Grocery Vegetable Store Delivery Mobile App with Admin Panel - GoGrocer
Grocery Vegetable Store Delivery Mobile App with Admin Panel - GoGrocer

Grocery Vegetable Store Delivery Mobile App with Admin Panel - GoGrocer

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  • Uploaded : 14th April 2023
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Overview :

Grocery Vegetable Store Delivery Mobile App with Admin Panel New features Membership Module: admin can add membership plans and user can buy membership to get same day delivery, instant delivery, 2x, 3x rewards and free delivery. Tax Module on Category: admin can add tax on parent categories as some many items have different taxes. Delivery boy Module Improved: Now add with more details like id number, id photo and admin/store can see the current location map of delivery boy. Sub-Admin: admin can add subadmin with a role and admin can add role and assign section permission to that role. Change footer text dynamically from admin panel Live Chat option between users and store. Enable/ Disable Live chat option from admin panel. Advance orders section added in admin/store panel. Order details POPUP with more details of order. Area Wise Delivery Charges can be added by store. User section with details option in admin panel where admin can see user’s orders, delivery addresses, membership history. Notification list sections in admin panel for users, delivery boy and stores and admin can delete notifications from there. Improved UI alignment correction in admin/store panel Brand new UI/UX for USER App & changes accordingly in store and delivery boy app Live Order Tracking in user app. Add Spotlight Products section in store panel from there store can add products which store wants to show in spotlight section in user app. Add Trending Search Products section in Admin panel from where admin can set trending search products. Order by Photo section in user app store can create that order cart and process it on behalf of user.

What’s included in the package:

Customer Flutter App Source Code Store Manager Flutter Source Code App Driver Flutter App Source Code Admin & Store Web Panel PHP Script Source Code Database file & Installation Documentations


GoGrocer User App demo
User- 9999999999
default OTP- 123456

GoGrocer Admin panel
email- [email protected]
password- tecmanic

GoGrocer Store Web-Panel / App
email- [email protected]
password- tecmanic

GoGrocer Driver app
phone- 9999999999

FEATURES Admin Control Features: App User: Admin can see the total registered users on the admin panel and edit the details of user. Add Wallet Amount: Admin can add wallet amount to user’s wallet and admin can see the wallet recharge history. Categories & Sub-Categories: Admin can create unlimited categories & sub-categories with custom icons.There are different sections for parent categories and sub-categories addition in admin panel. Products: Add master products for all stores by standard prices (Stores can change the price later.) Reports: Admin can see the sales report (item sales report of 30 days, item sales report daywise, deliver boy order reports, store order reports etc.). Send Notifications:Admin can send Notification to users, stores and delivery boys. Store Management: Admin can add multiple stores. Approve Store: Admin can approve store which store is registered through app. Approve Store Products: Admin can approve products which will be added by store. Bulk Add for products: admin can add products and product varient in bulk via .csv file. Pages: Inner pages for to show on app (about us and terms & conditons). Area Management:Admin can add cities/societies/areas. Rewards System: Admin can set the per reward points on cart value and set redeem points per reward point. Order Management : Admin can check pending orders, rejected by store orders, completed orders,cancelled orders, day wise orders and missed orders. Missed Orders:Admin can cancel or assign missed order(delivery day missed) to a delivery boy for next day. Payout system:Store raise a payout request on/above certain amount(fixed by admin) of its earning and Admin can respond payout requests of store. Delivery Boy Management: Admin can add delivery boys and assign it to the store(s). Delivery boy incentive: Admin can set the incentive per order for delivery boys. Feedback/Callback: Admin can see user,store and delivery boy feedback in feedback sections and callback requests in callback sections. Msg91 and Twilio: Admin can switch on/off msg91 or twilio from admin panel settings for messages in user app. Firebase OTP: Admin can switch on/off firebase OTP from Admin panel settings. Google Map/Mapbox: Admin can switch On/off google map or mapbox(for india) for add location and map in user app and admin panel. Payment Mode:Admin can select one of the online payment mode(razorpay(for india only), paypal, stripe and paystack(for south africa, nigeria)) for app. Images store: Admin can select one of the spaces(digital ocean, aws and same server) for storing images.(admin have to create its own credentials for digital ocean and aws spaces and have to set in the project) Store Panel Features: Sliders: Store can set any number of banners on the app. Coupons: Store can create discount / promo codes to offer discount Deal Product: Store can set deal of the product on any product & can offer special discount for a time range. Store can select the products from the master list to sell from store panel. Price Management : Store can manage product prices from store panel. Stock management: Store can manage stock from store panel. Time Slot: Store can set a time range for showing time slots in app,so that user can choose those time slots only for ordering from store panel. Order Management : Store can check pending orders, rejected by store orders, completed orders,cancelled orders, day wise orders and missed orders in store panel. Assign orders: Store can assign/reassign orders to delivery boy via today and next day orders sections in store panel. Missed Orders:Store can cancel or assign missed order(delivery day missed) to a delivery boy for next day from store panel. Delivery Boy Management: Store can add delivery boys for own from store panel. Callback: Store can see user and delivery boy callback requests in callback sections in store panel. Add Own Product: Store can add its own products( admin have to approve those) from store panel. Delivery Charge: Store can set delivery charge from store panel. Order Value: Store can set minimum and maximum order value from store panel. Delivery boy incentive: Store can set the incentive per order for delivery boys. Reports: Store can see the sales report (item sales report of 30 days, item sales report daywise)in store panel. Send Notifications:Store can send Notification to users and delivery boys from store panel. Customer App Features: Customer will see products of nearby store/wahrehouse only, Rewards / Loyalty on every order (if set by admin) Wallet Option Customers can load cash to their Wallet for easy & fast checkout. Delivery Convenience Customers can choose Date & Time as per their wish & get their orders delivered conveniently. Customer can share & review the app Customer can reach you via call, whatsapp & email Customers can see current order statuses & past orders Customers can redeem rewards points & it will be loaded to wallet. Customers can add products to wishlist. Customers can search products via search bar. Customers can raise a callback request to store or admin. Customers can give feedback. Customers can rate a product. Customers can search product via barcode scanner in app. Customers can refer app and earn wallet credit (if set by admin). Customers can switch languages of app. Customers can switch on/off in-app notifications/order mails/order messages. Customers can add/manage addresses and can select any address(nearby of the store) at the time of ordering. Customers can use coupons on orders (if added by store). Store App Features Store can see the products which has been added to store via store panel in store app. Add Own Product: Store can add its own products from store app( admin have to approve those). Confirm orders: Store can Confirm orders (it will automatically assigned to a delivery boy) from today and next day orders sections. Store can see top selling products in store app. Delivery Boy App Delivery boy can see order details assigned to him Delivery Boy can call customers with a click. Delivery boy can see the incentive he earned and already paid incentive. Delivery boy can go online and offline. USP of the item White Label Solution, FIREBASE OTP based registration (available) Multi-store/ Warehouse model like instacart, Bigbasket & Grofers, Single inventory system where admin will control items & stores will manage stock & prices 3 types of Notifications (SMS, EMAIL & In-app) Twilio & MSG91 integrated Paypal | Razorpay | Paystack Integrated for Online Payment Product Variants available GMAPS & MAPBOX available Bulk Upload of Products  Bulk Update of Products Price

