InfixBiz - Open Source Business Management ERP with POS
InfixBiz - Open Source Business Management ERP with POS

InfixBiz - Open Source Business Management ERP with POS

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  • Uploaded : 02nd August 2023
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Overview :

Reliability is the key factor when it comes to running a Business Management ERP. Any lag or disturbance can affect your reputation. And we completely understand this responsibility from our experience in working in this field. We know every nitty-gritty detail of this respected industry.

Feature Overview Responsive Layout Design:
Whatever you are using the device your site will run as it should be. The Business ERP is a fully responsive layout for all types of devices. Touch Friendly:
Browse easily on your smart device. Huge enough buttons, balanced typography, and responsiveness give you a desktop-like browsing experience. UX ready:
We have created a Property template with a strong focus on UX in every detail. All element is designed to work well on any popular device. Business ERP Feature list Dashboard Total Purchase Total Dues Expenses Purchase due Invoice due Total In Bank Total In Cashk Net Profit Totay This Week This Month Financial Year Project Management Create Team Create Project Assign Task Shared Project List View Board/kenburn View Filter task Shorting Task Field view customis Custome Field Sales Sales List Sales Return Service Sale Product Sale Product Wise discount Over all discount TAX Shipping Charge Other Charge Previous Dues Previous Dues Minimal Sale price Contact Add Contacts Supplier Customer Setting for login Enable/disable Product Single Product Varient Product Combo Product Product List Service Service List SKU Unit Brand Brand List Category Category List Sub Category Model Model List Alert Quantity Product Image Purchase Price Selling Price Min Selling Price TAX Description Inventory Add Opening Stock Recieve Purchase Orders Product Costing (Sales) Transferred Products Stock List of Product Product Movement Stock Adjustments Product Information Product Serial Product Serial Import Purchase Purchase Order Stock Alert List Purchase Return CNF Document Payment Method Discount Reference No LC No. CNF Agent More features Quotation Accounts Add New Expense Expense Lists Add New Income Income Lists Bank Accounts Opening Balance Chart Of Accounts Report Transactions Statement Profite $ Loss Accounr Balance Income by Customer Expense by Supplier Sales TAX Transfer Money Transfer Transfered Lists Location Branch List Warehouse List Human Resource Staff List Add New Staff Role Email Password Department Branch Applicable For Leave Signature Bank Info Payroll Info Join Date Basic Salary Employment Type Provision Time (In Months) Dynamic Add Role Department List Attendance Attendance Report Event Payroll Payroll Report Staff Load apply Staff Load History Staff Load Approval Leave Leave Type Leave Define Leave Define by role Leave Define by Staff Leave Balance Forward Adjust with Previous Leave Apply Leave Approve Leave Requests Pending Leave Yearly Holiday Setup Leave Carry Forward List System Setting Activation General Setting Logo Upload Favicon Upload File Supported Language Date Format System Default Currency Time Zone Currency Symbol Preloader Default Payment Invoice Settings SMTP Settings PHP Mail SMS Settings Email Template SMS Template Setup Tax List Country List Language List Intro Prefix Backup Activities Log RTL Ready

Update v4.1.0 (26 July 2023) Updated : Added POS integrate Fixed : Sales bug fixed : Quotation bug fixed : Bulk Product Import Bug Fix Note: min version v4.0.1 required to update v4.0.1, PHP version min 8.1 is required Pro-Accounting (Paid Module) Updated : Double Entry Accounting System Integrate Note: Min version v4.0.1 is required to use this module, and PHP version min 8.1 is required. v4.0.1 (03 July 2023) Updated : DataTable changed and use data with pagination Fixed : Sales Return Can Edit : Purchase Return Can Edit : Code Optimize for Transactions Report and Statement Report : Improve Performance with code optimization in Account Balance Report : Server Side rendering country state city in Contact create and edit for better performance : Voucher Details total amount show Bug Fix for wrong amount show : Transaction report Print and CSV download option Note: min version v4.0.0 required to update v4.0.1, PHP version min 8.0 is required v4.0 (22 June 2023) Updated : Upgrade to Laravel 10 : DataTable changed and use data with pagination Fixed : Bug Fix in Sales create for service : Edit and Delete option for Purchase : Edit and Delete option for Sales : Improve Performance with code optimization : Bug fix for combo product in Sales and Quotation : Activity Log With Filter Option Note: min version v3.3.5 required to update v4.0, PHP version min 8.0 is required

v3.3.5 (26 May 2023)

