GetFund - A Professional Laravel Crowdfunding Platform
GetFund - A Professional Laravel Crowdfunding Platform

GetFund - A Professional Laravel Crowdfunding Platform

by Developer
  • Uploaded : 22nd June 2023
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Overview :

GetFund is an innovative crowdfunding application that empowers users to create and manage crowdfunding campaigns with ease. Whether you have a creative project, a charitable cause, or a business idea, GetFund provides a platform for you to share your story, gather support from the community, and raise funds to bring your dreams to life.

With GetFund, creating a crowdfunding campaign is simple and user-friendly. Users can easily create a campaign by providing a compelling description of their project or cause, setting a fundraising goal, and uploading relevant images to showcase their vision.

GetFund offers two types of campaigns, donation-based and reward-based crowdfunding, allowing users to choose the model that best aligns with their funding needs. Campaign creators can also set deadlines and milestones to create a sense of urgency and motivate supporters to contribute.

GetFund prioritizes security and trust, ensuring that all transactions are encrypted and securely processed. Users can contribute to campaigns using various payment methods, including credit cards (Stripe), PayPal, and other popular payment gateways, with peace of mind.

Whether you are a creative individual, a passionate advocate for a cause, or an aspiring entrepreneur, GetFund provides a seamless and efficient way to raise funds and turn your dreams into reality. Join the vibrant community of campaigners and supporters on GetFund and experience the power of crowdfunding like never before!

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Latest Laravel v.10.x
Bootstrap css
Powerfull user friendly admin panel
Stripe Payment Gateway
PayPal Payment Gateway
Bank Transfer Payment Gateway
Reward options
Campaign end method
Social Login
Password retrieval module
Social Share
Secure Password Hashing
Unlimited campaigns
Staff picks section
Recently funded campaigns
Currencies changing options
Ajax loading campaign in home
Payment tracking
Rewards tracking
Auto campaign end
User profile picture
SMTP email Support
Translation ready
SEO friendly url
reCAPtCHA everywhere
Contact Form
Free and continues updates

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Server Requirements for GetFund Crowdfunding application

PHP >= 8.1
Ctype PHP Extension
cURL PHP Extension
DOM PHP Extension
Fileinfo PHP Extension
Filter PHP Extension
Hash PHP Extension
Mbstring PHP Extension
OpenSSL PHP Extension
PCRE PHP Extension
PDO PHP Extension
Session PHP Extension
Tokenizer PHP Extension
XML PHP Extension

Change Log

Version {{6.0.0}} [17 April, 2023 ]

1. Laravel 10: We have upgraded GetFund to Laravel 10, which offers better performance, improved security, and new features that enhance the user experience.
2. Improved performance and speed.
3. User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) improvements.
4. Bug fixes to ensure smoother operation of the software.
5. Optimized code for better resource utilization and reduced memory footprint.
6. Refactored models and helper's path
7. Removed development-specific packages

Version 5.2 [26 April, 2020 ]

1. Added: Cookies policy page and cookie constant notification module.

Version 5.1 [21 April, 2020 ]

1. Fixed: a db column issue (total_funded) in campaign table

Version 5.0 [18 April, 2020 ]

1. Updated Laravel Framework to 7.5

Version 4.1.0 [12 January, 2020 ]

1. Fixed email sending issue that required good server
2. Fixed few db column

Version 4.0 [22 September, 2019 ]

1. Updated Laravel to v.6.0
2. Updated stripe SDK to v.7.2
3. Improved Performance 2X
4. Fixed few currency issues
5. Fixed few database column issues

Version 3.0.5 [07 August, 2019 ]

1. Fixed registration mail issue
2. stripe amount issue
3. currency sign issue
4. stripe amount issue during charge

Version 3.0.4 [16 April, 2019 ]

1. Fixed E-Mail issue from version 3.0.3
2. Fixed database file issue during import
3. Fixed other known issues.

Version 3.0.3 [24 March, 2018 ]

1. Fixed : currency sign print issue
2. Fixed few known bugs

Version 3.0.2 [05 March, 2018 ]

