Grow CRM - Laravel Project Management
Grow CRM - Laravel Project Management

Grow CRM - Laravel Project Management

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Overview :

Grow is a client relationship management application, with full project management features. Grow combines many of the various tools that you require, in one easy to use application. These include task, invoices, leads, estimates and much more. Demo Admin
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Password: growcrm

CRM Features We have given attention to every design element. The final result is what we believe to be an extremely user-friendly application. The application gives you and your clients a single point of contact, to collaborate on projects.

Project Management
You no longer need to use multiple tools to get the job done. The application comes with very advanced features to help you manage your projects. Make you life even easier by taking advantage of the project templates feature and also the project cloning feature.

Task Management
Get the job done by making sure you complete your tasks on time. Use the applications advanced features such as task cloning, task timers, task reminders and many more, to make your work easier and more efficient. You can assign tasks to your team members and also to your clients.

Time Tracking
Keep track of the amount of time that you spend on your projects, The CRM comes with a full featured time tracking solution. You can start and stop your timer, or you can manually record the time spent working on a task. You can then easily bill your clients for the time recorded.

Invoices & Payments
We have created a very easy to use invoicing system. There is now no need for you to use a third part invoicing application. The CRM enables you to create invoices with many options, such as, time billing, product billing, task billing etc. Your clients are automatically sent their invoice via email and they can easily pay for it via credit card or PayPal.

This feature enables you to bill your clients for your products and services, automatically. You can set the billing cycle to weekly, monthly, yearly etc. The system will automatically generate a new invoice and charge your client’s credit card automatically

Clients are more willing to commit to a project when they have an idea of the total cost. The application comes with a very easy to use tool for you to create and email estimates to your customers. You customer can then review and accept your estimates very easily.

First impressions count. Impress your prospective clients with beautifully crafted project proposals. No design skills requires, with our easy to use interface.

Recurring Billing
You can create daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly recurring invoices. The system will automatically create a new invoice and email it to your client.

Leads & Opportunities
Keep track of your opportunities and nurture your leads into paying customers. You can easily capture new leads, using our very advanced form builder. You can then embed your lead capturing forms on any website.

Lower your customer support time by offering your customers access to a self-service information and help repository. You can even create a video knowledge base, by using the YouTube video gallery feature of the knowledgebase,

Workflow Automation
Project and estimate workflow automations allow you to automate repetitive tasks. You can determine what happens when an estimate has been accepted by your client or what happens when a project has been marked as completed. Automations improve your team’s productivity and help to ensure that nothing is missed in your workflow.

Task Dependency Management
Creating relationships between your tasks to ensure that work in completed in a prescribed sequence. You can lock a task from being started or being completed, until the task it is dependent on has been completed. Dependency management allows your diverse team to synchronize their work.

Server Requirements PHP 7.3, 7.4, 8.x Apache Web Server BCMath PHP Extension Ctype PHP Extension Fileinfo PHP extension JSON PHP Extension Mbstring PHP Extension OpenSSL PHP Extension PDO PHP Extension Tokenizer PHP Extension XML PHP Extension MySQL Database GD Library > or = v2.0

Change Log Version 2.0 – 20 January, 2023 [See Full Details] [New Feature] – PHP 8 support [New Feature] – Instant team messaging (chat) [New Feature] – Contracts [New Feature] – Contract templates [New Feature] – Proposal templates [New Feature] – Tap payment gateway [Improvement] – Custom ticket statuses [Improvement] – Arrange invoice and estimate line items [Fixed] - Various bugs

Version 1.12 – 9 October, 2022 [See Full Details] [New Feature] – Invoice line tax [New Feature] – Estimates line tax [New Feature] – Estimate product notes [New Feature] – Product-based tasks for estimate automation [New Feature] – Task dependencies for estimate automation [New Feature] – Attach files to estimates [New Feature] – Attach files to invoices [New Feature] – Project cover images [New Feature] – Copy files between projects [Improvement ] – Use custom fields in filtering [Fixed] - Various bugs

Version 1.11 – 4 September, 2022 [See Full Details] [New Feature] – Estimates workflow automation [New Feature] – Projects workflow automation [New Feature] – Task dependencies [New Feature] – Export clients [New Feature] – Export tickets [New Feature] – Email leads [New Feature] – Set user home page [New Feature] – Assign tasks to clients [New Feature] – File folders [Improvement] – Email notifications for reminders [Improvement] – Email leads [Improvement] – Tasks & Leads Kanban paginated loading [Fixed] - Various bugs

Version 1.10 – 15 July, 2022 [Fixed] - Maintenance update

Version 1.09 – 2 June, 2022 [See Full Details] [New Feature] - Updated to Laravel 8 [New Feature] - Project Proposals [New Feature] - Assign tasks to clients [Improvement] - Ability to change next Invoice ID [Improvement] - Ability to change next Estimate ID [Improvement] - Ability to change next Invoice ID [Fixed] - Client cannot create a task [Fixed] - Timesheets manual time recording [Fixed] - Exit text too long in settings [Fixed] - Settings tax rates menu [Fixed] - Estimate and invoice custom fields display [Fixed] - Clients webmail templates [Fixed] - Lead forms submissions counter [Fixed] - Leads converted to a client - welcome email