Fixing : Tax input null check on the quotation : Branch name not show on product transfer : Deleted product SLU is shown on add product page : Project management conversation tab missing image added : On the income list show the voucher date : Product transfer permission issue Note: min version v3.3.4 required to update v3.3.5, PHP version min 8 required

v3.3.3 (22 November 2021)

Bug Fixed : Quotation Send mail error : Purchase Send mail error : Invoice Send mail error Update : POS printing design fix : Add Extra fields to the Product : Compatible Pro Account module

v3.3.2 (01 Sep 2021)

Bug fixed : After deleting user applies the left error. : Leaves not calculating when staff take leave : On other language variation product error : On the invoice show the previous due calculation : Customer/Supplier add and subtract balance form submission : Can't write decimals on expense, income, etc : Can't delete Expenses/Income : Pdf font issue Update : Upload font for pdf font support : Jquery validation translation : User-wise notification system : Notification translation Min v3.3.1 required to update

v3.3.1 (17 August 2021)

Bug fixed : On installation file_get_content error Update : Translate permissions : Add module manager to manage module

v3.3.0 (07 August 2021)

Bug fixed : Missing permissions added. : Jquery Validation Message did not load fixed. NB: Min version 3.2.2 to 3.3.0 otherwise System will break.

v3.2.2 (01 August 2021)

Bug fixed : Csrf Token mismatch issue fixed on installation : RTL Design issue fixed. : Missing Permissions Added : Missing Language Added to the Translation file : Combo product removed after variation product edit, fixed Update : Translate Datepicker, calendar, date : RTL Support for the date picker, calendar : Js Language Translation

v3.2.0 (18 July 2021)

Bug fixed : Expense by Supplier and Income by customer Error fixed. : Error after Supplier login fixed : Language Translation Error Fixed : Design issue fixed : Stock List Search Issue fixed. : Stock report, Product movement server error after deleting product issue fixed : Apply Leave Jquery issue fixed. : Quick brand added from New Product form did not append on dropdown issue fixed : Chart Account can not edit issue fixed. : Variant product column mismatch on sale fixed. Update : Remove different from admin and staff role : Change min selling price database column type to double 16,2 : Clear Log files, Cache, and enable or disable app debug mode from the utility menu : Change Staff role from any to any : Validation error massage custom translation : Contact State and city added a dropdown input field : Server-side data table for product list. : Missing response message added.

v3.1.4 (17 May 2021)

Bug fixed : Variation product image not found solved. Update : Variation Delete Restricted after used.

v3.1.3 (16 May 2021)

Bug fixed : Product Labels Print issue fixed Update : Removed un-used checkbox on lists : Dashboard widget size based on permissions : Add a Search button on Human Resource Attendance Section

v3.1.2 (11 May 2021)

Bug fixed : Stock transfer error fixed : Email Template issue fixing Update : On the notification list now user can select multiple and mark it as reading New Feature : Arabic and multilingual Language support for jQuery pdf exports : Csv import for Product, Brand, Model, Unit type, Supplier, Customer, Employee

v3.1.1 (9 May 2021)

Bug fixed : Bug Fixing : Holiday Server error fixing : Bank Account Update issue fixed : Datepicker date format issue fixed Update : Security Update v3.1.0 (6 May 2021) Bug fixed : Sale return design issue fixing update : Notification popup text color : Sale return issue New Feature : Theme Customization, Background image/color, use Gradient or Solid color. : Admin can change theme color combination : Staff Phone number is not required now : Customer and Supplier Can register their own account : Admin can enable and disable customer/supplier registration : New-look for login, forgot password page : Login page, 404 Page background image dynamically changed by Admin : Arabic and multilingual Language support for pdf : Custom email template for forgot password, email verification : Project management email customizations : Compact Theme integration : Staff password change by Super admin : Reset Logo and Favicon on default v3.0.2 (19 April 2021) Bug fixed : Language Translation is not saved issue fixed v3.0.1 (17 April 2021) Bug fixed : Generate payroll solve : Generate payroll report showing normal user role solved

v3 (14 April 2021)

update : Major update Added : Permission issue fixed : Customer Login : Supplier Login : New Project Management : Service can sale now : Branch : Warehouse : Quotation : Product : Contact : One click Update : Self License Revoke : Lots of new features

v2.3 (7 Aug 2020)

Fixed : Bug fixing many places Update : Menu Ordering

v2.2 (2 May 2020)

Fixed : Demo data problem solved Fixed : Permission issue fixed Fixed : Expense Edit problem fixed Fixed : Validation form

V1.3 Update (12 Mar 2020)

Fixed : Language Translation Fixed : Error handling - v1 (Initial Released) Online Documentation

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