1. Added : dedicated url to clear cache (url/clear)
2. Updated core to Laravel 5.7
3. Dropped: Laravel 5.4 support
4. Improved performance
5. Fixed few known bugs

Version 3.0.1 [06 November 2018 ]

1. Fixed a column issue in database

Version 3.0.0 [28 October 2018 ]

1. Updated core framework to Laravel 5.7
2. Included two flavours of laravel version, laravel 5.7 and laravel 5.4, choose one based on your server

Version 2.3.4 [13 August 2018 ]

1. Security Update
2. Changed: Replace summer note by ckEditor
3. Improved: Database query and performance
4. Fixed: stripe amount issue for zero decimal currency
5. Fixes known bugs

Version 2.3.3 [20 May 2018 ]

1. Fixed : Initial App Debug set to false
2. Fixed: Some known bugs
3. Improved: Performance

Version 2.3.2 [11 April 2018 ]

1. Fixed : Several Bug fix
2. Fixed: Default Email SMTP to php mail() function

Version 2.3.1 [04 March 2018 ]

1. Fixed : A Database issue in Import File
2. Fixed: Known Bugs

Version 2.3 [25 February 2018 ]

1. Fixed : Short description issue, when enter large text in short description, it was showing an error [FIXED]

Version 2.2 [28 January 2018]

1. Added : Copy Campaign link features to single campaign page
2. Fixed : known Bug

Version 2.1 [21 January 2018]

1. Fixed : campaign card css issue
2. Fixed : some response issues
3. Fixed : known Bug
4. Removed : Masonry Grid
5. Implemented : Own CSS grid
6. Improved: Performance and reduced database query time

Version 2.0 [17 January 2018]

1. Fixed : a bug after installation, demo url removed when live
2. Fixed : some known issues

Version 1.9 [15 Oct 2017]

1. Added: Social MetaData added
2. Removed: public_path() for getting relative directory for uploading image
3. Removed: negative days count
4. Fixed: bugs and improved performance

Version 1.8 [10 Aug 2017]

1. Fixed: Withdrawal bug.

Version 1.7 [25 July 2017]

1. Added: Withdrawal module has been added, now campaign owner can request for withdrawing after campaign end, with there preferred method like PayPal or Bank transfer.
2. Added: Currency sign placing in the left or right side is now easy with settings > general settings in the dashboard.
3. Fixed: When all demo campaign has been deleted, there an error during login dashboard and payment, (FIXED). reported by: @Garyece
4. Fixed: Few bugs fixed
5. Improved: Performance Improved

Version 1.6 [15 July 2017]

1. Added: Campaign id has been added to bank payment for reference
2. Fix:ed Update a button (Submit new campaign to edit campaign)
3. Updated: Performance improved

Version 1.5 [09 July 2017]

1. Added: Campaign Delete option has been added
2. Added: User module has been added, Admin can delete, edit or block any user from admin panel
3. Added: 404 page has been added. Any wrong URL will show a 404 page with the main theme. so the visitor can go to any page right from this page.

Version 1.4 [03 June 2017]

1. Added: Facebook Opengraph Meta tags
2. Added: Contact Us page that allows receiving users feedback
3. Added reCAPTCHA everywhere, Login page, Contact Us Page, Registration Page
4. Fixed: In Mobile (Android, IOS) campaign image clickable to open campaign page
5. Fixed: If there is no Staff Picked Campaign, This section will be hidden
6. Fixed: Some translatable strings
7. Improved: Performance

Version 1.3 [24 May 2017]

1. Fixed: Delete Category Bug, reported by: Ade Adwitya

Version 1.2 [23 May 2017]

1. Added: A Simple Stat and Counter About Campaigns, Users and Raised Money
2. Fixed: A URL issue in homepage campaign thumbnail h4, reported by: Ade Adwitya
3. Fixed: A Stripe Payment Credential gettings live_secret_key in helper function
4. Improved: Performance.

Version 1.1 [2 May 2017]

1. Added: Bank Transfer Payment Gateway
2. Fixed: Few Bugs
3. Improved: Performance improve, reduced database query

Version 1.0 [19 April 2017]
Initial Release

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