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LiveSmart Server Video

LiveSmart Server Video

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  • Uploaded : 13th December 2023
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Overview :

LiveSmart Server Video is an advanced standalone web application that reshapes the landscape of digital interaction. It transcends conventional communication boundaries by offering video, audio, recording, screen sharing, and file transfer capabilities for theoretically unlimited number of attendees. What sets it apart is its independence from cumbersome third-party installations or external account dependencies. All you need is a browser on your desktop or mobile device, and you’re set to connect with the world.

New features
Free installation support if your host server meets the requirements. Please contact me from the support form or from here.

- Breakout rooms and reactions. Host can setup breakout rooms, so attendees can join different rooms and attend meetings. Later on they can go back to main room;

- Presence button. Visitors of your site can directly contact administrator with video request. You can visit the demo visitor page. There is a button showing currently red. If you login to the dashboard with demo/demo account, button will go green and visitor can start a video request;

- LiveSmart is now monetizable. You can start earning money with it – setup a payment plan and add subscriptions. Also they can have own branding, look&feel and logo. Use PayPal, Strip or for payments;

- ChatGPT support: Enable chat GPT and you can ask AI different questions in the chat panel;

- Run time save: While recording, file is saved run-time on the server. This allows much bigger recorded files;

- Integration with Perfex: Check plugin page;

- Integration with Sngine: Check plugin page;

- Integration with WoWonder: Check plugin page;

- Integration with PlayTube: Check plugin page;

- Speech to text: While an attendee is speaking, you can receive the speech transcription in text;

- Translation: Translate both speech and chat. Demo is available here;

- Text to speech: Text from chat or translated messages can be transcribed into voice messages.

- Virtual background: upon meeting start, attendees can choose to blur their background or choose a virtual image;

LiveSmart Server Video is perfect for:


High-Quality Video and Audio

Demo – experience smooth, uninterrupted conversations with state-of-the-art video and sound clarity


Online scheduling

Health-care solution. Schedule meetings on definite timeframe. Augment verbal and visual communication with a robust chat function, perfect for Q&A sessions, resource sharing, and engaging participant interaction.


Online lessons

Broadcasting demo. Host webinars or meetings with as many participants as you need, thanks to the scalable architecture of the platform.


Monetization and subscriptions

Subscriptions and payments. Start using LiveSmart as SaaS and earning money with it.



Directly start a meeting. You can ask AI different questions, while in a call or alone in the room.


Speech recognition

Speech is transformed into text messages, bringing presentations and collaborative sessions to life.


Text to speech

Type in your chat and your attendee will receive voice messages. This functionality can be combined with translation module.


Speech to text & translation

Translation demo. Speech to text and translation. It requires Google API key and is available for Chrome. Chat messages are also translated.


Breakout rooms and reactions

Host can organize breakout rooms and make attendees join different meetings. Also visitors can react with different emojis;. Login to dashboard with demo/demo, make sure breakout rooms and reactions are enabled and start a meeting.


Private rooms

You can setup a private room by defining a password for it.


ScreenShare, File share

Share your entire screen to present document or slides. Send files to all your participants.


Waiting room and admission

Attendee can adjust video and audio settings before joining a meeting. Also host can have the option to admit a visitor or not in the meeting.



Collaborative whiteboard to help online teaching and presenters.



Interactive chat with user management


Stream YouTube video

Start the demo, open Settings, fill in YouTube URL and the video will start streaming.


Switch camera

Switch between front and back camera of your mobile.



For more information about how to do the localization of LiveSmart, visit this guide.


Presence button

If you want your customers to be able to contact you with video. Open the dashboard login with demo/demo, then on another device or in incognito open the button demo page and you will see how button goes green and the visitor can start a video request.


Sngine Integration

Demo site is available with admin1/admin1234 and demo1/demo1234.


PerfexCRM Integration

Demo with / admin1234 as staff member and / demo1234 as customer.


WoWonder Integration

You can see the demo site and login with admin1/admin1234, demo1/demo1234 or create own user.


PlayTube Integration

You can see the demo site and login with admin1/admin1234, demo1/demo1234 or create own user.

Check the User Guide section for a detailed description of all the features.

Supported browsers and OS

LiveSmart Server Video is supported on all major browsers:

– Desktop PC. Microsoft Edge 12+, Google Chrome 28+, Mozilla Firefox 22+, Safari 11+, Opera 18+, Vivaldi 1.9+, IE 11 (Needs installation of Temasys plugin. You will be guided through the installation process)

– Android. Google Chrome 28+ (enabled by default since 29), Mozilla Firefox 24+, Opera Mobile 12+

– Chrome OS.

