Type (Worldwide User) working now. FIXED: Online user count dashboard widget working now. ADDED: Option to enable/disable user location tracking on frontend. This option is added in dashboard widgets section FIXED: Dashboard widget Platform type widget code issue (for tracking unknown platforms). ADDED: 3rd Party Plugin Compatibility for ithemes security plugin fixed and made usable UPDATE: Improved CSS at various places. UPDATE: Improved multi site dropdown menu list UPDATE: Woocommerce datatable uneven columns width issue fixed UPDATE: Added Redux Framework URL compatibility issue with other plugins/themes. ADDED: Login page settings now added for all themes (custom + inbuilt themes) UPDATE: Minified main plugin CSS file for faster loading. UPDATE: Regenarate inbuilt theme css files.

Version 1.2 – 29th October 2016

FIXED: Fixed User Location details in Dashboard Widget – Visitor location on World Map FIXED: Uneven columns widths for Users list page FIXED: Uneven columns widths for Pages list page FIXED: Uneven columns widths for Posts list page FIXED: Uneven columns widths for Plugins list page FIXED: Uneven columns widths for Medias list view UPDATE: Multisite Compatible default Auto Generated site theme UPDATE: Multisite Compatibility for Dashboard Widgets AJAX Calls ADDED: Default Font backup as recommended by WordPress for different platforms and devices. UPDATE: Replaced deprecated function get_userdatabylogin() with get_user_by() UPDATE: Replaced deprecated function get_blog_list() with wp_get_sites() FIXED: Multiple Clicks issue on buttons resolved. UPDATE: Removed waves effect on click buttons event for 3rd party plugins compatibility UPDATE: Visual Composer plugin compatibility ADDED: Redux Vendor Support in documentation UPDATE: Regenerate plugin css file (both full and minified versions)

Version 1.1 – 17th October 2016

UPDATE: Visual Composer Compatibility ADDED: Envato Auto Update plugin integrated ADDED: Save Menu in Appearance -> Menu, buttons working UPDATE: Faster loading Google Fonts and improved page load speed UPDATE: Remove Redux framework demo mode links from the plugin

Version 1.0 – Initial Release

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