Changelog in GoGrocer Version 1.7.6 (14 Feb 2023)

Fixed: AWS Bugfixes reported by some users Fixed: Coupon Management System enhancement to allow users to create and manage their promotions creating coupons in an easier way. Important: This update needs to run migrations to implement changes in Coupon Section. Run php artisan migrate to avoid issues with new updates. This will automatically back up your existing coupons. Updated: mobile apps to Flutter 3.7.3 and dart 2.19.2

Changelog in GoGrocer Version 1.7.5 (19 Oct 2022)

Fixed: Wrong OTP when user use referral code to create his account Added: City Admin UI on the Admin Panel

Changelog in GoGrocer Version 1.7.4 (16 Aug 2022)

Fixed: RazorPay issue Fixed: crash on signature screen and issue to mark order as delivered on the Driver app Fixed: OTP error 500 for missing oauth keys. The previous version attempted to generate the keys automatically on the first step of the installation process generating an error. This has been fixed and now the keys will be generated when the installation is completed. Added: missing .htaccess file on the root directory Added: .env.gogrocer.example file. In order for the installation process to work correctly you will need to rename the file inside source/.env.gogrocer.example to source/.env Fixed: Make a Product Request errors has been fixed and now this is working again.

Changelog in GoGrocer Version 1.7.3 (25 Jun 2022)

Fixed: Crash when user accept an order on Driver app Fixed: OTP error 500 for missing oauth keys Added: screen to turn off app notice on the user app Improved: message after the user adds an item to the cart on the user app Fixed: Location screen was not updating location on user app Fixed: Infinite spinner when trying to add product to the cart

Changelog in GoGrocer Version 1.7.2 (25 May 2022)

Fixed: Crash when user is navigating to Search, Cart and Checkout screens on the user app

Changelog in GoGrocer Version 1.7.1 (24 May 2022)

Fixed: 500 error when you try to run previous version. This error was happening because some dependencies inside source/vendor folder were not included.

Changelog in GoGrocer Version 1.7 (23 May 2022)

Change: admin panel remove limitation to show only Indian addresses when using Mapbox. Change: Fix issues importing jQuery Change: User, Vendor and Driver apps not works with Flutter 3.0.0. Resolved: Error message when trying to confirm/assing a purchase from Vendor app. Change: major/minor bugs/issues solved and minor changes done in user app , store app and driver app.

Changelog in GoGrocer Version 1.6.17(25 March 2022)

Change: admin/store panel sidebar rearrangements Added: add to app homepage option for subcategory in homepage(add upto 6 subcategories). Change: changes in apis and app for 2 places decimal for price,mrp etc. Resolved: minor issues solved and some minor changes done in admin/store panel. Change: major/minor bugs/issues solved and minor changes done in user app , store app and driver app.

Changelog (07 January 2022)

Resolved: Major and Minor Bugs in user app , store app, driver app and Apis Added: Add/Update Rating Resolved: in stock and out of stock product

Changelog in GoGrocer Version 1.6.15(31 December 2021)

Added Floating button in app Added App Notice(which can be changed from admin panel) in app Added Multi language module in app Added add delivery area section in store panel’s delivery charge section some bugs resolved in admin panel, store panel and User app

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