Karenderia Multiple Restaurant System
Karenderia Multiple Restaurant System

Karenderia Multiple Restaurant System

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  • Uploaded : 29th August 2023
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Overview :

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Notice : To test ordering please use Los angeles as address

– Version: 1.1.0
– Last update: August 25, 2023
– Update notes: update process has been change since version 1.0.7,
step 1 extract the update.zip as before
step 2 no need to run the backoffice/update anymore just go to admin panel -> ulitities -> fixed database, this will create all new tables and menu

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– Video tutorials
Karenderia installation
How to update karenderia
How to translate
change backoffice url
create google api key
Configure reCAPTCHA
Guide membership plan
create pusher account
create food items
food items addons and options
Set merchant opening hours
set address location
real time notifications
enabled payment
merchant earnings
receiving cash on delivery
Full refund
Cancel order with partial refund
pause ordering
Standard tax
Multiple tax
Status actions
create template
Order buttons actions
order tracking settings
merchant withdrawals
web push notifications
pickup instructions
https://youtu.be/IK6SGD0Upl0 Version 1.1.0 – 25 August 2023 new - add curency in merchant signup new - add item gallery new - table booking user must login new - manage table booking under customer profile new - add search for food and restaurants update - Choose address from Map update - add street name and street number in address details update - updates code for customer mobile app fixed - exchange rate for points convertions fixed - points pagination fixed - shift schedule end date not working fixed - food item availability add options to change 24 hours format fixed - continues alert for new order fixed - remove sending of emails to guest user fixed - exchange rate for cash on delivery payment change fixed - search menu price exchange rate fixed - some minor issue Version 1.0.9 – 08 August 2023 new - Multi currency addons new - Loyalty points addon new - merchant own delivery management new - promo code add transation type new - promo code add visible new - added new payment pay on delivery or pay by card type new - continues alert until order is viewed new - add options to hide promo code on front end new - add application to delivery/pickup when creating coupons in merchant panel new - able to sort payment gateway new - add allergens to food item new - deposit link when viewing order details in front end new - able to sort transaction type new - settings for Non-Commissioned POS Orders fixed - missing permission for food menu fixed - add credit card details in FEIE 80mm WiFi Smart Printer fixed - misising permission for uploading media files fixed - missing translation for booking date list and timeslot fixed - merchant widrawal disabled fixed - payment logo in merchant panel fixed - rejection list translation fixed - bugs in addon sorting fixed - menu remove payment gateway menu if merchant type is commission fixed - add restaurant_name tag to seo menu fixed - membership signup type not translating fixed - POS add details table and room number in receipt fixed - add settings for booking time selection 24 hours format fixed - 24 hours format for time picker fixed - all access permission fixed - front end footer menu translation fixed - stripe webhooks for merchant membership type fixed - guest checkout resend code fixed - missing translations Version 1.0.8 – 22 June 2023 fixed - multiple tax remove if tax is less than or equal to zero fixed - min missing in services list under menu page fixed - merchant account deletion OTP code fixed - translation deleted when you sort category and addon category fixed - saved address during first time registration fixed - logout if account is deleted in backend fixed - merchant view order by customer fixed - voucher use per once update - main merchant account add status (this is for deletion account status) fixed - buyer history remove draft order fixed - merchant verification confirm email fixed - opening hours in different language fixed - status in order details not translating new - add format to credit card new - options to have default opening hours when merchant is new created new - upload bulk merchant csv file new - options to copy payment gateway when merchant is created new - send push to single app new - send push to platform ios new - merchant panel view customer details like orders information and address new - add to test runactions if working new - allow login after merchant registration for commission update - update all search fixed - promotional voucher and offers fixed - displaying of food category,addons,items if has no translation update - add detete words in language translation fixed - update role access admin and merchant new - define merchant menu access set by admin new - options to sort addon category new - options to sort addon category item new - allow merchant to set there own timezone fixed - backoffice login logo and merchant fixed - backoffice login app store and google play link fixed - category availability fixed - food item availability new - notify customer if the added items in their cart is not available new - remove items in the cart if item