Version 1.08 – 1 February, 2022 [New Feature] - Projects card grid view [New Feature] - Project category based user permissions [New Feature] - Recurring Tasks [New Feature] - Allows users to set their own theme [New Feature] - View email queue and email delivery log [New Feature] - Download and manage system error logs [Improvement] - Edit Payments [Improvement] - Rename project files [Improvement] - Importing leads - made custom fields easier to import [Improvement] - Leads and tasks search now has wider scope [Improvement] - Show client name on task cards [Improvement] - SMTP debugging tool [Improvement] - Easier assigning of project team members [Improvement] - Easier changing of project progress [Fixed] - Task date not updating correctly in task modal [Fixed] - Task not loading in projects page [Fixed] - Tickets timeline viewing permissions [Fixed] - PDF invoices Euro symbol not showing correctly [Fixed] - Project templates user roles setting

Version 1.07 – 24 October, 2021 [Fixed] - Project progress not updating [Fixed] - Email delivery problems after v.106 update [Fixed] - Client webmail [Fixed] - Client cannot create a task [Fixed] - Email PDF is not sent in default system language [Fixed] - New users language is not being set to the system language

Version 1.06 – 29 September, 2021 [Added] – Lead web forms – Create multiple forms to capture leads from your website. [Added] – Clone Tasks – Quickly make a duplicate copy of a task [Added] – Clone Leads – Quickly make a duplicate copy of a lead [Added] – Knowledge base video gallery [Added] – Send emails directly to a client user from the CRM [Added] – Custom task statuses – You can now create custom task statuses [Updated] – See all previous notifications using the new improved notifications panel [Updated] – Show the project title on a task (Kanban) [Updated] – New custom fields editor [Fixed] – Various other bugs

Version 1.05 – 9 August, 2021 [Added] – Reminders – Set individual reminders for projects, tasks, leads, etc [Added] – Embed YouTube video in knowledgebase, projects, tasks and leads [Added] – App Modules Selection. Select which CRM modules you want to use. [Added] – Limit CRM modules/features on a client by client basis [Added] – Overdue task reminder [Added] – Overdue invoice reminder [Added] – Leads & tasks – added notes and a new tabbed interface [Updated] – Added a ‘client details’ section for each client [Updated] – Custom fields -added new form field types and improved interface [Updated] – New role settings, allowing managing of team members [Fixed] – Filter estimates status [Fixed] – Assign task users scrollbar [Fixed] – Preselect assigned users in tasks and leads modals [Fixed] – Various other bugs

Version 1.04 – 12 May, 2021 [Added] – Project templates [Added] – Clone projects [Updated] – Time tracking [Updated] – Invoice price adjustment [Updated] – Estimate price adjustment [Updated] – Show additional company information on invoices & estimates [Updated] – Advanced text editor features for projects [Fixed] – Project payments summary [Fixed] – PDF showing ??? for non-Latin languages [Fixed] – Task checklist styling [Fixed] – Upload avatar error

Version 1.03 – 4 April, 2021 [Added] – Importing Leads – (CSV & EXCEL) [Added] – Importing Clients – (CSV & EXCEL) [Added] – Convert an estimate to an invoice [Added] – Clone estimates [Added] – Mollie payment gateway [Added] – Direct time tracking [Added] – Invoice and estimate opening tracking [Updated] – Dynamic client creation [Updated] – Allow/prevent clients from accessing the dashboard [Updated] – Enable/disable all outbound client email [Fixed] – Updating lead status not refreshing table row [Fixed] – Login popup [Fixed] – converting leads error [Fixed] – Client category not working [Fixed] – Estimates menu not showing on project page

Version 1.02 – 10 February, 2021 [Added] – Customer subscription billing [Added] – Create custom fields for clients, projects and task [Added] – Razorpay payment gateway [Added] – 29 language translations [Added] – Archive projects, tasks, leads [Added] – Email delivery testing with a “send test email” feature [Added] – Add ability to add your own custom JavaScript & CSS [Updated] – Allow multiple lines for invoice line item descriptions [Updated] – Ability for the admin to update user passwords [Fixed] – Invoice & estimate email PDF attachments formatting [Fixed] – Support tickets title error [Fixed] – Currency symbol on payments section of invoices [Fixed] – Task and lead comments not fully displaying [Fixed]- Recurring invoices [Fixed] – Knowledgebase mobile view [Fixed] – Clients unable to create new tasks [Fixed] – Broken product items search [Fixed] – Broken file download links for Mac users [Fixed] – various other bugs

Version 1.01 – 26 November, 2020 [Added] - Dashboard payments and invoices stats clickable [Added] - Admin can add scripts in head and body (e.g. google analytics) [Fixed] - Modal windows not correctly displaying Cyrillic symbols [Fixed] - Unable to edit default milestones [Fixed] - Deleted staff member increasing the count for users in a given role [Fixed] - Installer get stuck on some operating systems [Fixed] - Task and lead checklists not working correctly [Fixed] - Unable to delete some categories [Fixed] - Create lead sources – popup opens blank

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