– Firefox OS.

– Mobile Safari at least iOS 11 and Mac Safari.

- HTTPS (SSL certificate) and root access needed (usually shared hosting do not offer this service, so you need VPS or dedicated server);

- For server side scripts: at least Node 16.x;

- You need port 9002 to be opened. You can change the port from your configuration file;

- Some basic skills of system administration.

A Leap Into Enhanced Connectivity
Digital innovation shapes our world, and LiveSmart Video Server leads the change in transforming how we connect. Think of the potential. A world where distance has no bearing on our ability to interact. This is what LiveSmart Video Server offers. Whether you’re connecting a small team or linking thousands, the server adapts, ensuring every exchange is clear and seamless.

What makes LiveSmart Video Server stand out is its blend of ease, powerful features, and robust security. It’s a platform that not only meets today’s demands but also evolves with the times, staying ahead of the curve.

Educators, businesses, and families will find in LiveSmart Video Server a reliable partner that grows with them. It’s a pledge to a future where every meeting, lesson, and shared family moment can happen without the constraints of physical presence.

Installation Guide, FAQ and Demos

Requirements and installation video tutorial

User Guide

Live Demo

Meeting Scheduling Demo (health-care consultation)

Broadcasting Demo (online lessons, live streaming)

Speech to text and translation

Dashboard demo, login with demo/demo


v1.0.15 - Nov 05, 2023
- Feature requests: breakout rooms and reactions;
- UI and performance improvements;

v1.0.14 - Oct 02, 2023
- Updated dependencies and performance imrovements;
- Feature requests, pinned chat;
- Bug fixes;

v1.0.13 - Sep 07, 2023
- New UI and enhanced chat;
- Fixed performance;
- Bug fixes;

v1.0.12 - Aug 8, 2023
- Added presence button;
- Perfex CRM integration;
- Added manual payment method;

v1.0.11 - Jul 1, 2023
- Added subscriptions, plans and payments with PayPal, Stripe and;
- Customers can have different look&feel, logo and design of video and dashboard panels;
- Fixes and UI changes;

v1.0.10 - May 20, 2023
- Chat GPT support;
- Performance improvements;
- Run time saving of recorded file;
- Chat panel enhancements;
- Drag&drop for file transfer in video panel;
- Feature requests: added URL on clicking exit meeting; allowing anonymous users; video panel can be pinned;
- Mobile friendly UI changes and bug fixes;

v1.0.9 - Apr 8, 2023
- WoWonder and Sngine plugin;
- Saving big recording files on exit;
- Bug fixes and UI changes;

v1.0.8 - Feb 22, 2023
- WoWonder integration with v.4.1.5;
- Uload large files from recroding on the server;
- Improved mobile view;
- Bug fixes and UI changes;

v1.0.7 - Nov 21, 2022
- WoWonder integration and streaming;
- Enhanced private messaging;
- Improved waiting room;
- Virtual background (still beta code);
- Added active meetings in Dashboard;
- Bug fixes and UI changes;

v1.0.6 - July 31, 2022
- Feature requests:
- Video, audio and screenshare constraints;
- Local feed window can be fixed bottom left;
- Enable/disable snapshot option;
- Bug fixes and UI changes;

v1.0.5 - June 24, 2022
- Added script to ease the installation and setup process;
- Added video sharing facility;
- Added cache invalidation upon new release or changes of the configurations;
- Multiple feature requests;
- Bug fixes and UI changes;

v1.0.4 - May 22, 2022
- Recordings are saved on server, autostart option;
- Updated API;
- Added waiting room;
- Added terms and conditions checkbox configuration;
- Minor fixes and UI changes;

v1.0.3 - Mar 18, 2022
- Speech to text, text to speech and translation facilities;
- Voice commands;
- Feature request - allow only room from the list to be accessed;
- UI changes and minor fixes;

v1.0.2 - Feb 27, 2022
- Users and chat history added. Room can be locked for users;
- Room adminssion facility;
- API for join and start meeting;
- UI changes and fixes;
- Attendees can do private chat from video panel and host can mute attendees;
- New tab in preferences for changing video aspect ratio.

v1.0.1 - Feb 3, 2022
- Initial release of LieSmart Server Video;

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