is not available new - search menu to quickly find menus in backoffice admin/merchant fixed - blank csv for front and backend translation fixed - if order is delivered admin panel delivery status does not update fixed - add missing invoice bank payment information fixed - no translation for merchant info fixed - no short description for food item translation fixed - remove device registered if push is failed fixed - add options to disabled single food item add to cart new - add export excel/pdf/csv to all reports new - add daily sales report that can be printed using FEIE 80mm WiFi Smart Printer fixed - POS category item list sorting fixed - POS to include commission fixed - POS add table selection for dinein new - driver signup new - SEO new - Different commission for transaction type new - add small order fee update - service charge to have percentage and fixed amount new - addon selection of min and maximum new - add guest checkout new - change home search new - change address checkout Version 1.0.7 – 04 March 2023 - fixed feieyun printer missing size - fixed feieyun printer label for delivery and pickup date/time - fixed merchant panel edit/delete reviews - fixed some words does not translate - New admin can manage order - New driver managements Version 1.0.6 – 17 January 2023 - fixed merchant edit custom page - fixed auto print FEIE 80mm WiFi Smart Printer - fixed fixed words los angeles in mobile view - fixed google store and apple link - fixed merchant user profile picture - fixed auto login for admin user - new file preparation for single app Version 1.0.5 – 06 January 2023 - issue invoice list missing file JsonException.php in backoffice/protected/vendor - fixed cuisine link in mobile view - fixed invoice cron link - fixed available addon list - fixed mapbox if country set is more than one - fixed cooking Reference required - fixed food item availability - fixed category availability - fixed food item not for sale - fixed promo code showing if only for selected customer - fixed add language code in language list - fixed add language code for captcha - fixed static text Los Angeles in search results - fixed receipt logo - fixed FEIE 80mm WiFi Smart Printer auto print - fixed web print footer text and logo - fixed nexmo sending of sms failed due to conflict firebase library - new table reservation management - new add tips value management - new booking cancel reason management - new contact us page - new payment change for cod payment - new maximum amount for cod payment - new print logs - new options to on/off run actions due to some server not supported - new utilities fixed database and clean database - new Ingredients pre-selected - new food menu layout Version 1.0.4 – 16 December 2022 - add Invoice to commission and membership type - add Mapbox - add options to accept payment without adding credit - add auto detect address homepage - add FEIE 80mm WiFi Smart Printer - add social links - add sorting of category,addon and items - add language parameters to all runactions - add options redirect to PWA if has mobile app when browsing front homepage - add customer list in merchant panel - add menu for merchant mobile app - update tips can add tips based on transaction - update tips to use fixed or percentage - update turn off mobile app section on front end and add link - fixed upload bank deposit - fixed offline credit card saving and display on backend - fixed bugs in promo if translation added to days - fixed review image - fixed cuisine link homepage - fixed pin location - fixed disabled ordering - fixed can re-order again based on status - fixed missing tables driver_meta - fixed promo price membership plan Version 1.0.3 – 29 October 2022 - fixed issue in search results due to none services - fixed missing location name and delivery instructions - fixed time interval selection - fixed merchant forgot password - fixed auto login is using merchant id instead of merchant user id - fixed login remember me - fixed tips showing even disabled in merchant panel - fixed adding dynamic delivery rates - add Google Analytics - add facebook pixels - update google sigin to use new latest sdk - update facebook login - update tracking link for single app - update currency to add manually currency symbol Version 1.0.2 – 16 May 2022 - fixed send otp when changing numbers and email - fixed search results when using different language - fixed sales summary report not counting complete status - fixed issue with transaction type if trans type is disabled in admin panel - fixed website logo to appear on themes - fixed merchant header to show on front end - fixed date/time format - fixed voucher and offer discount - fixed item list to include prices and discount - fixed menu top header layout - fixed html character showing in popular items - new – Offline Bank payment gateway - new – Upload addons manager - new – Settings for single website Version 1.0.1 – 22 February 2022 - new translation modules - new full mobile device support backend and front end - update user interface - fixed partial refund - fixed set payout to paid - fixed tax set default - fixed issue with tax if not set - fixed phone number limit - fixed phone default flag - fixed forgot password admin,merchant and customer - fixed get merchant delivery directions - fixed razor pay Version 1.0 – 31 January 2022 - Initial Release.

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