Karenderia Multiple Restaurant System
Karenderia Multiple Restaurant System

Karenderia Multiple Restaurant System

  • Uploaded : 29th August 2023
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Karenderia Multiple Restaurant System

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Notice : To test ordering please use Los angeles as address – Version: 1.1.0 – Last update: August 25, 2023 – Update notes: update process has been change since version 1.0.7, step 1 extract the update.zip as before step 2 no need to run the backoffice/update anymore just go to admin panel -> ulitities -> fixed database, this will create all new tables and menu

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– Video tutorials Karenderia installationhttps://youtu.be/5LNxZctwrQEHow to update karenderiahttps://youtu.be/mSQZQxVmPMIHow to translatehttps://youtu.be/RfgBHGNsJC0change backoffice urlhttps://youtu.be/8lME58FTN48create google api keyhttps://youtu.be/kGoeebny2lsConfigure reCAPTCHAhttps://youtu.be/yPkpVvI4rpgGuide membership planhttps://youtu.be/c8fW5XQY0Zocreate pusher accounthttps://youtu.be/ANxvT8eIamccreate food itemshttps://youtu.be/MT-5mXMdTK8food items addons and optionshttps://youtu.be/HBANE-AuDp4Set merchant opening hourshttps://youtu.be/Uc-1MmzbhDkset address locationhttps://youtu.be/6w0HSzgn8Ykreal time notificationshttps://youtu.be/IVv9Zv-jiXAPOShttps://youtu.be/Y_97Q6jjJv4enabled paymenthttps://youtu.be/LmahpSuvGLYmerchant earningshttps://youtu.be/7lr-z4EpC5sreceiving cash on deliveryhttps://youtu.be/jFM4FJOYU84Full refundhttps://youtu.be/A7TmFagfXooCancel order with partial refundhttps://youtu.be/Tp_Wu71Zl4wpause orderinghttps://youtu.be/TnvA2kJhU_cStandard taxhttps://youtu.be/kXp4DAlwtlIMultiple taxhttps://youtu.be/231nQZc_Sf8Status actionshttps://youtu.be/NMG7HJ3PfYEcreate templatehttps://youtu.be/suQn1wjo0WQOrder buttons actionshttps://youtu.be/Pxz44B6v08Qorder tracking settingshttps://youtu.be/tZChdrXQy-gmerchant withdrawalshttps://youtu.be/bZkd0ymi02Yweb push notificationshttps://youtu.be/BgLT_pplfRQpickup instructionshttps://youtu.be/IK6SGD0Upl0Version 1.1.0 – 25 August 2023new - add curency in merchant signupnew - add item gallerynew - table booking user must loginnew - manage table booking under customer profilenew - add search for food and restaurantsupdate - Choose address from Mapupdate - add street name and street number in address detailsupdate - updates code for customer mobile appfixed - exchange rate for points convertionsfixed - points paginationfixed - shift schedule end date not workingfixed - food item availability add options to change 24 hours formatfixed - continues alert for new orderfixed - remove sending of emails to guest userfixed - exchange rate for cash on delivery payment changefixed - search menu price exchange ratefixed - some minor issueVersion 1.0.9 – 08 August 2023new - Multi currency addonsnew - Loyalty points addonnew - merchant own delivery managementnew - promo code add transation typenew - promo code add visible new - added new payment pay on delivery or pay by card typenew - continues alert until order is viewednew - add options to hide promo code on front endnew - add application to delivery/pickup when creating coupons in merchant panelnew - able to sort payment gatewaynew - add allergens to food itemnew - deposit link when viewing order details in front endnew - able to sort transaction typenew - settings for Non-Commissioned POS Orders fixed - missing permission for food menufixed - add credit card details in FEIE 80mm WiFi Smart Printerfixed - misising permission for uploading media filesfixed - missing translation for booking date list and timeslotfixed - merchant widrawal disabledfixed - payment logo in merchant panelfixed - rejection list translationfixed - bugs in addon sortingfixed - menu remove payment gateway menu if merchant type is commissionfixed - add restaurant_name tag to seo menu fixed - membership signup type not translatingfixed - POS add details table and room number in receiptfixed - add settings for booking time selection 24 hours formatfixed - 24 hours format for time pickerfixed - all access permissionfixed - front end footer menu translationfixed - stripe webhooks for merchant membership typefixed - guest checkout resend codefixed - missing translationsVersion 1.0.8 – 22 June 2023fixed - multiple tax remove if tax is less than or equal to zerofixed - min missing in services list under menu pagefixed - merchant account deletion OTP codefixed - translation deleted when you sort category and addon categoryfixed - saved address during first time registrationfixed - logout if account is deleted in backendfixed - merchant view order by customerfixed - voucher use per onceupdate - main merchant account add status (this is for deletion account status)fixed - buyer history remove draft orderfixed - merchant verification confirm emailfixed - opening hours in different languagefixed - status in order details not translatingnew - add format to credit cardnew - options to have default opening hours when merchant is new creatednew - upload bulk merchant csv filenew - options to copy payment gateway when merchant is creatednew - send push to single appnew - send push to platform iosnew - merchant panel view customer details like orders information and addressnew - add to test runactions if workingnew - allow login after merchant registration for commissionupdate - update all searchfixed - promotional voucher and offersfixed - displaying of food category,addons,items if has no translationupdate - add detete words in language translationfixed - update role access admin and merchantnew - define merchant menu access set by adminnew - options to sort addon categorynew - options to sort addon category itemnew - allow merchant to set there own timezonefixed - backoffice login logo and merchantfixed - backoffice login app store and google play linkfixed - category availabilityfixed - food item availabilitynew - notify customer if the added items in their cart is not availablenew - remove items in the cart if item is not availablenew - search menu to quickly find menus in backoffice admin/merchantfixed - blank csv for front and backend translationfixed - if order is delivered admin panel delivery status does not updatefixed - add missing invoice bank payment informationfixed - no translation for merchant infofixed - no short description for food item translationfixed - remove device registered if push is failedfixed - add options to disabled single food item add to cartnew - add export excel/pdf/csv to all reportsnew - add daily sales report that can be printed using FEIE 80mm WiFi Smart Printerfixed - POS category item list sortingfixed - POS to include commissionfixed - POS add table selection for dineinnew - driver signupnew - SEOnew - Different commission for transaction typenew - add small order feeupdate - service charge to have percentage and fixed amountnew - addon selection of min and maximumnew - add guest checkoutnew - change home searchnew - change address checkout Version 1.0.7 – 04 March 2023- fixed feieyun printer missing size- fixed feieyun printer label for delivery and pickup date/time- fixed merchant panel edit/delete reviews- fixed some words does not translate- New admin can manage order- New driver managementsVersion 1.0.6 – 17 January 2023- fixed merchant edit custom page - fixed auto print FEIE 80mm WiFi Smart Printer- fixed fixed words los angeles in mobile view- fixed google store and apple link- fixed merchant user profile picture- fixed auto login for admin user- new file preparation for single appVersion 1.0.5 – 06 January 2023- issue invoice list missing file JsonException.php in backoffice/protected/vendor- fixed cuisine link in mobile view- fixed invoice cron link- fixed available addon list- fixed mapbox if country set is more than one- fixed cooking Reference required- fixed food item availability- fixed category availability- fixed food item not for sale- fixed promo code showing if only for selected customer- fixed add language code in language list- fixed add language code for captcha- fixed static text Los Angeles in search results- fixed receipt logo- fixed FEIE 80mm WiFi Smart Printer auto print- fixed web print footer text and logo- fixed nexmo sending of sms failed due to conflict firebase library- new table reservation management- new add tips value management- new booking cancel reason management- new contact us page- new payment change for cod payment- new maximum amount for cod payment- new print logs- new options to on/off run actions due to some server not supported- new utilities fixed database and clean database- new Ingredients pre-selected - new food menu layoutVersion 1.0.4 – 16 December 2022- add Invoice to commission and membership type- add Mapbox- add options to accept payment without adding credit - add auto detect address homepage- add FEIE 80mm WiFi Smart Printer- add social links - add sorting of category,addon and items- add language parameters to all runactions- add options redirect to PWA if has mobile app when browsing front homepage- add customer list in merchant panel- add menu for merchant mobile app- update tips can add tips based on transaction- update tips to use fixed or percentage- update turn off mobile app section on front end and add link- fixed upload bank deposit- fixed offline credit card saving and display on backend- fixed bugs in promo if translation added to days- fixed review image- fixed cuisine link homepage- fixed pin location- fixed disabled ordering- fixed can re-order again based on status- fixed missing tables driver_meta - fixed promo price membership planVersion 1.0.3 – 29 October 2022- fixed issue in search results due to none services - fixed missing location name and delivery instructions- fixed time interval selection- fixed merchant forgot password- fixed auto login is using merchant id instead of merchant user id- fixed login remember me - fixed tips showing even disabled in merchant panel- fixed adding dynamic delivery rates- add Google Analytics- add facebook pixels- update google sigin to use new latest sdk- update facebook login- update tracking link for single app- update currency to add manually currency symbolVersion 1.0.2 – 16 May 2022- fixed send otp when changing numbers and email- fixed search results when using different language- fixed sales summary report not counting complete status- fixed issue with transaction type if trans type is disabled in admin panel- fixed website logo to appear on themes- fixed merchant header to show on front end- fixed date/time format- fixed voucher and offer discount- fixed item list to include prices and discount- fixed menu top header layout- fixed html character showing in popular items- new – Offline Bank payment gateway- new – Upload addons manager- new – Settings for single websiteVersion 1.0.1 – 22 February 2022- new translation modules- new full mobile device support backend and front end- update user interface - fixed partial refund- fixed set payout to paid- fixed tax set default- fixed issue with tax if not set- fixed phone number limit- fixed phone default flag- fixed forgot password admin,merchant and customer- fixed get merchant delivery directions- fixed razor payVersion 1.0 – 31 January 2022- Initial Release.

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